Bigg Boss 11 11th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 11th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Salman blames Hina only on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman is in his room, he says lets do something different. He calls home. Aakash takes call, Salman says I want to talk to Shilpa. Shilpa takes call, Salman says I am your host talking. Shilpa says reall, you.. Salman says I am not feeling well, did they allow you to come out of kitchen? do you know how many rotis you made? she laughs. Salman says you must have made 5500 roties in house, you are chapati queen, he laughs. Shilpa says will you eat? Salman says I eat two roties of my mother, Shilpa says dont call me mother. Salman says I am not saying that. Salman asks if you like Vikas? Shilpa says no but there is progress. Salman says call me when you have time, he ends call. Shilpa runs in house, all run behind her and asks what happened? She says I have to go to washroom.
asks siri to show week’s highlights. Week’s highlights are shown, how Arshi, Puneesh, Priyank, Aakash, Hina, Ben and Luv had a fight, how rocket task failed and people blamed each other and how Sabya became captain

Salman comes on stage. He welcomes everyone to show. Salman says first time on stage, we will have a family tree. Devil brings tree with inmates’ photos on it. Salman says you were laughing a lot in house. Salman says there are two families in house leaded by Hina and Shilpa. Shilpa has Aakash and Hina has Ben, Ben have started talking and shouting, Priyank is her lawyer, Vikas was Shilpa’s enemy but he is in Shilpa’s family, Luv is Hina’s robot, Puneesh is confused robot who have got duty, Hiten is with Hina and Shilpa and Sapna is juggling too. Lets see whats happening house.

Ben and Priyank are talking. Priyank says you became hero from zero, Ben says I am cute. Hina comes there and sings chori chori chupke chupke. Priyank laughs. Ben asks Hina to not do it, Hina says I am singing only. Ben says my boyfriend is watching. Priyank says dont take it seriously. Ben says please do it. Priyank and Ben leaves. Luv says to Hina that there is something between them, Hina says they are awkward because he has girlfriend and she has boyfriend, but I told her that this is not friendship, all are observing it.
At night, Arshi says to Hiten that when Guari takes rest then I will irritate you. Hiten says what have I done with you? Arshi says Hiten I will make your life hell and laughs. Hiten says my brother is not married, Arshi says but my eyes will be on you when I marry so it will bring fights, all laugh. Hiten says I am married and happy in life. Vikas says her grandpa had 18 marriages, Shilpa says you being married doesnt matter to us. Hiten says but it matters to me. Shilpa says I will be Arshi’s mom so Hiten is my son in law.

Day 41
Priyank smiles at Ben, she is sitting beside him, she asks him to smile, he does, she says your dimples are so cute, smile, he says I had these from childhood, Ben gives him a kiss on dimples and says they are really nice. Priyank says whats my best feature? she says eyes, lips and dimples. Ben says you look nice.

On stage,
Salman connects call to house. Salman says all are looking nice, they thank him. Salman says I saw what nice secrets you shared especially Luv’s, he used to steal patrol from his uncle’s bike, it must be world’s biggest secret, all laugh. Salman says another secret is good one too, when she was a kid, Hina says I dont have much secrets, Salman says she got beaten in house and ranaway, police took me, they gave me ice cream, our servant saw me and took me home and my parents beat me again.. how cute. Hina says if they ask you then will you tell? Salman says even if I try to hide, it comes out, all laugh. Salman says I noticed that you people bring saturdays in your fights, you want me to solve your problems? Hina says all think that. Salman says I am not your father or teacher but host, deal with your things. Salman says first question is in this silent week, who was villain of house? Shilpa says its Ben, Salman says without any reason she fought. Hina says Puneesh because he spat on Priyank and cursed too much. Salman says where did you spit on Priyank? Puneesh says I tried to spat but didnt, his spit came on my face, Salman says sometimes it comes out, Puneesh says they were coming on families. Aakash says its Ben because she pulled my very much less hair, all laugh. Arshi says its Priyank because he still went personal, he said that I am making my family ashamed, he showed me finger, and asked me to tears my clothes, he is very happy. Hiten says Priyank started it so if he started then he is. Salman says its Shilpa because she is elder and should stop Aakash and Arshi but she provokes them, Aakash says she stops me. Sapna says I asked Shilpa to not comment about girls but Shilpa said he is a boy so he can comment. Vikas says Ben is villain, she started it and Priyank, Puneesh got involved. Salman says to Ben that you took my dose seriously. Ben says thanks to Aakash. Luv says Aakash provokes and doesnt stop. Bandagi says it was Priyank, you joked about my boyfriend but Priyank went personal and mimicked Sameer, he jokes about Sameer, keeps one plate for Sameer. Priyank laughs. Bandagi says this is personal life. Salman says I joked, Priyank says I joked too, Salman says you are taking it ahead. Bandagi says I asked him to stop it, I gave him reason too and if he is even making fun then is most cheap, I was okay to not talk personal thing but he made fun of me, he wants to know if I am with Puneesh for real or not, I am with him in real, I left my boyfriend because he was ready to share me with someone, thats why I left him, I have already told Priyank but he continued that, its personal to me, she starts crying and says I told him and still he was joking about it, you joked but he stretched it, he, Luv and Hina continued it, this man knew the reason, I didnt say anything, now everyone knows so stop asking me that its real or not. Salman says these both things are not connected. Bandagi says he has been talking about me and Puneesh, my family. Priyank says I didnt say anything. Puneesh says let her talk. Bandagi says Hina and Priyank said she has boyfriend and then he started taunting and mimicking him, I talked to Bigg boss and asked him to not share personal things but still I said nothing. Salman says I am banning that no one will repeat my jokes in house. Priyank says when I talked to Bandagi, I talked nicely, Bandagi’s friend is my nice friend, he talked to me, he asked me to convey his message that he still feels for Bandagi so I conveyed it, I asked Bandagi so she said Puneesh and she are friends then I didnt talk about it, when french thing came up, I never talked about her boyfriend. Bandagi says you didnt have anything, I never said you have Divya girlfriend but still playing with Ben in house. Salman says if you people are talking in house then its going out too. Bandagi says he got privilege to comeback in house but that doesnt mean he will tell everything to everyone. Salman asks Priyank to stand in witness box, you are deserving. Priyank does and says I talked nicely to Bandagi, Puneesh cursed me so much, Arshi says you deserve it. Puneesh says he talked about family. Priyank says this is the problem, I didnt talk about families. Bandagi says Priyank said that Puneesh said sorry to families before coming in house. Puneesh says I came in house not my family. Priyank says I didnt talk about families. Salman says let Bandagi talk. Bandagi says Priyank changed things and said Puneesh begged Hina for saving. Priyank says Puneesh comes in faces of girls, they provoke, I do too. Priyank says Bandagi was talking nicely with Ben so Puneesh came and started shouting so I asked him to not talk like this with a girl. Puneesh says he has taken duty of her? Priyank says she is my friend. Puneesh says they charge at me, Puneesh says let me have man to man with him. Bandagi says Ben was going low so Puneesh asked her to swear on her mother, Priyank was provoking Puneesh and Aakash for two days. Priyank says they provoke so I did too, I didnt do anything, I was just joking. Bandagi says this is not joking. Priyank says I was joking. Aakash says he has taken peace from house. Salman asks Hiten. Hiten says I got to know that Priyank started provoking. Priyank says Puneesh started shouting on Ben. Salman says let Hiten talk. Hiten says Priyank provoked then Puneesh went to Ben then Puneesh got angry and Puneesh gave very bad curses. Puneesh says they were charging at me. Salman asks Arshi Priyank provokes, who give him idea? Arshi says it comes from Hina, Ben. Arshi says Hina’s plan is to provoke them so they raise hand, she planned everything, I have become tired by pushing Puneesh back, Bandagi says Ben said to Priyank that its working., Ben says they provoke Priyank to throw me out. Bandagi says Ben talked so low that I cant even repeat. Ben says Aakash said that he goes to Arshi at night and asks her to show something. Arshi says what rubbish. Bandagi says she said about undergarments. Salman says its not talk. Puneesh says they took my name. Bandagi says Ben has lost mind. Aakash says she pulled my hair too. Salman says everything was going good, you people joked but no one minded and now this all coming out, Vikas what you think? Vikas says if Ben had issue with this thing then she could have complained rightly. Priyank says we were talking. Vikas says I asked Hina to tell Ben to complain to Bigg boss, shouting is childish, it a very serious issue and if it is then take it seriously then she talked about Puneesh talking about garments so I asked Puneesh and Puneesh got angry and fights started, if this issue was so important then this would have come up in first week. Salman tries to talk but all are shouting. Salman says you people finish then I will talk, all get silent. Salman says this happened 4 weeks before and if you want to bring it up then there is way too, you are on TV everyday, families are watching, you have to take care of our culture too, Ben you could have done it one on one. Ben says I talked to Aakash, I warned him and laughed it off, I thought he is kid but he is not a kid. Salman says can I show you thing which you said that cant go on TV. Ben says I cant recollect. Salman says we talk things but you bring it up later. Ben says it was fight between Arshi and Priyank. Arshi says Priyank started misbehaving, he thought he will be roasted on Saturday so Ben and Hina planned to provoke Aakash so he will become face on saturday for scolding. Salman says people dont move from problems and if they are dissolved then you dont bring it up. Ben says it was my mistake, I am sorry Aakash. aakash says I am sorry too. Salman says to Hina that Arshi thinks you used that topic to start fights in house. Hina says I didnt provoke anyone, she talks about me whole time, I did react to this thing, I had a small fight with Vikas, I talked to Ben and thought we should leave this matter, I even talked to Priyank about it. Salman says you got to know it and you could have dissolved this with Ben and Aakash, making them sit. Hina says its not possible with Aakash, he talks with no manners, I will prefer not talking to him. Aakash says you have no manners, Hina says let me speak. Hina says its impossible to talk to Aakash, you just cant. Salman says maybe you dont realize it but it feels like you provoked everyone, Hina says really? me? Salman says its seen very clearly. Hina says I didnt say anything. Salman says you said “if you bring this topic up then it will be problem because Ben is at fault so make Aakash’s behavior against girls, make that an issue”, Hina says I said to bring up Aakash’s behavior against girls. Arshi says making things hot topic for fighting is different, dont cry now. Salman says I am agreeing with Arshi for first time, Hina dont let this happen again, I hope, all laugh. Hina says it was not my intention. Arshi says dont cry, Hina says I am not crying. Salman says to Aakash to dont disrespect women. Aakash says they pull my hair, ask Shilpa and others that I dont disrespect. Puneesh says lets vote if Aakash disrespects or not, Hina and Ben raises hands. Salman says even two women should not say that you disrespect women, he ends calls. Arshi says to Hina that you deserve to be disrespected. Shilpa says to Aakash you respect a lot. Puneesh asks Bandagi to not mess with me, she asks what will you do? Priyank says just dont mess with me, Ben takes him away. Bandagi says to Hiten that I told him reason for leaving my boyfriend even then he is joking about it.
Priyank says to Shilpa that I didnt talk about anything, Vikas made it an issue.
Hiten says to Hina that use your words wisely.

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Priyank says to Arshi that you felt bad for my words so I didnt say it again so Ben felt bad for Aakash’s words too. Shilpa says no she didnt, she is irritated. Priyank says she told me. Shilpa says Aakash didnt do much, Priyank says its clear now.
Vikas says to Hina that you did mistake, Hiten says yes you did mistake.

On stage, Salman connects call to house. Salman says there are 105 days left for winner, we will announce winner but prize money will be 0, it was 50lacs, there is no luxury budget for 2 weeks, wow what a Vikas. Salman asks Vikas who was responsible for losing this task? Vikas says its me, we were sitting in rocket, we could have convinced them to not go down from rocket but I encouraged that idea. Salman asks whose idea it was? Vikas looks at Hina, Salman says we know. Vikas says it was Hina’s idea. Salman says you both are intelligent. Hina says I am sorry, everyone wanted to pee, we were in trouble. Salman says I heard someone say “lets be adventurous guys, referee slept”, Hina says I said it. Salman says you mind is working overtime. Mehjabi says Hina was the one who said that when Bandagi left that they are here for free so they dont care about winning prize. Hina says I didnt say it. Salman says Mehjabi didnt say it, who said it? Priyank says I said it. Priyank says 50lacs is a lot, I used free word but commoners should respect money. Salman says you think commoners dont respect money thats why they came in this house? why would they give so many auditions? Bandagi says Priyank is too much egoistic, after you ended call, he said that dont mess with me, and took that boy’s name again, ask him to not talk about outside thing. Salman says we have made him understand too much, he is using his mind, he will know after coming out if he is wrong or right. Salman says I want to talk to Puneesh and Bandagi. Salman says Puneesh, Bandagi, nobody have control over love, Bandagi you are worried about your image and character, that Priyank talks about your past, you have to be very careful now, you have to watch how you want to look on TV, your parents are watching, if you do this infront of your parents then fine but if you dont then think that they are watching, be careful. Salman says be careful, in other seasons nobody interfered in others personal stuff but thats happening here, they are talking about your matter too, it will come out, so dont do it. Priyank says I want to request too, Bandagi even said that she knows with whom I slept, be it be a boy or girl. Bandagi says you bring out things. Priyank says they are pointing out fingers too. Salman says this happens again and again. Priyank says if I say this to girl then how it will be? Salman says Priyank you are responsible for things you did, you are involved in everything. Bandagi says you talked about me with everyone. Salman asks Hina what were you thinking in task? two masterminds did this mistake? Hiten you too? Vikas says its my mistake, Hina says we made Hiten do it. Salman says I was laughing that Hiten became part of it too. Salman says Vikas you went down to hold towel for someone else? Salman jokes that Arshi will win so her money is gone. Arshi says Salman ask Hina to not talk in English. Hina says I have controlled a lot. Salman says you people have to live without prize money, Hina says we will bring it. Salman says they will not bring it back, colors got it, all laugh. Salman says nominated inmates are Sabya, Priyank, Ben, Mehjabi, Sapna. I will tell later who is going this weekend, he ends call.

In house, Ben asks Priyank to smile. Priyank says you did mistakes too Ben, Ben says so what, all do mistakes. Priyank says you are lazy, you have to control it. Sapna says now she is doing it. Priyank says dont give people chance to talk, he hugs her.
Vikas says to inmates that I asked them to handle it nicely but they think I am mastermind.
Hina says to Aakash that we have to control things, I know my english is problem, I didnt provoke anyone, lets end it, Aakash says I am bigger person so I will forget it, Hina says you said good night so I said good night after the way you talked to me. Aakash says I said good night first, its not a big deal. Hina says it is a big deal, I replied, I just said it, she leaves.

On stage, Salman says there is no foreigner in house,but crazy Kapil is in house, see.

In house, music plays. All look on. Kapil Sharma comes in house. Bandagi, Shilpa and others hug him. All are happy to see him. Kapil says Aakash you know me? he says yes. Kapil says I came in house before. Shilpa asks how you are feeling? he says good. Kapil says we get letters for you people, lets see it. Devil comes there with letters. All hoot. Arshi says he is not laughing today. Kapil says you wont get married this way, all laugh. Kapil asks him to give letters. He gives letter. Devil leaves, Arshi says bye baby. Kapil says you have to guess whose letter is for whom. He reads first letter and says we saw your work and we need good bouncers like you both for a celebrity actress, Vikas and Arshi laughs. Kapil asks why you call Luv and Priyank bouncers? Aakash says they do it for Hina. Kapil says next is for Shilpa, it says that you did what we couldnt do it, we wanted to do it but we couldnt and it has come from Vikas’s ex-employees, all laugh, Vikas laughs too much and goes to bring his mic. Kapil asks Shilpa why you have animosity with Vikas? Shilpa says you know it, it started with you too, Kapil says dont bring me to witness box, I already have blames. Arshi says we are here to blame. Kapil asks Arshi what she does in Bhopal? she says fun, all laugh. Kapil asks Vikas why he came in show? Vikas says I wanted a change, Shilpa says his time was bad and laughs. Kapil says my film is coming, they say that some people can kick and straighten backs of people, now you can kick statues of inmates to straighten back problems, put mask on statue and kick it. He asks Sapna to come first, why you are silent these days? Sapna says when I talk, bomb blasts. Sapna takes Vikas’s face and says if someone talks badly with him then he expect them to say sorry but he talks badly then he should say sorry too.She puts face on statue and kicks it lightly. Priyank is next, he puts Puneesh’s face on statue, Priyank says those who curse my parents, I do this with them, he twists hand of statue. Aakash says he became fine, all laugh. Kapil says fights happen in house. Kapil says Aakash is next. Aakash takes Priyank’s face on statue and kicks is with full force. Arshi says I am so happy now. Arshi says Kapil you will know. Kapil says you have these actions naturally? Mehjabi says she is like this from childhood. Kapil says you are next. Arshi says my big sister, sister.. Hina holds her head. Arshi takes Hina’s photo on statue, Arshi says Hina made me vamp of house but she is vamp now, she is full of negativity, she kicks it with full force and statue falls down, Hina shakes her head. Kapil says I wish you all the best, may the best one win, Hina wishes him luck for film, all say we love you. Aakash says I have rap for you, Aakash starts singing bang bang for Kapil. Kapil says I didnt understand a thing, all laugh.

On stage, Salman welcomes Kapil. Kapil comes there and hugs him. Salman says your life must be made, you came in bigg boss, Kapil says I am here for fourth time, all laugh. Salman says your film is strong, Kapil says I did it with mistake, we wanted to show you lighter side before partition, its good movie. Salman says lets do a english style, suppose you are host of show, I will talk in hindi and you will repeat in english. Salman says this is big house and an eye is watching it, Kapil funnily translates it in english, and says one eye will do mother’s eye. Salman says we show you night’s clips in black and white, Kapil says they are present affairs, Salman says camera doesnt go inside blanket, Kapil only out, not in, all laugh. Kapil greets him and leaves. Salman signs off from show.

PRECAP- Vidya Balan connects call to house and asks if she is this much calculative in real life too? Hina says Iam like that in real life too. Shilpa says yes Hina takes time to do makeup. Hina says its needed in our profession,
maybe Shilpa you left this habit.
Salman says they dont know that there will be double elimination today.


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