Bigg Boos Finale Winner is Shilpa Shinde

Shilpa Shinde Wins Bigg boss season 11 only on

Salman says live voting is stopped, now I will announces who will win this show and briefcase of 44lacs with trophy, he holds Hina and Shilpa’s hand. He jokes around and says winner of Bigg boss season 11 is….. Shilpa Shinde.. All cheer for her. Ex-inmates get up and clap for her. Hina hugs Shilpa, Shipa starts crying and cant believe. SHILPA SHINDE IS WINNER OF BB 11. Salman presents her BB trophy and 44 lacs. Confetti falls over Shilpa. Salman gives Shilpa’s mother 44 lacs. Salman says to Hina that I cant say better luck next time but Marathi Bigg boss is starting so Shilpa might join that, Shilpa says never. Salman says Hina you performed really nicely, you lost with very least margin, he hugs Hina. Hina congratulates Shilpa and goes to meet her family, Rocky hugs her. Salman says Shilpa has won this season. Shilpa brings her mom on stage, she touches her feet, her mother kisses her cheeks and blesses her. Salman meets families. All ex-inmates come to congratulate Shilpa. Hina hugs her parents. Salman signs off from the show.

(Updater’s note: Hello guys, somehow I feel like I become a part of the seasons I watch and write so closely, like I go through the emotions with the inmates, enjoy the highs and lows. Its such an exciting journey for me too, like I constantly worry about updating, knowing people are waiting for the updates and rely on it, I once even updated in a mall (can you imagine :D). So, I just hope you enjoyed my updates and I really hope to see you in the next season. Love your support. Keep enjoying the updates, until next time.. bubbye..)

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