Bigg Boss 11 10th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 10th December 2017 Written Episode Update: No Elimination Week only on

Elimination Day
Salman comes on stage, he welcomes everyone to show. Salman says they use idioms against each other in house, its impossible to deal with them. Salman connects call to house. Inmates greet him. Salman says where is Aakash? Aakash comes running and sit down. Salman says he is going soon so no worries, two inmates are nominated, all laugh. Salman says Aakash and Shilpa and Aakash will be leaving soon, Vikas you took nice revenge, all laugh. Salman says you people dont know that I research and then take decisions, I have taken decision about who will give go to sultani ring, all laugh. Salman says Arshi and Shilpa will go to ring, they want to fight so fight now. Salman ask them to come there.

Salman, Arshi and Shilpa comes to Sultani ring. Salman says first round is verbal

diarrhea where you have to tell why you are better to move ahead in this game, Arshi says in this game only? Salman says you think that only, Arshi says in Bigg boss or in ring? Shilpa says in Bigg boss. Salman asks Shilpa to start. Shilpa says I have more patience to stay in house, Arshi says I can change myself every week, I can be sweet and bitter both. Shilpa says you cant survive a lot by changing characters, Arshi says I dont like people who dig on others, Shilpa says they gave me mother’s position, its a big position and I got it so I deserve to stay here more. Salman says they gave you mother’s position and now this game, you have same age as them and they called you mother? they played a game by making you old mother, Arshi laughs and says yes, Salman says what your mother told? that God sent mother in world. Shilpa says they used mother for camera but I didnt ask them to call me mother, I didnt do anything for mother. Salman says but their intention was to show you as old. Arshi says no we really took her as mother. Shilpa says she doesnt even have respect. Arshi says I did respect you but you did things, Salman says we didnt see her do things? Arshi says she glares at people like she will eat them alive, Salman says its your eyes fault, you even saw her glaring at your father. Arshi says I might be wrong, I am ashamed if I said about my father. Salman says your father must be ashamed for you. Shilpa says her father even told her that be with Shilpa and you will get success, Salman says no one listens to fathers anymore. Salman asks for votes for both them, Shilpa gets 3 votes, Arshi gets 2 votes. Hina says Vikas voted for Shilpa and Arshi both, Salman says you cant do that. Vikas says if I have to choose then I am choosing to vote for Arshi. Hina laughs and says he whistled for Shilpa and voting for Arshi. Salman asks Hina, Hina says Arshi did mistake but I dont get along with Shilpa so I wont vote anyone. Salman says Arshi won, Arshi says I dont want to win, I am ashamed for doing mistake with my mother like Shilpa. Salman says Arshi won first round. Salman says second round is sumo wrestling,you have to wear suits and throw other inmate out of ring. Arshi says its heavy suit, she says Shilpa is looking cute in suit. They both wear sumo suit. Salman says there is not much difference in Arshi, Arshi says really.. really. Vikas says it will be fun. Wrestling starts, they push but Shilpa easily let Arshi push her out of ring, Arshi wins first part, in second part, Arshi and Shilpa tries to push each other, all cheer for them, Arshi pushes her out of ring. Salman says Arshi won this round too. Arshi won this wrestling match. Arshi says this meddle is fake. Salman says its not, he leaves wrestling ring.

On stage, Salman says some Fukrey went in house, lets see what happened.

In house, Fukrey’s cast come in house. Pulkit and Varun are there. They come in house.

They meet everyone. Pulkit says Varun sees future in movie, Varun says we will ask questions from inmates. Pulkit asks hina why you dont share coffee with friends? Hina says nothing like that, I share it with my friends, raise hands. No one does. Hina says my friends are liars. Pulkit asks whom you will choose from Luv and Priyank? she says Luv. Varun says if you have to save one in boat then whom you will save? she says I will jump in water too, I wont choose. Pulkit says we got hint whom you will choose in nominations, all laugh. Varun asks Hiten why Vikas answers for him? it seems like he is controlling you. Hiten says I answer when I need to and Vikas talks but I do what I want. Hina says it doesnt seem like that, when they ask you then Vikas answers, Vikas is still trying to answer. Varun says Hina you answer on other’s questions more. Varun asks why you chose Arshi as captain? Hiten says I supported all, Arshi supported me so I paid her back. Varun asks if you to choose Shilpa, Arshi and Hina for kill, marry and hook-up then whom you will choose for whom? Hina says he should marry Shilpa, Arshi says are you mad? Hiten says this is difficult, I will marry Arshi, all cheer. Hiten says I will kill Hina and hook up with Shilpa, all clap. Varun calls Luv, he asks if he loves Hina or just friend? Luv says I love her as a friend, she is just my friend. Arshi says you played. Pulkit asks Shilpa why she stopped Arshi from talking to Hina? Shilpa says I never said that, Arshi lies, she came saying she will start fire here. Arshi says if I answer her then it comes back to me. Shilpa says I never asked her to not talk to Hina,Hina says superb. Pulkit asks whom you will choose from Vikas, Hiten and Priyank for marry, kill and hookup. Shilpa says I will marry hiten, hookup with Vikas and kill Priyank. Pulkit says till when you mean to say you will remain silent and let them insult you? Shilpa says no I will answer them nicely when time comes. Varun asks Vikas if you have to choose between Hiten and Arshi? Vikas says its clear in my mind, my first choice is Hiten and then Arshi.

Music plays, they all dance and enjoy. Vikas cheer for them. Other two actors enter house. Puneesh says I was missing you. Richa says in Fukrey returns I torture guys, I enjoy it. She says Shilpa and Hitencan choose anyone to punish. Hiten says I have chosen Aakash, he left my pram and didnt let me be captain. Aakash says not this much brother, I am leaving, Hiten says who said it? Hiten starts polishing aakash’s feet. Aakash says this is not right, Varun runs behind him and brings him back. Hiten polishes his bald head with black polish. Shilpa chooses Hina and says I am even thinking about her. Shilpa makes Hina wear bomb belt and hits her with elastic ball. Fukrey cast greet them and leave.

On stage, Salman welcomes Fukrey cast. Salman asks how is house? Pulkit says its dangerous. Richa says what Varun sees becomes reality. He says I saw one thing, that we are standing on Bigg boss with Salman Khan, we are dancing with him. Music starts playing, they all dance with Salman on tu mera bhai. One actor requests Salman to do dance steps with him, Salman does dance steps with him. Salman says I had a wish that when Fukrey people come here, I will ask if they shared pajamas? One answers that its better if we wear our own. Salman says we will do a task, there is a tub filled with balls, you have to wear pajamas and put balls inside your pajama, the one who fills most will win, this is solo task. They all start putting balls in their pajamas, all laugh seeing them putting balls everywhere. Salman says Varun filled his pajama first. They all dance and sing tu mera bhai song, Salman promotes their movie. Team greets Salman and leaves.

On stage, Salman says lets go in house, he connects call to house. Salman says to inmates that 11th week is starting, its time for survival of the fittest. Salman says Aakash.. so sorry.. all laugh. Salman asks Puneesh to bring something from store room. Aakash says I have made new song, Salman says sing last song. Aakash raps about BB, all clap for his rapping, he even jokes about A-cash leaving. Salman says this is first contestant who made song on his elimination. Puneesh says he washed his underwear too. Salman laughs. Aakash says one underwear got lost. Puneesh brings a board from store room. Salman says you have to tell who are the first three who should leave before you. Vikas is first.
Vikas: He says Aakash first, he will leave as he is nominated against Shilpa, he says next Luv should leave, he take Priyank’s name for fluctuating on personal level. Hina says you cant give personal answer. Vikas says I didnt take your name, you dont have to get involved in everything. Hina asks him to sit down. Salman says exclude Aakash from this board as we know his future, all laugh. Vikas takes Hina’s name and says she have to comment on everything I do, my life will be easier if she leaves.
Arshi: Arshi says I wan Shilpa to leave, I want to show we are stronger than her, she says next is Puneesh because he plays less and follows others, she takes Luv’s name for not using his mind.
Hina: Hina says Vikas deserves to be in show so I will not take his name. She names Luv first, he has improved, she takes Puneesh’s name and says I could not see him much after Bandagi left, she takes Hiten’s name and says I think he plays on Vikas’s points, he follows Vikas.

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Hiten: He says I am coming next because Vikas said, all laugh. He takes Luv’s name and says he is little weak. He takes Puneesh’s name. Hiten takes Hina’s name and says Vikas asked me to take her name, she doesnt follow what she says. Hina says you say anything. Hiten says I dont say anything, I just follow Vikas, all laugh.
Shilpa: She takes Luv’s name, Priyank’s name and Hina for weak compared to her.
Salman says everyone has taken Luv’s name but Hina was saving him, even she took his name, she is his friend. Hina says you asked me who deserves to go so I took his name. Salman says I am asking Luv. Luv says she could have taken some other name but fine. Salman asks if he is feeling insecure? all laugh. Salman asks Aakash to come next.
Aakash: He takes Vikas’s name and says I am more entertaining, he takes Hiten and Shilpa’s name for not more entertaining than him. Salman says you are leaving before them, all laugh.
Puneesh: He takes Shilpa’s name, Vikas and Hiten’s name, he says they should leave before me so I win, all laugh.
Priyank: He takes Puneesh and Luv’s name, all laugh. Priyank takes Arshi’s name for getting influenced by vikas.
Luv: He takes Vikas’s name, Puneesh and Arshi, he says Arshi have become mad after becoming captain.

Salman says to inmates that people talk about you, one lucky person get a chance to call and ask, he connects call to caller of the week Sneha. Sneha says I want to talk to Hiten, she says I want to ask you made people believe that you saved Arshi but actually you saved Shilpa, why you hid it? all are shocked. Hiten says I told the truth to whom I wanted to, people asked me if I saved Arshi so I just nodded, when Arshi asked me whom I saved so I nodded to her but I told Vikas, Shilpa that I saved Shilpa and I didnt care to tell others, caller says okay and ends call. Arshi says Hiten broke my trust. Salman says so Hiten didnt save Arshi? all laugh. Arshi says this is not to laugh at. Salman says why didnt you save Arshi? your kids came, she met them with so much love like they are her own, all laugh, Arshi glares at Hiten. Salman says Arshi must be hurt. Arshi says thank you Hiten Tejwani. Salman says you saved rival party Shilpa? Hiten says Shilpa saved me once in hand holding task so I had to return favor. Salman says but Arshi saved him too, I wouldnt spare Hiten if I was Arshi, thank God I am not Arshi, you shameless man Hiten, all laugh. Salman says Hiten you had good life in bigg boss till now. Salman says Shilpa was saved by three people and still nominated, why Vikas? Vikas says Aakash was nominated so I wanted to bring a person against him that is strong, Aakash saved her so she wouldnt be against him in nominations, all laugh. Aakash says I have another song to sing. Salman says you think we air your songs but thats not true, all laugh. Aakash sings with Priyank and Luv for Salman.
Salman says there are many cameras here and when cameramen like you then they take very nice shots of you, Hina nods. Salman says they will capture you in the best way, unfortunately Aakash they didnt like you, when you see your shots from house, they are so bad, we have taken this up with camera people that this doesnt happen more, you are leaving so its fine. Salman says its happening with everyone. Hina says really? Salman says cameramen are following you all the time, they get connected so when they feel you are playing a game, you are misbehaving, they make prejudice and you are seen from their lens outside so they take not so good shots of yours, 2-3 are looking pathetic outside. Hina says who are they? Salman says first is Hina, Hina says really? Salman says these looks of yours, the exaggerated ones are too much, tone it down, Hina says its my problem, Salman asks her to smile. Aakash says I am leaving soon, wish me. Salman says I wish I could, all laugh. Salman says its obviously Aakash, come out, all look on. Salman says Aakash got less votes so he is leaving… aakash says I will drink appy fizz first. Salman says wait a minute.. voting lines were closed this time, all cheer. Hiten says you are safe. Aakash says Salman sir should I go or not? Salman says AAKASH and SHILPA WERE SAFE AND STILL SAFE, I just wanted you both to bear this for a week. Salman says enjoy your stay in bigg boss. Aakash dances and says I am safe, Salman ends call. Shilpa and Aakash thanks him. They all cheer, Aakash says Shilpa I am safe, Vikas you suck man, they all laugh.
Arshi says to Hina that game is that Vikas, Puneesh, Shilpa are on one side. Hina says I dont know if Puneesh knew Hiten didnt save you.
Hiten says to Puneesh that I broke her trust so its fine, Puneesh says she will be angry.
Arshi says Hiten played, Hina says he said that he told people whom he wanted to, we dont know whom he told, he lied to us.
Puneesh says hina is provoking Arshi more, Vikas says Hina’s work is to provoke only. Hina says have some shame. Vikas says you are cleaver, you are chaalo(cheap character), Hina says you are calling me chaalo? this is wrong word and no one is stopping you.Vikas says they will tell you meaning of this word, Vikas says to Hina that your only work is to provoke, you dont save anyone, you just provoke. Priyank asks Vikas to not say the word chaalo, it looks and comes out wrong. Vikas says I didnt say in other intention, I will use it., Hina says I didnt like it, Vikas says I dont care, you keep provoking Arshi and others, you just know how to provoke, you are vamp. Hina says I am a vamp but I dont use bad words, Vikas says if chaalo is bad word then India will tell me, she keeps coming and talk to me, your work is just to be vamp, Hina says talk to my hand, you are mad. Vikas says you just spill filth.

Hina says to Luv that if it was nominations then I wouldnt take your name, Luv says its worst than that, you took my name for not deserving, see Puneesh took Vikas, Hiten and Shilpa’s name. Hina says I couldnt take Shilpa’s name. Luv says I dont want to talk about it, Priyank says let me talk, Luv says its fine, he leaves. Hina says to Priyank that we did wrong, we shouldnt have done that with Luv, if we do that then what others will do? I could have taken Vikas’s name but I didnt want to do what he did. Luv says you just wanted to sacrifice your friend.

vikas says to Puneesh that I am stunned with these people, Puneesh says Hiten did a mistake. Vikas says Hiten should have told Arshi that he didnt save her, arshi says Hiten told Shilpa but when Hina asked Hiten so Hiten said that he saved Arshi, why he lied? when Shilpa did bad with you Vikas, he didnt take stand for you, Vikas says he tried to make her explain. Vikas says he didnt take Priyank’s name for not deserving and took Puneesh’s name but its not my problem, its his game. Arshi says Shilpa and Hiten are nothing for me now.

On stage, Salman says there was no elimination today but it will happen next week, he signs off from episode.

PRECAP- Arshi says Vikas never saved me from going to jail, Hiten never accepted my love, Aakash always stood by me. Bigg boss says Arshi’s decision as a captain will nominate a whole team. Arshi asks inmates to request her even if its Shilpa.
Hina says my mind says something else but I have to be in game too.
Hiten asks Arshi whom you want to leave? Arshi says he is always creating troubles for everyone. Vikas is emotional and says I miss my mom.


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