Bigg Boss 11 10th January 2018 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 10th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Aakash gets eliminated only on

Day 101
Inmates wake up to song Halkat Jawani. Inmates wake up and dance, Arshi dances s*xily with everyone. Arshi hugs Vikas.
Aakash says to Arshi that I said sorry to Shilpa, why she did that then? you can talk to her about it, you can tell her that Aaksh sees her as mother. Arshi says she wants to blame you that you have fallen for her. Aakash says she is pretty but I am 24 years old. Arshi says you go to her.
Punesh says to Shilpa that Aakash has gone crazy, he was massaging Arshi’s feet and asked her to give him a lip kiss in morning, she said okay.
Arshi asks Aakash why you kissed her cheek? Aakash I said sorry and asked her to give a hug, she hugged me and slapped my butt but when I hugged her in morning, she got angry.

asks Shilpa whats with Aakash? Shilpa says I have asked him to stay away, Arshi says he said you forgave him and gave him a slap on butt. Shilpa says he was doing drama so I slapped his butt and asked him to leave. Arshi says he said that he takes you as older sister.. Shilpa laughs and says keep me safe. Arshi laughs.
Aakash asks Puneesh what happened in store room? Puneesh says do you want to take molestation case from here? he says no, Puneesh says then be silent, stop it.
Shilpa says to Arshi that people told me in mall that they will beat Aakash.
Puneesh asks Askash to stop with this topic, it will be a problem.
Vikas says to Puneesh that Shilpa said that Aakash touches her in not a good way infront of TV and then when he said sorry, she said okay fine and forgave him but what was the need to hug and let him kiss you? she should have slapped him or asked him to leave, then you cutely slap on his butt, you are touching him there and not think about it? this will impact that if some woman says some guy is touching badly then nobody would believe, they used to call each other mom-son and talk about bedroom things? Shilpa shouldnt have do all this in last week.

Arshi says to Shilpa that you are stuck with man that makes your weeks bad and good. Shilpa says its not Aakash only, I am living with all others like that, I just stay away from them. Vikas hears it and leaves.
Vikas says to Hina that Shilpa is backbiting about Aakash. Hina says journalist asked me that people who have worked for 15 years are not egoistic, I wanted to tell that I know what I have achieved in 8 years and some people cant achieve it in 20 years, its not about seniority, she keeps saying that she left shows and they lost TRP.

Aakash says to Shilpa that yellow color is looking good on you, not saying in negative way. Shilpa says please, Aakash says clearing it so I dont get beaten outside, Shilpa says you do things I dont understand. Aakash says I flip because I was not raised by parents, Shilpa says I am not saying about that. Aakash says I was joking about that, you were sad so I wanted to make you smile before leaving, Shilpa says God bless you.

Buzzer plays, Aakash’s photo comes in delivery box.
Hina says to Arshi that I want to destroy his artificial chains.
Aakash asks Puneesh if he will do task against him? Puneesh says its a task so I have to do it. Aakash says you didnt do it with Shilpa. Puneesh says cutting her shoes would be very bad. Aakash says I have earned everything will difficulty.
Vikas says to Arshi that I will paint his shoes and his head too.
Puneesh says to Arshi that Aakash will start crying if we do something with him so I will just destroy his towel.

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Shilpa says to Arshi that I want to slap him, ARshi says do it in joke. Shilpa says I dont want do it, he is a kid bhut I will put his red shoes in water. Aakash takes off his shirt and pant. Vikas says I will spray paint his head. Bigg boss says Vikas dont use spray paint on his head, Vikas says I can put slime on his head? Bigg boss says yes. Vikas and Puneesh throws slime over his head. Aakash shivers and cries in cold, he dances around and jumps in pool. Arshi puts Vikas’s photo on meanest board.

Arshi says to inmates that Vikas and Shilpa’s challenges are a little same, I am choosing Vikas. Vikas will put his shoes in paint and paint his bald head. Vikas puts Aakash’s shoes in green and red color.

Hina’s photo comes in delivery box. Arshi says you have to tell what mean thing you can do for Hina.
Aakash says to Arshi that Hina have back problem, I want to cut her heating pad, please select me.
Puneesh comes to Arshi that Hina’s night suits are sponsored so I will destroy one night suit as then she will have to spend money.
Shilpa says to Arshi that I can destroy five of her makeup things or break her lion makeup. Arshi says one thing? Shilpa says breaking mug is not mean, is it? makeup is really mean.. Arshi says mug one is mean. Shilpa says okay I will break her lion sherkhan mug.
Vikas says to Arshi that Hina’s favorite bathrobe can be painted, Vikas says its of blue color, I want to make it red.
Arshi says to inmates that the meanest for Hina was suggested by Shilpa that she will break her lion mug, Hina is stunned. Arshi says Shilpa wants to be mean, its my responsibility to choose the meanest option. Vikas says now Shilpa is okay to break her favorite cup? it will show her double standards.
Arshi says to Shilpa that this is really mean. Arshi says sorry to Hina and says its my task, Puneesh says Hina you be strong, you are in top five. Shilpa takes her mug. Hina is sad and says Shilpa please dont break it. Shilpa takes hammer, Hina says you didnt do it with Vikas. Shilpa says its a task baby, Shilpa breaks her mug with hammer, hina is sad. Vikas gives her a hug and says it was a cup only. Arshi puts Shilpa’s photo on meanest board. Vikas says she wanted to be great when I asked her but this was not mean? it was personal.
Arshi comes to Shilpa and says the way you broke her mug, it was really mean. Shilpa says to Arshi that they told me I dont do tasks so I want to, I will tell them what is mean.

Hina collects broken pieces of her mug and finds that lion is still not broken.

Shilpa says I have done my task. Hina says you can be this mean Shilpa, this is your reality.

Shilpa says to Puneesh that it was a task, I finally did a task, atleast I did my task. Puneesh says they all say that you dont do tasks, you did it today. Shilpa says I always kept myself behind to not break hearts and now they know when people are fed up, now they know to not poke good people as then they will bear it, Puneesh says you were teaching them a lesson? Shilpa says if someone is giving you something then you should take it, and what you get, you should give it to others too.

Hina cries and says this mug gave me so much strength. vikas says it was only a task, you will meet Rocky soon, Hina says it was my gift. Vikas says your enemy is your friend now, its Ro’s gift too. Hina says give me some time.

Hina keeps broken pieces of her mug on bedside.
Shilpa says to Puneesh that I dont feel about it at all, they kept saying that I want to look like great saint person, now they will say that Shilpa is meanest, they would be so happy to see that Shilpa is shown as meanest, I had no idea that it can make you happy to be mean.

Buzzer plays, Puneesh says God please save us. Arshi takes out photo from delivery box and its Puneesh’s photo. Arshi says you all have to be mean to Puneesh. Shilpa says Puneesh you cant hide things.
Hina says to Arshi that Bandagi sent him a jacket, I will dip it in paint.
Vikas says to Arshi that I will wax his whole body.
Vikas says to Puneesh that I will take your bracelet.
Shilpa says to Arshi that Puneesh always wear red shoes, I will cut and destroy them.
Aakash says to Arshi that Puneesh use and washes his bathrobe, I will put it in paint.

Arshi says to inmates that I liked Vikas’s idea that he will wax Puneesh’s body. Puneesh says its not mean, its physical. Hina says its not mean I think. Arshi says its mean to see someone’s pain and not care about it.

Arshi says to Aakash that Puneesh’s sins will be washed with waxing.

Puneesh rolls his pants up and says the thing you hate most happens with you. Hina says Hiten felt so much pain. Arshi says Vikas will do it. Puneesh says you have come as devil here. Vikas says I will nicely do his waxing. Vikas waxes his legs. Arshi says if you are not mean then I will not put your photo. Puneesh says I am feeling so much pain. Puneesh takes off his shirt, Vikas asks him to bend as then it will no hurt more, Shilpa says Vikas is caring for his pain, its not mean. Vikas says I know what I am doing, I am being mean, you dont have to tell me, you just stay silent. Arshi says Vikas just do your task. Vikas says Shilpa dont tell me. Puneesh says Vikas I want to really kick you right now. Vikas starts waxing his chest. He waxes his whole chest, Puneesh cries in pain. Arshi puts Vikas’s photo on meanest board. Vikas wipes Puneesh’s body and says I am sorry. Bigg boss says task ‘Arshi wants’ ended and as Vikas’s photo was on board in the end so he won the task, Arshi’s task is done so she has to leave. Arshi greets everyone, Vikas gives her a hug and say you gave too much positivity, it was nice to see you. Arshi touches Shilpa’s feet, Shilpa gives her a kiss on cheek, Arshi gets emotional, vikas says we will meet soon, Arshi leaves.

Puneesh says to Shilpa that this was really mean, he didnt even feel my pain. Shilpa says he talks to me so nicely but when tasks come around, he shouts like a dog.

Puneesh says to Shilpa that Arshi was being biased here too, what was mean in this task? maybe it was just about me being in pain so she approved it. Shilpa says maybe.

At night, inmates are in bed when Bigg boss ask them to come to garden area. Aakash gets up and says its really time now, he hugs Puneesh.

Inmates come to garden. Bigg boss says these are the last moments for one of top 5 inmates as soon we will announce the last elimination and one inmate will leave this house. Bigg boss says its time to announce who is going to be out of finale race. There are frames with your names in frames, the inmate’s name which burns out is safe. Vikas’s name burns out first, Bigg boss says Vikas is safe. Shilpa and Hina’s names burns out. Bigg boss says you both are safe too. Bigg boss says three inmates are safe. Puneesh says its always between me and Aakash. Bigg boss says we will know soon who is going to eliminate between Aakash and Puneesh, Bigg boss says if you both want to say something to inmate then do it. Aakash says to Shilpa that our first weeks were nice, some were bad, I respect you and love you as a mother, Aakash says Hina I love you, Vikas love you. Vikas says we all love you. Puneesh says I want to say to Shilpa that she is my darling, he gives her a hug and says Hina I love you, he hugs her. Aakash hugs Shilpa too. Puneesh kisses Vikas’s cheek and says I love you, Vikas says I am proud of you, you played nicely. Aakash hugs Puneesh and says we both did tasks and entertained together. Aakash says I feel Puneesh is safe. Bigg boss says now its time to tell the results. Bigg boss says the inmate who got least votes is….. AAKASH. Aakash says I knew it. Puneesh hugs Aakash and says I love you bro, Aakash says you are my brother, best of luck. Aakash hugs Shilpa and wishes her luck. He hugs Hina. Vikas says I am proud of you, you will do nice in life. Aakash hugs Puneesh again and says its good to be in top 5. Bigg boss says it was your good journey but it ends now so please come out of house now. Aakash hugs everyone one more time and says take care of yourself. Hina says love you baldie, Aakash leaves. Puneesh says I will miss him, well done, he is a champ, Puneesh says we are finalists.
Shilpa cries and goes to washroom area, she says its bad..
Puneesh says our house is empty without baldie.

PRECAP- Vikas will become dictator in new task. He will give orders which have to be followed by inmates for prize money. Vikas asks Shilpa to wear orange saree, she says why? He says dictator wants to see you in that saree. Shilpa jokingly hit her head and says where I am stuck.
Vikas asks Puneesh to go bald, Puneesh says no never, I am not doing it.
Hina says to Vikas that you can play my buzzer.


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