Bigg Boss 11 1st December 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 1st December 2017 Written Episode Update: Vikas becomes captain again only on

Day 60
Vikas sits outside jail and says to Puneesh whats Arshi’s logic? Vikas says I am scolding her, why Arshi is doing this with me? I have been with her, I have took stand for her and now she is insulting me on national television? I dont understand her logic, good Arshi, Arshi writes words for Vikas like best friend, disloyal.. Vikas says talk to me. Arshi says I dont want to talk. Vikas says I am ending this friendship now, live your life. He leaves.

Arshi asks Hiten to ask Vikas to not talk to much, Hiten says he is my friend, my only friend. Arshi says I will give you friendship, Hiten laughs and says I dont need your friendship, thank you, give it to Priyank. Arshi laughs and asks why he got married? Hiten says I got nice wife, you can think about Luv and Priyank.
Arshi says Luv likes Hina, I wont take sister’s would be husband, all laugh.

day 61
Inmates wake up to song DJ wale babu, they all dance and enjoy.

Shilpa brings tea for Vikas and Hina, Hina says why did you bring it for me? Shilpa says I gave it to Vikas so brought for you too. Hina says no, I dont need to hear about it for next 7 days, dont do my work. vikas says let it be Hina. Hina says I asked this woman to make my breakfast when she was cooking for everyone else but she didnt make it, I cant forget that day. Vikas says dont do it. Hina says I like to do work for others too, she counts every work. Priyank says its okay Hina,its just morning, you can ignore it. Hina takes tea. Vikas says she might want to sort out. Hina says she can talk to me, she doesnt have to make tea and then sing whole day.

Arshi asks Hiten to ask Vikas not to shout. Vikas says I am not talking to you. Arshi writes ‘I love VG’ and says my friendship will never end. Vikas says my friendship have ended, I am done. Hiten says she was stressed too, it was her birthday. Vikas says she was doing drama. Hiten says she is sorry, talk to her. Vikas says I wont. Hiten says she even asked me to choose between her and you. Vikas says why is she asking to choose? Arshi says you know mental condition in jail. She says to Vikas that you do things too, Vikas says I dont do anything, tell me what I do? Arshi says you were against us in task, Vikas says it was my work, I was a referee. Bigg boss asks Hiten to bring Arshi, Puneesh and Bandagi out of jail, their time has ended. Shilpa says they have lessen the time of jail now. Arshi says I was talking about fight and they brought me out. Arshi comes to Aakash, Aakash says I didnt eat breakfast, I dont want to eat from Shilpa’s hand, Arshi says I will make it. Arshi comes to Shilpa and says I did so much for you when I was in jail and you are cooking for Puneesh and Bandagi? Shilpa says you are so cheap. ARshi says you are most cheap woman of world, Aakash was not stopping in task but I stopped him for you, you didnt even offer me food, I called you mother and you are nothing like my real mother, my mother doesnt stop giving me food, you just let us call you mother for credit only, she leaves. Bandagi comes to Shilpa and says Arshi wants to go to Sultani ring with you, thats why she is doing this. Shilpa is emotional and says you really think that I wont ask about food to her? I went to Aakash with food for many times too, she should be ashamed for saying all that.

Aakash says to Arshi that I wont eat Shilpa’s food. Arshi says I wont eat it too, Aakash says she must be mixing poison in her food. Arshi says I will cook our food. Hiten comes there. Aakash says Shilpa talks bad about you too, she says who knows about Hiten Tejwani? and all that. Shilpa is working in kitchen and silently hearing all that. Hiten asks Arshi to make beans dish separately if she wants. Arshi says she is miffed with me without any reason, there is no reason to be angry. Bandagi says you have hurt her with your words.
Shilpa comes to luggage room and cries. Puneesh says they called you mother for their benefit and now when you are not useful for them so they went to Hina. Shilpa cries and says they are doing this for a show? for 3 months show? Arshi comes there and says I will bring your truth out, you dont deserved to be called mother, I am ashamed to call you mother, you dont deserve any relation, you could have asked for food, I did a lot for you, you asked food for Puneesh and Bandagi but not me, just to hurt me? when you were alone and nobody was with you, I was with you, I am not Hina’s friend, I asked Vikas to save her in task too, poor her. Shilpa says you are poor, innocent. Arshi says I am not poor, Arshi says you want footage, you roam around Vikas for footage, you move around him to get footage.

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Bigg boss asks inmates to choose two inmates from winning team and inmates from referees to make them contender for captaincy. Arshi says Hiten and Priyank for me. Shilpa says Vikas and Hiten. Bandagi says Shilpa you didnt become captain for once, Vikas was captain once. Puneesh says he was captain for two days only. Vikas says Shilpa and Hiten should be captain. Hina says you are getting chance too Vikas then why you are leaving it. Shilpa says to Bandagi I wont be able to run house, Bandagi says you shouldnt be leaving chance. Shilpa says Vikas should be captain, majority is taking his name too. Arshi says it should be Priyank and Vikas. Bandagi and Shilpa agrees. Arshi says they changed sides so fast.
Bigg boss asks inmates about contenders for captaincy? Hiten says inmates have chosen Priyank and Vikas as contender for captaincy.

Shilpa says to Puneesh that we will lose in captaincy task, Vikas is clever, he will not lose captaincy, he will win in task with majority.
Arshi says they changed statement so soon. Aakash says yes.
Vikas says to Hiten that I tried to give my and Shilpa’s name but they are not agreeing. Aakash says to Vikas that me and Arshi are with you.

Shilpa is working on garlic. Arshi comes and sits beside her, she keeps staring at her, Shilpa avoids her. Vikas says this house is Karma, exact same thing, Shilpa used to do that with me, used to keep staring at me, Arshi is doing same with her. Arshi says to Shilpa that you should take medicine, she leave. Shilpa is tears, she weeps and wipes her tears. Arshi comes back and says I brought your medicine, take it, are you stressed? is there any problem? Shilpa doesnt take medicine from her. Aakash is seeing all that. Arshi says to Shilpa that you are very clever Shilpa.

Priyank reads captaincy task to inmates. Task is DJ war, both Priyank and Vikas will be DJs, there is DJ console for both of them in garden, when song plays, Vikas and Priyank will go their consoles. Supporters of both the DJs will come and dance one by one near that DJ’s console whom they are supporting. 4-4 songs will be played for both each DJ. By the end of task, which DJ have more supporters danced for him will win task and become captain. Hiten cant dance for any contender so he will be referee. Shilpa says its entertaining task.

Priyank asks Arshi if she will dance for him? she says no. Priyank asks Bandagi, she says pacify me. Priyank asks Shilpa if she will dance for him? Shilpa laughs and says its Vikas ji on other side so I wont be able to support you. Vikas asks Hina to dance for him, Hina says you already have majority.
Priyank comes to Puneesh and says deal is that if I become captain then I wont nominate you, Puneesh says if you get chance then you will save me too from nominations? Priyank says I promise, Puneesh says promise on India, Priyank says I swear on india that I will save you from nominations, Priyank leaves.
Bandagi asks Puneesh you believe Priyank? you will dance for him? Puneesh says he promised, Bandagi says you will lose Vikas too. Puneesh says who is Vikas? I want to make Arshi lose so I will go in end. Bandagi says you are really dancing for Vikas, he says yes.

Song plays. Hina dances for Priyank, Arshi dances for Vikas. All enjoyg. Hiten says its 1-1 score now.
Priyank says to Aakash that if its me Vs. Shilpa then I would have won, Puneesh took my deal as they are scared of nominations.
Vikas says to Puneesh that they think you took deal and will dance for Priyank, I will show now that I wont give you deal. Vikas says loudly to Puneesh that I wont save you from nominations, Puneesh says then I will take Priyank’s deal (he lies). Bandagi says we wont cheat vikas for one deal.

Song kisko dun plays. Luv dances for Priyank, Shilpa dances for Vikas, Vikas says see who is dancing for me. They both dance funnily, all enjoy. vikas hugs and thanks Shilpa.

Hina says to Priyank that if you dont get right to save from nominations then? Priyank says then I wont save.
Vikas says to Arshi that I have given honesty to Puneesh and Bandagi, I dont think they will cheat me, they wont do it.

Song plays. Aakash dances for Priyank. Bandagi dances for Vikas. They dance on I am disco dance. Aakash takes of his shirt and dances. Priyank takes off his shirt too. He thanks Aakash.

Vikas says to Priyank that I am sorry, I insulted you on national TV, you are becoming captain now so please keep my respect on TV, Hina is important for you, you have given promise to Puneesh then keep me third, atleast keep me third.
Hina says to Luv that I wouldnt think about showing greed of nominations, I wouldnt think of giving deal to save people and not my friends, I would want to save my friends even if I lose captaincy.

Kala chashma song plays. Puneesh dances and goes to Vikas’s console, he dances for Vikas and nothing is left for Priyank. Vikas dances too, Hina dances too. Priyank gives his captain jersey to Vikas. Priyank dances for Vikas too. All dance and enjoy. Bigg boss says Vikas won task, we congratulate him for captaincy. Shilpa says dont run from house now. Hina says he didnt want to be captain? Puneesh says to Vikas that your captaincy was taken for beating me and you got captaincy because of me now.

Arshi taunts Shilpa in kitchen. Priyank is washing dishes. Arshi says dont do it Priyank, let me wash to show off to whole world. Aakash laughs and says I love it. Shilpa ignores them. Puneesh says to Bandagi that Aakash have become irritating. Arshi says Shilpa always want to be in kitchen, if she didnt get anything then she will start cleaning, I used to ask her if I can help her in washing dishes but she always said no because she wanted to show in camera that she does all work.

Arshi takes broom and says whole house is clean but Shilpa is busy in b*t*hing and cant clean house. Shilpa says to Bandagi that Arshi was with me to irritate Vikas. Puneesh says Arshi is cornering you so you get scared and leave, she is playing dirty.
Hina says to Luv that I cleared that I am not Arshi’s friend, we are just cordial.
Arshi and Aakahs are sweeping, they say we will work now, they laugh and sweep.
Puneesh says they are irritating now, he says to Shilpa that their game is about Shilpa, Puneesh and Bandagi.
Hina says to Priyank and Vikas that Arshi and Aakash are ultimately giving attention to Shilpa.

Luv says to Priyank that Salman said if we dont think Shilpa can be contender for captaincy? Hina feels like she is not given enough importance. Priyank says Hina is clearly insecure, Luv says I might leave this weekend and you can leave too. Priyank says Hina thinks she will be finalist but that cant be said. Luv says Shilpa is playing very nicely, she does one thing and all start talking about her. Priyankk says Hina is very insecure, things are not working out for her, she is not doing much in game and yesterday she was not happy to get devil’s title and not BB11 winner’s title, Vikas and Hina are kind of same and I know these people nicely.

Vikas says I pray to God that I dont get any power to save anyone, or to nominate anyone. Aakash says keep promising to save everyone. Vikas says I dont want fights, I just to be nice captain. Vikas laughs and says Aakash said that I am working most, I said dont do this again. Aakash says I worked before in his captaincy, I will work a lot now, I will wash carpets, I will work so much. Vikas says God no. Arshi laughs.

PRECAP- On weekend ka vaar, Salman comes on stage. Katrina Kaif will join him. Salman promotes his movie Tiger. Katrina comes on stage and dances with him. In house, Shilpa says tiger is alive till now.


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