Bigg Boss 11 17th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 17th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Hiten eliminated by inmates ONLY ON

Elimination Day
Salman comes on stage and welcomes everyone. He says we declared Luv and Shilpa safe but they dont know the big bomb we are going to drop on them, they dont know if Hiten or Priyank will go. Salman says we told you that Mouni Roy went in house, lets see what happened then.

In house, Mouni comes in house, she sits in garden. Inmates come there. Puneesh says you are my favorite. Vikas says he loves you on another level. All inmates come there, Mouni asks them to settle down. Mouni says we all have shortcomings, I will give you some titles for sins and shortcomings and you have to dedicate that title to someone for that sin. She says first title is ‘anger’, she asks Hiten who is most angry here? Hiten says its Vikas, he is most angry, Vikas says I control it.
Hiten says let me think, Puneesh gets angry more than Vikas. He gives angry title to Puneesh. Mouni says next title is ‘greedy’, she asks who is most greedy here? Shilpa says its Arshi, there are many reasons for that, she takes her food first, she takes what she likes without thinking about others. Arshi takes title and says you have to be greedy, all inmates should be greedy in life. Arshi says I want to say that all sitting here, they should become greedy too, Shilpa is lobhi too. Mouni asks whom you would choose for this title? she says it should be Aakash. Mouni says next title is ‘egoistic’, she assk Puneesh who is egoistic most here? Puneesh says Hina have that ego about her position, she has that ego, she is like ‘ME’. Mouni makes Hina wear ‘egoistic’ title. Hina says this is a big word Hina, many issues happened here, I dont have ego, I think Shilpa have that ego, Shilpa says she will throw everyone out, it is Shilpa. Arshi says I thinks Shilpa is egoistic, she start day with me and me only, she is egoistic that she makes food, she is leading bigg boss, she keeps reciting that, I am tired of hearing that, I want her to leave. Shilpa says you get lost. Mouni says too much stress here. Mouni says next title is ‘laziness’, she asks Hina who is lazy here? Hina says right.. it goes to him.. Priyank says I am late in showering only. Hina says its Priyank, Mouni makes him wear lazy title, Priyank says I get late in pressing clothes, eating and showering so it suit me a little. Mouni says next title is ‘jealous’, she asks Vikas who is jealous? Vikas says its Aakash, he wants to be number one, if you praise a girl wearing green color then he wants green color too, he wants to go jail maximum too. Mouni makes him wear that title. Mouni says next title is ’emotional’. She asks Arshi is most sensitive here? Arshi says its my friend Vikas, he cries over small things, he starts crying over small matters with friends too, he cries over his old friend making friends with his new friends too, Priyank laughs. vikas says yes I am emotional but for people who matter to me. Mouni says last title is who doesnt have control over his vasana (lusty), all choose Aakash. Aakash says Mouni you are beautiful. Aakash says I have crush on Arshi too, I have lip kissed her too, I have two girlfriends too. Mouni says most blames were put on Aakash so now he has to repent his blames, he will not sleep on mattress, he will eat steel plates, he will live saint’s life, Vikas says you have to make sure he fulfills his punishment. Mouni thanks everyone and leaves house.

On stage, Salman says Mouni did her work, lets go in house, he connects call to house. Salman says my favorite TV star came in house. Puneesh says she is my favorite too, Aakash says mine too. Salman says congrats Aakash you got to repent, not everyone gets it, all laugh. Salman says they called you jealous and lusty, all laugh. Salman says its cheap kind of lust, why everyone is targeting you? Aakash says they are jealous of me, Vikas laughs. Salman says why they are jealous of you? your figure? your rashes? all laugh. Salman says Aakash you accept everything, Aakash says yes I am lusty, all laugh. Salman says Shilpa and Luv got to see videos, how were they? Luv says some clips were expected and some not, Priyank said to Hina that Luv have soft corner for you and Hina replied which were very bad and cheap. Salman asks what kind of soft corner? they gave impression that Luv is in love? Luv says yes and says Hina said that Luv knows she is in relationship with Rocky. Salman says Luv you wanted her to say that I am madly in love with Rocky but I can fit you as Rocky is not here, we will see outside but here mauh muah.. Hina says its okay if he has feelings. Luv says there is not 1% feelings from my side. Hina says its okay, relax Luv, its fine. Salman says Luv its fine if you have feelings for her, she is saying that she is pretty so you can have feelings for her, you dont have choice now, Hina laughs. Salman says Luv you are hurt of this? Luv says Hina knows that I take her as friend only, then why did she say I am in relationship with Rocky and all that.. Salman asks Shilpa what you saw? Shilpa says I was not surprised for most, I was surprised seeing Vikas’s clips, he shows too much respect to me but clips showed me otherwise, he says that he makes Arshi understand and to control her language but in clips, I dont see him making her understand. Vikas says me and Hiten tried to stop Arshi but then we thought that if two women are fighting then we should stand in corner. Shilpa says its not two women fighting, one woman just keep taunting. Vikas says I have tried to make Arshi listen but its useless if she wants to. Salman says I have seen Arshi changed in last week, she is not targeting you Shilpa now. Shilpa says she did in kitchen. Arshi says in kitchen I asked her to have food but she started shouting that I dont want it and all that, she glared at me, so I told her that I am not cursing her just asking her for food, it was the only fight we had, otherwise we have been cordial. Shilpa says Arshi keeps taunting, Arshi says she says rubbish things too, she says that I should see how I look on Tv. Shilpa says you call me psycho. Arshi says you are psycho and mental. Vikas asks Arshi to calm down, fight later. Vikas says to Salman that how can we say in all this? Salman says I remain silent in all this, all laugh.
Salman says to inmates that we will do test task, two inmates will sit back to back and we will ask questions, you have to show playcards for answers and we will see how many answers match and how compatible you are with your friend. Salman asks Arshi and Aakash to sit back to back. Salman ask them who they think are playing dirty game? Arshi and aakash shows Shilpa’s name. Salman asks whose voice is most shrill. Aakash shows Puneesh’s name, Arshi shows Aakash’s name. Salman asks who is sugar knife here? Arshi shows Vikas’s name, Aakash shows his name, all laugh. Salman asks who is not real friend here? Arshi shows Puneesh, Aakash shows Hina’s name. Arshi says Puneesh was my good friend but he backbite me, he is not real friend. Puneesh says you were Shilpa’s friend then changed to Hina’s side, Arshi asks him to not scream. Puneesh says you dont listen. Vikas says Aakash is very clever, he can become anything to play.
Salman says next pair for compatibility test is Hina and Priyank. They sit back to back, Salman asks who must be unpopular now? They both show Aakash’s name, Salman asks who is most double personality here? They both show Vikas’s name. Salman asks who is drama queen in house? They both show Arshi’s name. Salman asks who starts most fire here? Priyank shows Arshi’s name, Hina says Aakash. Priyank says Arshi said in start that she came here to start fire but Shilpa handles her very patiently, I think sometimes she pokes Shilpa for no reason, Salman says correct.
Next pair is Hiten and Vikas, they sit back to back. Salman asks who should have gone in 3-4 week. They both show Aakash’s name. Salman asks who is most insulting in house? They both show Aakash’s name. Salman asks who changed most in house? they both show Arshi’s name. Salman asks who will go to finale between you both? they both Hiten’s name. Salman says Hiten and Vikas won this task as their all answers matched.
Salman says to inmates now caller of week will ask question, he connects call to caller, she says I want to ask Puneesh that when Bandagi was in game, it looked like you were playing behind her and when she left, now it look likes you are playing behind Vikas and Shilpa, when you will start playing openly? Puneesh says there is no time left to play game now, I have come to 12th week playing in background, its good to play on backfoot. Salman says government runs from backfoot too, all laugh.

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Salman says to inmates that your friendships are iconic, they are exemplary, all laugh. Salman says Hina said that they give example of our friendship outside, he laughs and says what friendship and what examples. Salman says today we will test friendship. Salman says in Sultani ring, it will be Hina-Priyank Vs. Vikas-Arshi. hina says they will win, Vikas eats 6 eggs daily. Salman says Arshi should live in Sultani ring, all laugh, Salman ends call.

Shilpa says to Puneesh that I shouldnt have taken Vikas’s name in clips task, I think Vikas is scared of me thats why he tries to show respect but I dont know its real or not. Shilpa says Arshi says so much bad things, she says so many bad words and Vikas and Hiten said she is changed. Puneesh says let me tell you that Luv will be with them tomorrow again so dont talk to him much, he will go to Priyank and Hina at night so dont tell him anything, she says I know.

Vikas-Arshi and Hina-Priyank comes in sultani ring. Vikas says Hina hates it. Salman welcomes them. Salman says there will be three rounds, in first round you have to tell why your team is stronger than other one. Arshi says our team is stronger because Vikas is mastermind and can play nicely. Hina says we are in game and playing nicely too. Vikas says Arshi and me are opposite and we compliment each other in game. Priyank says we are alike and take decisions mutually, Hina says we dont force decisions on others like them. Arshi says we are stronger because we play with everyone. Priyank says Hiten is with them too. Vikas says we take everyone with us for playing. Priyank says we dont call everyone friend, he wanted to save Puneesh so he sacrificed his two friends. Hina says even Gauri said to Vikas that you can throw Hiten out with masterstroke. Salman asks who won? three inmates whistle for Vikas-Arshi, Luv votes for Hina-Priyank. Salman asks Shilpa why you didnt vote? she says both teams have one player that are close to my heart so it will be partiality if I vote.
Salman says next round is wrestling, you have to throw other person on back on ground, first will be girls. Hina says please no no no.. Arshi and Hina start fighting. Vikas asks Arshi to pick and throw her. Hina and Arshi try to throw each other but Arshi pushes Hina down first and wins task. Salman says now Vikas and Priyank fight without using hands. Vikas and Priyank tries to throw each other using shoulder, Vikas throws Priyank on ground and wins round.
Salman says round three is tug of war. Both teams starts pulling rope to their side. Vikas and Arshi pulls Priyank and Hina to their side and win the last round too. Salman says Vikas and Arshi won all rounds, he gives them meddle.

On stage, Salman says this was the first doubles sultani fight and Vikas-Arshi won it. Salman says lets go in house and see who is going to eliminate today but today we will put burden on inmates for this.
Salman connects call to house and says its time for elimination, one will go from Priyank or Hiten. Salman says now Hiten and Priyank will leave from sliding door and wait for results. Hiten hugs Vikas and says you have to try to comeback. Priyank hugs Hina, Hina says you are coming back. Aakash hugs Hiten. Priyank and Hiten leaves through sliding door.

Priyank and Hiten comes to activity area, Salman connects call to house and activity area. Salman says there will be one more shock now, Vikas says no no.. Puneesh says are you saying that both will not comeback? Salman says this will be a big twist, there are less weeks for finale and people are going to leave, we are going to do what never happened in 11 seasons, today who will leave and who will stay.. you inmates will decide if Hiten will stay or Priyank will stay, you all think, decide together who is going to leave and who is going to stay, I will give you 5 minutes to decide mutually, he ends call.
Puneesh says now what? Hiten and Priyank are watching from activity area. Arshi says we should save Hiten, he is senior and Priyank got chance earlier. Hina says this game is not about seniority. Arshi says Priyank did mistakes. Hina says Puneesh have done mistakes too, we have to see who have more involvements in house, I dont have anything against Hiten. Arshi says Hiten does things more calmly. Puneesh says as a person Hiten is better, Arshi asks Vikas, Vikas is tensed.. Puneesh says Vikas you have to do it. Priyank and Hiten sees it. Hiten says you deserve it too. Priyank says Vikas is stuck now, its okay. Shilpa says Hiten takes less decisions, Hiten is tough celebrity, but Priyank is more active, Hiten takes time to take decisions. Shilpa says Hiten is senior and playing nicely but he cant be diplomatic. Vikas says its Hiten’s nature and game, he is done best in show but Priyank have done best too in show, but Hiten will be my choice over Priyank. Luv says Priyank shows different shades. Vikas says we will do favoritism in end. Call gets disconnected from activity area. Hina says lets vote, Vikas, Puneesh, Arshi votes for Hiten. Salman connects call. He asks to tell their votes. Puneesh votes Hiten, vikas and Arshi votes Hiten. Shilpa, Luv, Aakash, Hina votes for Priyank. Salman says four votes are for Priyank and three for Hiten so Hiten will leave house and Priyank will comeback, he ends call.

On stage, Salman says inmates want to save Priyank o hiten will leave house, lets tell them.

Salman connects call to activity area. Salman says inmates are taking decision who will stay and who will leave, they have taken decision, there are lights over you, the one whose lights turn on will leave house today, all the best. Hiten and Priyank are tensed. Salman says can we have light please. Light over Hiten turns on. Salman says HITEN INMATES HAVE ELIMINATED YOU, PRIYANK YOU ARE SAFE. Priyank hugs Hiten and says you supported me a lot, I will take care of Vikas. Priyank leaves. Salman says to Hiten that this is unfortunate, you got stuck, if you are better man then you will leave this house first, all thought that you will go till end but you are leaving maybe because they thought you are tough competition and they got the chance to throw you out, all appreciated you, Arshi voted for you too but majority voted for Priyank, it was a pleasure Hiten to see you, it was needed to have sensible, dignified, sane man in house, all are scared of that man. Hiten says I was saying that you have to be a little goon in house. Salman says remain like this, goons can never go long, life is not about this game only, it matters that you are going with dignity and honor, Hiten thanks him, he ends call.

In house, Puneesh says really Hiten left. Vikas and Hina are sad over Hiten leaving. Shilpa says its a game, they have to leave one week after another, I can simply say that Hiten is a tough competitor, I want him out so i threw him out, you cant cry over that, its a game. Hina says this cant be happening. vikas is sad too.
Aakash says to Puneesh that I had the choice to save Hiten but I took Priyank’s name. Priyank comes in house. Aakash says hi. Priyank says you saved me? Aakash says I saved you, I got the last call and I saved you, I did it, you can ask Luv, I did the last call, I saved you, dont forget it. Hina and Luv hugs Priyank. Aakash says I did it, you owe me a favor, I did it.

Arshi says to Vikas that I asked you to stay away from Shilpa, see what she did. Vikas says she did what she wanted, she knew if Hiten stayed then he can win in last. Arshi cries.
Priyank thanks Shilpa. Shilpa says no need to thank me, Hiten had less involvement, he didnt take stand where he wanted to.
Arshi cries over Hiten leaving.
Vikas says to Puneesh that Hiten stood up for Shilpa against Arshi most.
Hina says to Priyank that I want to slap Aakash, what he is saying that he did favor on you and all that.
Puneesh says to Aakash what are you saying that you saved Priyank? you had one vote like everyone else so they saved him too, what masterstroke you played? Aakash says I just played a little.

On stage, Salman says we will know who will be top 5 soon, I am feeling sad that Hiten left the house but okay man, he signs off from the episode.

PRECAP- Arshi says to Luv that Hina and A-cash are a good pair to nominate. Puneesh says we have muscles to nominate, all laugh.
Bigg boss says to inmates that this is most unfortunate thing that in 12th week, you people are openly discussing nominations and now as a punishment, 7 out of 8 inmates will be nominated. All are shocked.
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