Bigg Boss 11 19th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 19th December 2017 Written Episode Update: All fight to become captain only on

Day 78 (continued)
Vikas says to Puneesh that I am not miffed.Puneesh says you are my friend, you dont have to keep negative emotions from me, tell me if you feel bad. Vikas says I tell what I feel bad. Puneesh says you supported me in game, I will tell you what I am going to do,I wont backstab you, why Arshi is saying all that, I have earned you here, Vikas says me too, dont explain too much.
Vikas says to Arshi that dont say all that to Puneesh, you said to Puneesh that he will backstab me and Vikas is listening to Priyank only and I am miffed with Puneesh. Arshi comes to Puneesh and says I didnt say anything, Priyank just told me that Vikas might be angry with Puneesh, I was joking. Vikas says it will affect my friendships, what are you doing. Arshi asks Priyank that nominations will not affect Vikas? Priyank says no. Arshi says sorry to Vikas and leaves.

Priyank says to Arshi that game has started now, you dont have to talk to Vikas, trust him and me. Arshi says thats why I said sorry to him, I didnt stretch the topic with Vikas. Priyank says to Arshi that you did nice, thats why I was silent. Vikas says to Arshi what were you trying to do? I am handling things here, Arshi says I am sorry, she hugs Vikas. Vikas asks her to be careful, you can nominate people because you need it, I dont need it, I fulfill my friends.

Luv says to Hina that I am genuinely miffed. Hina says what I did? Luv says I am being with you normally that doesnt mean I am madly in love with you, and you said that Luv knows I am in relationship and all that, and Priyank kept saying that I have soft corner for you, you guys have let me down, I can be friends with others but my heart with you both. Hina says let me explain. Hina says to Luv that I dont know if you that tissue thing or not but it has nothing to do with this thing that he has fallen for me and all that. Luv says you just apologize and end it.Hina says I dont need to apologize, its not a big thing, you are overreacting, we said that you might have soft corner for you and its okay, I have soft corner for you as a friend. Luv says I dont have a soft corner for you, if Priyank was saying it then you would have stopped him, I didnt like the way he said it.Hina says you could have talked to me, I have pacified you a lot, it was the time when Priyank was on verge of leaving and you were making this issue? Luv says my friends were drowning me, Hina says Priyank didnt fight over what you said for him, Luv says he fights with me. Hina says Priyank doesnt like when we talk about his life but we discuss it anyway. Luv says we discuss it but you are answering about what was about me and you. Hina says I will talk what I feel.Luv says you dont have right to shit about me. Hina says if you dont want to talk then dont but I will talk what I want, take off your ego, you will remain back in life with this ego. Luv says watch your words, Hina says it was not nice the way you talked to me infront of Salman. Priyank comes there and asks Hina to calm down. Luv says people are saying that you are bragging that you saved me, I saved you people too, I came to clear that I was planning to nominate Puneesh and not you people.Hina says I dont need to explain anything because I trust you, we wont talk bad about yo. Luv says I saw you people talking back behind me. Hina says I can see you changing as you are a bigger name. Hina turns to leave. Luv says yeah walk away. Priyank asks hina to stop it, we are making it issue infront of everyone.Hina cries and says see the way he is talking to me. Luv stands in corner. Hina cries and says it really hurts me the way he talks, Priyank hugs her, Hina says his ego is too big, you are right.

Hina says to Luv that I am sorry if you felt bad, I am sorry if I said bad words for you and backbite you. Luv says I am sorry. Hina cries and says I am sorry. Luv says I am sorry for not discussing with you both.Hina says I dont want your sorry, we are done, you have your way, I dont want to be your friend, I will pray for your good,I dont want to be your friend, I am not that strong, he can be friends with anyone. Luv leaves from there. Priyank consoles Hina.
Shilpa and Puneesh sees Luv sad. Puneesh says to Shilpa that Luv told me Hina and Priyank are in his hands and they will do what he wants, its all game, they are bad people.

Day 79
Inmates wake up to song Munda kamal ka. They all dance and enjoy. Luv shows off his packs. Arshi says good morning aakash, Aakash ignores her, she keeps saying good morning to him.
Vikas asks Priyank to hug Luv, Priyank hugs Luv, Luv says I am sorry brother. Shilpa and Puneesh sees them hugging. Puneesh says this is Vikas’s game, he must have asked Priyank to not let Luv go from his hands.Shilpa says you dont need to tell me what Vikas is, I know him well, I have told only 50% here, people can say anything but I will enjoy, when he got title of mastermind, I was so happy. Puneesh says mastermind is a curse. Shilpa says he takes negative advantage of his position.

Vikas reads that they asked Aakash to follow saint life but he didnt so their luxury budget is zero but they have another chance to win it. Vikas reads about BB poultry farm task. Vikas reads that there will be eggs in farm with every inmate’s picture on each egg. There will be a hen and it will give egg from time to time with different inmate’s picture on every egg, the inmate whose egg is remained saved and not destroyed will be part of captaincy. when hen makes noise, she will give an egg. The inmate whose egg has come out, that inmate have to make sure that his or her egg is saved till the next egg comes out, if other inmates throw that egg in pool then that inmate will be out of captaincy, eggs fallen in pool will be out of captaincy race in the end, atleast 4 eggs have to be thrown in the pool, inmate whose egg has come out cannot take it in hand, egg have to remain in nest. Shilpa will be part of task and referee too.

Inmates come in garden and see hen there. Luv asks Vikas to support him, Arshi asks him too. Vikas says I am here. Aakash says I dont want to do the task.

Luv says to Hina that I wont let your egg get destroyed, we three have to come in captaincy, Hina says I know my friends. Luv says I am sorry, Hina says you insult your friends infront of Salman and others, you were like to see her face? I will like her, never. Hina says you have to change behavior, I dont know about what you felt but when you are in that zone, you become very different, it will affect you, this side goes outside. Bigg boss asks them to talk in hindi only. Hina says yeah whatever. Bigg boss says no whatever Hina, this is very rude of you. Hina says I am sorry Bigg boss it was for Luv. Luv says I am sorry Hina. Hina says your behavior will break our friendship, these people talked about you so much but we always stood by you, Luv says I stood by you always.

Hen makes noise and Puneesh’s egg comes out first. Puneesh says please save my egg, Arshi says I want to eat egg too, Puneesh says your egg will come out too. Hina asks who wants to be captain? All raise their hands. Hina says I am in line for captaincy too. Priyank says I never became captain. Hina says if someone throws my egg then I wont spare. Hina says Shilpa and Puneesh didnt become captain so they can decide who will be captain. Puneesh says she will play her game and I will play mine. Aakash comes there, he takes Puneesh’s egg and throws in pool. Vikas says Puneesh you had to stop aakash, Puneesh says how could I? Vikas says you have to stop him.

Puneesh says to Shilpa that I will throw everyone’s eggs now.Shilpa says you should have stopped Aakash, I want captaincy, I wont let him throw mine. Aakash says you cant protect it, I will throw it.
Hina says to Luv and Priyank that I will lie infront of my egg.
Aakash says the game starts now, I will throw all eggs. Hina says you wanted to be captain whole season and now doing this, your egg will come out too, Aakash says throw it, I dont care.

Priyank says to Hina that you have to stop Arshi from throwing your egg, we will stand for you. Hina says Vikas will try to throw mine. Priyank says I can convince Vikas to not throw mine, Priyank says to Luv that Arshi might throw Hina’s egg, I show that I am with Arshi all the time but my friendship is important so I will show that I am with Arshi but I will get her egg thrown in pool.
Luv comes to Arshi and says when my egg comes out, you have to save it, Arshi says I will do it.
Arshi says to Priyank and vikas that I dont want Shilpa to come in captaincy, Priyank says I can throw Shilpa’s egg in pool. Vikas says I am saving Luv’s egg, he says to Luv that I will not throw your egg so you dont throw Arshi’s egg, Arshi says I am standing for Luv. Vikas says so me, Luv, Priyank and Arshi will be contender.

Luv says to Hina that Vikas has given his name, Arshi, mine and Priyank’s name. Priyank said that he will stand for your egg but he might save Arshi too, I dont know why I am in Vikas’s list for saving egg, maybe because I said that I will not throw his egg in pool. Hina says I am saying to make Shilpa contender for captaincy so Vikas will fail, no one will be contender from his side.

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Hina’s egg comes out of hen. Hina sits beside it and says I am not touching it. Puneesh says I want to give Hina a chance. Priyank sits infront of Hina’s egg. Hina says I want to be contender this time, I will support who will support me.Puneesh, Aakash and Arshi says that we will not throw your egg in pool. Aakash says Hina if you become contender then you have to fight for it.
Vikas says we have to atleast throw 4 eggs in pool. Arshi says I want to throw Hina’s egg in pool.

Shilpa comes to Hina, Priyank and Luv and says I will throw Vikas’s egg in pool. She leaves. Hina asks Priyank he doesnt want to save Shilpa? Priyank says I am on Vikas’s side. Hina says Vikas is not with us. Priyank says I am playing what I want, he asks to listen. Vikas says I could purposely snatch, you people are dealing. Puneesh says Luv, Priyank, Hina and Shilpa are dealing. Hina says its not that easy to throw my egg in pool. Vikas says let me show you how easy it is, you people are dealing with Shilpa and playing on both sides.Vikas tries to get her egg, Hina hovers over her egg. Luv, Priyank, Vikas and Hina are hovering over Hina’s egg, Hina says I wont let anyone touch my egg. Aakash asks Vikas to snatch her egg. Vikas says Hina didnt talk to me. Hina says who are you to talk? I dont want to talk, leave my egg. Priyank says you people are fighting. Luv and Vikas try to get Hina’s egg, they pull it out of nest. Hina says I have to keep it back in nest. Shilpa says if it doesnt go in pool then I will keep it for captaincy. Vikas says we are wasting time? Aakash says its out of nest so Hina is out of captaincy. Luv and Vikas try to take egg, Hina says give it to me, she snatches it and puts in nest back. Hen makes noise. Hina says my egg was in nest when buzzer played. Shila says I am keeping it in contenders’ basket.

Puneesh says to Shilpa that I will show that I am saving Arshi’s egg but I will throw it in pool, Shilpa says you will cheat.Puneesh says its strategy.

Arshi says to Priyank that take Shilpa’s egg and give it to me, I will throw it in pool. Priyank says I dont understand what Luv is trying to do. Arshi says Luv changes sides a lot. Vikas says no need to plan this much, let eggs come and we will see what happens and whose egg comes out first. Priyank says true.

Arshi’s egg comes out of hen. Arshi says Luv and Priyank are on my side. Aakash then I wont do anything. Vikas says to Priyank that trust me, I can take my name down. Puneesh sits beside Arshi’s egg too.

Puneesh tries to take Arshi’s egg. Hina tries to snatch it too. Vikas and Arshi tries to save the egg. Vikas says Hina is brutal.
Priyank says to Aakash that I will throw Shilpa’s egg as I want my contendership. aakash says me too will throw Shilpa’s egg.
Aakash comes to Arshi and says they are not on your side. Vikas takes Arshi’s egg and keeps it in nest. Arshi says Hina you are hurting people,you are jumping on people. Arshi says Priyank you cheated. Shilpa asks Priyank to snatch the egg, I will keep Vikas away, Shilpa tries to push Vikas away from Arshi’s egg, Priyank tries to take Arshi’s egg. Arshi asks Vikas to leave it. Hina and Priyank tries to take Arshi’s egg, Luv tries to save it. Aakash asks Priyank to snatch it. They all try to snatch it, Priyank breaks it and throws in pool. Vikas says what the hell,they are beating and pinching. Priyank huffs.

Arshi says to Shilpa that you took Hina’s side, you were never on our side. Shilpa says I played for myself, I wont let Arshi become contender for captaincy. Arshi says me too, you have too less mind, Shilpa says to Vikas that I wont let her be captain. Hina says sorry to Arshi. Arshi says you hurt people, you kicked people. Arshi says to Priyank and Luv that you both must have said that you promised to not throw my egg, its about words, Priyank you cheated. Shilpa says you used Aakash too in game. Arshi says now I will play the dirty game, I will kick and throw eggs.
Puneesh says to Shilpa that I played my game, I could have thrown her egg in pool but I knew others will throw in pool so I acted like I am saving her egg and now Arshi will go behind them.
Hina says to Luv that I dont like what Priyank is doing. Luv says Priyank have to choose Vikas or our side, Hina says Vikas never let me be captain.

PRECAP- All inmates are fighting to get Vikas’s egg, Hina tries to get it, Vikas pushes her away, Hina says you cant touch me, Vikas says you throw yourself on boys and then say dont touch me, you take injust advantage of being a woman. Hina says you are saying bad stuff.
Aakash runs, snatches Vikas’s egg and throws it in pool before anyone can catch. He screams in delight. Hina runs and hugs him, Shilpa hugs him too.


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