Bigg Boss 11 18th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 18th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vikas’s team wins luxury budget only on

Day 16 (continued)
Puneesh puts Vikas in jail, Puneesh says I love it, Shilpa says bang bang. Puneesh says this criminal will get food only, nobody is going to give him fruits. Bandagi says we should give him broom for cleaning, Puneesh says its jail. Arshi says to Ben that they are going to get roasted soon.
Vikas sprays on insects in jail.

Luv comes to Vikas. Vikas says to Luv that you or Puneesh will leave, I dont want you to leave, if you leave then Puneesh wont but you have to stand out, do good on both sides, you have to dramatics, perform so audience can see, I have put ego on side and talking to you so you wont leave because I want Puneesh to leave.

Shilpa brings tea for Vikas, Vikas says thank you. Shilpa says I made simple team.

Vikas thanks Shilpa. Shilpa says it was just tea, Vikas gives her a kiss on cheek and says I am sorry. Shilpa says you are saying sorry? Hiten says move forward. Shilpa says to Vikas that they were trying to provoke you, I feel bad when kids talk to you like that, you are producer and channel head, you are on a big position, drink tea. Ben says drink. Hiten says we didnt get anything, you got tea so drink it.

Hiten says to Vikas that Puneesh is coming, Vikas says I will say sorry. Vikas says to Puneesh that I am sorry, I was hurt, my eyes were burning, I never got physical pain, I am sorry, I wont become captain and I am fine, Puneesh says you were right, Luv comes there and takes apple from Vikas, Puneesh says this is wrong. Vikas says I am sorry, Puneesh says its okay, dont do that from now on.

Day 17
Inmates wake up dhol taashe song. They all dance together.

Aakash says I like it that Vikas is in jail, he is useless. Puneesh says I will throw peanuts on him, Aakash says I will throw crackers at him, he is a girl so he will start dancing.

Mehjabi comes to Vikas and says I got to know that some son of playboy club’s owner is coming but I dont know if Puneesh is that. Vikas says if he is so rich then his clothes would be classy, his accent is not good as he says that he went to London for studies.

Luv says to inmates that who nominate me? Shilpa says someone must have provoked someone else, its pointless to try to know who nominated you, Luv says I want to know who lied to me, who says that he is lion, aakash thinks he is lion and we are foxes? Luv says I dont do any work. Puneesh says dont do any work, Luv says if you punish me then I wont take it. Puneesh says you are wrong. Luv says you voted against me. Puneesh says I am swearing on my mother that I didnt vote against you, dont mess with me, Luv says what can you do? you voted against me, Puneesh says dont mess with me, they shout at each other, Luv says you cant do anything, Puneesh says I can break you easily. Bandagi asks him to calm down. Luv says you fight with girls. In jail, Vikas says this is because of what I did yesterday, now I know how to bring fights in house. Aakash comes to Luv and says dont touch us, touch me if you can, I am rockstar and lion and you are nothing, Luv screams at him, Aakash says you are useless lion, Luv says *******, Mehjabi asks him to calm down. Hina says Luv picked up this fight, he started fighting, Puneesh says I wont spare you, my father must be watching all this, Shilpa says dont do this, Puneesh says what did I do? Hina says he doesnt deserve it, Aakash says why he is blaming people for voting him.
In garden, Vikas asks Luv to not touch them, their game is to provoke you so much that you touch them and then they will scream like bulldozer touched you, Luv nods and leaves.
Aakash comes in garden, Vikas says Luv and others should atleast respect captain. Aakash says they pushed each other too.

Vikas says to Bandagi that you hugged Puneesh to calm him, Bandagi says he doesnt calm down, Vikas says dont be touchy, it will be bad impact on your image, you know Puneesh is married, Bandagi says he is divorced, Vikas says we dont know, what your father will say that married man is hugging or kissing you? we are on TV so atleast choose men wisely.

Arshi says to Hina that Hina target people, she writes script and bring men to her side to pick on girls, she made Priyank leave and now her target is Vikas. Luv says dont listen to her, Hina says she is mad. Arshi says this Hina is cheap.

Today in task, Puneesh’s team will put heads on stand and Vikas’s team will try to move them away. They have to beat Vikas’s team’s timing to win. They have to stay in task more than Vikas’s team to win.

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Vikas shows box to Sapna and says I have caught insects alive, he says Luv and Puneesh will be strong, Shilpa and Arshi will be scared of insects, we have to see how strong is Jyoti.

Hina says to her team that dont give them time, keep attacking with water and barn, just dont stop till they leave.

Task starts, Puneesh’s team puts their chins on stands. Vikas’s team starts attacking Jyoti first, they attack her with barn and water, Jyoti leaves. Their next target is Shilpa and Bandagi, Bandagi has been attacked, she leaves. They next start attacking Luv with water and Barn, Luv moves away too, Shilpa leaves too. Puneesh and Aakash are remaining, they start attacking then with water and barn. Vikas says Aakash has veen moved, Aakash leaves. Puneesh keeps standing, he doesnt move away, inmates keep attacking him with water and barn. Vikas says just move away. Hiten keeps throwing water on his face, Ben brings more water, Sabya throws icy water on him, Puneesh tries to remain awake, Bandagi wipes his eyes, Sapna attacks his nose with tip of tissue. Hiten pours water on his head, Hina attacks him with barn, Vikas says more water. Mehjabi says dont use hot water, Hina keeps attacking him with barn. Puneesh is shaking and screaming. Sabya attacks him with more water, Mehjabi says his chin moved away but he is not leaving. Shilpa asks Puneesh to let it go, Hina and others keep attacking him. Puneesh gives up. Hina says we didnt want to torture. Hina and Hiten hugs Puneesh. All clap for Puneesh, Puneesh jumps in pool. All chant that Arshi is scared queen, she is scared and left before starting task.

Arshi comes in garden wearing nightie, Arshi says I am not scared queen, I am happy that Vikas won, I didnt want to do task and I didnt do it, Vikas says there will nighties on her name.
Aakash says to Puneesh that we lost task again, Puneesh says you people left in seconds. Puneesh says Luv left in seconds, his body is useless.

Bandagi says to Puneesh that Vikas said you are married and have one kid too, he says what? this is wrong. Bandagi says he said that you dont have branded clothes, he wont stay here for longer, if you have affair with him for longer then when he leaves, you cant have another affair. Puneesh says I was married but I dont have any kids, my marriage will be dissolved in december, Bandagi says he wants you to get angry and fight. Puneesh says to Luv that they all have come with script, Vikas is producer, Shilpa and Ben are his actors. Luv says I am confused about who is playing with script.

Puneesh says to Aakash that Luv will leave this time, he didnt do task. Aakash says he left so soon, Puneesh says he is weak, Aakash says I fought with him, nobody can touch me.

Bigg boss says to inmates that luxury budget task has ended, Team Vikas stood there for 2hours and Puneesh’s team stood there for 28 minutes only and have lost task so we congratulate Vikas’s team for winning. Bigg boss says we want inmates to choose two inmates from Puneesh’s team who didnt put much efforts in task. Aakash says Jyoti and Arshi didnt do anything in task, Hina says its fair.

Bigg boss asks who performed worst in task? Puneesh says we have decided that its Arshi and Jyoti, Bigg boss says they will be in jail till next order, he asks Puneesh to put them in jail. Arshi laughs and says we should be happy in every condition. Arshi and Jyoti comes in jail, Vikas says I was waiting for you both, Arshi says I want middle bed.

Alarm rings, they come in store and finds gifts there. Sabya reads instructions that this is for Diwali, everyone wishes Diwali to each other. Puneesh kisses Bandagi’s cheek. AAkash gives sweets to Vikas and says happy Diwali. Arshi and Jyoti eats too. Aakash asks Arshi to eat from his hands, she takes it from him.
Aakash says to Puneesh that Vikas and Arshi didnt eat from my hands, Puneesh says they are not celebrating even diwali too.

Vikas says to Arshi that we can break jail, go inside house, bring sweets here. Vikas says I hope its not breaking rules. Vikas jumps out of jail, Arshi comes out of jail next then Jyoti comes out too, they crwal on floor and try to be silent but are laughing. In lounge, all inmates are talking, they see Vikas, Arshi and Jyoti trying to steal sweets. Vikas runs and throws sweets in jail. Bigg boss says is this all joke for you? Jyoti, Arshi and Vikas that this is not joke, this can be dangerous for you all, he asks Puneesh to open door and let them go in jail, this can hurt them. Hina says they threw all sweets in jail, Hina says whose idea was this? there is limit to shamelessness, Arshi asks her to stop it. Hina says I wont stop, there is limit to everything. Arshi says you jerk(haramkhor). Hina says you are cursing me? Arshi says you cursed me. Shilpa says Arshi you will get years to reach at Hina’s position, control your tongue, Jyoti is laughing, Hina says I cant believe, Puneesh says you beat me and went to jail. Hina asks Vikas to keep eyes and ears open, Sabya says leave it. Bandagi says Jyoti is laughing, Jyoti says so you want me to cry? Hina says they are shameless people. Vikas asks them all to be silent. Arshi says this Hina thinks too much of herself.

Vikas says to Arshi that I gave chance to them, we did wrong. Arshi says we were joking.
Inmates say that we will not talk to Arshi, Hina says she was cursing me.
Vikas says to Sapna that it was my mistake, it was not Jyoti or Arshi’s mistake, I am sorry. Vikas is in tears.

Jyoti says to Arshi that Vikas starts crying, it was just sweets thats why I was laughing. Arshi asks Vikas if he is fine? Vikas says keep your tongue controlled Jyoti, I am missing my family on Diwali so I can cry, dont misbehave, I have emotions too, you dont have to insensitive, I dont do bad for others.

Hina says to Arshi that you cursed with my mother. Arshi says you are shameless and cheap woman. Hina says what face will you show to your mother Arshi? Arshi cries.
Later photos and messages of inmates’ families are shown, Hiten hugs Gauri and his kids’ pictures. Sapna sees her mother’s message and cries, Hina hugs her, Sapna says I love you mom.


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