Bigg Boss 11 1st November 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 1st November 2017 Written Episode Update: Ben and Vikas becomes contender for captaincy watch only on

Day 31
Inmates wake up to song paisa paise karti hai. Shilpa says it was real money in task, murders would have happened.

Puneesh says to Vikas that Aakash is giving money to everyone saying he wants to make relations with everyone fine, I am giving money to Ben too.Vikas says I made Aakash understand last night. Puneesh says Aakash said that he is my friend but he hates Bandagi, he has so much bad behavior, he is totally changed after money.
Arshi says to Aakash that you can use shield for one week,

if you leave then only I will be sad for you, Aakash says I will leave happily, he leaves. Vikas asks Arshi to steal Aakash’s shield, shield is immunity power so if shield is gone then power is gone too, Arshi gives shield to him and he hides it. Vikas leaves. Aakash comes there and says Arshi you are a snake, money changed you, Arshi says you have money not us.

Aakash comes to Hina and Hiten and says Arshi made say things, I didnt say those on my own, I was ashamed to use these words, he says about Hiten that Hiten is nothing, I give him attention, Aakash says to Hina that Arshi called you Ra*di. Hiten says if you remain like this then we will like you, Aakash says I am like this. Hiten says whats yours.

Shilpa comes Luv that I have to keep money for myself too for captaincy, Vikas cant become captain, If you work for me and complete one order. Luv says I can go to Vikas’s team, I will show that I am in his team, when material comes, I will go in store room as Vikas’s representative but I will bring material and give it to you, Shilpa says I will give you 10000 for that.

Bigg boss announces that cushion factory task starts again, they have to submit order of 50 cushions in 2 hours. Luv comes in store room with Vikas, he collects things but brings it to Shilpa. Shilpa asks how much money he wants? he says anything. Vikas says Luv cheated us but we have got enough material.

Shilpa comes to Vikas’s den and tries to steal some cushions but Vikas holds her hand and says you cant snatch like that. Shilpa shouts that you cant touch me like that, Hiten separates them. Shilpa says Mehjabi and Arshi were there but Vikas had to jump on me and hold me back? Vikas says you tried to snatch. Shilpa comes to their den again, Arshi protects their cushions and says Shilpa is poor and *******, Hina says Arshi please dont say personal things, Aakash says eww Arshi. Vikas is trying to cut fruit but Shilpa takes it from him and says its Bigg boss’s property, she takes it and starts cutting. Shilpa says Bigg boss is great, I am rich and Gupta is poor. Vikas glares at her as she eats fruit. Shilpa says I have to take bath as this woman(Arshi) touched me. Arshi says you mean to say Mehjabi touched you? Mehjabi says to Shilpa that you are impure and I dont want to pure you, even I my spit can make you clean but I wont even spit on you, Shilpa says spit and we will see.

Shilpa comes to Luv and Aakash and says Mehjabi said those cheap things for task? she was acting or saying for real?

Vikas says to Sapna that Shilp attacked me first. Ben comes there. Vikas says I dont want to talk you or Priyank, Ben says I want to see your hand, Vikas says I dont want to show you hand or anything, Ben says Priyank told me that you wont talk but I tried, what wrong we did? Vikas says I forgave you earlier too, you are all fake, I dont want to talk, Ben walks away.

Vikas is quality checking Shilpa’s cushions. He rejects some cushions, he shows sewing to Puneesh and rejects most of cushions, he approves 21 cushions.

Bigg boss says time to give 50 cushions order has ended, both factory owners couldnt fulfill order so they both failed, they have to give material back to bigg boss, put them in store room. Vikas says they never return things, they hide it. In garden, Hina hides thread in Sapna’s pocket.
Vikas goes in washroom and sighs.

Shilpa says to Vikas that you must be planning how to destroy my life after show, this poor old girl, you even made Mehjabi say bad things, they both are eating. Shilpa says to Vikas that I dont like to behave like this with you, if you accept that you did something with me then I will leave you alone. Vikas says I swear on food that I never was unfair to you, I am swearing on my family, Shilpa says how much money you want? Vikas say if did bad with you then my career be doomed.

Mehjabi cries and says to Vikas and Hina that Shilpa called me cheap, dirty and filthy because I am from some side of Delhi? people heard me calling her impure but she said things too.

Hina comes to Shilpa and says Mehjabi is crying that you said things to Mehjabi, Shilpa says she said things first and now blaming?

Hina says to Shilpa that I feel Puneesh and Bandagi can change sides in end, keep money protected, Arshi cant be trusted, Shilpa says this is game, Hina says I just want to tell that keep some money for yourself in end.

Bigg boss says to inmates that their last order is of 25 cushions, they have to complete it in 2 hours, after task ends, inmates cant swap money here and there, after task nobody can give money to other. They all run in store room and takes material.
Arshi comes to Vikas and says I want 1000 for Shilpa’s trust.Vikas says I am not going to approve her order.
Bandagi comes to Vikas and says I am angry with them that they dont think I am deserving, Vikas says Hina wont let you take credit, Bandagi says then I wont let Ben become captain too. Vikas says I have gameplan, Hiten will give money to me, Bandagi says Hiten wont give it to you, Vikas says I trust Hiten like you trust Puneesh.

Shilpa comes to Hina and says I can give you all 1000, you have to share it, Hina says you have 65k, this is too low, Shilpa says we didnt complete order, I am owner, I cant give money to everyone more than this, take your amount from this 10k, Hina says but thats not fair, Shilpa says Aakash have taken money from me and he is not giving back. Priyank asks Luv to collect our money. Luv takes out bag and goes in house. Vikas says to Bandagi that we have to get this money. Hina says Shilpa cheated us to make Aakash captain.

Shilpa and Arshi laughs, Arshi says Hina was so angry. Aakash is locked in washroom.Shilpa asks Aakash to give money to them. Aakash says they will make Priyank win, Shilpa cries and says if you are true person then give money to them, this is about one week only, I dont want money, give all money to them. Shilpa cries and says to Aakash that give them money, I dont want it, so much cheapness for a task? Aakash says dont cry, Shilpa says I dont want to play any game. She gives 100rs to Arshi and says they are left only. Shilpa says to Aakash that you are winner, come out and give them money. Aakash opens washroom door and gives some money to Sapna.

Vikas says to Puneesh that make me winner, Puneesh says you cant become captain then why? Vikas says I will get something, just trust me once, Bandagi says how much money you want? Vikas says more than Shilpa, atleast 30k.
Aakash comes in bedroom, Shilpa asks Aakash to give it to Hiten, Aakash gives money to Ben, and leaves. Sapna says to Priyank that Aakash is not wrong,he is not that bad, he is not doing anything and giving money.
Shilpa comes to Hina and asks how much money you want? she says we didnt get any yesterday too so atleast 10k, Aakash says but its too much. Shilpa says just give them all money, we played our game, I dont want money, just give it to them, Aakash says I will keep one bundle to wave in air, she says okay. Aakash gives money to everyone in Shilpa’s team
Vikas sees money in Pooja’s hand and asks Mehjabi to take it from her, Mehjabi goes to Pooja and asks for money, Pooja gives it.
Priyank counts money with Ben and says we will make you win.

Mehjabi comes to Shilpa and says listen to me, Shilpa says I am begging you to give me space. Mehjabi hugs her and cries, she says I am really sorry, Shilpa cries, they console each other.
vikas’s team is counting money, Hina says make pillows, we will not get luxury budget with money.
Shilpa comes to Aakash and says they are running behind money, they all left task, Aakash says why did you cry? they sit under table, Aakash says I had money to win but I gave away, Shilpa says thank you. Aakash says when my mother cries, I laugh. Shilpa says I am sorry, Aakash says its okay, I gave my 15k that I earned too, she says thank you.

Shilpa comes to Sapna and says why you are making pillows in my den? o to Vikas’s factory and make pillows, you are all going to give money to him. Ben says I dont know what you are saying. Hina says to Shilpa that I was always on your side, I am doing this for luxury budget, I am not on Vikas’s side, I wont go to Vikas’s team, I wont play then. Vikas says Hina is a footage queen, if its about luxury budget then she can make pillows in my factory. Hina says to Sapna that we did all work for luxury work.

Shilpa comes to Vikas’s den and sees 25 cushions for quality, buzzer plays, Shilpa says approved, Bandagi says she said approved, she said they are all approved. Vikas says she didnt approve it. Bigg boss says time for completing order ends and both owners failed to complete any order so all orders were failed. Vikas says see I told you, she didnt say approved to order before buzzer played and our order didnt get approved. Shilpa says I said approved before buzzer.

Bigg boss asks inmates to tell how much money they each have. He asks Ben first. Their money detail:

Ben – 1.1lac
Sabya, Hiten, Mehjabi, Arshi, Pooja, Bandagi, Sapna, Puneesh, and Hina have 0 money
Luv – 18K

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Bigg boss says Ben have most points in workers so she wins the task in workers, Ben thanks everyone. Bigg boss says both owners couldnt fulfill any order so their points will be seen and see who won between them with more points. Shilpa says I have no points. Vikas says 99800 points. Bigg boss says Vikas won task between owners, Bne and Vikas are congratulated.

Sapna says to Priyank that I didnt give money to Ben, I gave it to you. Priyank says I thought you wanted Ben to become captain.

Aakash is with Ben and Shilpa, Aakash says to Shilpa that we gave points to her, listen to me, Ben ignores him. Shilpa asks Aakash to calm down. Ben says you wanted to give money but then you changed mine in morning, Aakash says I gave money in end, Ben says I love you, Aakash says she is playing games, I gave my money to her and she is still doing this? Ben says but he didnt want to give it to me, he said no but Sabya and others make him give it to me. Shilpa asks Aakash to calm down. Aakash says I was acting whole day that I wont give money to Ben but in end my plan was to give money to her and I did. Ben says I didnt know that. Shilpa shouts on Ben if she ever trust? Ben says I didnt know about all that.

Luv says to Hina that Shilpa is not even talking. Hina says give her time, Shilpa is trying to be bigger person showing that she gave all money to others, she lost and made us lose too.
Priyank says to Ben that this is your chance to prove.
Vikas says to Luv that why didnt you make Hiten contender? you all planned for cash and gave it to Ben? even Sapna is more capable than Ben.

Aakash says in camera that I had so much money but gave up, I will never let my head down.

Vikas says to Arshi that Priyank had to choose between brother and girl but he chose girl Ben and ditched his brother me, I was waiting for him till last minute to bring money and say brother I collected money for you but Priyank gave it all to Ben, Luv doesnt know what he is playing, Hiten plays fair but they cut him out too.

Priyank says to Aakash that Ben will be nice captain. Sapna says we have to make Aakash next captain, Priyank says just say truth and we will be with you.

Arshi asks Sabya if he loves Priyank? he says yes. Arshi says why? Hiten have kids. Sabya says I am just joking. Priyank says he loves someone else. Arshi comes near Sabya and says whom you love? I can bite you, he caresses his face, she says what you have, I dont have, Sabya says keep it to you then, Arshi says give what you have. Priyank burst out laughing.

Puneesh rubs Bandagi’s back, she says there are many cameras here, Puneesh says then dont let you give me a small kiss too? forget them. Bandagi says I like nights, you must have seen nights with me. Puneesh says so many nights, I have seen many nights but nights here with you are so nice, I dont want to go. Puneesh massages her back. She asks him to caress her hair, he says I will do that when you go to sleep, she says you will always caress them? he says always and what will I get? she says after we leave from here? what you wan? he smirks

PRECAP- Bigg boss says to inmates that going to jail will not fun but real punishment from now on. All inmates are shocked and start telling who should go to jail. hina says Arshi can go to jail. Arshi says she will tell Bigg boss what to do? Arshi is not going to jailin any case, she storms off. Shilpa says Vikas took money from his workers. Vikas says Aakash never had money with him. Priyank says I think Shilpa and Vikas should go to jail. Shilpa gets angry and storms off from there, she cries and throws her bottle away, she says I dont want to live with these people.


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