Bigg Boss 11 18th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 18th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Salman takes Akash’s class only on

Salman comes on the stage and says in this bigg boss house, things keep changing, relationships keep changing and takes us inside to see what’s happening inside.

Puneesh tells Akash that Arshi used his eggs and gave to Shilpa. He told her to ask Akash. Akash says he would have given her. Shilpa tells him not to try give her anything. Akash says she’s doing drama, taking medicine. He says she turned her back first. She says yes she is bad. Puneesh and Akash joke about Shlipa mum, Shilpa tells Puneesh enough. Puneesh says everyone wants to know why Akash got so mad and he will tell why. When Shilpa and Vikas had big fight, only Akash took stand for her. Shilpa says she came alone and she was enough to handle her matters. Puneesh asks why she didn’t say that time? Shilpa says

she did say.. they were interfering for camera. Puneesh says she’s actress, they don’t work for camera. He is mad because she used Akash. She became friends with Vikas and Akash became fool, villain. He further says Shlipa sometimes become separated, sometimes start talking. That’s the problem.

Back to Salman. He says this is what he was saying.. anything can happen any time. He reminds Hina, Ben, and Sapna are nominated this week. He meets all contestants through TV. He asks Akash he has been saying that everything is scripted in the house and he is going to reveal that. What’s going on his mind? Akash says Vikas and Shilpa story. First they were enemies for 5 weeks and then suddenly became friends. Salman asks what he likes, their enmity or friendship? Akash says nothing. Salman asks if he’s doing this because he feels he’s left out? Akash says he doesn’t understand how she forgave him so soon. She used to say she will never forgive him. Salman asks don’t people grow up? can’t their view change? Hina says it happened very quickly.. they suffered so much first few weeks. They heard so much from Vikas. Salman says things like this happen very quickly. He is happy that Vikas and Shilpa have become friends and housemates seem to have a problem that first they were opposites and were running the house and now both have come together and will run the house. Salman again asks Akash whether he actually believes that Vikas and Shilpa planned this from outside.. if he does, then he’s a fool. This time Akash says he said and did all that purposely to create havoc in the house. Salman says he could have done that secretly with someone or just on camera because the way he behaved this week, he looked like a blo*dy fool. Arshi and Shilpa didn’t give any reaction to his taunts and they looked good on TV. By doing all this, he broke heart of someone who was closest to him and who really loved him got hurt. Shilpa gets senti. Akash says they started it all, he just took stand. They were hitting on Hiten’s bum. Salman says if they did with Hiten, then he would talk to them himself. Hiten says he told him that, but he kept saying him that he did all this for him. Salman tells Akash that Hiten is father of 2 children, he has seen more world than him, so he could have handled it his way.. why he was getting so hyper. Akash jokes no one was hitting on his bum, that’s why. Salman asks Shilpa whether she’s crying. She says no, she just got hurt. She keeps making him understand, but there are others around him and so much going around him, so it’s not really his fault either. Salman asks who? Shlipa Arshi say, Puneesh, Bandagi, Hina.. Bandagi says they were just talking after waking up and Akash suddenly ran outside and got started.

Salman says he will tell what happened. When Akash woke up, Puneesh-Bandagi were already talking about Vikas-Shilpa. Puneesh added mirch-masala and Akash did not understand and he launched his rocket. Puneesh says for a rocket, a launcher is also required. He does that. Shilpa says they do what they want and then will say ‘we are playing a game’. Akash interrupts. Salman tells him it doesn’t take time to become zero from hero and this whole week he looked so lost. They two have finished him with their silence. He doesn’t need to jump and scream, silence is best weapon sometimes.

Salman takes a break.

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Hiten asks Akash whether any other housemate behaved like he did? Akash says no. Hiten says everyone provoked him and took back seat. He got proved wrong. Shilpa thanks Salman. She discusses with Vikas and Arshi and still blames other housemates for provoking Akash. Akash is brainless, he just wants to show up on camera.

Hiten tells Vikas he liked how Salman said everyone has their own ways to deal with the situations. Everyone was saying him that he doesn’t speak up, but this is his way.

Salman says so you guys see what’s going on in the house and in end they say, it’s all game. Sunny Leone and Arbaaz Khan come on the stage. They show task Sunny Leone gave when she went inside.

Sunny Leone asks everyone what’s their best moment. Arshi says when she saw Hiten Tejwani first time. Sunny says she has come with breakfast buffet. She calls Shilpa and asks who’s most boring in the house according to her? Shlipa says Sapna. She is still very quiet, she blasts like a bomb and then again gets quiet. Sapna says she doesn’t talk nonsense. Sunny says Sapna gets to eat chili sauce and Shilpa puts chili sauce on Sapna’s clothes. Next up is Vikas. Sunny asks who he thinks need to be little more sweet. He says Hina. She seems to hate him. Sunny asks Hina whether that’s true. Hina says, not hatred, she just doesn’t like his way of playing. Hina gets to eat chocolate syrup and Vikas gets to put that on her. Arshi says don’t put it on her face, she will have to spend more time in make up then. Hina dances, she loves it. Vikas drops chocolate syrup on her head, face. Next up is Arshi. Sunny asks who does buttering in the house. She takes Hiten’s name. Hiten asks when he buttered anyone? Arshi says he is the only one in house who is on both sides. Hiten comes in towel. Sunny asks why he took off his pant. He says he doesn’t want to waste his pant. Shilpa says she won’t put butter there. Hiten says can’t say anything about Arshi. Arshi first spreads butter on his face. Hina shouts from back “Hiten, this is what she does”. Arshi then spreads butter on his chest, back singing a song. Sunny holds the bowl and asks Arshi to use both hands. Arshi now moves down to his feet. Hiten says if Bigg Boss had told about this before, then he wouldn’t have taken bath. Sunny tells Arshi.. done now. Hiten thanks Sunny. Next up is Hiten. He’s asked who is monkey of the house. He takes Akash’s name. Akash gets banana. Hiten feeds him one and spreads banana on his body.

Next up is Hina. She is asked who needs to come out of shell. She takes Vikas’ name. He thinks he’s mastermind, guru of everyone. He can advices anyone. Vikas gets eggs. She feeds him one and breaks eggs on his head and spreads it on his face. End of the task.

Back to stage. Salman asks Sunny to describe this season’s housemates in 1 word. She says pagalpan, it’s a crazy house. Arbaaz says this is probably the best season. They promote their movie and leave.

Salman again meets housemates. He teases Hiten. Arshi joins in. Salman then talk about Vikas and Hina. He asks Hina which she liked more.. chocolate or egg. She says chocolate syrup. She got to taste it after long time.

Caller of the week time. Caller asks Puneesh whether what he said about Luv needing to play on his own was right when he himself follows what Bandagi says or whatever he does is for Bandagi. Puneesh says he plays for himself as well and he said that about Luv because in task he wanted to save everyone. Call ends.

Promotion of Colors’ new show, Entertainemnt Ki Raat. They discuss about baldness in BB and show how everyone would look if they went bald.

Salman says he will tell tomorrow who got evicted.

Precap: Deepika Padukone comes to BB.


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