Bigg Boss 11 21st November 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 21st November 2017 Written Episode Update: Arshi Vs. Hiten, house goes crazy only on

Day 51
Inmates wake up to song Saiyan ji se break up karlia. All dance. Bandagi and Puneesh dances together.
Aakash gives a kiss to Shilpa. Arshi hugs Shilpa. Aakash hugs her too.

Hina says to Priyank that Puneesh asked me what kind of shows I do, Hina says I do corporate shows, political shows, TV shows then Puneesh said that Sapna will need security, her shows are very bad, you have classy shows but she has rich brats, drunkards coming to her show, Sapna will need security otherwise they will kidnap her. Hina says I didnt want to tell this to Sapna but she heard. Sapna comes there. Hina says Puneesh was degrading Sapna. Priyank hugs Sapna. Sapna says Puneesh cant even be dog of people I do shows for, he is a dog and will remain a dog, I say bad then I will

say bad now. Bandagi comes there. Sapna says call them here, I will tell them what I can say.
Bandagi comes to Puneesh and says you said she would need security to protect herself but Hina turned it around and said to Sapna that she has cheap audience, Hina talks to you nicely and takes words from you. Puneesh says it was normal conversation, I cant think about words. Puneesh says why you are scolding me? why you are bickering? it was normal conversation, its like you are taking class. Bandagi says I am just telling you that Hina is provoking Sapna.
Hina says to Sapna that you can present your point nicely. Sapna hugs her.
Puneesh says to Bandagi that Hina are my target now.

Vikas reads court task for luxury budget and captaincy. Hiten and Arshi will be couple and they are taking divorce now. All inmates will be family members from Hiten and Arshi’s side, both families hate each other and in divorce case, they will be totally against each other. Puneesh and Vikas will be Arshi’s brothers, Vikas will be lawyer of this family too, Shilpa will be mother of Arshi. Luv, Aakash and Priyank will be Hiten’s brothers, Hina will be his sister and will be Hiten’s lawyer too. During court case, they have to tell how other family is wrong and how opposite party wronged their marriage. Sapna and Bandagi will be judges of court, there will be sessions in court and at the end of each session, judges will announce who won that session, the family which wins more sessions will win. Lawyers can point out on others than Arshi and Hiten.
Arshi says they are getting us divorced, they could have made us married. Hiten says my mind is not working. Shilpa says now there will be kids and all. Aakash says brother in law, Arshi hugs him and kisses him on cheek.
Luv says to Aakash and Priyank that Arshi flirts with everyone, she looks at other men with wrong eyes, she flirts with Hiten’s brothers too. Aakash says she kissed me on cheek, see her lipstick.
Arshi says to Hiten husband, please dont do it, my husband, I will sit in your feet. Hiten shoos her away. Arshi laughs.

Puneesh says to Hiten that you are not son in law now. Vikas says to Arshi, Shilpa and Puneesh that they will say Arshi tears clothes and all then say that Hiten doesnt give me clothes, dont lie, Hiten wont lie. Shilpa says we can say that husband doesnt give her many clothes so she tear them and wore them. Puneesh says Arshi had nice language but she went to Hiten’s house and got bad tongue.
Hiten says to his team that they will know we will talk about Arshi’s flirting, we have to be ready. Hina says we can say that she does push-ups with her brother in laws, my God, its bad but we have to do it.

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Task starts. Sapna starts court proceeding. Vikas says my first allegation is on Luv because he doesnt have mind and Arshi had to bear. Hina says my sister in law Arshi flirts with people, Hiten is worried because of that. Sapna says we all know that Arshi flirts with Hiten, how she flirts with others? Hina calls Priyank in witness box. Puneesh says he looks like goon, we shouldnt hear him. Hina says to Priyank what your sister in law did? you had to go to your brother and complain. Priyank says I want to keep her respect as woman, Arshi used to flirt with me, she used to have sultry tone, sister in law should be like mother but Arshi said she wants luxury, she shouldnt be talking to me like this, I never initiated it, I never poke anyone, I roam without shirt too but I never show off, she used to comment when I used to work out. Hina says we live in a society where brother in law respects sister in law. Sapna says Priyank once asked Arshi to sit on his back for workout. Hina says he is shy. Vikas says he roams in so less clothes, he is commenting on her clothes and doesnt wear clothes too. Bandagi says you used word show off. Priyank says the way Arshi exercises there, its very provoking, when I asked her to sit on my back, I asked if she will sit on my back, she agreed. Hina says she didnt ask her husband, Vikas says why she have to ask husband for everything? she have to ask husband before going to washroom.. Puneesh says my sister will not live like that. Sapna shouts and ask them to stop it. Bandagi asks Priyank to end his comment, you dont have whole season. Priyank says once we were dancing, she asked me to stand up, she was touching and dancing around me. Arshi says he is lying. Sapna asks Vikas to cross question him. Vikas says if someone asks to sit on back then she should tell her husband but he is husband’s brother, she wears less clothes, tears clothes but in house, she doesnt flirt with others, if they had so much trouble then why ask her and her mother to sit on backs? who asks mother to sit on backs? Sapna says if woman doesnt respond to their requests then they wont do it, they didnt request me to sit on back. Hina says we didnt bring tearing clothes. Vikas says if you ask me then Arshi doesnt have interest in Priyank and Luv, she jokes with them but she flirts with her husband only. Bandagi says why Priyank didnt tell her to not flirt with him? why he never left? Sapna says Vikas agreed that she flirts with them. Hina asks Vikas if she hugged Vikas and asked him that she wants a man? Arshi says yes I said it. Hina says she flirts and tries to trap. Vikas says a sister is asking for a man who can fight for her, this man is taking divorce. Hina says we didnt bring tearing clothes issue. Arshi says you wear less clothes too. Priyank shouts that I promise this woman told me she will tear her clothes. Bandagi asks Priyank to come down. Priyank shouts at Arshi that I wont spare. She yells at him too and says he is lying. Priyank says she said that she will tear her clothes, I didnt know this happens in this house. Hina says to Arshi that we didnt want to talk about clothes tearing, Vikas started it. Bandagi asks Priyank to not talk more. Arshi is in tears. Hina says we didnt want to talk about it but Vikas said about tearing clothes, I just want to say that all live in house, her brother in laws live here too. Hina says Arshi’s husband was not in pool but she was in pool. Vikas says it was a big thing? she is so backward woman, Arshi can go in pool. Puneesh says she was in saree in pool. Hina says no one jumps in pool in saree. Sapna says its her call, she can wear saree. Puneesh says why they have pool in house if they cant use it. Buzzer plays, Hiten says first session is done. Bandagi says to Sapna that Priyank responded to Arshi equally, he always entertained her. Vikas says they have so much small thinking, your brothers can be in shorts. Sapna says to Bandagi that we can say that ARshi should have treated her brother in laws like brothers. Bandagi says brother in law is involved too, flirt was from both sides. Shilpa says they are narrow minded. Aakash says we wanted simple girl. Bandagi says to inmates that me and Sapna discussed, Hina pointed out that Arshi flirted with Priyank but you couldnt prove it as Priyank didnt respect her as sister in law, Priyank entertained too. Hina says they were bringing tearing clothes. Bandagi says you can bring this topic in next session too, you couldnt prove in this session.

Hina says to Bandagi that we proved Arshi flirts with everyone. Bandagi says you brought Priyank for that who entertained her, you have to prove everything. Priyank comes there. Bandagi says you became aggressive. Priyank says Vikas is lying, I never talked about her tearing clothes. Vikas says you started it. Priyank says move away Vikas.
Priyank says to Sapna and Hina that Arshi said to me that she will tear clothes. Hina says to Priyank that you should have said that you stopped Arshi’s advances but you accepted it and Bandagi used it. Hiten says to Hina that we have to do everything to win task.
Vikas says to Shilpa that they are making it serious.

Hiten says to Hina that we can blame any family members, Luv says focus on Arshi. Hina says I am not liking it, Arshi is being disrespected. Priyank says Vikas is not caring too.
Vikas says to Shilpa they will bring you too, Shilpa says tell them that I joke, I spanked on Hiten’s butt as he is my kid, Vikas says you can tell that you didnt get on back of anyone. Arshi says this will make your daughter look bad. Shilpa says we will say we are fun loving, Arshi says let me talk, you are not even letting me talk, she leaves. Shilpa says she is reacting.
Hina says to her team that we will talk about Shilpa and Arshi hitting on Hiten’s bums, we will say which mother in law does that.
Shilpa says to Arshi that we are clearing about hitting on bum, you joked with Priyank too, we know what you have done. Arshi says what have I done? you are blaming me, you saw me with Priyank?
Priyank says to his team that we can talk about hitting on bum.
Arshi says to Shilpa that I never flirted with Priyank, he used to come to me at night and ask for food and everything, he even said that he has set bed near me. Vikas says you joked with Priyank but he is using it to point at your character.

2nd session starts. Hina says Arshi’s mother Shilpa misbehaves with Hiten. Vikas says Aakash who is Hiten’s brother, he destroyed their marriage. Sapna says lets hear Vikas out. Vikas says I want to bring Hiten in witness box, Hiten comes. Vikas says Hiten when you married my sister, was she looking innocent and in veil or anything? or was she like this? Hiten says she was like this. Vikas says did Aakash make Arshi and Shilpa cry? Hiten says both sides didnt respect each other. Vikas says Aakash goes mad, he makes hell for people. Hiten says when Shilpa and Arshi started hitting me, Aakash took stand for me but later I asked him to stop it. Vikas says but he flipped. Hina says Shilpa mother provoked Aakash. Hina calls Aakash in witness box. Vikas says you become hyper? he says yes, Vikas says you do things to make people mad? He says yes. Vikas says he misbehaves. Sapna says no he doesnt misbehave with me, he will talk like you talk to him. Vikas says you think he logically talks? Bandagi says he stopped when Shilpa asked him to stop. Bandagi calls Shilpa in witness box. Shilpa says I gave them mother’s love, I loved Hiten’s family as my own, Aakash cried to me and said he wont spare anyone, they are kids so I joke with them. Sapna says Shilpa never understood Aakash for anything. Vikas says you cant tell your personal opinion. Sapna says Shilpa always said that Aakash can do things because he is a boy. Bandagi says let me clear, Shilpa makes Aakash understand a lot, she made him understand thats why he gave money in cushion task. Sapna says Shilpa’s plan was to make Aakash captain. Shilpa says be scared of God. Sapna says you be scared, dont talk to me like that, you should be scared. Bandagi says you are a judge. Vikas says Aakash tortures Shilpa. Hina acts shocked. Sapna says Vikas you are saint. Arshi says judge is going personal. Sapna says I wont listen to anyone.

Bandagi says to inmates that dont forget its Arshi and Hiten’s case. Hiten comes in witness box. Hiten says they insulted me with back thing. Hina says which mother in law spanks bum in India? Arshi says mt mother. Bandagi says Hiten its a big problem that you want divorce on that? Hiten says she did that with my brothers too. Luv comes in witness box too and says Shilpa slapped on my back too. Hina says girl should respect on national TV, no girl should be slapping on backs of guys on TV. Arshi says let me talk about girl’s respecting, they share one bed here, let me tell you what you people talked to Sabya, what Priyank and Sabya talked, Hina and Sabya used to have cheap late night discussions. Priyank shouts she is getting personal too, Vikas asks Priyank to stop it, Priyank shouts that she is taunting on s*xuality, she did that in first week and doing again, I cant believe you are all supporting, Vikas asks him to be silent but Priyank shouts at him for supporting her. Priyank says I hate you Arshi. Arshi comes to witness box. Vikas asks her to explain. Arshi says Priyank and Hina used to bad talks too. Arshi says Sabya and Hina used to joke at night and they were so cheap
Arshi says she talks about men pressures. Hina says this is wrong.

Sapna says to Bandagi that blame on Shilpa didnt get proved. Bandagi says yes they couldnt prove it. Bandagi says Vikas couldnt complete his blame so Hina’s team won this round. Vikas’s team won first round. Bandagi ask them to not go personal. She says if you people are not able to find topics without going personal then keep focus on Arshi and Hiten.
Priyank says I am done with this woman, she is so cheap.
Arshi says Priyank said he hates me like I care.

PRECAP- Arshi shouts at Priyank that if you say those things for me then I will disrespect you in such a way that you wont be able to handle on national TV, women will spit on your face for disrespecting women. This is not your show, I will tear my clothes if I want, your dad didnt buy them for me.
Hina asks Arshi to not go personal. Arshi says if you go personal then I will slap you with my slipper. Hina says you are making fun of me? Arshi says you started it. Arshi says you disrespect me so its a task but when I talk then its personal thing?


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