Bigg Boss 11 15th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 15th December 2017 Written Episode Update: No captain this week only on

Day 74, 10:45pm
Hina gets emotional seeing what other housemates think of her. She comes outside and doesn’t talk to anyone. She goes to washroom. Vikas says she saw something that she didn’t like. Luv says maybe they showed her his clip. Puneesh agrees saying she wouldn’t feel bad if she saw him saying anything because she knows what he thinks about her. Luv asks Hina what happened. She said she wants to be alone for some time. Puneesh and Shilpa discuss that she needs to do some drama. Now Vikas asks Hina if she’s alright. She saw something very upsetting? She said it’s all cool. He asks for tips, he’s scared. She says it’s better to leave what they see there only. He asks what were the topics. Hina tells him. He says she must have picked

what housemates think of her. She says it’s okay, it’s everyone opinions. She finally comes out. Arshi and Vikas are there. They ask what happened. She tells them about Shilpa’s behavior when Rocky had come. Puneesh tells Shilpa he will go and check. Puneesh joins and Luv is also there now. Hina tells more what she saw. Puneesh saying about love story of her and Luv. Luv gets angry. Puneesh accepts he said. Vikas said what’s to feel bad about it. Everyone talks like that. Hina says she is shocked that Shilpa encourages all that. Arshi says Shilpa always does that. Hina again takes out topic of Shilpa act of crying when Rocky came. Shilpa is there in washroom. Hina says people say this and that that I am low level celebrity. Why people talk about me? Puneesh says because she must have made people felt that way. He apologises if she felt bad, but says that was nothing but just conversations. Hina says today Shilpa lost all the respect. She didn’t make fun when she cried. Arshi says everyone has their own way. Hina says it’s not that, everyone’s face is showing outside. If one is not told anything in weekend, the she will come to know reason behind that when she goes outside.

Day 74, 11:15pm
Options for Vikas, something Hina said about him, Priyank-Luv conversation about him today while ago. He chooses to find out what Hina talked about him.
-Hina’s conversation with Priyank-Luv is shown when she was in jail that Vikas wants to show his dictatorship on everyone. Everyone in house is either good or bad. Vikas is neither, that is why she is scared of him.
-Another Hina’s conversation with Priyank-Luv that they give too much importance to Vikas.
-Hina imitating Vikas’ walking and talking style. Others laughing.

Day 74, 11:30pm
Vikas comes to Luv and asks what him and Priyank were talking about him just now? Luv asks he can’t remember. Vikas says then leave it if he doesn’t remember. Luv says to say the topic at least. Vikas says nothing, it’s not important. Luv recalls that they discussed that Vikas doesn’t like when people talk about him like that. Vikas tries to find out what they talked, but Luv can’t remember too well. Luv asks him to tell him then he will add as he remembers. Vikas walks away. Hina says he will heard what was shown to everyone, but won’t tell what he was shown. Vikas comes back and says give him time. Luv again asks what he said about him. Vikas said he told Priyank not to talk about him, good or bad. Luv says he was defending Vikas. Vikas asks why he was listening. Luv still can’t recall conversation, so Vikas asks him to come to Priyank. Vikas tells Hiten that despite him saying not to talk about him or his family, Priyank was b*t*hing about him. Priyank says he will talk about him, why can’t he? He was just telling Luv what all he said about Vikas during the task and why. Hina tells Vikas he can’t stop others from talking about him. Everyone agrees. Hina says he doesn’t b*t*h, it’s just normal conversation that happens between everyone. Vikas says he just wanted to know what they were talking, he had that option but he didn’t choose it. He leaves. Priyank tells Hina that he was just talking about ask and he was talking loudly while Vikas was there. He was talking to show him only.

Vikas comes to Shilpa. Shilpa asks they showed Hina her acting of crying? Vikas says yes. Shilpa gets happy. Puneesh comes there. Vikas tells them options he got and he chose Hina because Luv and Priyank are fool and would tell him themselves. Puneesh says mastermind.

Day 74, 12:30am
Arshi comments on Shilpa that she looks psycho when she keeps her hair open. Shilpa asks she doesn’t know what she looks like? Arshi asks like what? Shilpa says go outside and you will find out. Arshi insists. Shilpa says she will remember all that Arshi is telling her. She is in industry since 15 years.. just wait and watch. Arshi says she has gone mad. Shilpa says write down her name and don’t forget. Shilpa leaves. Arshi says, I am sorry if she felt bad, but that was just a joke.

Day 75, 8:00am
Dance on Kar Gayi Chull song.

Vikas-Puneesh conversation. Vikas is cutting vegetables and says female in this house are very cruel. They are 3 but it’s like 30. Puneesh says they don’t respect.. of person cooking. If they are working in kitchen, then it’s like why they are showing up. Vikas says Shilpa still has maturity and she is not at fault most of the times. Puneesh agrees. He says now Arshi will stuck in kitchen whole day. Vikas says someone will do for one day, 2 days.. what after that.

Day 75, 1:30pm
Housemates are released from jail.

Day 75, 2:15pm
Time to choose new captain. Winner’s team will decide 2 housemates out of winning team and sanchalak, Puneesh.

Winning team gather. Vikas asks who wants to be captain. Everyone raises their hand except him. Arshi says she doesn’t want free captainancy, this time she did perform. Luv says this might be his last week and he wants to be captain. Shilpa says she has never became captain, so she wants to this time. Arshi says Shilpa was worst in their team during task.

Akash hopes Shilpa doesn’t become captain, she won’t save him. Puneesh says she will and says it’s waste to make love captain. He’s nominated. If he goes, then it will be waste.

Vikas says they will vote, but Arshi and Luv disagree. They want to go performance wise. Arshi says vote wise only Vikas will win. Vikas doesn’t like that and thinks Arshi has problem with him becoming captain. He says you can’t vote for yourself. Vikas votes for Shilpa. Shilpa for Vikas, Luv for Arshi, Arshi for Luv, so tie again. Arshi doesn’t want to support Shilpa. No one wants to let captaincy go. Shilpa and Arshi have arguments. Vikas now says everyone will give 2 names excluding themselves, but that fails too. Arshi asks Vikas to come on side. He says to talk in open. Arshi says Shilpa doesn’t need captaincy right now, but Shilpa says she wants it this time. Inside house, housemates say they will never reach conclusion. Arshi will never support Shilpa. Now Luv and Arshi argue. Shilpa gives up and leaves. Luv also comes inside. Arshi is angry at Vikas as he supported Shilpa for one wrong thing she said.

Day 75, 3:15pm
Arshi says she has a game in her mind. Vikas says he knows. That is why he didn’t oppose her fully.

Vikas-Shilpa conversation. Shilpa says he is supporting wrong person. He says Arshi won’t understand. He doesn’t want Luv to go. In end, Shilpa says let Arshi and Luv go. Luv says no for Arshi.

Hina suggests Priyank to ignore Vikas. They won’t get along. Priyank gets mad at Hina as she says they don’t know what happened between Priyank and Divya outside.. their situation has become like Vikas-Shilpa where they don’t know who is saying right and wrong. Priyank doesn’t like that Hina doesn’t trust him and saying this.

Day 75, 4pm
Priyank asks Arshi to go and tell Vikas to stop talking about his relationships. It’s enough now.

Day 75, 4:30pm
BB asks Arshi for their decision. Arshi says they haven’t reached to any conclusion yet. BB says it’s very bad. 4 housemates had to discuss and pick 2, yet they couldn’t do it after 2 hours of discussion. Now BB will take decision. He’s cancelling captainship this week. There will be no captain. Arshi’s captainship also comes to end.

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Arshi tells Puneesh when Shilpa was asked to pick between her and him, she chose herself. Luv asks Arshi did she step back? Arshi asks why she would step back. Luv says then whey they would.

Shilpa says some people get so happy by creating fights between 2 people. Hina says it’s okay. It’s time now everyone has to fight for themselves. Shilpa tells Vikas she said to send Luv and Arshi. Vikas says it’s not in his hands. No one was agreeing. Luv says it’s good, now no power with anyone, so no unfair next week in nominations. Puneesh asks no one even considered him? Arshi again says Shilpa chose herself instead him. Puneesh asks why she would choose him over her? They should have asked whether Puneesh deserves. He asks Arshi if she would choose him over her. She says no. Puneesh says then…

Day 75, 4:45pm
Akash tells Puneesh they will have to look after each other. No more Shilpa and all. Puneesh says he is with Shilpa no matter. Akash says, not that.. only for nominations.

Day 75, 5pm
Vikas tells Hiten and Arshi that Shilpa played very smart. She kept taking Luv and Vikas name and she knew Arshi would never agree for Luv.

Hina is disappointed with Luv that he said Shilpa. Luv says he didn’t want Arshi to be captain again.

Shilpa tells Puneesh only Vikas took his name and she said it’s Puneesh’s luck then. She also told them if she becomes captain then she will save Puneesh. Puneesh says now it will be fun when all are in for nominations.

Vikas tells Puneesh that Shilpa didn’t do right. He stepped down for him, but she didn’t and said everyone came with destiny, everyone will play on their own. Her intentions was to make no one captain. Puneesh should just keep this in mind.

Arshi also tells Hina gang that Shilpa refused for Puneesh.

Puneesh tells Shilpa, they are playing a big game. Shilpa says she knows, that’s why she gave up in end. Despite saying no, you’re sending Arshi for contendership?

Day 75, 9:15pm
Puneesh tells Akash, no celebrity will come in next nomination. Maybe one celebrity will come but will be saved. They expect them two to go in next 2 weeks. Usually celebrities would think they can use commoners, but that’s not the case here (as they are giving them good competition).

Precap: Salman discusses Priyank-Vikas topics. Mouni Roy in the house.


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