Bigg Boss 11 16th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 16th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Lucinda’s sudden eviction. Hina, Sapna, Puneesh, Luv, Aakash nominated only on

Nomination Special
Day 15
Inmates wake up to song chal sharabi.. Chori Bindas. Sapna gets happy and start dancing with Vikas. All dances with her.

Bigg boss says to inmates that when we give you task, we expect you to do it with full efforts as its your duty and have rewards too, and if its secret task then reward or punishment is bigger too. we gave secret task to neighbors, they were safe in initial two nominations and they would have got more immunity if they kept making inmates believe in their story but they failed, it was secret task and its punishment will be bigger too. Bigg boss says today one inmate’s journey from neighbors will end today. Inmates have to choose who they want from neighbors to leave. Bigg boss asks Vikas to read eviction

task. Vikas reads that there are stand of four neighbors. There are flasks on their tables. Red flask is for sabya, blue flask is for mehjebi, yellow flask is for Luv, green flask is for Luci. Vikas says gong will be played and then one inmate will break flask of neighbor who they think put most least effort in game, the one whose most flasks are broken by end will leave today, neighbors will break flasks too and Vikas wont break as any flask because he is captain.

Mehjabi says to Sabya that I want to stay here.
Luv says to Puneesh and Bandagi that dont eliminate me, Puneesh asks him to tell this to others, dont waste time here. Luv says Bandagi you are my sister, please save me, Puneesh laughs and says my game is fulfilled.
Luv comes to Arshi and says I have been trying to come here for two years, please save me, Arshi says we will see.
Luv comes to Jyoti and says my dreams are like yours.

Gong plays, Vikas says Sabya will break flask first. Sabya says you are playing game. Sabya says I want to vote against Luv as he was not playing game, he wanted to get out of it, he breaks Sabya’s flask. Shilpa comes next and says this is Indian show, I love Lucinda but I wont vote for her. She breaks Luci’s flask.

Lucinda is in tears, Vikas says dont cry, ask for votes.
Hina says to Bandagi that I am trying to choose between Luv and Luci.

Gong plays again. Arshi comes forward and says Luci, Sabya and Mehjabi did task but Luv didnt interact with Sabya and made us doubt, she breaks Luv’s flask. Luv is is tensed. Vikas says next is Hiten. Hiten says I thinks Luv played badly too, I am sorry, he breaks Luv’s flask. Luv looks down.

Hina says to Vikas that I am emotionally involved, I am feeling bad for Luv, he could have done a lot more in task.

Aakash says to Luci that I think Luv is going to leave, lets see what happens.
Puneesh says to Luv that I have got to know that 6 people are going to vote against Luci, dont worry.

Vikas says to Sabya that everyone likes you and Mehjabi, it will be between Luci and Luv.
Arshi says to Hina that Luci is best. Hina says Luv was wrong but Luci cant communicate and its problem.

Aakash goes up for voting. He says I want to vote against Lucinda because I have to talk in english and my points go negative. Bandagi comes forward and says Luci have worked a lot but her character will remain same. She breaks Luci’s flask.

Luv says to Arshi that if I stay here then I wont spare you, if you cant keep promises then dont promise me for being in favor and then voting against me. Arshi says we cant plan votes.

Puneesh says to Luci that I am confused, I dont want to become enemy by voting against Luv.
Luv comes to Hina and asks for hug, she says no, I am choosing Luci. He looks on.

Puneesh comes up for voting. Puneesh says I want to break Luci’s flask, she was joking with Aakash all time, she enjoyed with him but when Aakash went overboard, she said bad words about him infront of all and I didnt like it, he breaks her flask.

Hina comes up for voting. Hina says it was difficult task, Luci and Luv do their tasks, I am listening to my heart and my heart says to save Luv, she breaks Luci’s flask and says I am so sorry, she hugs Luci and Luv. Sapna comes forward and says I cant connect with Luci because my english is weak but she is beautiful and I am up for her marrying my brother, all laugh. Sapna says I will save Luv. She breaks Luci’s flask.

Luv says to Arshi that if you dont keep promises then you are nothing. Arshi says I didnt promise my vote. Luv says if it comes on TV then you will be doomed. Arshi says I dont care, Luv says keep your voice low, you cant play with me.

Jyoti says to Hiten that they said I should vote for Luci as Luv wont spare me but I will listen to my instincts.

Mehjabi comes up and says I want to save Luv because he couldnt play till now, she breaks Luci’s flask. Jyoti comes forward and says I talked to Luci more than Luv even when she cant communicate in Hindi because she tries and also Luv became aggressive when he started getting votes. She breaks Luv’s flask.

Vikas comes to Hina and says I want to solve things. They come in garden. Vikas says we are from same circle and have same common things to work on, if you wanted to know about my s*xuality then you shouldnt have asked Priyank. Hina says I dont care about what you choose in life, Vikas says you got angry. Hina says there were people there and you were abusive, your way of fighting is wrong, I wont stake stand for you, you wont stand for me, we will play our fights alone, Vikas says I wont make you cry, I am sorry for my reactions. Hina says dont listen to people and burst in anger, Vikas says I promise I wont trust people what they say.

Luv comes forward and says I want to vote against Luv as I cant be tough competition, he breaks her flask. Luci says I want to vote against luv as its between him and me now, she breaks Luv’s flask.
Bigg boss says to inmates that you inmates have decided to eliminate Lucinda so LUCINDA IS ELIMINATED right now, we want her to come out of house. Everyone hugs Luci. Vikas says people will love you, you did superb, everyone claps for Luci, she greets everyone, she hugs Sapna and leaves house.
Luv says to inmates that thank you for saving me. Sapna says remember to not say ill about girls, he nods.

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Sabya says to Mehjabi that they saved him because he will be useful later, Puneesh and Bandagi will go against him.
Vikas says to Luv that this is game, people will leave, no one left because of you, keep anger in control.

Bigg boss says now its time for nominations, and today captain Vikas is safe and Vikas has opportunity to take 7 names whom he wants to nominate this week. All hoot. Vikas says 7 inmates? what the hell? Bigg boss says I finally made friends. Sapna says you have to work dont be friend only. Vikas comes forward and is tensed. Vikas says first name to take is SAPNA, because I felt bad when I asked her to support to make me captain. Vikas takes SHILPA’s name and says she scares me and can flip at any moment, Shilpa makes faces at him. Vikas says I want take HINA’s name because she didnt do task or household chores, Vikas nominates PUNEESH and says what you said about Luci that she was enjoying with Aakash, she was not saying anything but she was worried and cornered and you interpreted her wrong. VIkas nominates MEHJABI and says she made me doubt about their story, he nominates LUV and says he got angry today. Vikas says there is one more inmate to nominate but I dont have any reason left to nominate anyone, Hina says you have to take 7 names so take it. Vikas nominates AAKASH and says he will only save Puneesh and you dont care about anyone else and you didnt work in start. Aakash says I did work. Vikas says you made my first night as captain hell. Aakash says whatever audience is watching, Ben doesnt work at all.

Bigg boss says to inmates that remaining inmates will have to choose two inmates from the 7 names Vikas took, each inmate will have to give two names from Vikas’s list and from those 7 names, whoever gets more votes from inmates will be the final nominations of this week and inmates have to give reason too, Hiten is called in confession room.

Hiten: He nominates Puneesh and says he shares things here and there. He nominates Luv and says he is telling fake stories that he wants to do something.
Mehjabi: She nominates Sapna and says she throws orders on others. She nominates Aakash and says he irritated Luci a lot.
Shilpa: She nominates Luv for not doing task. She nominates Hina as she is strong contender.
Luv: He nominates Hina and says she is strong contestant. He nominates Sapna and says she doesnt seem interested in task.
Hina: She nominates Aakash and says he was not doing tasks against captain. She nominates Puneesh and says Puneesh and his company plan a lot.
Jyoti: She nominates Puneesh and says he said Luci was enjoying with Aakash but she wasnt. She nominates Shilpa and says she has small thinking that she nominated Luci just because she is not indian, she did tasks.
Ben: She nominates Aakash as he acts like kids. She nominates Puneesh and says he doesnt entertain, just plan and plot behind backs.
Puneesh: He nominates Mehjabi and says she failed their story. He nominates Hina and says she thinks she is Ms. right.
Sapna: She nominates Hina and Shilpa as they are strong contender.
Bandagi: She nominates Hina and says she is overconfident, she tries to portray wrong things as right too. She nominates Mehjabi and says she didnt do task nicely.
Aakash: He nominates Hina and Sapna. Bigg boss says give reasons then leave. Aakash says Sapna because she was sleeping in task. He nominates Hina and says she was not following captain.
Sabya: He nominates Sapna and says she is smart player. He nominates Hina and says she is diplomatic.
Arshi: She nominates Luv and says when I chose Luci, he threatened me. She nominates Hina and says she is too diplomatic.

Bigg boss says to inmates that nominations is done. Nominates inmates are HINA (with 8 votes), SAPNA (4votes), PUNEESH (4votes), LUV (3votes), AAKASH (3votes). Sapna says they are so scared that they gave me 4 votes? Puneesh says me too.

Luv comes to Aakash and Puneesh and says Ben must have nominated us. Aakash says now its time to make them dogs. Puneesh says to Aakash that Hina, Ben and Jyoti must have voted against us. Aakash says to Puneesh that if you dont take on with me over them then you are not bro, Aakash says Ben doesnt do any work. Shilpa asks him to calm down. Aakash says no not now. Shilpa says you are strong contestant. Aakash says I will have to leave not not without fight.
Vikas says to Ben that Aakash will get mad now.
Shilpa says to Luv that there are no genuine things there. Luv says we made Vikas captain. Sapna says Vikas told me that he will never nominate me and he did, glad to know there are no relations here.
Vikas says to Ben, Hiten and Jyoti that we have to work extra from tomorrow as these all are going be hysteric.

PRECAP- Aakash shouts that I am mad and I am the Bigg boss, he takes off his shirt and screams at everyone.
Task starts. Some inmates have to stand on pedestrian while others have to remove them from their position by throwing things at them or by any means. Aakash throws spices, water, and chips on Vikas and Ben’s faces. Ben asks him to control himself. Aakash says move away if you cant handle. Vikas asks him to remain under control. Luv shouts at Vikas to move back and dont touch, they shout at each other. Later something is thrown on Mehjavi’s face in task, she screams in pain as her eyes burn. Luv lifts her in his arms and runs for medical attention.


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