Bigg Boss 11 17th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 17th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vikas attacks Puneesh only on

Day 15 (continued)
Aakash shouts that all are fake here, they dont do work. Arshi asks him to be silent, Aakash says I am on fire, this useless captain. Jyoti says why you are shouting? Aakash says you small thing, Jyoti says I am not mental. Aakash says we all know you dont do any work. Aakash says this Vikas is useless. Ben says dont say too much, we have seen too much nonsense. Aakash asks her to stay away, Salman was right this Vikas is useless, apple pie.
Vikas comes to Ben and says he is doing all this because he is nominated?
Puneesh says to Aakash that they made script at home and playing here. Aakash says I wont spare anyone. Hiten says to Sabya that Aakash cant bear failure. Aakash says to Luv that dont spare anyone, you are most beautiful anyone. He asks Puneesh

to not spare them, Puneesh says they are all scared, they are useless. Aakash takes off his shirt. Ben asks what he can do? Aakash you wont imagine. Ben says you are threatening me? Puneesh shouts to stay away from him, keep your voice lower, Ben says people nominated you, Hina takes Ben away, she holds her in arms and takes her away, they both slip. Vikas helps them and takes them away. Ben says why he is shouting on us? Vikas says he is mental.
Bandagi asks Aakash to stop it, he is making Puneesh mental, Puneesh says they have made team from house and directing here, he use girls to protect himself. Arshi comes to Ben and says dont fight with them, Ben says they are calling me useless because they got nominated? Arshi says they will react.
Vikas comes to Shilpa and says I have given equal work to everyone, Shilpa says Arshi was not doing any work, you are doing partiality, Vikas says your group does it too.

Bandagi comes to Puneesh, she hugs him, Puneesh cries and says whoever misbehaves with me, I will misbehave too, she says if any girl says anything then I will answer, he kisses her head and says fine. She smiles.
Arshi asks Vikas why he didnt nominate Ben? Vikas says Ben supported me in captaincy.
Sapna says to Arshi that we did so much work and then he nominated us? so we are bound to get angry.

Day 16
Dheere Dheere chalna.. munda kamal hai plays. Inmates dance, Puneesh hugs Bandagi. Aakash dances with Puneesh.

Ben is cleaning table, Aakas raps that yeah I got lady working.. Ben says he doesnt respect girls, we kept avoiding him saying he is a kid. Ben says this Aakash can never be captain. Ben says I will sweep but I dont know how to use broom. Aakash says this is why you are useless because cant even broom.

Vikas says to Bandagi that Ben is working but Aakash is torturing her, I am doing my work as captain, I will put him in jail, I will put them in jail in middle of task.
Bandagi comes to Puneesh and says he will put you both in jail in middle of task and will lose immunity too. Bandagi asks Puneesh to be careful. Puneesh says he is threatening me?Bandagi asks him to not do this, he will get evicted, Puneesh says if I want to leave then I will but who is he to threaten me? Puneesh comes to Vikas and says you will put me in jail in task? Vikas says dont touch me, Puneesh says you want me to not do task? Vikas says when did I say that? Bandagi says he was not threatening. Puneesh shouts at him.

Puneesh brings food to Bandagi and says please eat, she says I wont eat. Puneesh says I am sorry, dont do this with food, please eat. Bandagi says I dont want to eat. Puneesh says I wont eat too, I will throw it. Bandagi says okay I will eat it. Aakash asks her to eat it, this matter is useless. Bandagi says you dont interfere. Puneesh shares food with Bandagi and says I am already worried, he makes her eat his hands.

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Vikas says to Shilpa that we will discuss not past. Shilpa says I have learned a lot here. Vikas says I know you from way behind, I always liked your work. Shilpa says I still remember you calling me for that show, you called me and said that you are my fan and dont want me to complain, I was like when did I complain? Vikas says I thought you would get convinced and we didnt have actor, Shilpa says you threw me out, Shilpa says then show threw me out? I didnt leave my show, it was my show. Vikas says I told you clearly that if you want more money and you said that you dont. Shilpa says to Vikas that if you try to beat me then I will beat you back. Vika hugs her and says dont be angry, she says i am angry, Vikas says leave fighting for today, he kisses her forehead and leaves.


Bigg boss announces new luxury budget task ‘who turn, goes down’. Vikas’s team has Sapna, Mehjabi, Hina, Hiten, Sabya, Vikas, and Ben. While Puneesh’s team has Puneesh, Luv, Aakash, Bandagi, Shilpa, Arshi and Jyoti. First Vikas’s team members will stand beside a tall stand and put their chins on head of stand, Puneesh’s team have to make all of Vikas’s teammates to go down from their stands, they have to move their chins resting on stand, they can attack two inmates at a time, Vikas and Puneesh will be referee of tasks. Teams can use barn, water, cow dung and other things do that, next Vikas’s team will make Shilpa’s team to leave stands, which teams leaves stand in less time than other, that team will lose task.

Vikas’s teams their places on stands. They put their chins on individual stands. Shilpa’s team starts working, Aakash and Puneesh throws red powder on Vikas’s face, Aakash covers his face with cow dung, they attack Ben with him. Aakash and Puneesh pours paste on Vikas’s face, Shilpa puts ice in his shirt. Luv throws water on his face. Vikas says dont break my eye, this is game. Ben says put dead insects in my shirt. Shilpa says these are dead insects. Aakash throws milk on her face. Luv throws barn on Vikas’s face, Vikas keeps his eyes close. Bandagi puts ice in Ben’s shirt. Ben says they are putting ice on my mic. Puneesh throws barn on Vikas’s face and then throws water on his face forcefully. Vikas moves away and cries, he screams in pain and says my eye, Puneesh asks what happened? Vikas crumbles in pain, Puneesh asks him to wash his face, Vikas says move away, you hurt me, he grabs Puneesh and throws him on ground. Puneesh shouts that he has beaten me, he is out of the camp, he has beat me. Shilpa says Bigg boss is watching, Puneesh says I was washing his face. Vikas goes in washroom. Luv says it was violence. Aakash throws milk on Ben’s face and then barn on her face, Arshi says be careful, he says to Arshi that they will do same. Aakash takes cow dung and puts it on Ben’s face.
Arshi comes to Vikas and says he put barn in your eyes, you tell it. Jyoti says thats why we left, Arshi says they are doing these things with girls too. Jyoti says I am trying to help Ben too. Arshi asks Vikas to talk to Bigg boss, they cant do this.

Bandagi throws icy water on Ben.
Vikas says to Arshi that they were attacking my eye, Arshi says dont spare them, this is not right. Luv asks Arshi to not put fire here. Vikas says I told them to not put things in eyes, what is this rubbish? Vikas goes to confession room for medial attention.
Bandagi says to Arshi that if you dont want to do task then dont do it.

Vikas comes out to garden, he wipes Ben’s eye. Aakash throws more barn on her. Puneesh pours cold water over her head, he cant bear it and tries to move bucket away, Vikas asks her to leave task, she moves back.

Vikas says these people are mad, they are putting things in eyes. Ben says it was not allowed but they kept attacking out eyes, we won. Puneesh throws icy water on Mehjabi, Arshi asks her to keep eyes close. Mehjabi screams and throws bucket away. Ben asks her to not move away, she says I wont. Shilpa comes to Sapna and throws things on her eyes, Vikas washes Sapna’s face and says they are attacking eyes only. Bandagi wipes Sapna’s eyes and asks her to keep eyes closed. Aakash throws barn on Mehjabi, Puneesh throws water on her, Luv says remember you are doing this for your daughter, Mehjabi screams in pain and tries to move bucket away, her face gets up. Mehjabi falls down and is shivering, she is screaming. Vikas and Luv says nothing happened. Mehjabi says Arshi I wont spare you, tomorrow I will take on you, Shilpa says this is game, she tries to come to Mehjabi but Vikas protects her, Shilpa slaps Vikas’s back, Vikas shouts on her and says she has slapped me, Luv asks him to calm down. Vikas says she hit me, Luv says hit me if you have guts, get lost from here, I can easily take on you. Vikas says dont scream at me, they are beating, Luv says you are beating. Shilpa says we were trying come to Mehjabi but you came infront so I asked you to move away, Vikas says it was seen on camera.

Puneesh comes to Sapna and says move away, I will pour water on our head and you will get tortured. Shilpa says you will get tortured, we didnt hit Vikas’s hand as he has problem. Vikas says my eye was attacked, Shilpa says dont do acting, you eyes were closed. Luv says Sapna’s eyes are closed, we did mistake by making you captain, you are nominating us. Puneesh asks Sapna to move away. Sapna says you were brother and will remain brother. Aakash asks Sapna to move away, Vikas she is example for everyone. Puneesh pours water on her face.

Puneesh asks Sapna to move away, get down. Ben says they will keep pouring ice water. Puneesh throws icy water on her, she moves away, Puneesh says I could have done it before too. Shilpa and Ben cleans her, she is shivering. Luv lifts her in arms and puts her on sofa.
In bedroom, Aakash hides eggs. He brings some eggs and throws on Hina’s face. Puneesh keeps throwing cold water on her, she sings lag jaga gale.. Ben says Hiten is hugging stand like its Gauri. Aakash slowly pours icy water on Hina, she takes heavy breaths. Aakash asks her to keep eyes closed, Hina says wont you give me one second to open eyes? Aakash says move away if you want to open eyes. Arshi says pout water on her from two sides. Puneesh and Aakash throws water on her again. Hina says two men can push me away? Shilpa asks Aakash to keep working on Hina. Shilpa throws some bran on hiten. Arshi rubs ice on his neck. Vikas says Hina I respect you. Luv throws water on Hiten, Hiten moves away and leaves task. Puneesh and Aakash throws water and too much bran at Hina, Hina breakdowns and moves away, Vikas asks her to jump in pool, she does and breaths heavily, all clap for Hina, Aakash chants for her.

Shilpa says to Luv that Vikas was acting, he was not hurt, Mehjabi was really hurt but Vikas is still acting like he is hurt.
Vikas says to Ben that Luv threw water on my eyes with so much force. Jyoti comes there, Vikas says they are attacking eyes. Jyoti says but girls didnt react as much as you. Vikas says it was unbearable.

Hina says to Sabya and Hiten that we will target two people together, when one is expecting us to throw water at them, we will attack other, Hina says we will have to use cow dung, we have to use hair, I can cut my strand and put it in cow dung to mess with them. Jyoti comes there and says I can leave task, Jyoti says I wont hurt people for task.Hina says I would have took on Hiten too if he was in other team. Ben says Arshi attacked you and Mehjabi only, Hina says Mehjabi wont spare them.

Bigg boss says to inmates that sometimes things happen in tasks which are against rules, there was something happened in task today but it was out of line, using violence against inmates is a big mistake and this happened by Vikas. Bigg boss says mistake happened by Vikas and he deserves punishment now. Shilpa says yes, thank you Bigg boss. Puneesh says finally. Aakash and Puneesh dances. Bigg boss says we remove Vikas as captain and till Vikas stays here, he cant become captain ever again, he can never gain opportunities as captain, he will remain in jail too, his team will do task without him, till new captain is not announced, Puneesh who was contender of captaincy will become temporary captain, Vikas give keys to Puneesh and Puneesh lock him in jail, Puneesh says come on Vikas.

PRECAP- Puneesh locks Vikas in jail and says criminals like him should be given food two times only, Aakash laughs. Later its time for Vikas’s team to be on other side of task. Vikas’s team starts attacking Puneesh and Aakash as soon as task start, they throw barn, icy water on them, Puneesh and Aakash holds on to stand. Puneesh screams when cold water is poured on him. Hina, Mehjabi and Hiten keeps attacking them.


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