Bigg Boss 11 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Diwali Gift for Inmates only on

Day 17 (continued)
Bigg boss says to inmates that after what happened in task yesterday, we thought you people would behave, Vikas was repenting breaking rules but now he broke rule again and proved that he didnt care about rules so now this will affect luxury budget too. Puneesh says what is this? why we are bearing their mistake?

In jail, Arshi and Jyoti says we wont do this mistake again. Mehjabi comes to Arshi that you did mistake and all our efforts are gone, we bore everything in task to win this. In house, Shilpa says we cant expect anything from Arshi but Vikas? Aakash says this is how we live in family?

Sapna says to Hina that Arshi will be in trouble, all are troubles are going to catch up on her.
In jail, Arshi is crying, Ben says you are
crying? Arshi says they are all bad people.
Sapna says to Hina that she is worse than an animal, Hina says right, I feel bad for people who think she is funny.
Ben comes to Hiten and says Arshi is not bad, Hiten says she did mistake everyone.
Arshi says they keep eye on everything, why we eat or anything.

Vikas says to Hiten that Bigg boss took action, you people didnt do anything, I wont touch any luxury budget, I am done, he says to Hina that I promised to not make you cry but because of us luxury budget is lost and she cried. Hina says you know Arshi cursed me about my mother. Arshi says I didnt curse her. Luv says Arshi you cursed Hina. Hina says this is what she does, she doesnt accept her mistake, remain silent Arshi. Arshi takes slipper and says I will throw at you, Hina screams at her to throw at her face, Arshi throws spit at Hina. Vikas says what are you doing? Arshi says you people are not watching her? Luv says she is so bad woman. Shilpa says Hina this is not your class. Hina says that if Vikas and Ben didnt talk to Arshi then she wouldnt have this much guts, she is nothing more than a dust on my slipper, she has made her parents disappointed, her parents will spit on her now, you all inmates have given her guts to spit at people. Arshi says I wont spare you Hina when I am come out. Mehjabi says she is doing it for footage.

Aakash asks Bandagi if she gave kiss to Puneesh? she laughs. Ben is lying beside Aakash. Aakash says Ben have given me a kiss. Aakash asks Bandagi to give a kiss to Puneesh, Puneesh says she has never given me a kiss. Bandagi says I will kiss when I want to. Aakash tries to kiss Ben but she pushes him away, Aakash laugh.

Day 18
Inmates wake up happy diwali. Sabya hugs Arshi from jail. All inmates wish diwali to each other. There is rangoli of diwali in garden. Puneesh asks if he can open jail? this is diwali.

Bigg boss wishes diwali to everyone, he says we wont ever want inmates to be away from celebrations so we end punishment of people in jail, he asks Puneesh to open jail. Hina says now storm will come in house. Puneesh comes to Vikas in jail, he is under comforter, Puneesh asks him to come out, he says I dont want to come, Puneesh says please come, he leaves. Jyoti says to Vikas that it was our mistake and now we should own it. Vikas says let me do what I want to, dont question it. Jyoti says Bigg boss will scold you again.

Hiten and Ben asks Vikas to come out. Vikas says last night I was crying and they were laughing at me. Luv says nobody will say rubbish. Jyoti says you can comeback here if they laugh at you. Vikas says dont teach me, there are mental women in house. Arshi says Hina was fighting like mad. Ben says you spit on her, it was wrong. Arshi says wont her parents spit on her? she is doing all this.

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Vikas and Arshi are in jail, Vikas says I thought our histories are different. Vikas says he loved me too, my boyfriend used to have time for me, (Arshi knows his boyfriend). Vikas says our love was based on need and when needs ended love ended too, Arshi says you must have cried, Vikas says I controlled myself publicly.

Arshi comes in house, she wishes Luv. She comes to Shilpa and hugs her tightly, Shilpa asks to leave her, Arshi says I wont Arshi makes Shilpa eat sweets, Shilpa makes her eat too.

Bigg boss says to inmates that when punishment ends, you cant stay in jail at your will, Vikas your punishment has ended so come out of jail, he says okay. In house, Shilpa says even kids have more IQ then him.

There are family photos hanging above pool in garden of inmates. Puneesh says this is my dad and mom. Sapna cries and shows her family’s photo.

Hina reads task, there is chance to get special gifts from families. there are boxes in garden and keys of those boxes are hanging above swimming pool, when buzzer plays, inmates will be shown a message from inmate’s family, inmates have to guess whose family’s message is that, key is going to be lowered in pool, if their guess is right then that inmate can go in pool and collect key and open box to get gift but they guess wrong inmate then key will be thrown in pool and inmate will lose gift.

First message is shown, all inmates guess that this message is from Sapna’s family. Bigg boss says your guess was right, Sapna can collect key from pool. Sapna runs to pool, key is lowered, she takes it and opens her gift box, there are family photos and jackets in it, she says I wont cry now.

Vikas says to Hina that most worst thing in jail was Arshi, she lies and all that, Hina says you dont do things like her so you trust her everytime.
Puneesh asks Arshi why she spit at Hina? Arshi says my blood was boiling.
Vikas says to Ben and Hina that I tried to end things with Shilpa, she hugged me, we said sorry and then she is going mad again, I cant stay in this mental house.
Arshi says to Puneesh that I dont like this Hina’s face, she says to Sapna that I fought with you but we can look in each others eyes but I cant look in her eye.

Another message is shown on screen. Arshi reads it and says my papa.. I love you. Inmates give Arshi’s name, Bigg boss says correct answer, she can collect key of her gift box. Arshi jumps in pool and gets key, she opens gifts and got clothes and things from family.

Inmates get another message, Hiten says its from my dad, Puneesh says Bigg boss this is for Hiten, Bigg boss says right answer. Hiten jumps in pool and gets key, he hugs photo of his family. He opens gift box. Ben says Arshi see him now. Arshi says he is daddy, I cant believe it. Hiten hugs picture of his wife, there is message for him to be leader, he says I got your message.

Inmates get another message “Mummy-papa happy, happy diwali”, they are not able to dedect whose message is this, Ben says my family says to keep them happy. Inmates say it must be from Ben’s family. Bigg boss says wrong answer. Inmates come in garden, Bigg boss says it was from Mehjabi’s family. Mehjabi starts crying. Her key is thrown in pool and she cant get gift. key is thrown in pool and gets destroyed, inmates are pained to see that. Hina says Bigg boss dont do this on Diwali, her has small baby, Shilpa asks her to be strong. Mehjabi cries and goes in washroom. Mehjabi says to Sabya that my daughter call us mummy-papa happy family, I couldnt understand it.

Inmates read another message, its a riddle “you have to go out to house to roam around world”. Shilpa says it can be from my family, I dont leave house much. Puneesh says my family says this too. Inmates say this is from Puneesh’s family. Bigg boss says wrong answer. Inmates come in garden, Bigg boss says this message was from Sabya’s family, Sabya is confused about message, his key is thrown in pool, he says its okay, I couldnt guess it, Hina hugs him.

Inmates get another message “be a lioness in house”, inmates guess that this is from Shilpa’s family, Bigg boss says correct answer, Shilpa runs to pool and catches her key. She opens her gift box and finds photo and gift, she gets saree and gets happy, Hina hugs her.

Vikas comes to bedroom and is singing Inteha hogyi intezar ki.. In garden, Mehjabi looking at her family photo.

Inmates get another message, all inmates guess that its from Vikas’s family because of nickname ‘coochipoo’ used in message. Bigg boss says right answer, Vikas collects key from pool and opens his gift. He finds clothes, and mug.

Inmates get another message, its a sing. Aakash says Hina sings this song. Hina says I am not sure. Vikas says its from Hina’s house. Bigg boss says right answer. Hina collects key from pool, she hugs photo of her family. Shilpa says open box, you are taking too much footage. Hina opens gift, its a mug and lion soft toy, mug has messages. Hiten says we will play with lion soft toy.

Another message is shown, Aakash my mother used to sing this lullaby, its from my family. Puneesh says Bigg boss this for Aakash, Bigg boss says right answer. Aakash takes of his shirt, he jumps in pool and grabs key. He opens gift box, he has got jacket. Hiten says not bad.

Vikas says to Hiten that this task is good because it makes us realize we are human and have emotions, Aakash tries to act rockstar but got emotional too. Hiten says he cried.

All inmates take selfie, they make faces. Bigg boss wishes them for Diwali and says we hope coming time it great for you, all inmates thank him. Firework starts in house, all inmates dance and enjoy. They all make circle and sing happy diwali song.

Puneesh is in bed with Bandagi and says I want diwali gift, I have fallen in love, God save me, Bandagi says God has made you meet me, Bandagi says I am scared, Puneesh says dont worry, I will take care of things. Bandagi says my boyfriend will be angry, he will say if I was not interested then didnt I end it before? he must have seen all this and know if its real or fake. Puneesh says its real, I am here for you, Bandagi says he can come here. Puneesh says be with me. Bandagi says forever?

PRECAP- Captaincy task starts. Vikas backs out from task and says my arm is hurting. Sapna says you can carry Lucinda with your arm but cant play task? I dont understand what you are trying to do. Vikas says I am not playing. Sapna says I dont care who you are, its not only you who are playing game.
Bigg boss asks inmates to choose two inmates who performed best in task and will be contender for captaincy.
Sapna says its me and hina as contender for captaincy.
Ben says to Arshi that I wont accept this, they have done wrong with us, either Hina or Sapna becomes captain, both are worst for us, I wont spare hina, she has done so much bad for me.


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