Bigg Boss 11 20th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 20th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Hina, Shilpa, Sapna and Priyank nominated this week only on

Day 50
Inmates wake up to song mulgi song. Inmates dance and enjoy. Priyank is sad.

Priyank is sitting in garden and is in tears, he says she left.. he silently weeps. Hina comes there and sits with him, she asks him to come inside and sit with us, dont be alone, you will take time, its not easy. Priyank says I woke up so many times last night to see her gone.

Arshi says to Shilpa that you seem like mad. Shilpa says my mind is going mad over this bald head. Arshi and Hiten laughs. Shilpa says I will make him cry for shield too. Arshi says we shouldnt have given him attention, he is here because for us.

Vikas reads nominations task. He reads to inmates that there is safe zone in garden, whoever have membership of that zone

will be safe of nominations, only four people can have membership at a time, the inmates who are in safe zone will get food and drinks too. Hina, Vikas, Hiten and Arshi will be in safe zone first, buzzer will play 6 times and everytime one inmate will leave safe zone, it will be decided mutually by inmates in safe zone and the one leaving safe zone can replace herself or himself with inmates outside safe zone. Bandagi is safe, she is referee and wont go to safe zone.

Arshi says to Shilpa that I will save you. Shilpa says I am emotional fool.

Vikas, Arshi, Hiten and Hina comes to safe zone. Vikas says there are sweets there. Shilpa says there are brownies too.
Sapna says to Priyank that Luv needs to get saved so we should tried to protect him.
Hina says to Arshi that I was nominated most so I shouldnt go out. Arshi says we shouldnt bring Puneesh or Aakash in zone.
Bandagi says to Vikas and Hiten that save Puneehs, Aakash have shield.
Priyank says to Puneesh they will ask Hina to leave, Puneesh says she wont leave.
Hina talks to Vikas, Hiten, Arshi. Vikas says we have to think who will be here in end. Hina says its right to play like that? Vikas says yes, if you keep switching with Luv then your place will keep switching with Luv, this way you will save your friend. Hina says I dont trust anyone, I want to play for myself. Sapna says we dont trust Hina too, we are playing alone. Arshi says I trust Shilpa but I will switch my place after first time. Vikas says to Hina that me and Hiten have thought that we wont leave, Arshi make sure you are with me too. Arshi says yes I dont want Vikas and Hiten to leave too, Vikas says Hina me, Hiten and Arshi have alliance so we are not leaving. Hina says this is not a way to play, they are not letting anyone to have chance. Vikas calls Bandagi and says they have made alliance, she said first to not bring Aakash and Puneesh in safe zone. Hina says I didnt say it, Arshi said that.
Vikas says to Bandagi that my idea is not to bring Luv in safe zone, I have plan.

Buzzer plays, Vikas says Hina is leaving safe zone as majority wants her to leave. Priyank says I want to switch place with Hina, I trust him and want to give him place. Priyank comes in safe zone and says dont trust me with this Hina. Hina whispers to Priyank that dont overdo it, we will keep switching but will give position to Luv in end.

Hina talks to Sapna and Luv, hina says we have decided that whoever go out, we will bring Luv in safe zone on 5th buzzer. Luv says Vikas will know that we are playing. Hina says they wont leave their zone, Luv says Vikas can do anything to turn game around, if he thinks that you will give me place in end then he can come out on last buzzer.

Sapna says to Hina that I am shocked with Hiten no wanting to cooperate, Hina says he is playing too now.
Hiten says to inmates that this task is individual, I can save myself so I am doing it. Vikas says I am sorry about last time so if you get soft hearted and want to save anyone then dont change your place, I will go inplace of you, I will switch places. Priyank says what a big man, we are nothing, we dont have your standard. Vikas says dont talk like this, you will regret your tone, I dont want to fight with you.

Buzzer plays, Vikas says Priyank is leaving, he talked badly with me. Sapna says this is bad majority. Priyank says Sapna is on dead-end, she needs to get saved. Sapna says I will never be on dead-end.

Hina says to Hiten that Priyank gave up hair for you, you cant give up for him? Hiten says you want answer? Arshi says Hiten saved Priyank too.

Hina says to Luv and Priyank that it was decided I will go in safe zone in end. Priyank says me and Sapna planned to give places to each other. Hina says you are joking, I will get place in last.

Buzzer plays, Sapna says I am leaving. Vikas says its our majority. Sapna says I want to bring Hina inside as I promised her and I dont break it.

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Hina comes in safe zone. Vikas asks if she wants to give place in end to anyone else? She says no, I want to keep it to myself. Luv asks Hina to give him place next. Hina says I dont trust Luv right now, he is on different tangent, I want to bring Sapna and Priyank in safe zone, I know they will give me place in end.

Vikas says to Priyank that in fourth buzzer, you come inside, this is your last chance to get saved, if you come inside then I will help you to keep your place safe and someone else. Priyank says okay let me talk to Hina. Vikas says yes then we will go back to fighting. Priyank comes to Hina and asks her to give him place this time.
Arshi asks Vikas who is coming? Vikas says this is all plan to bring Luv in the end and save him.
Vikas says to Shilpa that who needs safe zone most right now? she says Bandagi would but she is safe and Luv too. Vikas says Luv keeps getting saved everytime this way, we have to think too.

Buzzer play, Hina says I am leaving? Vikas says yes majority have alliance in safe zone. Hina says I am leaving and I want to bring Priyank in my place. Vikas says why not Luv? this is all plan to bring him in end. Hina says why you keep saying that I am not bringing Luv? I dont trust Luv right now, he clearly told me that he wont give me my place back. Vikas says you dont trust Luv? he was ready to give up his contender-ship for captaincy for you? he can do anything for you, we know how much he loves you. Puneesh says we know Luv too. Hina says he has told me he wont give place back so I am not trusting him. Vikas says so Priyank wont give him place in end? Priyank comes in safe zone. Vikas asks if he wants to leave on next buzzer? Priyank says whats majority deciding? Vikas says if you dont want to leave then we can do something else, you dont want to bring Luv in end? you want to stay here right? you want to risk? Priyank looks on and says yes I want to stay, I want to save myself. Hina says Priyank have you gone mad? Priyank asks Vikas whats your plan? Vikas says we are leaving it on you, if you want to stay then stay, Priyank says I want to call Sapna inplace of me, I will not call Luv. Hiten says even then Hina wont get her place back. Hina says Sapna will take my name. Vikas says you want to call Sapna so she can take Luv’s name in end? Hina comes to Sapna and whispers to her that if they ask you who you will bring in end then say that you will say my name and then bring Luv in end. Sapna comes to Vikas. Vikas asks whom you will save in end? Sapna says I am giving tongue that I will save Hina, I will bring her in end. Vikas says I trust Sapna, if she is saying that she will bring Hina and not Luv then I am okay.
Priyank, Sapna and Hina talks. Priyank says Sapna cant go back on her tongue. Sapna says I gave tongue to Luv first that I will save him so I will bring him inside.

Vikas says to Arshi that I want to go in last, I want to bring Priyank inside in last. Arshi says you are mastermind, you are a player. Vikas says to Hiten and Arshi that give me majority, I will leave and save Priyank. Arshi says he is so clever. Sapna says you dont trust my tongue? Vikas says I want to leave in last, I want to save you. Sapna says this wolf is so clever, he is doing this deliberately. Hina comes there. Vikas says Hina I will bring you inside, I will nominate myself and go, she says fair enough.
Priyank says Luv cant be saved now.
Vikas says to Hiten and Arshi that dont trust Sapna, she will bring Luv in end. They come to Sapna. Sapna says you dont trust me? Vikas says you want to show if we can trust you or not. Hiten says lets see if we have right faith on her. Vikas says okay let Sapna go, we will see if her trust is right.

Buzzer plays. Vikas says Sapna to go and show your trust. Sapna comes out safe zone. Hina asks her to do the right thing. Sapna says I promised Vikas but I promised Luv first so I am sending him. Vikas says I knew it. Hiten says I wanted to see this. Arshi says Vikas Gupta you showed her reality, she went back on her tongue. Bandagi says Sapna you shouldnt have promised two people, Sapna says then I wouldnt be able to change game. Luv comes in safe zone. Arshi says Sapna’s reality is shown. Luv says she promised me and she fulfilled.

Bandagi says to Sapna that you cant promise two times, if you promised Luv then you shouldnt have promised Vikas. Sapna says it was game, I will promise as many times I want. Bandagi says dont shout, you cant promise two times. Sapna says why you are involving in all this? Bandagi says I can talk when I want. Bandagi says you cheated. Sapna says I dont do things what you do, Bandagi says you cant do what I can. Hina and Priyank takes Sapna. Vikas says I just wanted to show that Sapna is a liar. Sapna says I am not like you. Bandagi says to Vikas that she is not game changer but liar.

Aakash says to Sapna that Shilpa is saying Sapna is liar and showed her standard. Sapna says everyone knows standard here, I dont talk but when I will then everyone’s standard will be shown. Shilpa says say what you want, I want to see your standard too. Hina says why you are telling her to talk? you are mom? Shilpa asks Hina to not involve. Sapna comes there and asks Shilpa why you are talking about my standard? Shilpa says I didnt. Aakash says Arshi and Shilpa talked that Sapna showed her standard. Sapna says you dont know my standard, tell me my value? Shilpa says Sapna your words and actions are different. Sapna says yes, if you can clean your act then do, see your standard first outside. Shilpa says you will see my standard. Sapna says I will show you what standards are.

Bigg boss says to inmates that nominations are done. Till now, inmates have nominated Hina, Sapna, Priyank, Aakash, Shilpa and Puneesh. Bigg boss asks Aakash if he wants to use his shield to get saved from this week’s nominations? Aakash says yes I want to use my shield. Bigg boss says AAKASH is saved using his shield. Bigg boss says Bandagi is getting a power as a captain, she can save one inmate from the list. Bandagi smiles. Bandagi says I want to save Puneesh. Bigg boss says PUNEESH IS SAVED TOO. Bigg boss says final nominated inmates are HINA, SAPNA, PRIYANK and SHILPA.

Puneesh says to Hiten that listen to Vikas next time, he had a plan. Vikas says Sapna was talking about her tongue and how she always stick to it but I wanted to show reality of her tongue.

Sapna says to Hina that this time its going to be me or you. Hina says Priyank can leave too, he is not doing much.

Hiten says to Vikas that if I was in Hina’s place and majority was against me then I would have tried to break it but if it didnt then I would have done same thing as Hina. Vikas says but she didnt try to break majority.

Priyank says to Hina and Luv that we could have talked to Hiten, Luv says he was not listening too, Hina says I will nominate Hiten now. Priyank says Hiten is another level now.

Arshi says to Shilpa that I will charge on Sapna now, who are her fans? even Salman says that a lot is expected from her, I dont know what, Shilpa says she did what was expected of her, she wipes her tears.

Bandagi says to Hina that Sapna might leave, Hina says she wants to leave, she is not adjusting in this environment. Bandagi says she is not able to use language she wants to, she tried but she was not able to show her real language as then her career will be affected. Puneesh says she is not able to use tongue she tried to. Hina says but we didnt hear anything wrong from her till now. Bandagi says why? she said so bad words against Arshi, she curses so badly when she goes in that zone. hina says then maybe its good for her to leave.

Shilpa says to Arshi that Sapna insulted me but she showed her reality, she wanted that? its fine, they can be happy now.

Hina says to Sapna that I talked to Bandagi and Puneesh, I said that Sapna misses her shows, I want to see them too. Puneesh said that my shows are classy and Sapna’s shows are cheap and lower middle class people come to her shows, drunkards, rich brats and beggars come to her shows. Sapna says Bandagi is a girl and hears all that? I am guilty that I called Puneesh my brother.

PRECAP- There is court hearing against Arshi. Vikas and Hina are lawyers. Hina is against Arshi and Vikas is Arshi’s prosecutor. Hina says Arshi flirts with everyone. Priyank says Arshi comes to gym and does things that are provocative things, she said first that she will tear her clothes. Arshi shouts at Priyank and says you say cheap words for women, yes Arshi will tears her clothes, what will you do? they are not your father’s clothes. Arshi shouts at Priyank that if you say those things for me then I will disrespect you in such a way that you wont be able to handle.


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