Thapki Pyaar Ki Spoiler 11 April – 16 April 2016

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Thapki Pyaar ki

Thapki Pyaar ki Currently we all are watching who wins Thapki or Sharaddha. But here is full week spoiler of Thapki Pyaar Ki from 11 April 2016 – 16 April, 2016.

Episode – 289
07:00 PM – 07:30 PM, 11 Apr Set Alert
Shraddha ruins Thapki’s chances of winning the round by leaving rats in the room. Thapki offers her part of wheat grains to a hungry beggar while Shraddha decides to sow them.
Episode – 290
07:00 PM – 07:30 PM, 12 Apr Set Alert
Thapki is disappointed to see Bihaan burn his favourite T-shirt. Later, Thapki wins the round, but a jealous Shraddha partially cuts the idol to make it fall on Thapki and injure her.
Episode – 291
07:00 PM – 07:30 PM, 13 Apr Set Alert
Bihaan applies a cream on Thapki’s wounds to make her feel better. Later, Vasu presents a saree to Thapki and asks her to recite the Durga Chalisa.
Episode – 292
07:00 PM – 07:30 PM, 14 Apr Set Alert
Shraddha plans to humiliate Thapki by reciting the Durga Chalisa, but the plan backfires and everyone seems happy and at peace when Thapki recites it.
Episode – 293
07:00 PM – 07:30 PM, 15 Apr Set Alert
There is no synopsis available for this episode.
Episode – 294
07:00 PM – 07:30 PM, 16 Apr Set Alert
Shraddha manages to exchange the batteries of Vasu’s phone. She informs Thapki about her plan and challenges her to save Vasu.


Last but not the least:

New promo..Thapki falling in love with Bihaan.! ? That means Thahaan track will start soon..! ???? Hope to get more of Thahaan scenes..?? Just watching the show because of them..?

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