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Nach Baliye 8 2nd April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on ATechSky.com

The much awaited Season 8 of popular celebrity dance reality show Nach Baliye starts with the judges dancing on the title song. The celebrity couples too dance to mark the beginning of the show. The host Karan Tacker welcomes the audience on the show. He introduces the judges Sonakshi Sinha, Terence Lewis and Mohit Suri. Actress Sonakshi Sinha comes on the stage first and tells that she came to entertain in the show and didn’t come to judge. Choreographer Terence lewis comes next. He tells that he wants to see the romance in the dance while the couple dance. He says whoever technique is real, their dance will be good. The third judge Director Mohit Suri comes on the stage. Mahesh Bhatt and Ekta Kapoor etc praise Mohit’s talent. Mohit says I came here to see their

relation and love and will give marks to the couples whose love is real.

Karan says first celebrity couple will be mesmerizing beauty Divyanka Tripathi with her super stylist husband Vivek Dahiya.

Vivek says their story is made by fans. When they went in a party and had taken a pic with their show cast. Their fans cropped their pic and tagged it as #Divek. Ekta says their jodis is made by God and the world conspired to unite the beautiful souls. Vivek says she balances me. Divyanka says her husband talks sweet things about her and praises him.


They dance romantically on the song Dhoop Se Nikalke Chao Se Phisalke…………Rang De Tu Mohe Gerua…….from the film “DILWALE”.

Everyone claps for their wonderful performance. Karan says this is truly the beginning of Nach Baliye.

Judges Comments:

Sonakshi says she is happy to see their smiling faces and tells Divyanka that her mum is her big fan and gets sad whenever she is sad in the show. Divyanka jumps with joy and hopes that she dance well and makes Sonakshi’s mum happy. Sonakshi says she will be happy. Vivek thanks her.

Mohit tells that performance and chemistry is good. He says you came to SRK and Kajol’s level. Divyanka thanks him.

Terence says magical moment of dance was when Vivek kissed on her forehead and says if beginning will be like this then what will be the end.

Sonakshi says my mum knows about your marriage, and asks how did you propose.

Divyanka tells that her sister’s house is in Bangalore where they went. She tells that Vivek stood there with ring box in his hand and candle decoration. She was puzzled and thought she had declared that she is self engaged. She thought that the guy is good and removed the ring from her hand. Vivek says he made her wear the ring. Karan asks them to propose Divyanka on stage. Vivek proposes her for marriage. Divyanka says ofcourse. He makes her wear ring and hugs her.

Karan asks what is their goal to come on Nach Baliye. Divyanka says they had discussed before coming here, couldn’t spend time together since they got married and thought to do this together to spend time with each other. She says we will do romance and dance together.

Karan says let’s move to second dance performance. Bharti Singh comes on the stage and asks Karan to go as his cheque is ready. Karan goes. Bharti tells that she is really happy to look lean in black dress. Sonakshi says we love you the way you are. Bharti says really and relieves her breath. Everyone laughs. Bharti asks Mohit, didn’t he think to take a healthy heroine like her in his film. He says Aashiqui 22. She thanks him and pretends to talk to her baliye on phone and tells that Sonakshi copied her design and Mohit is making him half girlfriend. She asks him to come on stage. Her boyfriend comes on stage. Bharti tells that he is her personal writer and have written her love story. Sonakshi says so are you her baliye? He says yes.

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They dance comical on the song Tamma Tamma Dede……from the film “BADRINATH KI DULHANIA”. They do comedy also while dancing. Everyone claps for them.

Judges Comments:

Sonakshi tells Harsh that he gave dhamekedar performance. She says your chemistry, jugalbandi and entertainment quotient in this performance is mind blowing.

Mohit says a couple who can laugh together, can live with each other. He says when a couple who can dance, makes other laugh cannot be beat by any couple.

Terence says I have hopes with Bharti, but not you. You are wonderful.

Karan asks Harsh about their first meeting. Harsh says he used to write a comedy show 6 years back. When he saw Bharti, he used to laugh a lot. He says when I met her, I laugh, but later on when I was working with her, I got comfortable with her and said I love you one day. Bharti says when your loved one is with you, you can drive motor cycle in maut ka kuwa. She tells that they are getting married soon and will not take money from parents. She says their marriage is depend on their Nach Baliye’s earnings and if they reach finals, they will do destination wedding. Everyone claps for them.

Karan says 3rd Jodi is Actress Abigail with her choreographer partner Sanam.


They dance on the song Ek Hogaye Hum Aur Tum…….from the film “OK JAANU”.

Judges Comments:

Terence says he knows Sanam when he started his dance journey and says he is a dancing star and asks him to do the 360 degree turn again. Sanam enacts the dance lift again. Karan jokes and asks Harsh when he will do such lift. Harsh replies that he will dance such in next birth.

Sonakshi sings song for Sanam and says what a mind blowing performance. She says Abigail is not trained dancer, but matched step to step with Sanam. She says you are amazing and mind blowing. Abhigail says she wants to be his favorite dance partner.

Karan says 4th Jodi is Aashka and Brent. Aashka is a famous actress and was not having time for love. She went to US and met Brent, a weapon instructor by profession. Something happened and their lives changed. He made her meet his parents. Aashka gets glad meeting them. Brent came with her to India as he don’t want to leave her.


They dance on the song Arre Round Round, Haan Round Round….. Ishq Kiya Angrezi Mein……from the film “RANGOON”.

Karan says outstanding performance and you have made the environment hot.

Judges Comments:

Mohit says just two words. blo*dy hell.

Terence tells Brent that Aashka is a bomb and you don’t need any weapon.

Sonakshi asks are you sure, you are a weapon Instructor. Brent says yes. Sonakshi says you danced well and Aashka is a bomb.

Karan asks them about their first meeting memory.

Aashka tells that she saw him reading magazine in the concert She says they met and have an eye lock. It all started then and he came to India to spend time with me. She says she is truly blessed as he came to explore his relation with her. Brent says they share a good bond with each other. He says Amitabh Bachchan’s Silsila film dialogue Kabhi Kabhi Mujhe Khayal Aata Hai……..

Mohit says you have given complex to all Indians. I didn’t see such love in recent times.

Karan introduces 5th Jodi Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim. Dipika tells that magic came in her life as Shoaib. Shoaib says Dipika is the most beautiful girl whom he met. She tells that their bond is think. Shoaib plans to express his feelings through his performance. Dipika says they are two bodies and one soul. Shoaib says yes and kisses her.


They dance on the song Aankhon Ko Teri Aadat Hai…….from the film “BAAR BAAR DEKHO”. The graphics is used in the song picturization.

They get standing ovation from all judges.

Judges Comments:

Sonakshi says this is called romance and romance wala dance. She says I could see your friendship, companionship and relationship equation was seen in your dance. It was ultimate romace wala dance.

Terence says you have justified the dance and asks Dipika, how she lifted Shoaib. He says it was a magical moment.

Mohit says your dance reminded me of Dipika’s words that two bodies and one soul. Dipika tells that when she met him, she started writing poetry for him. He motivated her and said it is too good. Sonakshi asks her to tell poetry. Dipika tells the poetry lines praising Shoaib. Shoaib smiles and gets emotional. Dipika hugs him.

Karan says our next Jodi met, patch up, make up, romance etc in train only. He tells that Marathi actor Siddharth and his permanent co passenger Trupti. Siddharth and Trupti met in train 15 years ago. It was love at first sight for him. He proposed her for marriage after 10 days of friendship. They broke up. She misses his friendship and called him after 2 years. She thought he is a nice friend and said yes to him. He tells that Trupti’s family were against their marriage, but his parents were supportive. They eloped and got married.



They dance on a Marathi song Saale Jhin Jhin Jhingat………..from the film “SAIRAT”, and do comedy also while dancing. They get standing ovation from the judges and participants.

Judges Comments:

Sonakshi says what a performance. This is what Nach Baliye is about. Dance, Romance and Entertainment.

Terence says your Jodi is superb.

Siddharth tells that his family came to see their dance. Karan asks Trupti’s father, if he likes his damad now. Harsh says he is not impressive that’s why he didn’t like him before. Trupti says he has a good heart. Siddharth says that her confidence brought him here and he is doing this show for her. He requests them to dance with them. Judges dance with them and their family members.

Karan says 7th Jodi is Bhojpuri film heroine Monalisa and her Baliye Vikrant.

Vikrant says Mona does bold roles, but she is sweet, simple and homely girl. Monalisa says she wanted amazing wedding and what could be more big than marrying on TV. Vikrant says we will be together even in next birth.


They dance sensually on the song Laila Main Laila Aisi Mai Laila…….from the film “RAEES”. Everyone claps for them.

Judges Comments:

Sonakshi says I can’t tell anything as you dance made me speechless. She whistles to express her words. She tells that I wants to dance seeing you dancing. Karan asks her to dance. Sonakshi dances with Monalisa on the Bhojpuri song Jab Tu Lagaye Lipstick……..

Terence motivates Monalisa to dance. Vikrant tells that someone called him from media and said that I got 50 lakhs Rs for marriage. He says I said that I got 50 crores Rs. They ask if I am joking? He says our marriage was a proper wedding, we both were mad for marriage and people couldn’t separate us. I am positive, but she gets worried. Monalisa says marriage was a happy day for a girl, but got to heard bad and nasty comments. She cries and says she gets upset hearing such dirty comments.

Mohit tells her that he met his wife on the set. They were together for 10 days and he received such criticism then that a director is using heroine to become famous. He says that heroine is my wife now and we have a daughter together. He says you don’t need any validation. Monalisa thanks him.

Sonakshi says when love between you both is true, then Nach become good.

Karan introduces 8th Jodi. Sanaya Irani and Mohit Sehgal.


They dance on the song Nashe Si Chad Gayi……from the film “BEFIKRE”, and Om Mangalam….Badri Ki Dulhania song from the “BADRINATH KI DULHANIA”.

Judges Comments:

Terence says this is your bubble gum romance. Your life story is depicted through dance. It was sweet and beautiful like a candy floss romance.

Mohit asks Sanaya and Mohit to say hi to his Dadi as she is their big fan. Sanaya says hi and requests her to watch them.

Karan asks Sanaya how did they meet? She tells that they met on the show and thought to meet explore their relationship after show ends. She says they started seeing each other after show ended. It was a big wait.

Sonakshi says your chemistry is good and your process of high school sweet hearts is relatable. She says it was good.

Manoj and Utkarsha are with each other since 20 years. Actress Utkarsha was seen in the show MATSH and her husband is a director.


They dance on the song Banno Tashan Tera Ati Fantastic….Cutie Pie….from the film “AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL”. They get standing ovation from the judges and the participants for their wonderful act.

Judges Comments:

Terence says age 55 and heart is of a child. Monaj says you have exposed our age. Utkarsha says everyone know we are of 55. Terence says life just begins after 55. He says superb performance.

Sonakshi says it was so entertaining and energetic performance and they remind her of her parents. She says my Papa don’t dance good like you. They judges ask them to dance with them. They shake their legs with them on the song Cutie Pie…..

Mohit says I can’t believe it. How can you dance so well at this age, when I couldn’t.
Bharti tells Mohit that thank god he is not her baliye. Terence asks Bharti to tell what is in her heart. Bharti says Mohit couldn’t dance. Terence laughs. Bharti gifts her jacket to Mohit in a comic way. Harsh gets shy seeing her romancing with Mohit.

Karan says next Jodi is……Preetam and his wife Prabhjot’s love story is shown on the screen. They sweet moments, their fights etc. Preetam says we fight, we love each other a lot.


They dance on the song Zalima….Deedar Tera….from the film “RAEES”.

Judges Comments:

Sonakshi says I thought their performance is absolutely Awww….

Mohit says you both are perfect. I can understand your fights being married.

Karan asks when did you fight with your wife last. Mohit replies in the morning. Karan tells that Preetam and Prabjot have cute sons Aditya Veer and Balraj. He calls them on stage.

Terence asks Aditya, if he likes Papa or Mamma. Aditya says Mamma. Preetam says even he likes her. Karan asks who danced well. Aditya says Papa. Preetam asks his sons to dance with them. They dance. Karan says this is a selfie moment and click selfie with them.

He says tonight, all the moments was filled with romance wala dance. He applaud for 10 jodis of Nach Baliye season 8. He says from next week competition will start.

F3 Plus Selfie Expert Moment….when Dipika praised Shoaib with her poetry.

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Nach Baliye 8 2nd April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on ATechSky.com The much awaited Season 8 of popular celebrity dance reality show Nach Baliye starts with the judges dancing on the title song. The celebrity couples too dance to mark the beginning of the show. The host Karan Tacker welcomes the audience on the show. He introduces the judges Sonakshi Sinha, Terence Lewis and Mohit Suri. Actress Sonakshi Sinha comes on the stage first and tells that she came to entertain in the show and didn’t come to judge. Choreographer Terence lewis comes next. He tells that he wants…

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