Bigg Boss 11 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Hina, Arshi and Sapna in Jail only on

Friday Ka Faisla
Saurav Sharma starts bulletin. He says lets have a recap of this week, Priyank was thrown out of house because of losing control. Neighbors entered house too, there is also love blooming in house, Vikas became first captain of house. Saurav says we will talk about whats happening in house, I have Mannu Punjabi and Surgan Mehta as guests. Saurav asks how much truth is in house and who is doing drama? er will discuss it.

In house,
Inmates wake up to song maina.. Sapna dances full in her element. Puneesh says Sapna you rocked.

Puneesh says to Ben that people gave away their property, belongings for Vikas to become captain.
Hina says to Hiten that if you were captain and asked me to work then I would have but people who dont work at all and
doesnt know anything about household chores ask me to work then I wont. Hiten says he is captain for one week, what can we do? Hina says I wont do it, we will talk when time comes.

Vikas says to Luv that Sapna and Shilpa did nice work,superb. Shilpa says thank you. Vikas says she is looking nice now. Shilpa says you get angry soon, Vikas says I dont know how to control anger because I never have to be involved in fights, I was always busy in work. Shilpa says this is place where you can change. Vikas says after I cries, I realized I have to calm down, I was missing mom and wanted to go out.

Shilpa says you have to control those urges. She is straightening her hair. Vikas says you hair are looking nice, she says thanks. Shilpa says you dont know what will happen tomorrow,Vikas says I dont know in this house.

Vikas reads instructions that they had 2400 points for luxury budget but Aakash and Shivani didnt work in task and people talked in english so they lost 1000 points, 1400 points remain for red team only. They can take things back which they gave up for Vikas too. Vikas asks if they want things back? Hina says thats their individual things so we wont spend luxury budget points on them, I want food and things, Hina writes ingredients on board which red teams wants in luxury budget. Hina says I want coffee. They write coffee, beans, beards and all that.

Arshi comes to Vikas and says Sapna said that she wont wash plates as she cleaned bedroom too. Vikas comes to Sapna and says there is rule that all have to wash their own dishes. Sapna says I clean bedroom for everyone so who has kitchen duty should do it. Hina says she is right. Vikas says nobody is talking to you Hina, you dont even do work. Vikas says to Shivani that you dont have to do any work.

In bulletin, Saurav says Hina changes sides very fast. Saurav asks Sargun whom she thinks as strong inmates? she says Sapna, Vikas and Hina. Mannu says Vikas, Sapna and Hiten. Sargun says Shilpa, Arshi and Vikas are fighters, Arshi can changes sides when she thinks its for her benefit. Mannu says that is not wrong, she changes sides to give show things, Vikas and Sapna have done it too. Sargun says she loves totally and then hates them next day. Saurav asks who is cry baby? Mannu says Hina cries when she doesnt get what she wants. Sargun says Vikas is cry baby but he has genuine space. Mannu says Shilpa is very entertainer, if Vikas had put tea on my clothes then I would be out of house for violence but Shilpa just washed her clothes and says I will take revenge. Sargun says Sapna is entertaining, she kept staring at Arshi and Arshi brokedown. Saurav says lets see what Sapna is doing in house.

Clip plays about Sapna, Sapna says to Puneesh that I dont want to mess here, I just wanna play.. then her fight with Arshi is shown, how she kept staring at Arshi, kept roaming behind her, kept singing sweet songs in her ear.
Mannu says Sapna is strong but others are playing more strong than her too. Sargun says but how she threatened Arshi without even touching anyone, it was amazing. Sargun says she is natural, she doesnt do grouping, she doesnt ask for votes, she doesnt know how to play game. Saurav says lets know how she is in her real life. He connects call with Karan, who is Sapna’s brother. Saurav asks him if Sapna is same as she is in house? Karan says no she is not like that outside, if she comes to her own color then. Mannu says she is using her mind and its important for this show. Karan says she cant control anger. Karan says she could beat Arshi. Sargun asks if he thinks she is playing nice? Karan says she is playing very nice, she is controlling her anger. Saurav thanks him and ends call with Karan. Saurav asks whom you wanted as captain? Mannu says Vikas can be nice captain, Surgan says Hiten would be ideal captain, they listen to him and respect him. Saurav says Hina is always in news, her way of playing and becoming friends and ending friendship too, lets see how Hina is doing in house.

Clip plays, Hina is shown asking Zubair to take on Hina, how she and Arshi had fight. When Vikas threw water on Shilpa, she applauded Arshi. Hina says to Arshi and Shilpa that you are a drum, your figure is not like me, you are auntie, she says to Shilpa that I was not like you that your show had to keep dummy in veil as you left it, I left my show after death sequence. Vikas said that Hina changed sides when Priyank and Zubair left. Hina says to Shilpa later that we wont give footage to Shilpa.Vikas says to Jyoti that Hina is fake and hypocrite

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Clip ends, Saurav says she should be in entertainer list, Mannu says she is clever, she is where strong people are. Sargun says she is not intelligent, she has 8 years of exposure, she cant body shame, she cant tell people that she has drum figure. Mannu says they apologized. Sragun says whats said is said. Saurav says we dont know who is cheating, who is playing game but soon they will open up when they have to decide who will go in jail.

Bigg boss says to inmates that choose inmates who will go in jail, as Vikas is captian, he has first right to choose one inmates who he wants to send in jail, Arshi whispers in ear. Vikas asks if he can put anyone in jail for any reason and not basis of task? Bigg boss says can have any reason. Vikas says I want to put Hina in jail as she is not doing any work. Bigg boss asks neighbors to choose one inmate except Hina and Vikas that they want to send to jail. Neighbors go to bedroom. Aakash says to Luv that I can go to jail, take my name. Hina asks why he is saying that? Aakash says I want to spend time with you, all pout.

In bulletin, Saurav says Hina was right name to take, she is not doing work. Mannu says Hina is trying to put Vikas’s captaincy to halt so it was right for him to take her name.

In house, Hina says I am happy to go to jail but I wont listen to a lazy captain. Vikas says you dont want to work but goes to gym because Luv goes, first Zubair and now Luv. Hina says you can think that only, you are so cheap, imagine he is talking about Luv and me. Vikas says you deserve to go. Hina says talk to my hand. Vikas says you get lost, she says you get lost.

Hiten asks Vikas to not mess with women with bad language, dont say that she will go to gym as Luv goes there. Vikas says I said what I see. Shilpa says use your mind, this Arshi threw things because she is like that, if I have to send someone to jail then I will Arshi in jail as she throws things away. Arshi says Shilpa you have gone mad, now I am going to curse you, mental woman. Shilpa says yes curse me, all keep calling me mental woman.. shut up. Arshi says you shut up. Hina says to Luv Arshi was saying that I will go to jail since morning and now they are saying that I want to go to gym with Luv thats why they are sending me to jail, this Vikas is disgusting. Hina says he is such cheap man and thinking. Vikas says she is illmannered, I dont want to talk to you. Hina says he is worst performer and cheap man. Arshi says to Shilpa that I spit at you, Shilpa says mind your language. Hina says Arshi is not getting work, she is not doing anything, Vikas is just following her. Shilpa shows cramps on sofa to Arshi and says you left it here? Arshi says I was going to clean it. Shilpa says clean it. Arshi says you have gone mad, mental case. Hiten asks her to mind her tongue.
In bedroom, Mehjabi says to inmates that we can put Sapna in jail, people will get angry on us and I want that.
Vikas says to inmates that Arshi didnt ask me to take Hina’s name to send to jail, if she said it then I am ready to lose captaincy right now, she tok Sapna’s name, she took Sapna’s name. Sapna says why she is bringing me in all this? I am not reacting, she called me dancer again, I will break her in two, ask her to not mess with me, I will break her face. Aakash says I am scared of her. Arshi says I am not saying anything. Sapna charges at her and says tell me anything. Vikas, Hiten and Shilps pushes them apart. Sapna says I can show her what dancer can do, she says I am not reacting. Hina says to Ben that you are laughing at all this? you enjoy at this. Shivani says all are enjoying scenes here, this is shameless. Puneesh comes to Sapna and says if you raise hand then I wont talk to you ever. Hina says to Shivani that I cant think that people laugh at fights here? Shivani says Jyoti was laughing and enjoying fights. Jyoti says Ben was enjoying it too. Shivani says dont mess with me.
Neighbors talk about who they want to send to jail.

Bigg boss asks neighbors whom they are sending to jail? Mehjabi says we are sending Arshi to jail, we think that she is comfortable in kitchen too much and I think Vikas is giving her comfort as she supported him. Hina says thank you.

In bulletin, Mannu says neighbors gave lame reason for Arshi to send her to hail. Sargun says I am disappointed in Hina, she is losing her language and mind and its just 10 days? Mannu says she is showing what she is, if she becomes fake then people will like her? Sargun says its not about being fake but about character. Mannu says Hina is just reacting to what she cant bear. Saurav says there will be one more inmate going to jail.

In house, Bigg boss asks inmates to decide whom they want to send to jail as third person. Aakash says inmates will take Sapna’s name. Hina hugs Sapna. Sapna says I will go. Arshi says to Sabya that I worked a lot in kitchen. Puneesh says I can go in jail and if you want reason then I can curse right now. Sapna says I can go. Hiten says but you cant raise hand. Shilpa says Arshi can provoke you but you wont raise hand. Sapna says okay.

Bigg boss asks inmates whom they want to send with Hina and Arshi? Puneesh says we have decided that Sapna will go to jail as she slept in task. Bigg boss says Sapna, Hina and Arshi will go to jail and will remain there till our order.

Hina, Arshi and Sapna comes to jail. Aakash says you will enjoy here, you wont have to do anything.

In bulletin, Saurav says Sapna volunteered to go in jail? Sargun says she is my favorite. Mannu says they will become friends. Sargun says if she took stick with her then we will have to stick to TV. Mannu says she will keep her control, fights end when people are in close space. Saurav says lets see what happens in jail.

Arshi is in jail. Her bed is between Hina and Sapna. Arshi says there are so many insects here, so many. Sapna says there is broom too. Hina says Sapna remain silent, she is provoking you. Arshi says there are insects here.
In house, Puneesh says Hiten will sleep peacefully as Arshi is in jail.
In jail, Arshi says ewe.. so many insects here, she looks at Sapna and says yuck so many insects. Sapna brings mosquito spray and sprays over Arshi so much, she says now all insects will die, she keeps spraying on Arshi and says now mental insects will die. Hina asks Sapna to calm down. Arshi goes to wash her face. Sapna says I told her to not mess with me. Arshi gets angry and says she sprayed mosquito spray on me. Vikas comes there and says Sapna dont do that, she will become angry. Arshi shows sprays out of jail. Arshi shours that she is mental. Sapna says you havent seen mental. They both shout… Hina screams for them to stop it. Hina asks them to sleep on their beds and dont talk at all. Arshi says okay Hina apaa. Arshi says she sprayed on my face.
In lounge, Shilpa says it was important for Arshi to have sprayed on her face because of her language.
Sapna screams in jail that once I go out of this mental space then I will take on.

Hiten comes out of jail. Hiten says I am so happy that naagin is in jai.

PRECAP- Last weekend, Salman asked inmates that to not bring him to stage of rage. But this week inmates went ahead.
Sabya says to Jyoti that you are Umrao Jaan? if I dance then you will be ashamed of being woman. Jyoti cries and says he is such bad things.
Tomorrow Salman will take class of inmates for their deeds.


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