Bigg Boss 11 20th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 20th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Aakash changes the whole dynamics of the task only on

Day 79
Aakash says Arshi was crying so much, Arshi is like Shilpa. Arshi says ew I can never be like Shilpa, Shilpa says she will have to have 7 births to be like me. Arshi says botox botox.. Aakash says that Hiten was nothing, you will see how I will be a man when I am 40 years. Arshi says we have 40 years old Shilpa here too.
Puneesh says to Shilpa that Arshi and Aakash are eating your food and cursing you. Shilpa says I am swearing on this food that they will outside. Arshi says to Shilpa that you will see outside of what you have done with people.

Luv says to Priyank that did you get pink paper from Vikas? Priyank says I didnt get any paper. Hina says Vikas left it in bathroom. Luv says it was written that I sent him, I tried but I had to choose between you both

so I planned and sent him and saved you. Hina says Vikas took nailpolish. Priyank says its Vikas’s strategy. Hina says Vikas wants support from you people thats why saying all that. Luv says I said that I didnt get any paper.

Day 80
Inmates wake up to song mera murga dewaana. They all dance and enjoy.

Luv says to Priyank that in my turn, it will be tough game, Vikas can become contender too. Priyank says Vikas said that Luv is not playing from his side so I didnt answer him.
Luv comes to Vikas and says you think I will cheat you? Vikas says I will trust you when I see what you will do.

Aakash asks Puneesh whom you think will go home this time? you, me or Luv can go too. Puneesh says Luv is throwing dirt everywhere, he is thinking he is champion suddenly.
Luv comes to Arshi and says you will not throw my egg, Arshi says I have asked Vikas to save your egg too, Luv says I dont see your sad face, you will become captain too, forget about who promised to save your egg. Arshi says I will stand for you but I will break Shilpa’s egg, Luv says I will break her egg too, I have talked to Vikas.

Shilpa is in washroom area and crying silently, she says I earned small respect and that too is gone in Bigg boss, I dont know if I came for good or bad here, I have seen more bad people in life then I shouldnt worry here, people like these are everywhere, people dont care how much you do for them, how silent you are, they just say bad things, they are selfish. She cries and says they only think about themselves.

Luv says to Priyank that I have become friends with Vikas, I will be with him. Hina says you and Priyank wont come near me in next task, Priyank says you are insecure again that your friends are with Vikas again. Hina says Vikas was never with me, I dont want to talk, you both want to be on both sides, we will friends after task, I dont have problem with you both but dont talk to me about task, Priyank says whats your problem? supporting Vikas will not hurt your game. Hina says I want my friends to be with me, Vikas was never with me, Vikas was against Priyank whole season but now Hiten is gone so he is your friend? Luv says we have individual choice too. Hina says he wants everyone on his side so go. Priyank and Luv leaves.
Priyank says to Luv that Hina is expecting as a friend, she has asked me to choose between Hina and Vikas, Vikas said to me that I need to help him, he has asked me first time for favor. Luv says I want to be contender, Vikas is helping us so we will help him.

Hina says to Shilpa that I laughed after I got to know something, she says Vikas said to Priyank that he took Hiten’s name deliberately to save him so Aakash will go against Vikas and will choose Priyank so ultimately Priyank will be saved and it was a plan by Vikas. Hina says to Puneesh that Vikas left a note in washroom that he planned the nominations and sent him to save the other one, when Luv asked him about the note, Vikas said that note was for Hiten. Hina says he is telling Priyank that he wanted to save Priyank and telling others that he wanted to save Hiten, he is playing double game, Shilpa says I can expect that from Vikas. Hina leaves.
Hina comes to Luv and Priyank and says I did something so Shilpa will on our side and not on Vikas’s side, I told Shilpa that Vikas said to Priyank that he saved him in nominations, and told Luv that he wanted to save Hiten, Luv says what is happening? Hina says I am playing game as you said, we have to take Shilpa on our side as my friends are on Vikas’s side suddenly. Puneesh comes there and sings chitti na koi sandes. Priyank laughs. Luv asys wrong timing, now Puneesh is talking about Vikas’s note, Vikas will say that Luv told Puneesh.
Luv comes to Vikas and says I told Hina about your note and Hina went to Shilpa and Puneesh and told about that note. Vikas says that not was for Hiten, it didnt go out with him, it doesnt matter whom she tells now. Luv says Puneesh is singing about that note so I wanted to clarify that I didnt tell him, Hina told them that Vikas is saying some that he wanted to save Priyank and telling others that he wanted to save Hiten.

Vikas says to Priyank that you said that I would save you over Hiten, Priyank says I never said that. Vikas says those who are doing these cheap things then let them do it, he leaves. Hina says to Priyank that you said Vikas told you he wanted to save you, Priyank says I thought that but Vikas cleared that he wanted to save Hiten only. Vikas says some people are saying that I wanted to save Priyank over Hiten, I will never do it., Hina says to Priyank that why did you say that Vikas wanted to save you? Priyank says you said that Aakash will vote against you so you planned it, Vikas comes there and says Aakash is against me, I knew that if I vote for Hiten then he wont vote for Hiten but I didnt think that at that time, people should clear and talk before they go telling others lies. Hina says why I should talk to you? Vikas says then go talking about me and lies, Hina says I will do what I want, Vikas walks away. Hina says to Priyank that this is happening because of you, you said that Vikas told you that he wanted to save you but you didnt tell me that it was just your thinking and not Vikas’s words, she says sorry to Vikas and leaves. Hina says trust nobody here.
Vikas says to Priyank that I fought with you last week only, I never fought with you but I fought with you last week and that was my help.
Hina comes to Shilpa and says I am sorry, Vikas didnt say to Priyank that he wanted to save him over Hiten, it was just Priyank’s thinking, I shouldnt be saying things for people that are not confirmed.

Luv says to Hina and Shilpa that this all seems to be Vikas and Priyank’s plan. Hina says Priyank has to work with Vikas outside, Shilpa and says Vikas can.. you know. Shilpa says he is scared of Vikas. Luv says I am new in industry too. Hina says Priyank have signed contracts with him, Shilpa says contracts are in Vikas’s hands. Luv says Priyank have cursed him in show so Vikas will forget it? Shilpa says Priyank could have said that it was just for camera, Luv says maybe.

BB farm task starts. Aakash’s egg comes out of hen. Puneesh takes it, he plays with it, Aakash smiles. Arshi throws in pool, Aakash claps.

Hina says to Priyank that you told me that Vikas said to you that he wanted to save you but Vikas cleared that he never said it, it was just your thinking. Priyank says I will not talk about you both to each other from now on.

Vikas’s egg comes out of hen, all run to it. Puneesh, Arshi, Luv and Priyank sits infront of his egg. Arshi says out Vikas.. we will play dirty game and beat because we were beaten yesterday too, we will beat everyone now. Aakash says Arshi just say rubbish. Arshi says you wanted to throw Vikas’s egg in pool? come and take it, are you scared now? Aakash says your time for talking has started? Hina tries to take Vikas’s egg, all try to push Shilpa and Hina away, Arshi throws them away. Hina is stunned, Vikas pushes Hina away. Hina says Vikas literally jumped on me and Shilpa. Vikas says they are touching. Hina says Vikas is touching his egg too, Vikas says who said it? Hina says Bigg boss said it, Vikas says you were trying to snatch it so I had to defend it. Hina says but you were jumping on us. Luv asks Hina if she is fine? Hina says he is jumping on us for an egg. Hina says you cant touch me, Vikas says you throw yourself on boys and then say dont touch me, you take injust advantage of being a woman, Hina says you are saying bad stuff. Vikas says you did all this yesterday, you do things what I cant even say without shame, Hina says I cleared everything yesterday. Vikas says I am going my task.

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Shilpa says to Hina that Vikas is the only one who sugar coat talks with everyone, he talks to everyone. Hina says his plan was to make alliances with everyone, he tried to save Hiten so much but his masterstroke threw him out. Arshi says dont say like that. vikas says let her be, she jumps on boys and then make issue of touching. Hina says Vikas wanted to save Puneesh so he sacrificed Hiten, Gauri asked Hiten to play on frontfoot but with Vikas’s masterstoke, Hiten brother was gone, Vikas threw him out.

Aakash says to inmates that Vikas is a liar, I saw how he jumped on Shilpa and Hina and threw them away.
Luv says to Hina that I want you, me and priyank to be contender. Hina says I will try to save Shilpa’s egg, Shilpa says Vikas wont let me be contender, Hina says to Luv that you can tell Vikas that you are protecting his egg and then give us chance.
Luv comes to Vikas and asks about Shilpa’s egg, Vikas says Shilpa’s egg will be broken as Priyank will become contender. Aakash comes there and fools around near egg, Aakash says I am not touching the egg, Vikas says I am not well, dont mess with me, sit down, I will jump on you too. Aakash tries to take the egg, Vikas stops him. Shilpa says you cant touch your egg. Aakash suddenly jumps near egg. Aakash runs, snatches Vikas’s egg and throws it in pool before anyone can catch. He screams in delight. Hina runs and hugs him, Shilpa hugs him too. Aakash screams losers.. losers.. I did it alone, I threw it alone, I did it, I am the man of the house. Hina and Shilpa laughs and cant believe it. Aakash says I did it alone. Hina says its karma. Vikas asks Arshi to calm down, Arshi says it was all plan. Luv says I am swearing on my mother, I didnt cheat and give Aakash the chance. Hina says 5 people were saving and protecting Vikas’s egg but Aakash did it, Aakash says I threw Vikas’s 4 men in a second, no muscle boy can stand infront of me. Hina says we will hear this from Aakash for four days but hail Aakash, you did it. Puneesh says Aakash played it. Aakash says I am the mastermind. Vikas says to Arshi that we will save Luv’s egg. Aakash says I will never take Vikas’s side in show, hina says me too. Aakash says now 3 are left so make them contender, Hina says I am happy with Shilpa to be contender.

Luv says to Hina that what Aakash did with Vikas cant happen with us, I could have easily stopped Aakash, I was infront of him but I didnt stop Aakash. Hina laughs and says Vikas didnt doubt you? Luv says Arshi doubted that I gave chance to Aakash but I said I swear I didnt know what Aakash did. Hina says to Aakash that we will not play more, let them be contender now, Aakash says we will play a little. Priyank says you play as much as you want. Aakash says enough of Vikas’s side. Hina says no one should be on Vikas’s side anymore.

Priyank’s egg comes out of hen. Priyank, Luv and Hina sits infront of egg to protect it. Aakash comes near egg and says its difficult to take this egg, Luv says come on. Aakash says we will play now. Aakash tries to push through Priyank and Luv to get the egg but Luv pushes him away, Aakash says they are elbowing me. Hina says we got your strategy Aakash and I am not underestimating you. Aakash tries to snatch the egg again but Priyank hovers over his egg, Shilpa asks Aakash to let it be, let Priyank be captain. Vikas asks Aakash to leave it. Aakash keeps trying to take the egg but Priyank and Luv doesnt let him. Hina shows Arshi’s hand and says see Aakash you injured her. Aakash says yes, I did it. Shilpa says someone was holding Aakash’s bald head like egg, Aakash says I got my TRP so its fine. Buzzer plays, Shilpa says Priyank’s egg is saved so he is contender for captaincy.

Priyank says to Arshi that who will be worst performer in task? Arshi says Puneesh and Shilpa.
Puneesh says to Shilpa that we should let Luv become contender for captaincy as then all three of them will be trying to be captain and wont be able to vote for each other. Aakash says Arshi and Vikas will try to make Priyank captain. Puneesh says then it will be tie as you and me will try to make our favorite captain, we have to make Luv become contender otherwise Hina will have Luv’s vote too. Shilpa says we have to make Luv contender, three of them will be standing against each other, it will be fun.

Hina says to Luv that Aakash will try to throw your egg too. Luv says just make sure Arshi and Vikas change sides in my turn. Hina says I wont irritate them and you are different, why will they go against you because of me?

PRECAP- Vikas dresses up in black shirt and pants and sets his hair. Hina taunts that if a girl is coming to see him? Vikas says should I start commenting on your dressing too? Hina says do it. Vikas says your heart is so black. He leaves. Priyank asks Hina why she is taunting on his dressing? Hina shouts that dont tell me what to do, he is your friend so handle him, to hell with you. Priyank says to hell with you.
Vikas cries and says am I that ugly, I dont look that bad that they keep commenting on it. Priyank hugs him, Vikas sobs and says maybe nobody is more ugly than me.


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