Bigg Boss 11 14th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 14th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Hiten, Priyank and Aakash goes to jail only on

Day 73
Vikas says to Hiten that Priyank made fun of my nickname gocheepo that my mom calls me, he wore bikini and said that nickname? what is that.
Arshi says to Priyank that you wore bikini and said nickname his mother calls me.
Vikas says to Hiten that he made fun of mom’s nickname and expect me to laugh?
Priyank says to Arshi that what Vikas have done for me, not even parents and siblings do, I will always respect him but this is my chance, this platform is where I have to perform but if I ever want to credit anyone for myself after parents then its Vikas.

Arshi says to Vikas that Priyank said he loves me. Vikas says I will beat him, he is foolish, Arshi says he said that he said that will do acting in task, Vikas says he made fun of my mom’s
nickname, why you talked to him? he just use people. Vikas says to Arshi why he keeps saying I love you I love you? Arshi says he says nice things for you. Vikas says what he was trying to do shaking his fake breats infront of me and calling goochepo. Vikas comes to Priyank and says dont talk about my family, you dont love me, you have done misbehavior for camera, you are just playing game,you are cheap. Priyank asks Arshi what happened to him? Arshi says he felt bad about you did in task. Vikas says first he does things then say it was for game.

Hiten says to Vikas that Priyank said sorry after task ended. Vikas says he didnt say it. Arshi says I asked him why he talked about goocheepo. Vikas says I call my mother that, he was wearing bikini and calling me that, what he is trying to say that my mother or me is wearing bikini? Priyank comes there and says I didnt make fun of your parents, I am sorry. Vikas says you did things in task, everything is allowed but.. Priyank says I am folding my hands and saying

sorry.Vikas says dont do this drama, why you are saying sorry? Priyank says you felt bad about gocheepo thing so I am saying sorry, I didnt bring your mom but if you think like that then I am sorry, I can hold your feet, he tries to hold his feet but Vikas says dont do this drama for camera, you do everything for camera.
Aakash says to Hina that Vikas is so baby, he has problem with word goochepo? Hina says I swear.
Vikas says to Priyank that I didnt lie in task, I will bring your truth out. Priyank says to Aakash that all are trying to threaten to bring my this or that out, let them be. Vikas sees Hina and says she is smiling at all this, Hiten says let them be.
Priyank asks Luv if he did wrong? Arshi laughs. Luv and Priyank pulls Hina all around house, they laugh.
Shilpa says to Vikas that they want you to be angry thats why they are doing angry, Hiten says what was happening in first week with you is happening again.

Aakash is in lounge, he says I am going mental. Vikas, Hiten and Shilpa are sitting near table too. Aakash says whoever gets up from table will be out, he laughs menially.
Hina sees Aakash sitting in lounge with Vikas and others and says Aakash hates Vikas.
Aakash jokes around with people sitting in lounge, he says I wont get up from this table. Hiten says your boxer went up, all laugh.

Day 74
Inmates wake up to song very good, very good. They all dance and enjoy.
Arshi asks who fits this song? Hiten says it fits Shilpa.Arshi laughs.

Aakash is sleeping, buzzer plays, Arshi asks him to wake up. Aakash says dont say rubbish, you go to Shilpa. Arshi says dont taunt me, I do so much for you and you do this. Aakash says I am tired of you and Shilpa, I will play on my own, you go to Shilpa.
Shilpa says to Hiten that doing anything for Aakash is thankless job. Arshi comes to Shilpa and says he is saying that he wont listen as I am talking to Shilpa again. Shilpa says Arshi you and Aakash are same. Hiten says Arshi you encourage Aakash. Arshi says you all have fun when he does things but blame me, Aakash or Hina when he goes bad.

Bigg boss asks inmates to choose inmates for jail punishment, as captain Arshi gets right to choose one inmate she wants to send to jail. Arshi says I want to choose Aakash to go to jail, I asked him to not sleep, he broke all the rules and didnt listen to me so I choose him. Bigg boss asks inmates to choose two inmates who performed worst in BB lab task. Aakash says Shilpa didnt do much. Hina says first day Shilpa had less involvement. Puneesh says Priyank lost most points. Hina says Hiten and Priyank gave their best. Shilpa says I made them smile, I brought out reactions without saying much. Priyank says I didnt go to jail for once so I am ready to go. Vikas says you think he is not bottom performer? now he saying that he is willing to go, its clear that he is bottom performer.

Priyank says he always think that I am doing everything for camera, I said sorry even then he thought it was for camera, is he mental? Puneesh says all are saying he is bottom performer and he is ready to go then what the problem? Luv says one name is Priyank’s and other one is? Hiten says Vikas wont go, I can go. Vikas says no do voting. Priyank says he is mad. Hina asks him sush. Vikas says lets do voting and figure out. Hina says honestly its Hiten who should go, not saying it because Vikas is ill, Puneesh says I agree with these names.

Arshi says to Shilpa that you did good in task but no one took Hina’s name. Shilpa says to Arshi that no one will take it because she starts arguing, she doesnt accept. Aakash asks Priyank why they didnt give Shilpa’s name in end? Priyank says its okay. Puneesh says we have to be fair. Aakash says Hina was one who gave least reactions in our team. Puneesh says we cant go personal at this point. Hina says its not personal, its my opinion but there are people stronger than Shilpa. Puneesh says Hiten is going so its fine. Hina says to Priyank that she is not involved in tasks.

Bigg boss asks Arshi who will go to jail? Arshi says Priyank and Hiten.Bigg boss asks her to lock them in jail.Hina asks Priyank to pack his stuff and go there soon.
Vikas says to Hiten that Priyank wants to go to jail so he will be seen more.

Priyank comes to jail and says are you serious.

Shilpa says Bigg boss till when we will stay here.

Priyank says to Luv that me and Divya were accused that we faked relation and Vikas has so cheap thinking that we faked it, I didnt say anything to him for weeks, I want people to see what is truth, I am showing who is with me, he wants to put me down, who is he to question me hugging Ben or Hina?

Hina reads new task, inmates will be able to watch previous clips and sayings of other inmates in activity room, ARshi as captain will get this chance and two other inmates will get this chance. Hina reads that Arshi will take final decision as who will go with her. All inmates start pleading Arshi to give them the chance, let them go please.
Arshi asks Hiten why he wants to go? Hiten says some people might not respect me so let me see that, Arshi says it wont create fights.
Hina says to Arshi says they talk about me a lot, they sweet talk to me so this is my chance.
Puneesh says to Arshi that I want to see what Vikas, Shilpa and Hiten thinks about me, if they are fooling me.

Bigg boss asks Arshi who you want to give activity area chance too? Arshi says its Vikas and Hina.

Hina says to Luv that they will show me something of you two,I didnt say anything behind anyone’s back that I didnt say infront,I want to see Shilpa, Hiten and what they said about me. Arshi says Luv is tensed, he did say something.

Arshi sees Vikas’s plate and says you left a lot of food, I will keep it for tomorrow. Shilpa says I can make more egg. Vikas says give food for Shilpa, Shilpa says I dont need it, Vikas says you get happy by not eating. Arshi says eat it, Shilpa says I dont want it. Arshi says I am asking asking you to eat it,why you are glaring at me? I didnt curse you, you have no manners to talk, we work in kitchen too. Shilpa says I dont know what problem you have with me cooking.
Arshi says to Hina that she gets mad when we work in kitchen, she is using not boiled water for gravy, and adding eggs too, she is not boiling water, she is using tap water. Hina says thats why our stomach is upset. Arshi says to Vikas that this is not the way to talk. Hina says she doesnt use RO water? she use tap water?
Vikas comes to Shilpa and says dont use tap water, they have stomach problems. Shilpa says I am boiling water. Hina comes there and says dont use tap water, use RO water, Shilpa says then fill dishes with it, Hina says you work in kitchen so do that, Shilpa says you can cook then if you want to point out mistakes, I wont come to kitchen. Hina says we are very thankful that you make food but dont use tap water, it makes stomach upset.

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Vikas says to Hina that Shilpa is cooking alone so she doesnt remember about water all, Hina says she can ask for help, Hiten knows it but he didnt react, I am Hina so I will talk about it, she drinks tap water so she use it, if she cant answer with respect then she doesnt need to talk.

Shilpa has locked herself in washroom. Arshi and Vikas comes there, Arshi asks her to come out. Shilpa says now she will decide I boiled or not? Vikas says I need to use washroom so come out.

Hina says to Luv that Shilpa is crying over small thing? I dont understand it.

Arshi asks her to come out, Vikas says I wont look at you, I will keep eyes closed, Arshi says no he is flirt.

Hina says to Luv that she works a lot but cant use good water and fill it?
Shilpa comes out of washroom, Vikas says why you are upset over their talk? he hugs her and makes her sit down.Puneesh says what you do is great. Shilpa says now she will tell me about hygienic? its boiled water, she doesnt know science? are they not educated. Vikas says they didnt understand it in start, she misbehaved and doesnt know how to talk. Shilpa says I will make food for two only, Hina will make food for everyone else.
Luv says to Hina that Shilpa takes things to heart. Arshi asks Hina what disrespect you did to Shilpa? Hina says I didnt do anything, Arshi says Vikas is saying that you insulted her.

Puneesh says to Shilpa that Hina talks like we are servants and she is our owner. Shilpa is in tears. Vikas says your eyes get too dry when you cry, your eyes bulge out, Shilpa laughs and says anything you say.

Arshi comes to activity area. Bigg boss asks her to open envelope. Arshi opens and reads options and choose one, options are:
1. Inmates talking about your dressing
2. Your friends Aakash and Puneesh talking about you

Arshi says I choose option one, Bigg boss says as you are captain so we are giving you liberty to watch both options. Arshi sees clip, in Hina sees Arshi’s lingerie and says what she is wearing? Luv and Priyank looks back at her and Luv comments too that dont know what it is inside. Later in task, Hina says I swear Priyank and Luv didnt see. In next clip, its Aakash and Puneesh and how Puneesh said to Aakash after Bandagi left that they will play together and will ditch Arshi and Shilpa. Arshi sees it all and says they lie too much, Puneesh you are nothing, Aakash is mental.

Arshi comes to home, she says I saw a clip, its clear in that Luv commented on my lingerie and Hina started it, they were talking all. Hina says we did it? Arshi says then they show in court you said you only talked to Ben about it. Hina says I never said that Priyank and Luv were not sitting there that time. Arshi says to Puneesh that they showed that you asked Aakash to cut Arshi and Shilpa out.
In jail, Aakash says I said to Puneesh that we will be with Arshi and then cut her in end, they must have showed her that. Priyank laughs.

Vikas says to Shilpa that Hina lied so much about that lingerie talk.

Hina says to Arshi that maybe Luv talked one word about that lingerie thing but I didnt remember it in court task.

Shilpa says to Vikas that before coming to show, I heard a lot that Hina Khan is very chaalo(clever/cheap).

Hina comes to activity room.Bigg boss gives her two options that are:
1. Luv and Priyank talking about her
2. Inmates talking behind her.

Hina says I will go with option two.

Hina sits in activity area and sees footage of people taunting behind her back, Puneesh says in clip to Shilpa that you are celebrity, Hina knows how to bring people down, she will bark back at street dog too. In other clip, Puneesh says to Shilpa that there was one sided love story of Luv and Hina, I noticed them together, they were personal, Shilpa says I noticed too. In clip, they show Shilpa mimicking Hina when Rocky came, how Aakash and Arshi laughed, Shilpa says she will bite my ear off if she knows that I am laughing at her crying. In clip, Shilpa says to Arshi that Hina has gone down in show and she is thinking about it, Hina is nothing for me, I cant compare myself with her. Clip ends. Hina is sad seeing that. She sniffs and cries.

Hina says to Shilpa that if you cant talk with respect then dont, Shilpa says now you will tell us. Hina says I am Hina so I can tell.

PRECAP- Hina says one girl was crying and Shilpa was making fun? who is she to judge anybody?
Shilpa says my name will go for captaincy. Arshi says Shilpa Shinde didnt need captaincy for 11 weeks and now she wants it? whats the need now? Shilpa says your class is showing. Arshi says your acts show your class too.


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