Bigg Boss 11 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Priyank goes bald for Hiten only on

Day 42
Puneesh says to Hiten that celebrity word suits you only, Shilpa is different, Shilpa says I am not celebrity, Puneesh says they are real celebrities, they know how to get respected and otherside is Hina, she will answer even the dog on street, she will bark back. Shilpa laughs.

Priyank is lying on sofa, Ben asks him to get up, she hugs him from behind.

Hina says to Luv that she is falling for myself, I said its on both the sides, he said that its sort of an attraction.
Priyank says to Ben that you are like kissable. Ben sees Aakash there and hints to finish him.
Hina says to Luv that I have noticed it, Ben says that kind of stuff too.

Priyank and Luv are in garden, Priyank asks Ben to call Shilpa, we can beat her
and pump up body. Ben comes to Shilpa and says boys are calling you. Aakash says this is stupidity, Ben says just to lift as weight, Shilpa says they think I will do everything? Aakash comes to Priyank and says do you have shame? want to lift girls, this is non sense. Shilpa asks Ben to not ask for it, Ben says sorry, we are younger. Shilpa says behave, you are very younger than me, Ben says I am talking normally, they want to lift you on their backs. Priyank comes there and says we are having pushups, we did with Arshi too. Priyank says I am sorry Shilpa.Luv says I also apologize. Shilpa says just accept it. Priyank says you are my mom’s age. Shilpa says thank you for so much respect, mom’s age, take your mom for pushups. Priyank says my mom is 45 years old.

Shilpa says to inmates that if I bring out age thing infront of Salman then things will come out, Bandagi says he said that his mom is 45 and taunted.
Hina says to Priyank that how could you her to sit on back? Priyank says I apologized. Ben says I didnt think it and went to her. Priyank says she is not a girl. Hina says again wrong thing, even if she is 15 years old, Ben I didnt expect this from you, I would have slapped a girl.

Day 43
Inmates wake up to song, aja aja. They all dance and enjoy.

Shilpa says it smells bad, must be for screen. Puneesh says Vikas farted, swear you didnt do it. Vikas says you want to talk about it? Puneesh says you farted in kitchen, Vikas says can you control farting? we dont talk like this, Puneesh says you fart in kitchen but? Vikas says you cant control it, I should be ashamed here, Aakash says no I fart a lot, Shilpa screams to stop it.
Hina says to Luv that Shilpa shouts a lot.
In kitchen, Aakash makes ew ew noises, Shilpa says let Vikas eat.

Puneesh says to Aakash that I dont understand Shilpa and Vikas, Puneesh says now there will be love. Bandagi says they used to like on killing verge and now this? Aakash says it was big plan, I dont understand whats the truth, Puneesh says all game, Bandagi says they didnt tell about Vidya’s task too. Aakash says I wont let it happen, Puneesh says dont take my name.
Aakash comes to kitchen and says to inmates that whats this game? Shilpa and Vikas used to fight so much and now they are cuddling and clingy to each other, Hiten says now you are on. Aakash says how its looking on TV? Arshi says you make it a issue. Aakash says now they will fall in love. Vikas glares at him. aakash says I was thinking about it. Vikas says its all for game, Aakash says they can do anything to win game, Shilpa laughs. Aakash says Vikas went under table with her and held her hand and Shilpa was asking him to remain same and hugging him, they are showing how relations are made, all laugh. Aakash says this was all planned, I dont trust Vikas or Shilpa. Hina says bang on. Shilpa says I wish it was planned. Aakash says all think they planned it. Hina says to Luv that Aakash is saying truth, they are playing big game, they are now friends, Shilpa has become a mom, Shilpa is playing biggest game in house. Luv says now Vikas is her follower. Shilpa asks Aakash if he wants kiss? Aakash says you are not my mom, you are just Shilpa Shinde for me, we are not friends. Vikas says you will hirt her. Aakash says truth hurts, Puneesh and Hiten are my brothers. Shilpa says I am your mom. Aakash says to Hina that I am sorry, super sorry Luv, Sapna I love you, all are my friends, where are Aakash and Priyank? He comes to Priyank and says I am sorry, he says to Ben who is in washroom and says I am sorry from heart, she says me too, its fine.

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Inmates come in garden, there is phone booth in tree house. Phone rings, Hina climbs up to tree house and takes phone, caller Bigg boss says this is nomination task, you took phone so you are nominated first, Hina laugh. Bigg boss says but you have a chance to get saved, you have to make Luv get mehndi tattoo on his head that he is ‘zero’, you have to sit on chair till then, she ends call. Hina says to inmates that I got nominated, I cant get down, I will be saved from nomination if Luv gets ‘zero’ tattoo from Sapna. Luv says Sapna do it. Hina says it will remain for many days, Luv says I will get makeup done. Hina gets call, bigg boss says tell luv that he cant apply any makeup on his mehdni. Hina tells Luv that he cant put makeup on his tattoo.Luv says I am doing it, just tell them.

Sapna laughs with mehndi in hand. She writes ‘zero’ tattoo on his head. Hina says you have put me in debt. Ben says this is not a big deal. Hina gets teary eyed. Arshi says you are actress. Hina says I am not strong. Luv says Sapna you wrote really nicely. Arshi asks Hina to show tears. Hina says I made whole India cry for 8 years.

Shilpa asks Aakash what happened to you? I give suggestions so I can follow them too, if you respect me then just listen that forgiving someone is a big thing and I did it, Vikas talks to me, you are saying wrong. Aakash says its all fake, its in my mind now and cant get out, I respected ARshi, you are all doing drama, I understand this is all big plan, he leaves. Shilpa says he must be doing it for camera.

Hina gets call, Bigg boss says you are safe from nominations, give phone to Aakash. She gives phone to Aakash. Big boss says to Aakash that you are nominated. Hina comes down and hugs Luv, she says it was not needed, he says it was needed for me too. Bigg boss says to Aakash that you can get saved if you convince Hiten that he shred his family photo. Aakash tells Hiten, Aakash says its your choice. Vikas says to Hiten that he has shield. Hiten says its just a photo so I will do it. Hina hugs Hiten. Arshi says Hina got chance and hugged him. Hiten brings shredder and says Bigg boss what are you making me do. Hiten kisses photo multiple times. He brings photo in garden, everyone hugs him. Hiten shred photo. Hina says we can stick it back, Bigg boss asks him to throw away shreds. Hina hugs Hiten.

Vikas says to Hiten that it was not needed, he had shield, Hiten says its just one week. Shilpa asks Aakash if he can give his shield for Hiten? Aakash says I dont have to answer that. Aakash gets call, Bigg boss says you are safe. Aakash thanks Hiten. Bigg boss calls Hiten on tower. Aakash touches Hiten’s feet and hugs him.

Hiten gets call from Bigg boss and says you are nominated but if Priyank shaves his head then you will be safe. Priyank comes there. Hiten says you have to shave hair but its not needed, Priyank says for you, I can do it, Hiten says its not needed. Hiten asks Vikas to stop him, Vikas says he takes his decisions. Priyank brings razor and says this is going to be difficult.

Hina is cutting Priyank’s hair, Aakash says you will like handsome in anything. Shilpa says one bouncer zero and one bouncer bald, Hina says you guys have no emotions, think about someone, so shameless. Arshi says sister felt bad. Shilpa says to Arshi that nominations doesnt matter to Hiten, I wouldnt get bald for Aakash, I want to look good. Bandagi says to Shilpa that he shouldnt have to do it, Shillpa says they want to show they are nice. Hina shaves Priyank’s hair completely. Hina says respect Priyank, hats off. Hina hugs him and says proud of you. All clap for Priyank. Priyank laughs seeing himself.

Bigg boss tells Hiten that he is safe, send Priyank up. Hiten comes down and says why you did it, he hugs him. Priyank goes to booth.

Vikas says to Ben that Priyank have lost it, Hiten doesnt need it, this is foolishness, he didnt et footage so he did, if it was you then I would have asked him to shave it because you can go, Ben says its his personal choice. Vikas says thats why I didnt say it, he doesnt want to work outside? Vikas says if you have come to play game then play it nicely, Ben leaves. Vikas murmurs he got bald.

Vikas says to Hiten that I love you most but we all know that Ben could have needed it, Hina says nothing like that, Vikas says it was logical, he doesnt listen to me, Hina says I dont understand this, you didnt even try to talk to him, Vikas says I am not talking to you, dont talk between Priyank and me, Hina says you could have talked to him before but now saying that it was for show and all. Vikas says she is that kind of woman. Hina says you are doing wrong, you cant talk about him. Ben says stop it both of you, I agree with her but he is sitting there. Hina says he doesnt understand it, Vikas says you want to take footage, dont involve. Hina says I wont choose Arshi over him. Vikas says she is going mad, she wants to show that she is the best, Hina says saint Vikas Gupta. Vikas says she is doing this propose fully.

Bigg boss calls Priyank and says you are nominated, Ben is already nominated today and if she nominates herself for two more weeks then you will be safe. Priyank says to Ben that you have to nominate yourself for two weeks to save me. He says dont do it, three weeks are a lot, dont do it, I am fine, its not possible. Ben says Bigg boss you are taking my friendship test, you have no idea how good of a friend I am. Priyank says think about it, I can get saved but you will be nominated for three weeks. Ben says if I dont do this today then I wont able to see myself. Priyank asks her to listen, she ignores him. Vikas comes to Ben and says there is difference between your popularity, he got bald so he wont go, be logical, you are not that popular, you have to be here to be with him, no one is actual friend here, Ben says I am not scared of nominations. Vikas says you have more chance to leave. Ben says I dont think so, if audience love me then they will save me, I have no guarantee that I will not be nominated next weeks so I better be nominated by my friend Priyank. Priyank says please listen. Ben says I will lose my shit now, Priyank says talk to me. Ben says I am getting frustrated, I dont want to talk.

Aakash says to Shilpa that I can make whole house mad. Shilpa says you think it was my and Vikas’s plan. Aakash says I fake here too but I have to respect everyone and get to corners of people, Vikas is my target, if I break Vikas and Arshi then I can break house in two, Shilpa says dont do it, Aakash says I am doing it in house. Shilpa says okay, Shilpa gives him a kiss on cheek and says jerk.

Priyank gets call from Bigg boss, Bigg boss says ask Ben her decision. Ben says I want to nominate myself for next two weeks. Bigg boss says Priyank you are safe in this nomination, he calls Shilpa. Priyank comes down and says so much anger, on whom? He sits beside her and hugs her, Ben says dont do it.

Shilpa gets call, Bigg boss says you are nominated, you will get chance to save yourself but we will tell tomorrow what that is, you can come down and get up tomorrow. Shilpa says okay and ends call. Inmates ask what happened? Shilpa makes sad face and says I dont want it. Vikas says you cant do it. Shilpa says I dont want to play it, she gets down from booth, Puneesh says what are you doing? Arshi says say something. Shilpa says time for today ended, I have to take call tomorrow. Vikas says you scared us. Shilpa passes by Hiten and slaps him on his back. Hiten asks who slapped me? Shilpa says Arshi did.

Shilpa says to inmates that if a girl slaps on boys lower back then I have to complain to Bigg boss? Sapna says yes, if a boy slaps then I will break a leg so he have chance too. Hiten says how can I break a leg? they are slapping me.Bandagi says Hiten I like it. Hiten says what to do? Shilpa says boys flirt so its time for girls. Aakash says promise to slap him once only, Hiten says this is madness, Vikas laughs and says Aakash started it. Hiten runs behind him. Arshi, Bandagi and Shilpa slaps Aakash’s butt, Hiten beats him too. Aakash says to Hiten that it was a joke whole day. They all laugh.

Shilpa gets call from Bigg boss, Bigg boss says if Vikas is ready to destroy his jacket then you will be safe. Shilpa says there is not that much love between us. Vikas brings his jacket, she says Vikas ji you are doing this for me? He nods and says I feel this is my karma, he destroys his jacket. Shilpa is touched.
Puneesh gets call and says Bigg boss this is not fair for a girl.
Aakash says I am not doing it, this is madness.
Hina hugs her pooh bear and cries, she says I bring it always with me.


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