Bigg Boss 11 12th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 12th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vikas becomes first captain only on

Day 11
Inmates wake up to jadu hone ko hai.. raat bhar.. bang bang. They all dance together. Luv does robotic steps.

Hina says Arshi that I will nominate Hiten. Arshi says nominate Vikas. Puneesh says he doesnt work. Hina says Vikas was putting Lucinda in his arms and roaming around with her in his arms and he has arms pain? Puneesh says Sabya is doing all work, Vikas is free now.

Arshi says to Vikas that Hina is safe here, Priyank left and she is safe. Vikas says she stands for issue and she needs a guy who will fight for her, first she kept Zubair infront of him and made Priyank fight and said Puneesh is against and now she is talking and bonding with Puneesh? she always need a guy to protect her, she tries to become great Indian mother but she is not.

and Lucinda are doing yoga. Arshi says I am bored, I want someone, he asks Hiten if he is up? all laugh, she sings chalta hai kia? Hiten sings too, all laugh. Arshi says he is giving me signals, I am blushing.

Hiten comes to Vikas and says its happening again, they are cooking as much as they want. Arshi says they are using so much oil. Shilpa is making too. Hina says lets go and ask.

Hina comes in kitchen and asks who made paratha first? Shilpa says I used yesterday’s flour. Hina says we could have used it in lunch, eggs are for individuals but flour is mutual so you cant waste it.

Shilpa says all are sharing everything, Hina says if she wants flour divided too then fine talk to Bigg boss, I cant starve here. Shilpa says no one dies here of starvation? Hina says why you are shouting? I cant talk to you. Hiten says dont waste food. Shilpa says shut up Hiten, no one is dying of food starvation here.
In garden, Vikas says to Ben that Hina and Shilpa are fighting, Ben says she is not at all like daughter in law type as she plays, Vikas says she is very clever.

Arshi says to Hiten that I will trap you, I will flirt with you till you fall for me. Hiten shows her mosquito spray and says I can have fun too. Shivani sings itna pyar..

Hina is in confession room. Bigg boss says red team won task and Arshi won too so they all are contenders for captain, we want all inmates have to decide mutually two names who had most did most of efforts to win that task and they will be two contenders for captaincy, Arshi and her team won task so all have to mutually decide two from them.

Hina comes to inmates and tell this to inmates. Shilpa says I think Sabya and Puneesh deserves to become captain. Hina says we have to give names who played most well in task. Ben asks for votes for Hina, Puneesh and Sabya. Majority of votes are for Hina and Puneesh. Arshi says I am not okay with it, this is about leadership not friendship. Hina says we have to choose persons who worked most hard in task. Shilpa says Arshi worked very hard in task but I dont want Arshi to be captain. Hina asks are we sure about me and Puneesh? all say yes but Arshi says this is rubbish and about friendship only.

Arshi says to Shilpa that this is wrong. Shilpa says audience is watching. Arshi says you are diplomatic. Shilpa says to Arshi that you are not capable to become captain, Hina is capable of that, you are so much focused on your curves and flirting. Arshi says what rubbish is that? dont talk to me.

Bigg boss asks Hina to give two names who all inmates have chose as contenders for captaincy. Hina says you said that we have to choose two names who performed well in task, Bigg boss says but they are ultimately contenders for captaincy. Hina asks inmates if they want to change names? all say no.Hina says Bigg boss they voted for me and Puneesh. Bigg boss asks if they all agree to it? Arshi says no. Shivani says Hina you didnt clear the purpose of choosing two people, you said Bigg boss wants to know who performed well in task but its about captaincy too.Vikas says to Hina that I would make you captain instead of Sabya because he is neighbor but he performed well in task, we won because of him. Hina says I might have misunderstanding. Vikas says you just said that it was to choose two best performers. Hina says dont give me crap for all this, Vikas says you are hypocrite Hina. Hina says you were taking Lucinda in arms but you are ill? Vikas says you were in bed as you were ill but was playing with Ben? Hina says I do my work. Vikas says I have done more work in life than you, Hina says I dont want to ill talk with you, you are so illmannered, I took stand for you and you are calling me hypocrite? Vikas says you are most hypocrite person, if you lose task then you will say you wanted to lose.

Benafsha talks to Vikas and says you shouldnt have talked to her like that, Vikas says she started it, she is hypocrite that she is very nice and talks like this?
Hina says to Shivani that you could have talked to me alone, you talked infront of Vikas and he needs footage, no one is talking to him. Vikas asys dont talk about me, I dont want footage. Hina says I wont talk to you. Hina says he is illmannered.
Arshi says to Hina that you had to tell full information, one person is not happy with names you took, its wrong that you gave names when I am not happy, dont let me lose my mind. Hina says Bigg boss Arshi is not happy with this decision. Sapna says it doesnt matter what Arshi thinks, its about majority.
Arshi says to herself that these are cheap people, they cheat only.
Hina says to inmates that people who dont work, just keep fighting are accusing me?
Sapna says to Bandagi that its not about captaincy but who is right. She(Arshi) cant accuse when she is useless woman. Arshi says if woman’s face is not good then atleast say nice words, you must clean mess, you stink. Sapna says you have applied deoderant, with braid witch.

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Hina cries and says he is calling me hypocrite when I accepted my mistake. Hiten says he is just taking it out. Hina says I know he is frustrated that no one is talking to him.Vikas says very nice people talk to me.Shivani says we are not talking to you, Vikas says its about me, dont shout. Shivani says we are not talking to you, dont interfere my talk, you are shameless. Vikas says I wont fight with you, I wont give it to you. Shivani says I dont want footage. Vikas says says I didnt say anything about footage, have some shame, I said I wont fight with you, I didnt even talk to you. Hiten asks Vikas to stop it.

Arshi talks to Sabya. Sabya says stay for somedays, people will be your friends. Arshi says Shilpa overreacts so soon, I understand people’s nature, Hina becomes diplomatic but when she is with her group, she takes stand and say truth but Shilpa takes off and doesnt say truth. Sabya says she will take your side when times come.

Vikas says to Ben that Shilpa is very nice actress, she has such big range, Hina did one role, she did very nice but Shilpa is whole other level, her comedy range is so nice, she is psychotic but as an artist you have to give it to her.

Vikas says to Arshi that I am impressed with you. Arshi says you are a foolish person, you are very nice, you become angry but you havent given a curse to any woman, you respect them a lot. Vikas says Shilpa provoked me and I was sad that I had to throw tea on her clothes, I dont want to become someone else. Arshi says keep natural tone, be you here.

Shivani is dancing and singing bhoot se milade. Bandagi, Ben, Lucinda, Aakash, Puneesh and others dance around her. Shivani her her hair flowing and raps bhoot se milade. All are enjoying her performance. All clap for her at the end. Aakash gives her a hug. Sabya is working in kitchen while all are enjoying.

Bigg boss calls Sabya in confession room. Bigg boss says inmates have chosen Hina and Puneesh as contenders for captaincy. Bigg boss says we are giving an opportunity to neighbors, you have to remove one of them from contenders’ list, you all neighbors decide then you have to choose one member from red team and replace that person which you removed.

Sabya talks to neighbors. Sabya says we have to remove Puneesh or Hian from list and replace with people in red team, I was in that team but we shouldnt attack so soon, we should choose Vikas to be on list, Luv says we can remove Hina as she didnt give full information. All neighbors agree.

Bigg boss asks Sabya whom neighbors want to remove from contenders list of captaincy? Sabya says we want to remove Hina from captaincy list as Puneesh had more votes than her.Hina says yes. Bigg boss asks who you want to put in list in place of Hina? Sabya says we want Vikas to become contender for captaincy in replace of Hina. Vikas is surprised, all are stunned. Ben hugs him. Bigg boss says VIKAS and PUNEESH are contenders for captaincy. Vikas says this is Karma. Hina comes to Sabya and says you could have chosen someone else from team, Arshi or Jyoti could have been better than Vikas and you were best contender. I am okay with my name not on list.

Vikas reads task that new bottle of appy fizz is launched. Captaincy task is that both Vikas and Puneesh will be hanged in air. There will be their weighing machines, inmates have to give up their person things and put it in their favorite member’s box and his weight will increase, as weight increases, that contender will keep coming down, for 2kilos, contender will come down one point. Inmates have to give their clothes and everything to increase weight on the side of contender they want to win, the contender who comes down to ground first will become captain. Hina will be referee.
Vikas asks Arshi and Sapna to support him. Arshi smirks at Hina.
Aakash says to Puneesh that clothes are important to me, I support you. Puneesh says I know.
Arshi says to Hiten that I wont give anything. Hiten says we can put wet clothes for more weight. Hiten collects things for Vikas.

Vikas and Puneesh are raised in air using harness. Inmates start putting their things on both their weighing machines. Puneesh asks Lucinda to put things in his box, I love you. Vikas says I dont love you but I like you Lucinda. Hiten puts wet clothes in his bucket, Jyoti and Ben puts their clothes in his basket too. Vikas’s harness come down and he is lowered to ground, he wins task. Ben hugs him and squeals for him. Vikas thanks Jyoti too. ,,

Arshi says to Vikas that you divide works between people, just tell them., Vikas says I have to decide punishments too what if they dont work? Hiten says put them in jail. Vikas says they will just sleep there. Arshi says tell them that if they dont work then they will be nominated. Hiten says you cant allow them to sleep.

Vikas comes to Aakash and asks him to come out. Shilpa says lights are off, this is not time, its time to sleep. Vikas says I am just calling Aakash. Hina sings kabootar ja ja.. Hina says he said that I was ill? it was first day

PRECAP- Arshi says to Shilpa that I spit at you, are you useless and mental woman and will remain mental.
Sapna says to Arshi that I am not reacting, doesnt mean she can say anything, I will make her face red with slaps from slipper. She charges at Arshi and says I wont spare you. Arshi glares at her too.
Hina says Arshi keeps saying that I will go to jail because Vikas is backing her. Vikas says you are a useless person. Hina says you are the lazy one and dont work, I will go to jail but wont listen to you.
Friday ka faisla episode with anchors and critics will be aired tomorrow.


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