Bigg Boss 11 17th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 17th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Bandagi becomes new captain only on

Day 46 (continued)
Ben is lying her head in Priyank’s lap, he says you are cutie, she says are we friends?
Bandagi asks Puneesh to kiss her photo, he does and says I kiss real one.

Ben says to Priyank that you were saying you have some feelings you want to talk about, Priyank says what? Ben says you said you have feelings, how much time should I wait more? just say it, dont lie. Priyank says what are you talking? just dont go, Ben says anyone can take my place. Priyank says you are my good friend. Ben says anyone can be good friend. Priyank says I have feeling to protect you, warmth, love.. its there, you are my clingy friend, just.
Bandagi asks Puneesh if she can take his photo? he says no.
Ben says to Priyank that I might go in two days, its incomplete
but you should accept, Priyank says dont go.

Ben is in her bed and says to Priyank that Varun pampers me a lot, he would bring things for me but Priyank is different, like Varun would be sleeping right now but you make me feel different, I search for you always, I cant stay without touching you, I know you search for me, I know you are scared, dont run away from it, if you like something then do it without thinking, we will see after going out, just live here, dont be scared, we will talk about it tomorrow, I have one day. She comes to Priyank’s bed and hugs him, she says good night.

Puneesh and Bandagi comes to washroom. Puneesh says no one is seeing, come inside my love. Puneesh goes in washroom.Bandagi says no. She goes in and they lock door of washroom, some clothes rustling sounds are heard. After sometime Puneesh comes out and is jittery. He looks at camera and shows finger.

Day 47
Inmates wake up to song khalnayak hun mein.. all dance and enjoy. Vikas says it lifted my mood, Hiten says it was for you, Vikas says I am house’s khalnayak.

Aakash says to Hiten that I made tea nicer than Shilpa. Shilpa says his standard is me. Aakash says it was so tasty, I will make tea for everyone. Hiten says dont waste milk. Aakash says they make it too. Hiten says to Shilpa that he is doing it deliberately, he is not a kid, he is playing it, he has made you both against everyone, he talking against you and all were already against. Shilpa says I dont know how he changed mind. Hiten says his mind screw will come out soon.

Vikas says to Shilpa that Khalnayak song was for us, all are so innocent here, remember you gave me dishes and I washed them and Hina taunted me so much that I washed dishes from you. Shilpa says they were all enjoying our fight, they were all taking advantage. Vikas says they called me wet cat for not fighting against you. Puneesh calls Vikas and leaves. Shilpa says to Arshi that Vikas tries to act so nice, he and Hina are so clever and want to show how nice they are, dont make him sit infront of me. Vikas comes there again. Vikas says Hina is crazy, she doesnt say anything individually.

Priyank says to inmates that we should take a dip in swimming pool. Sapna says show me bikinis. Hina says we want to swim not show off. Sapna says we want to please our eyes so wear bikinis. Priyank laughs and asks Sapna if she has gone mad? Sapna asks Hina to get up. Puneesh says there is something fishy. Sapna and Priyank pushes Ben and Hina to wear bikinis.
Arshi says to Shilpa that now they will wear bikini against me, Arshi says they will still see you in nightie. Arshi says all go in pool in bikini so I will go in saree.
Ben shows bikini to Sapna.

Aakash, Puneesh, Luv and Priyank brings seats in garden and sits there to wait and see girls in bikinis. Puneesh says there should be grapes too. Hiten says Aakash you were sleeping? Aakash says but I had to see them in bikinis.

Bandagi comes in gaden in black bikini, all hoot. Ben is already in pool with Aakash, Hina and Puneesh. Priyank, Luv and Sapna are sitting by pool. Priyank does commentary and says Hina was daughter in law on TV for 8 years, Hina asks him to not say more.
Arshi comes to kitchen and says I am different, I wont do that mistake, I wont go to pool.
Aakash lifts Ben on back, Puneesh lifts Bandagi on his back, Puneesh and Aakash races.
Arshi comes to Hiten and asks if she should go to pool? Vikas is waiting? he says go.
Puneesh and Bandagi enjoy in pool. Ben asks Priyank to come in pool with me, he says no. She says are you that jealous? Arshi comes there in pink saree. Priyank does commentary. Arshi jumps in pool and loses breath, she is about to drown. Vikas jumps and saves her. Arshi huffs for breath.

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Hiten says to Shilpa that I am not going because if I go then everyone will be looking at us, let them live.

All are enjoying by pool. Priyank takes off his shirt and dances with Ben and Aakash. Priyank jumps in pool too. All are in pool except Hiten and Shilpa. Shilpa is working in kitchen. Vikas puts Priyank on his shoulder, and Aakash is on Priyank’s shoulder, they jump in pool.
Shilpa is cooking kitchen and says all should be happy. All jump in pool together. They all dance bigg boss song which Aakash and Hina created. They all enjoy and dance. Puneesh hugs Bandagi and dances.

Priyank hugs Ben tightly, they are clothed now. Ben says why you came in pool then? accept something, your other friends are cold too so you can hug them. Priyank says Hina is not here and I wont hug Aakash and Luv. Ben says you play safe with feelings in life too? Priyank says Hina called me in pool too so I came for my friends, Ben says I wont say anything.

Hina reads captaincy task. There will be task between Luv, Puneesh and Bandagi for two hours. In captaincy task, Puneesh, Bandagi and Luv will have their bowls filled with liquid, they have to protect liquid, the one who has more liquid remaining in bowl than others will win captaincy. if any contender leaves his or her bowl on floor or put it down then that person will be out of task, if someone’s bowl gets empty of liquid, that person will be out too. Hiten is referee of task. Contenders cant sit or lie down while holding bowl, contender and their supporters should protect bowl. Aakash says Bandagi should get it.

Buzzer plays, captaincy task starts. They hold their bowls. Hina wishes everyone luck.Priyank makes Luv eat. Luv says I want to protect my bowl. Aakash tries to come near Luv but Priyank tries to protect. Aakash runs to Luv and tries to attack his bowl, Luv tries to turn around but Ben comes and throws liquid from Luv bowl. Aakash runs and asks Punesh to throw all liquid and let Bandagi win. Puneesh says I will play for sometime, Aakash attacks his bowl and liquid is spilled, Puneesh says let me play. hiten says play it for sometime. Aakash attacks Puneesh’s bowl, bowl falls from his hands and breaks, Puneesh is out of task now. Luv says to Hina that I have some liquid in bowl. Priyank asks Ben to stay out of it. Ben says sorry but I dont see Luv as captain so I spilled it. Priyank says to Luv that we have to spill Bandagi’s bowl. Bandagi asks Luv to have some shame. Aakash says we should let Bandagi win. Arshi tries to attack Bandagi’s bowl and some liquid is spilled. Luv comes to Priyank and Hina. Priyank says we have to throw Bandagi’s bowl. Luv says yes and sits down with them. Aakash sees it and says Luv sat down, it was not allowed, Hiten see he sat down. Luv gets up and says it was not allowed? Hiten says yes, you are disqualified. Puneesh throws remaining liquid water from Luv’s bowl. Hiten says Bandagi have liquid remaining so she is captain. Bigg boss says Bandagi is captain now. All says Bandagi thank Ben for it, Bandagi hugs Ben, Ben asks her to use it wisely, Bandagi thanks Ben.
Hina says to Sapna that Luv is a fool, he sat down.
Priyank says to Luv that I am not coming in your and Ben’s matter.
Ben says to Bandagi that I did what I wanted, I dont see Luv as captain.
Priyank comes to Ben and hugs her, he whispers that you played smartly, you are not going anywhere, I cant blame you, you did what you wanted, I dont feel bad for Luv, what goes around comes around.

Hiten, Shilpa and Vikas discusses who should go to jail. Hiten says I shouted so much in this task, Shilpa says then you go to jail. Vikas says they will send Arshi, me and maybe Aakash. Shilpa says they will send me too.

Bigg boss says its time to choose worst performer that will go to jail, you all decide mutually and choose two inmates who performed worst. Hitne says referee should say first. Hiten says it was Shilpa, she didnt play much, then it was Arshi.. Arshi says its okay, I didnt play much. Vikas says Sapna didnt participate, Arshi participated but less than others. Arshi says yes I didnt contribute than others. Inmates decide that its Arshi and Shilpa.
Aakash says to Bandagi that you have to put me in jail. Bandagi says no dont destroy your image, why you want to go? Aakash says to do madness, Bandagi says I am not thinking about your name, you are suggesting it.
Arshi says to Shilpa that they keep sending us to jail, they are so jealous, Shilpa says all TV artists are like this.

Bigg boss asks Bandagi who inmates chose to send to jail? She says Shilpa and Arshi. Bigg boss says now as captain you have chance to save one person from Arshi and Shilpa and tell two other names that will go to jail. All laugh. Bandagi says I want to save Arshi because Arshi brought juices and such. Bandagi says I want to send Luv as he couldnt complete his task, I want to send Aakash to jail as he slept in task. Bigg boss says Shilpa, Luv and Aakash will go to jail now and will remain there till next order, Bandagi lock them. Aakash says bang bang..

Bandagi sits in Puneesh’s lap and its your duty, you have to work. Puneesh says I love you, Bandagi says you didnt give me duty but I will make you work, you have to give massage to me everyday.

Aakash is in jail with Luv and Shilpa. He says to Luv that some people have secrets and reality hiding, Shilpa have kept Arshi under her but she will come out. Aakash says I helped Bandagi become captain and now I am in jail.

Ben sits outside jail, she says to Aakash that I ended Luv’s game, why did you do it? I thought we would be good friends, why didnt you say in task that you didnt want to save me? it was not about captaincy but I dont like fake friends, I am most in danger, I dont take game lightly now, I work a lot, I am nominated for three weeks but still I was not chosen.

Vikas is sitting outside jail. Aakash says leave, I dont want to change it. Hiten says Aakash even if it was Shilpa and Vikas’s game then whats wrong? if they fight then what will you get? Aakash says its also game, Hiten says game in a game? Vikas says what I did with you? Aakash says you were crying from her torture and now doing this? it was all your drama, I dont want to see your face. Vikas says no you like my face, there is so much love in you, you are avoiding me because you are worried that my goodness will make you love too. Aakash says there is no man here, whom to fight with? Aakash says I have made people mad, what else to do? I dont harm people but I have to take action, I have to do something, I can make someone bald or shave someone’s eyebrow at night.

Vikas says to Puneesh that Aakash is irritated that I am Shilpa, Arshi, Bandagi and Puneesh’s friend, he said that he will become 2nd level mental, he will tears clothes, make people bald and all, then people will beat me and go out of house. Vikas says if he tries to shave eyebrows then it wont be bad. Vikas says to Puneesh that if Aakash crosses boundary then I will wrap him in blanket and beat him so much. Bandagi says dont talk about eyebrow thing infront of him, he can do it. Vikas says he is not mental, he does it for camera.

PRECAP- On weekend ka vaar, Deepika Padukone and Sunny Leone will join Salman Khan on stage.
In jail, Aakash says to Shilpa that you became bad, you broke our friendship. Shilpa says yes fine, I am bad. Puneesh says mummy is fighting. Shilpa says fine yes. Puneesh says when you had a fight with Vikas.. Shilpa says its my and Vikas’s matter, not related to you. Puneesh says you are doing all that for camera. Shilpa says you are involved for camera, Puneesh says you are actress not us.


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