Bigg Boss 11 11th January 2018 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 11th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikas becomes a ruler only on

Day 102
Inmates wake up to song Gupt song. All point at Vikas. They all dance.
Puneesh says something secret is going to happen.
Vikas says many legendary things happened. Vikas says one time she put garlic in my blanket, Shilpa says I washed it and then put it. Vikas says I didnt know your game. Shilpa says I used to tease him when he didnt have attention. Shilpa says I used to bump into him and then say sorry.. Shilpa says I dont remember so many things.

Hina says Vikas won ‘Arshi wants’ task and now Vikas is getting a chance to win money, task will be ‘Vikas city’, he will be cruel dictator, inmates will have to follow his orders, and Vikas will try to irritate them so much that inmates try to leave the task. Inmates
have to fulfill Vikas’s orders as soon as they are given. Hina reads that if they dont want to fulfill the order then you have to play the buzzer and get out of task, when an inmate presses buzzer then Vikas will win 3 lacs, if all inmates leave task then Vikas will win 9 lacs, as much amount as Vikas wins, that amount will be deducted from winning prize, Vikas will not do any household work, Hina says who will make my food? all laugh. Hina says Vikas have to chance to win amount upto 9 lacs.
Hina asks Puneesh if Vikas asks you to go bald then will you do it? Puneesh says no, I will give him 3 lacs. hina says if he asks for personal things then it will be problem, this task is about showing his mean nature, like in last task.

Buzzer plays, Vikas dresses up as dictator. Shilpa says I am Shilpa. vikas says I cant forget your name. Vikas says I will have to tell things which make you press this buzzer, if you dont press this buzzer then you will have to follow my orders. Shilpa acts like trying to press it and says its not pressing. Puneesh says Vikas dont try to end it. Vikas asks hina to fold his clothes, she nods and leaves. Vikas says she will cry now.
Hina says now I will have to take Vikas’s dirty clothes.
Vikas asks Puneesh to go bald. Puneesh says no I wont go bald before finale, you are showing your reality for 3 lacs? Vikas says then play the buzzer. Puneesh says you waxes my chest which pained me so much and now you want me to go bald. Vikas says I dont want you bald so press the buzzer. Puneesh says take your order back.

Hina is folding Vikas’s clothes and says his clothes are smelly.

Puneesh says Vikas is doing all this for money, he knows that I wont go bald, he wants to play with my looks only, he has crores and doing this for only 3lacs.

Vikas orders Shilpa to make food for him. Shilpa says I am again in kitchen.

Vikas says to Puneesh that I know what is important in life for you, please brother press the buzzer, I want this task to be completed.
Puneesh comes to Hina and says sorry, if you win the show then you might lose some money because he wants me to go bald and I cant. Hina says try to pacify Vikas,dont press buzzer.
Puneesh comes in garden and says Vikas has asked me to go bald but I cant so I am pressing the buzzer and going out of task. He presses the buzzer. Shilpa says if I win then I will take that money from you. Puneesh says I cant go bald.

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Vikas says to Hina that its not about money but doing task and I am doing it.

Vikas says to Hina and Shilpa that from now on, you both will be sisters, you both will hug each other after every 10 minutes and ask about life and such, now hug each other. Hina hugs Shilpa and says he doesnt know how good actors we are. Hina says Shilpa didi I am coming, she leaves. Shilpa laughs and says where I am stuck.
Vikas comes to Shilpa and asks her to go to her didi. Shilpa says there is still time for 10minutes, Vikas says you are counting? Shilpa laughs.

Vikas comes to Hina and asks her to hug her didi. Hina runs and hugs her didi Shilpa, she acts like crying and says I will miss you didi, she kisses her cheeks. Vikas says see magic in house.

Vikas says to Puneesh that I will make them wear saree and work in that and then make them dance. Puneesh says I am enjoying this task now.
Hina shows Vikas that she has folded all this clothes. Hina says I just want to tell you that I have girl problem so.. vikas says I wont throw you in pool and anything. Hina says my back is hurting,it happened 10 minutes back. Hina tries to lift Vikas’s bag, Puneesh says should I help you with it? vikas asks hina to not pack his bag, she has back problem. Vikas says to Hina that show your indian wears to us. Hina says I have just one indian wear, Puneesh says I like that saree, Vikas asks her to press and wear it in 10minutes. Hina says I will try. Vikas says you have to. Hina says there were no time limit in instructions. Vikas says this is Vikas city, if you dont want to do it then you can press the buzzer. Hina says I wont press the buzzer, I am doing my work but at my pace. Vikas asks her to do her work otherwise he will ask her to jump in pool. Hina says if you think its not fair then do it. she leaves. Puneesh says I want water, Vikas asks Shilpa to make him drink it, Shilpa makes Puneesh drink water from her hands and says all men are jerks.. have this dog.. Puneesh laughs. Puneesh says this will cost you 3 lacs. Shilpa laughs.
Vikas says to Hina that your timing is wrong, this is bad luck, he gives Hina stool. Vikas leaves. Hina asks Puneesh to give him ideas, let him play dirty, I dont think Shilpa will give either.

Puneesh says to Vikas that I feel like hina is lying to cheat, we cant do anything. Vikas says if she has said it so we have to be easy. Shilpa comes there. Vikas asks her to show indian wear. Shilpa says I dont have it. Vikas says I know you them, she shows her sarees. Vikas asks her to wear that orange one, she says why? he says dictator wants to see you in saree otherwise you can play the buzzer. Shilpa laughs and says what joke is this.

Shilpa wears orange saree and starts working in kitchen. Vikas comes there and says wow.. all matching, he calls Puneesh too and look. Shilpa says you jerks.
Hina comes to Vikas and says why you destroying my dress, Vikas says there are many things remaining. Hina says I wont press my buzzer, I am Hina Khan. Vikas says I order you to not talk negative, just say positive.. Hina says donkey.. I saw it in zoo. Vikas says you wont talk now, you will have talk fast. Hina hums, Vikas says you are talking. Hina says sorry, she eats food and says its spicy, sorry. Vikas says Hina you are not following rules. Hina says I am saying sorry. Vikas says I asked you to not talk, I am sorry. Hina says I did a mistake. Vikas says if you say one more word then you press the buzzer and if you dont press the buzzer then I will press your buzzer and Bigg boss will see the matter, hina nods and acts like crying. Vikas says bigg boss is seeing it. Hina acts like laughing. Vikas says she is faking her girl problem on TV, saying it started 10 minutes, she couldnt walk and now she is jumping around? such a liar. Vikas asks Hina to go and wear that blue saree, she hints in five minutes as she sits down and shows she is in pain, she sits and rests. Vikas says you are not following orders, Hina says okay. Vikas says she is not following the orders nor pressing the buzzer, I cant play this game. Hina says you are so cheap that you want to raise the girl problem. Vikas says I will play with Shilpa, you go and press the buzzer. Hina says I am going to change saree, she leaves. Vikas says Bigg boss has to intervene. Hina laughs and leaves. Puneesh says Hina has lost. Vikas says yes. Shilpa says you can press her buzzer. Vikas says I am sorry but I have to press her buzzer and only Shilpa remains in the task. vikas goes and presses Hina’s buzzer. Vikas says bigg boss Hina was not following orders nor pressing her buzzer so I am pressing her buzzer, I am sorry, he presses it.
Hina comes to Vikas and asks if she has to wear the saree? Vikas says your task has ended, you dont know how to do the task. Vikas asks Shilpa to bring rabri. Hina says to Puneesh that I said sorry to him but he didnt listen to me.

Puneesh says to Shilpa that how you flirt in maharashtra. She tells him, Puneesh says you look chikni/hot. Shilpa gives her back twerk and brings rabri. Vikas says make me eat it, Shilpa laughs and tries to feed him but he moves away. Vikas makes Shilpa sit beside her and says you have to pacify me with love and make me eat it. Shilpa fake cries and says this is bad. Vikas says you gave me so much love in first five weeks, this is karma. Shilpa asks Vikas to eat it, he says you have to pacify me with love, Shilpa says you know my love. Vikas says no I know your love can be wild. Shilpa says eat rabri.. she makes Vikas eat with her hands only. Puneesh says Vikas is lucky bigg boss. Shilpa says dont eat spoon. Vikas says you eat too, she makes Shilpa eat rabri too, she makes disgusted face and says buzzer is not that far. Vikas says you cant press buzzer till I dont say it.

Shilpa says to Vikas that Hina is saying that you look mean but we can see everything. Vikas says she wants me to do dirty things.
Hina lies in bed and says I was teasing Vikas and it was not working with him so he did this, his thinking is so bad.
Vikas says to Shilpa that politics has not ended. Shilpa says she didnt wanted to go in pool so she said she have girl problem? very smart, that pain shows on your face too. Puneesh says she thinks that Gautam Gulati won money task and he won the season too so you will win.

Vikas sees Shilpa walking in orange saree, Vikas says see her transformation. Shilpa says bhabhijee from s*xy babe. Shilpa says I look like Vikas’s …(mistress). Vikas says forgive me.. please. Puneesh says boys are shy here. Shilpa says you people are doing this with me, you will see my dance tonight. Puneesh says we are not Aakash.

Shilpa says to Vikas that if Hina wore saree too then it would have been nice. Vikas says I wanted that, but she got irritated.
Hina sees Vikas talking to Shilpa and says I tried to spice up the task but now he is just talking with Shilpa, not doing any task.

Bigg boss calls Hina and Vikas. Bigg boss asks Hina we heard you say that task is not in progress? Hina says ask him, I was ready to change saree. Vikas says I wanted to do task nicely, she was not following rules, I asked her to not talk but she kept talking, Hina says I said sorry. Vikas says she wanted to play dirty, if you want me to say that she is in the game thenI wont say it. Bigg boss says but truth is that she is in the game, you cant press the buzzer on someone else’s behalf. Vikas says but she is planning and wanting to show me bad, she doesnt want to play, she wants me to be dirty in task so India sees. Hina says you are a cry baby, you cant bear leg pulling. Vikas says I am okay, I will not be able to do this, I can work like this, I cant stoop to her level. Hina says I was following rules, I said sorry and was ready to change the saree. Bigg boss says you both know the rules of the task and know what to do. Vikas says I wont play with her. Hina says I am ready to play.

Vikas asks Shilpa to change her saree, she laughs and leaves. Hina says Vikas please do the task, he leaves.
Vikas says to Puneesh that she wants me to do something dirty. Shilpa says make her throw her makeup in pool, ask her to cut her hair. Shilpa says she wants me to look dirty so she might do that too. Hina hears it and says he is so scared of me. Hina comes there and says Vikas please do the task, I want do it, I was just leg pulling. Vikas says I wont do task with you, Hina says you are behaving like quitter, Vikas says I have tried and I cant so you will win.

Vikas says to Puneesh that Hina said she wants me to do things that would look dirty. Hina comes there and says I just said that Vikas wont give bad tasks. Hina says infact I asked Puneesh to do it and he will stop you because I know him,he wont let Puneesh go bald. Puneesh says you did say that you want him to play dirty. Vikas says if you people want me to play dirty on national TV then I will do it. Hina says its useless to explain to you, you will remain like this. vikas says I am happy like this, I dont want to be like you Hina. Vikas says she thought I will ask her to break frame but I wont.

Vikas says to Puneesh that Hina is frustrated, if I ask her to dance then she will say that I am so cheap, when I ask her to make food then she will become ill, and now when I am not playing with her then she is fine.

Shilpa is working in kitchen. Vikas says you said you will eat sweets with your own so now you have to finish this sweetdish as a reward. Shilpa says I have allergy with milk thing. Vikas says so you press the buzzer. Shilpa says 3 lacs matter a lot, you dont know about troubled girls. Bigg boss says to inmates that Vikas city tasks for today has ended. Shilpa says thank you bigg boss, you are so great. Vikas laughs.

Hina is lying in bed, Vikas says task has ended, outside task is different. Hina says I dont do things like that, Vikas says I dont want to fight now, it was a task, Hina says you said so many bad words, I as just pulling your leg, I thought to say sorry after task. Vikas says I am doing that now. Hina says i thought to make task interesting and tease task a little, I told Puneesh that he should gone till the end and when you bring trimmer to his hair then stop you, I wanted to do the task till the end. Vikas says you dont realize what you do and say.
Puneesh says to Shilpa that Hina never accepts her mistake, she is really neighbor aunty.
Hina says to Vikas that you said that I lied about girl problem, you dont know how it feels in this condition. vikas says you were jumping around. Hina says I was just teasing you. Vikas says I was just saying that a girl was making fun of girl problem. Hina says why you keep repeating girl problem? this is not illness, I was fine there. Vikas says now you are ill again?
Puneesh says to Shilpa that these people talk just so they could win a conversation.

Hina cries and says to Vikas that I am not that type of girl, I have worked in so much difficult situation, I am sorry I said those words. Vikas says you did it many times without thinking how it would look like.

Vikas brings water for Hina. Hina says I already have my sipper there, dont try to be over sweet, Vikas says you would do same if I was ill. Hina says I wouldnt want to see your face, Vikas says then dont see it, you would get different attracted, I like Ro, he is like my friend so I wont trouble you. Hina says dont worry you will win, you got this task today, I think you are winning.

PRECAP- Vikas says to Hina that as dictator, I want Hina to break bracelet and crush it. Hina says you are playing dirty but for me, prize money is more important for the winner than this bracelet and my love. She crushes her bracelet. Vikas puts his mom’s photo on ground and ask Hina to tear it by putting foot on it. Hina says this is your reality Vikas, you are asking me to put foot on your mother’s photo for a task? what a game. Hina tries to put foot on his mom’s photo.


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