Bigg Boss 11 19th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 19th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Ben is eliminated only on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman welcomes everyone to show. Salman says Hina, Ben and Sapna are nominated this week, lets see who will be going today. Salman says we dont know what will happen in coming days but today house will be king’s palace as Deepika Padukone entered house, lets see what happened.

In house, song plays. Deepika enters house and meets everyone. Deepika says you all look lovely. Deepika says I heard there is so much talent here, she makes everyone sit and says I will give challenge today. She says Aakash is in sync with Aakash. Aakash says I will sing Bigg boss house song. Deepika says you have to sing new song. She says Aakash you have to inhale helium balloon and then sing, you have to inhale every 10 seconds, they are blown, you have to inhale it. Aakash inhales and

sings through nose, all laugh, Aakash inhales more and sings through nose, all are laughing and enjoying. Deepika claps for him, she asks you are fine? he says I love you. Deepika asks whats so difficult in life? she says man, Deepika says one sided love too? Arshi says it has power. Deepika asks Hiten and Arshi to come on stage. Hiten glares at her, Deepika says what look. Arshi says he gives me that look all the time. Deepika says lets turn tables, express your love Hiten, maybe fake, its task. Hiten inhales balloon and takes Arshi’s hand, he says dialogue ‘itni shiddat se tumhe paane ki koshish hai.. har zarre ne milani ki kohish ki hai’, all clap. Deepika asks Sapna to dance. Sapna comes on stage, she is wearing nice white saree and starts her energetic dance, all enjoy, Deepika hoots for her, Sapna dances on choori bindass, all clap for her. Deepika says you earned hearts, you should get reward, I am giving you some important power, you can punish one inmate, tell name first. Sapna says what Aakash did Shilpa this week, it was not nice, its their personal matter but he can do this with anyone so he should be punished. Deepika asks Puneesh to bring things. Puneesh brings chains and says Aakash is khalnayak. Puneesh makes Aakash wear changes around neck to feet. Deepika says you have to wear them till Bigg boss’s order. Aakash says I wore full body jewelry. Deepika says I want to know three more names, first name is who has self-respect, fighter, boys tell me which girl have those guts. Vikas says its Shilpa, Hiten says Shilpa, Luv says Hina, Aakash says Ben, Priyank says Shilpa, Puneesh says Shilpa. Deepika gives crown to Shilpa. Deepika says next person is who fights for rights and justice. All say its Hiten. Deepika rewards him with sword. Arshi says now I will walk with pride, Hiten says I got sword and she is happy. Deepika says now you have to give name who is clever, you damage and plan to destroy things. Aakash says its Vikas, Hina says its Vikas because he damaged his friendship with Hiten, Sapna says Puneesh because Salman said that Puneesh made Aakash against Shilpa, he damaged their friendship, Hiten says its Puneesh, he provoked Aakash, Arshi says we got insulted because of Puneesh, Vikas says Puneesh, Shilpa says Puneesh, we are close to Puneesh, he could have handled things, Bandagi says he tried, Shilpa says let me talk, Bandagi says Puneesh didnt make him teach. I think its Arshi who damages. Ben says I dont think Puneesh influenced Aakash, many thought Vikas and Shilpa did drama. Puneesh says if they think I am villain then I will do it now. Deepika asks Puneesh. Puneesh says yes I am villain, I like to damage people, they are living with me, I never damaged anyone, I am villain now. Priyank says I want to take Vikas’s name. Deepika says Puneesh got most votes. Bandagi says Ranveer Singh is playing this role in movie? she says yes, Puneesh hoots. Deepika says I want to be here more but I have to leave, we will dance first. Deepika dances on Ghoomar song, all follow her and dance with her. Deepika thanks them all, Deepika hugs Hina, Sapna, Shilpa and says I love you, she says bye and leaves.

In house, Arshi says to Shilpa that they were fighting infront of Deepika?
Puneesh says to Bandagi that dont stop me now, I didnt come to win but I will set them all right. Bandagi hugs him and says calm down, I wont stop you, she hugs him and kisses his cheek.
Aakash says to Shilpa that Puneesh got blamed, you all fooled me, poor Puneesh provoked me. Arshi says you did wrong, you are far away from now. Shilpa says when you know what we did for you then time will be gone, you wont be able to say sorry too.

Aakash says Shilpa is looking nice in white, she thanks. Aakash says Shilpa will never be mom in black. Puneesh says son shouldnt be like that. Aakash says I am sorry Shilpa, Shilpa says just see what you are saying. Aakash says sorry to Arshi too.

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On stage, Salman says Deepika will be here soon, lets talk to inmates. Video call is connected to house. Salman says Deepika came in house, Aakash you are in chains now? all laugh. Salman asks Puneesh they made you villain infront of khalnayak? Puneesh says you are involved in all this, no one knew, you opened things, Salman says I said what I saw, Puneesh says I wanted to be prince and now I am wearing black sash. Salman says dinosaur task happened, I want to ask Puneesh what was your plan? he says it was.. Salman says leave it, Luv will tell, who was in your priority list? Luv laughs and says top most was Hina, Priyank and Hiten but I wanted Ben, Priyank, Sapna and save myself too. All laugh. Salman says Luv means zero in sport, it happened with you, you wanted to save everyone but at the sametime you wanted to go out of cage too? Luv says I wanted to be contender for captaincy and I wanted to go out till the end, Salman says whose photo you would have crushed? all laugh. Puneesh says he was in so much pressure that he went to washroom 6 times. Hina says he is very innocent. Vikas says he planned to destroy whole set. Salman says now its time to talk about elimination, you guess, I will come later, he ends call.

On stage, Salman welcomes Deepika Padukone on stage. Deepika comes stage, she dances on ghoomar song. Salman dances with her. Salman says Deepika promoted last year too, now she is here to promote Sanjay Leela’s movie, its her third movie with Ranveer and Sanjay. Deepika says Ranveer is in movie but we dont have any scene together, he is part of movie but didnt work together. Salman says its good you cleared that there are no scenes together. Salman says she is opposite Shahid in movie, there are no scenes of Ranveer and Deepika. All laugh. Salman says I will ask quick questions, Deepika says I can ask personal questions? he says later. Salman questions with whom you want to get stuck in lift? Deepika says with you, Salman says I want to get stuck with myself too. Salman says choose for date, kill and marry, you have option Sanjay, Ranveer and Shahid. Deepika says I will marry Sanjay, date Ranveer and Shahid is married so I will have to kill him. Deepika says what you will do? your options are Katrina, Jacqueline and me. Salman says I will date all three and kill all three, all laugh. Salman says you have to dance off-beat now. Deepika says it will be easier for you, Salman says I can dance sleeping too. They dance funnily on ghoomar song, Deepika laughs. Deepika says I want to give challenge, you have to dance like you got electric shock. Salman says my makeup artist dances like that, I will show you that. Salman dances like he got electric shock, all laugh. Deepika copies him. Salman says lets take selfie, he takes selfie with her. Salman thanks her for coming, she promotes her movie. Salman says I saw promos 2 months back, I remember Shahid’s dialogue, he says dialogue about Rajput, all clap. Salman greets her, she hugs him and leaves.

Salman connects video call to house. Salman says we saw physical this week, seems like thirst is there still, so its time to give you chance, we give you chance to take out frustration. Salman says its time for Sultani ring, Arshi says me and Shilpa want to take frustration out on Aakash, we want to beat him. Salman says this time you are rejected, Arshi. Salman says Shilpa and Hina will be going to ring today. Shilpa says why me? Hina says we dont have fight. Salman ask them to get ready. Hina says its bad mud there, I pray to never go there. Salman says its Multani mud in Sultani ring, all laugh.

Salman comes to Sultani ring. Shilpa and Hina comes there dressed for fight. Salman says first round will be verbal diarrhea, you have to tell why other doesnt have capability to go ahead in show. Hina says Shilpa doesnt want to work in TV industry, she says that TV actors are bad, she forgets that this show cast on TV only. Shilpa says she keeps repeating same thing, she is TV artist and wants to portray that I am bad one, she wont go ahead like this. Hina says I respect you but you keep bickering about TV actors, I dont like that she doesnt want to do TV shows, what are you doing? Shilpa says I dont want to do daily soaps, Shilpa says I dont think she will go ahead in show this way. Hina says I never talked back about fraternity, you do work in house and then brag about it so much. Shilpa says I never brag about it, you sing what you work. Hina says everyone has flaws, you point out mistakes, but I accept my mistakes. Shilpa says you ask people what my mistakes are, Hina says I never talk back about you. Salman asks votes for Shilpa. Vikas, Arshi, Aakash votes for Shilpa, Hina gets 7 votes and wins first round. Salman says now 2nd round is physical round, you have to use foam shield and throw other person in mud, Hina says Shilpa you win, I dont want to get in mud. They start fight, they force each other with shield to throw other in mud. Arshi asks Shilpa to throw her. Shilpa pushes and throws Hina in mud, Hina says you are stronger Shilpa. Priyank asks Hina to get up. Hina hugs Shilpa. Salman says they have one-one point. In third round, you have to throw other in mud using hands and no shield, winner will get 3 points, Hina says no.. no.. They start round and starts to pushes each other, Shilpa throws Hina in mud. Salman says Shilpa won this round and won this game. Salman says have mud spa and photoshoot. Shilpa lies with Hina in mud and they pout. All laugh. Salman gives meddle to Shilpa, they go in house.

Hina comes in house and says Shilpa said I am not Arshi, Arshi says I heard. Priyank brings Hina’s dress.

On stage, Salman connects call to house. Salman says Aakash you can take off chains. Aakash says I said sorry to Shilpa, Arshi kissed me. Arshi says I didnt forgive you. Salman says its time for elimination. Salman asks Ben, what do you think? Ben says just send me, all laugh. Salman says when you are seen in house, people watch you, you upped your game, Hina is seen too but Sapna is not seen, she is not seen participating, thats not good. Sapna says I am leaving? dont joke, I am really going? yay. Salman says lets joke with Ben.. I am sorry Ben, you are leaving this time. Salman says BEN IS ELIMINATED. All are shocked. Salman signs off from show. Hina hugs Ben and cries. Ben comes to Priyank and says I will miss you a lot, she hugs him, he kisses her cheek/
Arshi says to Shilpa that Priyank is drama, Shilpa says no. 1 Drama.
Vikas says to Ben that you played nicely, Ben says I love you Priyank, Ben starts leaving. Priyank cries for her. Ben wishes luck to everyone and leaves house.

Priyank says to Bandagi that I am habituated to her, dont know how. He is in tears, Hina hugs him and says we are with you, Priyank cries, Hina says everything will be fine, you are a strong boy.

PRECAP- Tomorrow is nomination. Vikas says to Hina and Hiten that we have pair, we will not go out. Hina says why I am getting nominated? Arshi says I wont go. Hina says if no one wants to get nominated then I wont get nominated too.


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