1st Epi – Tu Aashiqui 20th September 2017 Written Episode

1st Epi – Tu Aashiqui 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Ahaan meets Pankti only on ATechSky.com

The Episode starts with Ahaan performing on stage. He sings Tu Aashiqui…..His days change, when he sings at a restaurant. Some guys joke on him. He doesn’t react. His friend says its good you didn’t react, you got a chance to perform after many months, write a hit song. Ahaan says hit songs will be made when it has to, its an art. His friend says true artists get famous after death, do you want to become famous after death, you can talk to your Bade papa and get a chance. Ahaan refuses and says how many chances will he give me, I have wasted all chances. His friend says its because of your honesty and long tongue. Ahaan agrees and says good days will come back.

The guys stop him and ask him to sing a song to get money. The guy throws money on him. Ahaan stares at them. The guy aims

gun at him. His friends ask him to come along. Ahaan holds the gun at his forehead and says shoot. The guy gets tensed.

Ayaan’s dad Manav calls out Ahaan. He tells his wife Aparna that he is worried for Ahaan. Aparna defends Ahaan. Manav says he is getting is insulted, can’t he stay at home and support us in music launch, ask him to stop his singing. She says if people understand by explaining, this would have not happened, see how Ahaan makes you all quiet by his talent. Ahaan’s sister gets the phone and shows them the news of Ahaan’s arrest after a fight. Manav says let him stay in jail for a night. Aparna says I will go and get him. Ahaan takes selfies with some people. Constable says you did a hero work today. Inspector says he has shot a bullet, anyone would have died. Manav comes and says if he realized this, he would have not done photo session here in jail, it looks good to hear right, a father came to free son from jail, who used to get son from school before.

Ahaan says you should have refused to mom, why did you come to get insulted, you would have thought its my mistake, why don’t you support me being my dad, I will feel bad if I know you came to free me for your music launch. Manav says I didn’t support you because of your attitude, your hit career ended, I will agree to you today, I will not get your bail, I will tell your mum not to worry, you are having fun here. He goes. Ahaan says Bade Papa will save me like always, I will be out of here till I count 10. He counts down and gets free from lockup.

Ahaan and his friend leave. Ahaan stands at the sea shore and recalls Manav’s words. Ahaan sees a speeding car. A girl in bridal dress falls out of the car. She slips. Ahaan holds her and looks at her. She leaves. He gets her broken bangle in hand and looks on. She leaves in her car. Ahaan tells his friend about some mean man throwing the girl out of the car, she was strange to sit back, she looks married, but we should help her. His friend says there is music launch in your house, we should go there. Ahaan says that man would be extra mean to push that girl.
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The man asks the girl not to refuse now, else he will throw her out again. The girl Pankti says I understood, I m a toy monkey, I will do as you say. Some time before, Pankti goes out and sees that man. He asks how much will you make me wait, I took an early flight just for you, you know JD doesn’t like waiting. He walks to her. She holds his hand. He signs her. She refuses to go in pool, wearing heavy jewelry. He says I know to save life, we will celebrate our anniversary, we will start from pool and take this till bedroom. She refuses and says I feel scared. He says I think you took anniversary word seriously, the day I have kept you for my entertainment, you are not my wife, you are my mistress, I have kept you here, I have booked this resort for you. She cries. He hurts her and says you are my toy monkey, you have to do what I say. She refuses. He drags her and makes her sit in the car. He dumps her on the dirt to insult her. FB ends. JD says I wanted to see you like this, happy one year anniversary.

The music launch is covered by media. Ahaan comes there. Reporters ask Ahaan about his ruined career. Jayant Dhanrajgir and Sheetal Dhanrajgir walk downstairs. Ahaan says love, trust and loyalty, their marriage is perfect, I trust marriage seeing them, they don’t break anyone’s trust in life. He thanks his Bade papa, who is actually Pankti’s husband JD. Ahaan says my hero, my ideal, whom I respect the most. JD asks Ahaan how did he get hurt. He asks him not to get hurt. Ahaan says some wounds leave a sweet memory. Ahaan smiles seeing JD. Ahaan thinks of Pankti. She sees her broken bangle and recalls Ahaan.

Pankti asks her mum to see her once, she has fever. Her mum says you are my investment, you should be fine till Jayant/JD comes.


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