Bigg Boss 11 12th January 2018 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 12th January 2018 Written Episode Update: And Vikas wins the last task of bigg boss 11 only on

Day 103
Inmates wake up to the song badshah, they al dance and enjoy.

Vikas says to Shilpa that you will be out of task in 5 minutes and even then you will have to help me with Hina, she says okay.
Vikas says I cant give her physical tasks. Vikas says you have to help me with Hina, I cant give her physical task as that will be unfair, others should not know about your buzzer, when you are not able to do something and presses the buzzer, even then you will be part of task as I wont be part of it alone. Shilpa says so you want the money? Vikas says give it please, you are taking all other amount, Shilpa laughs. Vikas says Hina wants to mess in task.

Hina is eating food and says camera is following me everywhere.

Puneesh says to Shilpa that Hina makes
so much noise while eating, like cow is eating. Shilpa says she shows herself as stylish and so much hygienic, I would want to show her her reality but I dont like to argue with her.

Vikas asks Shilpa if I ask you to put foot on my parents photo then will you do it? She says not at all with my parents. Vikas says I will use my parents photo but you wont do it, I know. Vikas says I will keep my precious things and ask her to break them, she can cry for her things but lets see if she wants to win 3 lacs so much that she will show how much mean she is.
Vikas city task starts. Vikas asks Shilpa to make him eat papaya, Vikas comes to Hina and asks her to wear the saree. Shilpa is trying to make Vikas eat papaya, Shilpa says I am running behind Vikas to make him eat. Vikas says you were behind me in first week too, Shilpa laughs. Vikas says you have brought with love so I will eat it, he eats from her hands. Vikas asks Puneesh to bring photo frame, he says are you serious? he says yes, Puneesh leaves. Vikas asks Shilpa to press the buzzer and says I dont want to do this task, Shilpa presses buzzer. Puneesh comes there and says she pressed buzzer? Vikas says dont tell this to Hina, she kept saying that I am mean and all that, now we will put our precious things infront of her and ask her to break them. Puneesh says I wont let her break happy(his bracelet)Vikas says I will stop her.
Hina wears saree and says I am doing this for you bigg boss.
Puneesh says to Shilpa that Vikas wants to use family photos, Shilpa says his family’s. Puneesh says I wont give my bracelet.

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Vikas asks Hina to bring coffee which you kept saving for your parents. Hina brings it. Puneesh says coffee doesnt matter, she can take more coffee. Vikas says its her memories. Vikas and Shilpa brings chair. He makes Hina sit on chair and ask Hina to wear blindfold, Hina says on eyes? Vikas says you wear somewhere else. Vikas asks Hina to talk nicely about Hina, he whispers to Puneesh that bring coffee from kitchen, Puneesh does, Vikas hides Hina’s coffee which she kept saving for her parents and keeps the coffee jar of kitchen there. Hina says Shilpa looks nice without makeup. Vikas hides makeup. Vikas asks what you dont like about Shilpa? Hina says she use rai in food which I dont like, she looks good in western but she doesnt feel comfortable, she wore a dress but was uncomfortable so wore jacket. Shilpa says I look good but I dont like it myself so I dont wear much western. Hina says when someone leaves, she becomes emotionally detached with them. Shilpa says I dont try to act too nice, its not like they left the world so I dont have to be overly emotional, I dont like her loudness and how she becomes agressive, and she knows how to cook but she keeps saying she doesnt know how to cook, she is liar. Vikas asks them to take off blindfolds, they do. Vikas asks Hina to throw the coffee she kept saving for her family in water. Hina says this task is so important for you that you dont value memories. Vikas says absolutely I am doing it so you can press the buzzer. Hina says you wont let me do it. Vikas says you put this coffee in water or press the buzzer, hina says I saved this coffee for three months. Hina puts coffee in water and says I know this coffee is not mine. Vikas says she knew it. Vikas says I wont ask you to break your things. Shilpa says if you knew coffee is not yours then you could have told before and dont throw in water, Hina says I would have thrown my coffee too.

Hina says to camera that Vikas will make us break his things so we look bad, I know his plan but this is a task, so either his things or mine, I will break them, I want to keep 3 lacs safe for winner, mugs and things can come back.

Shilpa says to Vikas that you can take my things but save them. Vikas says I will not let her break them. Hina comes there. Vikas asks Hina to crush his bracelet, then you will destroy bangle then that pillow and then you will win. Hina says you want us to look bad, I am ready to break my own things, you are playing so we look bad, that we are destroying your things, for me, pillows, bracelets, my prem are not more important than winner’s 6 lacs so I can break my things and others as well. Vikas says I have already got 6 lacs, Shilpa have pressed the buzzer. Hina crushes his bracelet, Vikas asks him to throw it outside then. Shilpa runs away with her bangles. Hina says this bracelet is not breaking, Hina acts like dumbbell hurt her, she says its not breaking, she winks in camera. Vikas says you are not even hitting. Vikas brings his mother’s photo, puts it on pillow and says tear it with your feet. He says sorry mom. Hina says task is that much important for you? Puneesh says this is mean. Vikas says if you dont respect then put foot on her photo. Hina says you dont respect your mother. She acts like putting foot on her photo but keeps putting foot beside it. Vikas says you dont want to do tasks, you want me to look bad. Viaks says I gave it back to you today, you dont want to do tasks, I am sorry Bigg boss says she is not doing tasks. Hina says I am doing them, let me break the bracelet. Hina says I will try, Vikas says after that you can tear the photos or do whatever you want, Hina starts breaking bracelet. She says to Puneesh that he doesnt want to look bad infront of the world but what about inside himself? Vikas says she wanted dangerous ideas so here they are, Hina says you are asking me to put foot on your mom’s photo, I was just scaring you but you have to do all tasks. Shilpa says you strangle someone and say its task? she cant do everything in task. Vikas says I am not playing with her things. He takes bracelet and says I dont want your 3 lacs. He says sorry mom, I had to show people wanted me to look bad.

Shilpa says to Vikas that you didnt have to do it, Vikas says I wanted to show her how dramaqueen she is, she did put foot on photo.
Puneesh says to Hina that he asked Shilpa to jump in pool so she pressed buzzer. He lost task even if he won 6 lacs. Hina says he is so cheap, he wants me to put foot on his mother’s photo.
Hina comes to Vikas and says I didnt put foot on your mom’s photo,we are smart too. Hina says dont cry over it now, you asked me to do it, dont cry that I put foot on your mother’s photo, Vikas says I wont cry. Hina says I didnt put foot on your mom’s photo, you didnt even leave your mother’s photo for a task. Vikas says you won the task.
Shilpa says to Puneesh that I didnt see character like Hina. Puneesh says Vikas too. Shilpa says Vikas is playing with his mind, whats his fault?
Hina says he wasted coffee too.
Vikas says she could have broken her things too, I wanted to scare her with my mom’s photo, it was my fault that I thought she wont put foot on my mom’s photo.
Hina says he is producer, he must have written a script, they must be talking how bad I am, I wanted to save money for winner,

Puneesh says to himself that Shilpa doesnt see anything wrong in Vikas’s deeds, she doesnt have emotions.

Shilpa says to Vikas that Hina doesnt work, she always have problems. Hina comes there and says spare your mother atleast, on last day you showed your reality. Shilpa says you put foot on his mother’s photo, you cant give a simple task? Hina says why should I? I didnt even put foot on her mother’s photo. Vikas says I even saved her coffee and thought she wont do it. Hina says Shilpa you do your work.

Vikas says to Shilpa that I am sorry, I should have listened to you, I shouldnt have used mom’s photo. Shilpa says he thought she wont do it. Puneesh says they are not Shilpa and Puneesh, why she wont do it? why would you put your family’s photo in someone’s feet? Vikas was wrong. Shilpa says she could have pressed buzzer. Puneesh says Vikas can use photo for her to press the buzzer but Hina is wrong for not pressing the buzzer and doing the task, I saw it, I was there too, she didnt put foot on photo. Hina hears it and thank you Puneesh, she gets emotional. Vikas says it was my mistake, I have different expectations.

Hina cries and says they are making me cry on last day, how could I put foot on his mom’s photo? Shilpa is saying that I put foot on his mom’s photo, atleast someone spoke up,I wish I win this show and that will be a slap to people who want to put me down.

Puneesh says to Hina that when your time is bad, your mind goes crazy too, Vikas did same thing, Vikas looked like hitler and mean today and now he is saying that he shouldnt have done it. Hina says he knows voting is going on, he really is mastermind.

Vikas says to Shilpa that Puneesh backbites. Shilpa says he misunderstood people. Vikas says he says things behind back.

Hina says they dont understand value joined with things. Puneesh says Shilpa doesnt have emotions, when she had your mug, I thought she will just scare you, but wont break, but when she did, I pooped in my pants. Hina laughs. Puneesh says now Vikas is right in everything for Shilpa. Hina says and now Shilpa is fine for Vikas.Puneesh says Vikas have web series for Shilpa now.

Hina is cooking in kitchen, her roti gets burned. She tries to cook and asks Puneesh if he ate? he says yes, she asks what was it? he says eggs. Hina says Shilpa said that I know how to cook, if I knew then my roti wouldnt burn and I wouldnt plead Vikas and Arshi to make food for me.

Vikas says to Shilpa that she have big ego, she wont ask anyone to cook.Shilpa says she knows how to cook, she have seen seasons and she didnt want to get stuck in kitchen so she simply said she doesnt know how to cook, she knows how to cook proper food. Vikas says the person who makes circular rotis cant be new.

Bigg boss says to inmates that Vikas city task ends, Shilpa and Puneesh left the task and Hina didnt so Vikas won 6 lacs and prize money is 44lacs, Vikas consoles Shilpa funnily. Bigg boss says Vikas city task was the last task of this season, well done.

Shilpa is in garden and looks around. Vikas comes there and asks if she is crying? she says nothing, its ending, I am emotional, we have been here for so much time, we have been as our own house, cameras know your reality.

Hina is in bedroom and says I cant believe I did bigg boss, I will miss this house.

Vikas says to Shilpa that not only friendships but personal relationships were created, mother-daughter, sister-brother, Shilpa says a of of nonsense happened, it doesnt feel like its last day. Shilpa says so much happened here, Vikas says this will not come back.
Hina looks at nominations screen and says everything happened to not come on this screen.
Shilpa says we four are the one who scared everyone and remained in house in the end.
Hina sings yeh galiyann.. She roams around in house. Shilpa and Puneesh looks in jail and reminisce about memories.

PRECAP- Bigg boss will show inmates their journey throughout this season. Vikas sees his entry and journey and gets emotional, he says what are you doing. Hina sees her journey, Bigg boss sensible, clean heart and clever thinking was part of your journey. Hina cries seeing it. Puneesh have tears in his eyes seeing his journey. Shilpa cries seeing her journey and says thank you bigg boss, Bigg boss gave me this chance to tell people about who Shilpa Shinde is.


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