Bigg Boss 11 16th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 16th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Luv, Puneesh and Bandagi becomes captaincy contenders only on

Day 46
Inmates wake up to song Tashan mein.. they all dance. Hiten drums Aakash’s bald head.

Vikas says to Luv that you listen to everyone, you cant make everyone happy, you have siblings? Luv says cousins, Vikas says you cant keep them all happy, this is life lesson, Luv says what to do? my mind is everywhere. Vikas says fulfill your promise. Luv says dont make me stuck, Vikas laughs and says you are cutest without mind contestant. Luv says your role is done. Vikas says I have important role today too, Luv says you have something up sleeve today too? Vikas says if I dont then day will be boring, they laugh.

Aakash says to Arshi that Vikas says Arshi follows me, Arshi laughs. Shilpa says let me blabbering. Aakash says no one talks to you
both, you both are negative, Shilpa says then why you talking to us? Aakash says I dont want to talk, do what you wan. Shilpa says I am Shilps Shinde. Aakash says I am Aakash Dadlani, we are nothing and you are heroes, and this Arshi is just follower. Arshi says talk to my bums.. Aakash says you dont know the meaning of what you are saying.

Vikas says to Priyank that Bandagi supported me in last task so I have to support them in this task. Priyank says you are loyal to them, I never played against you. Vikas says you never played with me, they helped me. Priyank says you taking Bandagi over Ben, I am not scared of anyone, you have to know who is yours here. Vikas says no one is here. Priyank says really? Ben says you both expect from each other a lot,. Vikas says I never asked for his help. Priyank says you slapped me last night, Hina told me that Vikas will choose Bandagi over me but I said I am saying with guarantee that he will choose me. Vikas says again why expecting? I wont leave Bandagi.

Arshi asks Vikas whats his matter with Puneesh and Bandagi? Vikas says in this task only. Shilpa says change thinking, its not about dont talk to her or him. Arshi says I am not asking him to not talk to them. Vikas says we cant win without alliance here, let me play, have faith. Shilpa says they dont have faith, Vikas asks Arshi to say sorry.Shilpa says I dont need it, they dont have mind, Vikas says I know you are hurt because of Aakash. Shilpa says I have seen many people like Aakash, I have had people of my blood do what Aakash did so he is nothing.

Hina says to Luv that do what you want, Luv says I will do what my heart says, I wont spare one person. Vikas is there too and smiles. Hina says time will not spare that person. Luv glares at Vikas and leaves.

Priyank, Aakash, Ben starts rapping by taping table. Aakash taunts Arshi and Shilpa in rapping. Arshi dances.
Hiten says all have gone mad here. Shilpa laughs and says these people can make others mad.
Aakash raps and taunts Vikas and Shilpa. Vikas twirls his body like dancing. All clap.

Vikas says to Hiten that all are making music here but taunting Vikas, Shilpa and Arshi? no one stops anyone here, where you people when they were torturing me? no one stopped them, they were enjoying. Hiten says I didnt understand that case. Vikas says why did I make friends? I gave her so much love and did so much niceness that even her badness felt guilty and she questioned her actions, this is my win.

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Aakash taunts Arshi and Shilpa that you both are flips. Shilpa says he is disloyal. Aakash says look at your faces, you want to get married, Arshi says yes.
Vikas says to Puneesh and Luv that just leave Aakash for me, Puneesh says I want to go first. Vikas says I can go in end, you both can decide who will go first, Luv leaves. Puneesh says now Luv will go and ask everyone what he should do, he doesnt have his mind.
Luv comes to Priyank and asks if he wants him to save Hiten? Priyank says whom you will crush then? Luv says Aakash.

Aakash says to Shilpa that go outside, you have boyfriends outside. Shilpa says you called me mother and said all this now? I wish mothers dont have kids like that, they are better off without kids then. Aakash says what a dialogue, mother used me too.

Task starts. Vikas, Punees and Luv are in cage. Vikas says to Luv that I never thought I will do tasks like these. Buzzer plays. Luv tries to open door but Vikas holds it with Puneesh. Puneesh says let me go first. Luv says I will go first. Puneesh says Vikas will block you. Puneesh moves away and says Vikas let him go. Vikas says no and holds door. Luv pushes door and tries to open it, he squeezes Vikas between door and him and hits door. Vikas says it was decided that Puneesh will go first. Puneesh says Luv can go first. Hina says Vikas let Luv go if Puneesh wants him to go. Vikas says I am in game too. Luv starts hitting door again and keeps pushing Vikas in door too, Vikas cries in pain but doesnt leave door, Luv tries to attack door. Hiten says Vikas and Luv you both are getting physical, let Puneesh go. Luv says no this Vikas wont let me go. Hina says if Puneesh wants Luv to go then let him go. Bandagi says listen to Hiten. Hiten says let Puneesh go, Vikas and Luv move away. Hina asks Luv to move away, you are both hurting each other, Hiten says you are breaking task too. Luv says I wont leave this door. Puneesh asks Vikas to let him go. Vikas moves away from door. Luv comes out of door. Hiten says last call if of referee even if you come out first. Luv says referee’s call doesnt matter, I will crush photo. Vikas says to Arshi that Luv was frustrated that he has body but couldnt move me away. Priyank says to Hiten that its written, who comes out first will crush photo. Hiten reads task and says Luv came out first so he will crush photo. Luv says I want to crush Aakash’s photo as he doesnt have interest in being captain, he crushes is.

Vikas says Arshi that I am in game too, why they are saying that Puneesh and Luv decided? Luv comes to Vikas and how many scratches you got? I didnt get physical. Vikas says I didnt get aggressive.
Hiten says to Hina that I told them Vikas and Luv are disqualified and Puneesh should come out but all said Luv came out of cage first.

Puneesh says to Luv that you have crushed 4 photos,we have one chance now, we can crush Hiten’s photo. Luv says its your call. Puneesh says we are a team, I have no objection.

Vikas says to Puneesh that if you want 98% then.. he whispers Ben’s name. Puneesh says I am going this time. Luv says if Vikas tries to come out of cage then I will go. vikas says I have no interest in going out, Luv says you cheated. Luv says you cheated first. Buzzer plays, Luv tries to come out but Vikas holds him and lets Puneesh comes out.Puneesh says I want to crush Ben’s photo because I dont think she can be captain even now. Ben says you were very nice captain. Puneesh says I had to do it.
Priyank says to Ben that Luv couldnt crush your photo so he sent Puneesh.

Buzzer plays again, Puneesh runs out of cage. Sapna says I know he wont crush my photo. Puneesh says I want to crush Hiten’s photo. Vikas says you will be bad infront of whole india, its wrong, Hiten have been nothing but nice. Bandagi talks to Puneesh and says dont crush Hiten’s photo. Puneesh says to inmates that I have to save Bandagi, dinosaurs are dangerous and this is game so I have to play it, I am sorry Sapna. He crushes Sapna’s photo. Bandagi says to Sapna that Vikas is for Hiten, Luv is for Priyank and Puneesh is standing for me. Sapna leaves and says I feel like crying sometime.
Aakash asks Puneesh why didnt you break Hiten’s photo? Puneesh says I talked to Luv, he wont crush Bandagi’s photo now.
Shilpa says they are making Priyank and Bandagi captain? lol.

Buzzer plays, Puneesh runs and comes out of cage. Puneesh says many people had to go out because of Priyank so I want to crush his photo. Ben claps. Luv says you triple crossed me. Puneesh says its game.

Sapna says to inmates that who says relations dont work? Hiten has been saved by everyone here. Vikas says to Luv that what I wanted, happened, Luv you should have trusted me. Priyank says to Luv that you got fooled, not even one of your friend is standing in game now, Vikas says I played my game.
Hina says to Sapna that this much ego is not good, he doesnt do anything for house, his day starts with my name.
Vikas says to Puneesh that I will protect Bandagi and Hiten.

Puneesh says to Bandagi that I did what I could, I dont know what will happen, only you and Hiten are remaining, maybe I will become contender too, Bandagi says it will be so much fun that you and I become contender, we will fight against each other, even if I lose, I will enjoy. Puneesh says I will fight too.
Hina says to Sapna that Vikas wont let Luv come out, he will crush Hiten’s photo. Sapna says no Luv will crush Bandagi’s photo.

Aakash says to Bandagi that all married men misbehave with women, my dad misbehaved with my mom too, they said it. Arshi says beggars come to take footage from us. Bandagi says to Aakash that they are saying beggars come to take footage from them. Aakash says Vikas and Shilpa did whole drama, dont know whats reality not.

Luv talks to Hina, Luv says I can break cage, Hina says you cant break property. Luv says Vikas will let Puneesh come out of cage, Hina says Puneesh will crush Hiten’s photo, Vikas will let it happen? Luv says they are in one team.
Hina comes to Hiten and says Luv said that Vikas teamed up with Puneesh and is okay that Puneesh will crush your photo, I thought he is atleast friend of one person. hiten says I dont expect anything from any person here.

Buzzer plays, Vikas, Puneesh and Luv stands at door, they dont let any other of them come out. Puneesh says Vikas dont want us to go out and doesnt want to come out too. Vikas says I want to save Hiten and Bandagi too. Hina says how such good saint, I should do aarti. Aakash laughs.

Vikas, Luv and Puneesh are still holding door. Vikas says let me go. Luv and Puneesh move back. Vikas says I will go out but I wont break any photo. vikas comes out cage and says I will become worst performer, I am not crushing anyone’s photo and ready to go to jail. Priyank says dont use your mind, you have to crush photo. Hiten says to Vikas that crush my photo, you have to crush one photo. Vikas says I wont. Hiten says I am asking you to crush my photo, we have to do this task. Hina laughs and says he is stuck. Vikas says are you mad? I cant kick your photo. Hina says let Vikas decide who he wants to crush. Hiten says to Vikas that you wont crush my photo, I want to be captain. Hina asks Bandagi to tell you want to be captain too, Vikas says you are asking them to not sacrifice. I am not doing anything, I played my game. Bigg boss says we want you to remember that as per rule, the dinosaur who comes out of cage first, have to crush one photo, Vikas came out of cage first so he will have to do it, otherwise after such good task, this task will be disqualified in end. Hiten asks Vikas to leave ego. Vikas says to Puneesh and Bandagi that I always fulfilled my promise, please let me keep respect. Bandagi says fine, crush my photo, she leaves. Puneesh tries to go behind her but Hina says you cant come out of cage.
Bandagi says I am here for sacrifice now? Priyank says you will have to answer, Bandagi says I dont want to sacrifice.
Hiten asks Vikas to help in task, you have to crush photo. Ben brings Bandagi and says your task is still on. Vikas says if I have to crush one photo then I am sorry. Vikas says I am crushing Hiten’s photo because I promised Puneesh. He folds Hiten’s photo, Hiten says you have to crush it with feet, Vikas says I wont, make me villain now. He leaves. Bandagi hugs Puneesh and says I didnt want to sacrifice.
Vikas comes to washroom and cries.
Hiten comes to Vikas, Vikas says I am sorry, I promised Puneesh to I had to do it.
Bigg boss tells inmates that task has ended and the contender for captaincy are Luv, Puneesh and Bandagi.

Hiten asks Vikas you could have told Puneesh that he is contender too. Vikas says it was not about Puneesh, it was about Bandagi, I am sorry, I let you down, they cant play with mind, they never put mind.

Puneesh says to Aakash that we have to become captain, Luv doesnt deserve to be captain, its big thing that he is still here without participation.
Vikas says to Hiten that I am sorry, should I touch your feet? I have no one in this house, Hiten says its okay, game is different everyday.

Puneesh plays with skeleton’s hand says its Vikas’s broken arm. Aakash and Puneesh takes skeleton and says its Luv, he cant move or talk on his own. Puneesh says wake up Luv, till when your luck will work? Aakash laughs.

PRECAP- All inmates enjoy pool party. Ben, Hina and Bandagi jumps in pool in skimpy bikinis. Arshi comes there in s*xy saree. Captaincy task starts. Puneesh, Bandagi and Luv have their bowls filled with liquid, they have to protect liquid, the one who has more liquid remaining in bowl than others will win captaincy. They start task. Bandagi holds her bowl tightly and says I know Luv would to throw it away. Aakash throws away Bandagi’s bowl and says yes you are gone baby.. gone.


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