Bigg Boss 11 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Ben, Hina and Sapna nominated only on

Day 43
Luv and Hina comes in bedroom. Hina applies base on his head where zero is written, she hides it and sprays tonic to clean it, it gets wiped out and says live. Luv says Sapna your mehndi didnt stay on my head.

Bigg boss says to inmates that you people dont understand rules? we clearly told Hina and Luv that Luv cant hide mehndi with makeup then why you did it? Luv says I didnt hide, Hina says we didnt hide it with makeup. Bigg boss says if you use tricks on right time then its good but this is cheating, we want to tell you that Hina applied makeup and she didnt complete her condition and now she is not safe from nomination and is nominated and Luv maybe ashamed of getting a tattoo so now you can do anything.
Shilpa says to Arshi that Hina tries to act smart.

says to Hina that you still cant apply makeup. Arshi says we can check with makeup remover. Hina do it. Arshi wipes his head with make up remover and shows base on cotton, she says his head has makeup. Hina says even if there is makeup, tattoo is shown. Vikas says to Luv that rule was you cant use any makeup, Luv says they wanted to see zero on my head so they will see it now. Luv takes mehndi and writes zero on his head again. Vikas says all are mad here. Hiten says he will do what he wants.

Bandagi and Puneesh are on couch. Bandagi is lying on Puneesh’s lap, Puneesh kisses her forehead, he asks if she wants to wash clothes then I will help you, she says I dont need much help, he says I will.

Bandagi bring clothes to washroom. Puneesh goes in washroom with and locks door, Bandagi makes noises of washing clothes inside.

Puneesh and Bandagi are lying on their beds, Bandagi asks him to sleep, Puneesh says they will beat us for that. Bandagi says they wont accept me now, I get trapped in your talk, you made me do mistake today, whatever will happen will happen for good now.

Day 44
Inmates wake up to song what is your mobile number. Arshi gives flying kiss to Hiten. All inmates dance.

Priyank comes to Hina and asks her to hug her pooh bear for last time, Hina hugs it and says dont do it, I get frustrated, Priyank shows frame, Hina says its special for me. Priyank says think about me getting bald, Hina says they can ask to get half bald, Puneesh says I wont do it.

Aakash says to Hiten that you are enjoying, Arshi you are giving him attention and he is enjoying drama. Hiten says yes I am doing so much drama that I am saving person like you, Aakash says not that. Hiten says dont talk about me, keep your mouth shut, I will call them out when I want, you keep talking that I am doing drama and all, I will talk to Shilpa and Arshi that they wont touch anyone, Aakash says I wanted that. Hiten says dont talk in my matter, if you do then you will leave like I shredded that photo of my family. Hiten asks Arshi and Shilpa to stop it, enough. Arshi says looking so good.

Phone rings. Shilpa goes to tower and takes call. Bigg boss says if Vikas destroys his lost boy jacket then you will be safe from nominations, Shilpa says we dont have that much love. Shilpa tells it to Vikas, he is shocked. Shilpa says if you want to destroy it then you have to put it in paint. Shilpa says I told them that we dont have that much love. Vikas says its customized and gift, he goes to bring it. Ben says to Shilpa that Vikas ran to destroy it, its not a big deal. Vikas brings his jacket, wearing it. Shilpa says you are doing it for me? let it be. Vikas says you have made me learn things. Shilpa wipes her tears. Vikas says I shouldnt have reacted the way I did, I threw tea and water on you. Shilpa says I provoked you. Vikas says I hurt you for 2 years, I didnt do anything but I didnt stop people from torturing you, I didnt stop them, I let them do what did with you. Shilpa says you are right, there was something in my heart, you understood it, thats enough for me. Vikas says promise me that you will work with me, promise me. Shilpa says I will think about it, Vikas says please for me, its my Karma. Shilpa says its one or two day project, he says okay. Vikas puts his jacket in his color tube. Hina says its just a jacket, why you are crying Shilpa? you said to people that its hair and photo only. Shilpa thanks Vikas, he nods and leaves. Hina says now you face fell for a jacket? Shilpa says it was really nice of Vikas. Aakash says this was all script. Hina says all drama.

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Hina says to Sapna that Shilpa’s reaction was sad.
Aakash says to Shilpa that whole India got to know about your and Vikas’s drama, I will bring whole story out, Shilpa says you are cute. Bigg boss calls Shilpa and says she is safe from nominations, he asks Arshi to come in tower. Shilpa gets down and pats on Vikas and says I hope it was just a jacket, he says no worry. Arshi sits in tower, Hiten says I think you should sit in tower for two hours so your mind opens up. Arshi says my mind is already open Hiten Tejwani.
Aaakash and Puneesh jokes around Vikas about love and emotions.
Ben says to Shilpa that Vikas tortured you so much and you cried for Vikas Gupta? Shilpa says I cried for jacket, you have thinking like that so I dont have to explain it, its a task to live with you all.

Arshi gets call from bigg boss, he says you are nominated, if Shilpa destroys tiger’s photo sent to her on diwali by her brother then you will be safe. Shilpa comes there, Arshi says its not big or small, Arshi says you have to put photo of tiger in paint, its not big deal. Shilpa says okay, Aakash says its just a photo. Shilpa brings photo of tiger and says my brother knows that I love tigers, he will curse me but I can get more. Arshi says thank you maa. Shilpa puts photo in paint and says I am sorry brother. Arshi claps for her and says thank you, love you, Shilpa says love you too, its just a photo. Arshi says to Aakash that they took photo because they know that tigress are alive here. Bigg boss calls Arshi and says you are safe from nominations this week.

Puneesh gets Bigg boss’s call, he says you are nominated right now but you can get saved if Bandagi keeps one dress she is wearing and one more dress only with her and put all her other clothes and makeup in store room. Puneesh says this is not fair. Bandagi says tell me. Sapna says we can give her clothes. Puneesh says I will get down, its about all clothes, you will be with two clothes, you will get them clothes back by weekend. Bandagi says I can wear your clothes.
Shilpa says Bandagi wakes up with makeup on face.
Puneesh says this is tough. Sapna says I wont do anything like that. Aakash says they wont ask you get bald, I would not do it.
Vikas says to Puneesh that she loves her clothes but loves you more, Puneesh says she wanted to look good on TV. Aakash taunts that you are all real. Bandagi puts her clothes and makeup in store room. Bigg boss calls Puneesh and says he is safe.

Bandagi gets call, Bigg boss says if Aakash gets bald then you can get saved from nominations. Bandagi says why Aakash? Aakash says no. Bandagi says A-cash, you have to get bald, he says no. Puneesh says you are a brother, please do it. Aakash says have you gone mad? Puneesh says I am begging you Aakash on national TV, please do it. Aakash says please dont do it. Bandagi says Puneesh are you mad. Aakash says I will get bald, its okay, why you had to love him? He asks Hina to bring shaving cream and razor, he starts getting bald and says jerk you loved her and got be stuck? all laugh. Aakash gets bald. Bigg boss calls Bandagi and says you are safe this week. Aakash says look at me bald.

Luv gets Bigg boss’s call, he says you are nominated but you can get saved if Hina completely destroys her favorite soft toy teddy bear and put it in store room. Luv says shit. Luv says to Hina that you dont have do it, you have to completely destroy pooh and put it in store room. Puneesh says this is big task, her pooh is 8 years old. Bandagi says Hina got stuck with Luv, Hiten says they take your favorite thing. Bandagi says they took my all clothes. Hina cries. Puneesh says Hina relax babe. Hina silently weeps.
Shilpa says to Arshi that next is who? Arshi says can be anyone. Shilpa asks Vikas if he is taking bucket? they laugh. Arshi says she is doing so much drama.
Hina hugs her pooh bear and cries. Luv says you dont have to do it.
Shilpa says to Arshi that we didnt cry this much for a man. Arshi says cried to make man cry.
Hina hugs her pooh and says mom, dad, Amir you were jealous of me bringing this everywhere, you used to throw it, its going now. Hina puts her bear in pain bucket, and says I love you, she weeps. Puneesh says he will look more good after getting colored. Hiten says he is looking cute now, blue blue bear. Luv says who says Hina Khan is not friend of anyone? Luv thanks Hina. Luv is safe.

Vikas gets Bigg boss’s call and says you are nominated but can get saved. Bigg boss says to Vikas that if he wants to get saved then Arshi have to give away all her nighties, put them in store room, Vikas snickers and says you are asking her life. Vikas tells it to Arshi, she gets tensed and thinks, she says I will do it for Vikas Gupta, done doing it. Vikas says all nighties, nothing to remain on nighties’s name. Shilpa says this is biggest sacrifice. Arshi says I will do it. Shilpa says Bigg boss is funny. Arshi says they are already old, Shilpa laughs.
Vikas says to Bandagi that Arshi said she will cut her eyelashes for me, Bandagi says Arshi will do anything if she wants too.
Arshi puts her nighties in bucket, Sapna says dont leave out single one, put everything otherwise it will be problem later.
Vikas says we will see how many nighties she have. Bandagi says they are a lot. Aakash says black, purple, white..
Shilpa says we wont see Arshi in nighties. Arshi puts her nighties box in store room. Shilpa and Arshi acts like crying. Arshi comes to Vikas and says I did it for you. Bigg boss says Vikas is safe.

Sapna is on call next, Bigg boss says if she wants to get saved then Puneesh have to wear Sapna’s clothes for two days. Sapna says I dont want him to do it. She tells it to Puneesh, Puneesh says I wont wear them. Puneesh asks Vikas if I should do it? Vikas says it wont matter much, it would look pathani suit, Bandagi says you will wear it? Puneesh says will you wear with me. Sapna says he denied it so leave it. Sapna gets call from Bigg boss, she says Puneesh wont do it. Bigg boss says you are nominated, she says okay and ends call. Puneesh says sorry, I wanted to do something for you but not this.

Bigg boss says to inmates that nominations for this week have ended, nominated inmates are BEN, HINA, AND SAPNA. Ben says to Priyank that against Sapna and Hina? I dont think so. Priyank says to be very honest.. do whatever, I am sorry. Ben says I should have thought that Luv got saved. Priyank says what can we do? ask Hina to not save Luv? I thought about it, I told Hina that it might be you and Hina, come here, she says dont..

Shilpa says to Arshi that I gave kisses to Aakash on cheek and now I feel filthy. Arshi says he talks bad about me, he says that his intentions go bad seeing you, Shilpa says then he call me mom? Arshi says he is not nice person, even Hiten didnt stop him, Shilpa says Hiten got mad at him in morning. Arshi says Aakash is forcing Hiten to scold me but he wont do it, why would he?

Ben comes to Priyank’s bed and lies with him under blanket. Bandagi says to Puneesh that she taunted me and now doing this? Puneesh says Hiten talked to me about it so I will show him this. Puneesh goes to Hiten and wakes him up, he says to Hiten that Ben and Priyank are lying in one bed, they are their blankets but lying beside each other, I just wanted to show it, sleep now. Puneesh goes to lie on his bed.

PRECAP- There will captaincy task. Vikas, Puneesh and Luv are dressed as dinosaurs, they can crush photos of inmates under their feet and that inmate will be out of captaincy race. Vikas says to inmates that I want to make Arshi captain, Luv would want to save Hina. Hina says ask Vikas whom he wants to save? Luv says I want to crush Arshi’s photo. Vikas asks Luv to use his mind, not follow other’s mind.


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