1st Epi – Ishq Mein Marjawan 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update

1st Epi – Ishq Mein Marjawan 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update only on ATechSky.com

Scene 1
A mod girl comes to a hotel suite. There is another girl there who is drinking and enjoying music. The other girl injects something in her and she faints. She ropes her and tapes her mouth. She takes off her coat. The other girl is tied to the wall. She opens her eyes and is scared. She says who are you? The kidnapper says pretty face but ugly gazed. She twists her finger. She says the ring you were wearing you were fooling him. You don’t deserve this. She takes off her ring. The girl says how do you know all this? The kidnapper says I know everything. THe girl says please let me go. I won’t cheat again. Please let me go. She takes out her knife. The girl says please let me go. The kidnapper puts knife on her lips and says its a crime to cheat on husband. Its a sin.

For this sin you should be punished. ANd punishment is death. She stabs her neck and there is blood everywhere. The kidnapper says blood.. I hate blood. I have to take shower.

Arohi is in tower. A girl from outside says Arohi this is not Rajhistan. It is Shimla. Don’t shower here at night you will fall sick. Sh comes out and dries her hair and smiles in the mirror. Arohi comes out. Her bhabhi says why did you have to shower at night? Why did you come so late? Arohi says I came long ago you were bust in TV. her bhabi says don’t lie. She says why you think I always lie? Her bhabhi says can you make tea for your brother he has to go at 6 in the morning. Arohi says okay sure. She goes to herr room and takes phone from her son.
Arohi sits with her son Tukur. She plays game with him. He gives her his phone. Tukur says mummy makes you so much. She says don’t say that about your mom. She is very nice. This is my house too so I work here.

Scene 2
Next morning, A guy comes to a hotel room for investigation. There is police. The inspector says there is this series of murder. Everything is same. Inspector Laksh comes there. He says I will look after this case now. He comes in the hotel room. He looks at shower. He says did you check it? The killed tried to take a shower.
Inspector says killers use handcuffs. Laksh says so we shouldn’t try? He looks at the body. Laksh says this is crazy. She looks stupid. Inspector says no the shoe found is 10. So it must be a man. Laksh says but there is a lady perfume. No man uses that. She is ready, tell everyone.

Arohi opens her radio. She hears about a serial killed killing different women.
A girl is in car. She is scared that a man is following her. She says is that the same serial killer? She drives fast but has to stop her car.

There is a guy in the car. He stops his car in front of hers. The girl tries to get out of her car and run. She says please leave me. THe guy shuts her back, but there is a man inside. That man attacks this boy. He hits him. Another car comes there. The girl says who is this? Whaat was he doing in my car. The man says I saw him getting in your car. She says thanks a lot for saving my life. Are you famous tycoon Dev Raichand? can I take a selfie. He says I charge 1 crore for one selfie. My man will help you get this man arrested and go from here. He leaves.

Scene 3
Arohi comes to market to buy flowers. She gives 500. The vendor says I don’t have change. You an pay me later. Arohi gives her coat to the lady. She covers her with it. The woman says thank a lot. It must be expensive. She says it served me as much as it could have.
Arohi’s friend Nairi stops her. She says where were you last night? Your bhabhi called me. She says Bhabhi gets worried. I will call you back. She is going. She collided with her friend. A knife falls from her bag. Her friend says such big knife? why did you have it? Arohi picks her stuff. She says I bought it for kithcen.
Dev looks at her from a distance. He walks after her. He is in love with her. She walks. Dev follows her.
His man stops him. He says you asked me for hotel file? Why do you look so shocked He says I saw my future.
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Ridhi screams. Her husband and Arohi say are you okay? She says the killer killed her. He says you see such stupid drama. You throttled me and scratched my face. She says I always worried about Arohi. Find a guy for her. Arohi says I dont wanna marry. Ridhi says why do you have a bf or wanna live here forever?
Dev recalls Arohi and smiles. Her man says why did you cancelled all the appointments.

Arohi comes to the same restaurant with her friend Nairi. She and her friend fight for the first bite and it falls on Dev. She says I am so sorry. dev gets lost in his dreams. he looks at her. Arohi says I am sorry I didn’t do it deliberately. I can clean it. she accidentally drop his juice too. He says double murder in one turn. Are you a serial killer? He is joking but arohi is dazed. He says I was joking. She says I am sorry. He says I punish people. Your punishment is that I will wait for riverpoint at 5. She says you want to take me on a date? He says yes tomorrow is a good date for date. She leaves.
Nairi says you reject him? He is Dev Raichand. She says I like simple people rather. I don’t like them like this.
Dev says I will marry her. Arohi says I am not interested in him at all. My life agenda is something else.

Scene 4
At night, in dark attire arohi puts ring on a knife and says another lover died.
Devi says my heart says Arohi will be loyal to me. Arohi says you never know what you get in love.

Precap-Dev sends a car for Arohi. Her driver recalls her saw her at hotel. She tries to kill him too.


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