Bigg Boss 11 21st October 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 21st October 2017 Written Episode Update: Hina and Arshi’s ugly fight in wrestling ring only on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman is in his house, Siri wishes him diwali and says its time for show. Salman says I have some gifts for inmates, I am not confused and I know what to give whom. Salman says pacifier is for Aaakash, megaphone is for Hiten, helmet is Vikas because he will need it today, hair clip is for Arshi so that people can her second eye. Salman says lets go to stage after seeing highlights of last week.

Last week’s highlights are shown, Lucinda leaving, Vikas choosing names for nominations, inmates going crazy over that, Aakash shouting in house, then in task, Vikas beating Puneesh, then Arshi and Hina fighting, then inmates celebrating diwali. Clip ends.

Salman comes on stage and welcomes everyone. He wishes everyone diwali and says I hope you are celebrating nice
diwali and its amazing that this has been most peaceful and noise free diwali. Salman says everyone listens expect for inmates, you know inmates remind of festivals, Shilpa reminds of holi as she acts like drunk sometimes, Aakash reminds me of Easter, he is still in egg, Arshi reminds me of naagpanchmani, Hina reminds of daahi handi, to use others shoulders to climb to height. Salman says Bigg boss is behind show and they forget that. Salman says inmates were given a task where they have to rank themselves thinking how much they are popular in house, see what happened, ranking was 1 to 10.

In house, Vikas says we have to rank ourselves as per our thoughts of who is most popular in audience, inmates make Luv stand on 10th number, Sapna on 9th, Bandagi on 8th. Hina says I think Ben and Jyoti should be on 7th, Jyoti entertained us. All vote Jyoti on 7th number, they vote for Ben on 6th, Hina says for 5th I suggest Hiten, all vote for him at 5th, on 4th, they vote for Sabya, they vote Puneesh on 3rd number, all vote for Shilpa for number 2, all vote for Aakash to be on 1st. Hina says Arshi should be part of this, she does remain in show. All say that Hina have done task too. Vikas asks vote for Hina and Arshi to be part of it? Ben says I dont want them in ranking, all say that Hina and Arshi should be instead of Jyoti and Luv, they swap Hiten to be on 10th number, all vote for Arshi to be on 5th number, they vote for Aakash to be on 3rd, Aakash says this is my lucky number, all laugh. All vote for Shilpa to be on first, Hina gets 2nd number.

Jyoti says to Hina that Ben as useless. Hina says I was not taking revenge, I dont stand Arshi but I took her name. Ben comes there and says why you are talking to everyone about me? why you are saying that I am not entertaining and all that? Hina says I was telling my opinion, Ben says you influence people, Hina says you are so full of yourself, I dont want to talk to you, I will give my opinion, Ben says dont tell others about me of your opinion, Hina says I will do what I want, I dont wanna talk to you, Ben says dont shout,I am talking nicely. Hina says I dont want to talk, I am angry, leave now, please understand.

On stage, Salman says I am given duty to solve all this. Call is connected to house, Salman wishes them Diwali and says you all look nice. Salman says you dont need to fight over everything, you dont have to curse for everything. Salman says you were given task to rank yourselves, he asks inmates to take positions.

Hiten – 10th
Sapna – 9th
Bandagi – 8th
Ben – 7th
Puneesh – 6th
Arshi – 5th
Sabya – 4th
Aakash – 3rd
Hina – 2nd
Shilpa – 1st

Salman asks why Sabya is on 4th rank? Hina says he entertain us and cook so well, he makes us laugh. Salman says this is not cooking show, he can cook but thats not what all audience want to see. Vikas says I was out of line, Sabya could have had other rank. Salman laughs that Vikas is out of line, this is fair? Hina says no. Salman says Priyank was popular but he did violence and left but Vikas did same thing but you inmates didnt take stand? Aakash says we took stand but didnt get reply. Salman says Priyank was involved in someone else’s fight but Vikas had some barn in his eyes, he was reacting to action, he was giving reaction to action, Vikas’s eyes were burning, Puneesh came to wash it, but Puneesh you were given barn, not to put it in eyes, dont you know how much quantity should be used? Salman says to Aakas that Vishal Dadlani doesnt recognize you, you give attitude that you are from Dadlani family? you even waste food, Aakash says I clean my plate, Salman says I am talking about eggs you wasted in task, dont you remember I talked about people hungry in world? Aakash says I donate, Salman says wow how great of you. Aakash says I am so sorry. Salman says people dont forget all this, you want this all in CV? that you waste food? you are from Dadlani family and all that? Aakash says sorry. Salman says to Hina that Ben is in top 10, you think that is right? Hina says Jyoti could have been on 7th, Jyoti says I dont think Ben should be in top 10, she sleeps all the time. Salman says if we replace now then whom we should? Jyoti says me and Vikas should be in top 10 and Bandagi and Ben should be out of list. Salman asks Puneesh if Bandagi should be top 10? Puneesh says you have made me stuck here, she should be in list, all laugh. Salman says keep it in mind that if Bandagi should be in list or not. Salman asks Shilpa if she has part in Vikas not being part of top 10? you think he doesnt deserve a rank? Shilpa says I think he should be on number 1 and I should be on number 2, Vikas says no no.. Hina says Aakash stood on number 1, Aakash says they voted for me. Salman asks Vikas if it matters to him that he is not part of list? Vikas says they have put Hiten in line atleast. Salman says to Hiten that you are always level headed in house, people might think that you are boring but inmates listen to you eventually. Vikas says when I saw Hiten on 10th, I didnt regret not being in line.

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Salman says I will give you two names who audience see in top 10 and that are Vikas and Jyoti. Salman says now I will shift inmates who are not entertaining with them. Salman swaps Sabya’s 4th place with Jyoti and Ben’s 7th place to Vikas, Salman says to Vikas that its not that you are on 7th number, its just position in rank. Salman says you made Lucinda leave for Luv and Luv was begging for votes and when he got votes, he started misbehaving and one woman didnt vote you, you insulted her? Luv says it was my mistake. Salman asks who is contributing least in providing entertainment? Shilpa says Luv is least entertaining, Hina gives Luv’s name too, Salman asks for which thing you are giving Luv’s name? she laughs and says to go out with him, all laugh, Aakash, Jyoti gives Luv’s name. Arshi says Mehjabi is least entertaining, Puneesh, Vikas, Bandagi, Sapna and Hiten gives Luv’s name. Salman says I just simple words for Luv and you voted against Luv? I dont think Luv is worst in house but you have chosen him so he will sit on bull. Luv sits on bull. Salman asks Luv who should be on Bull? He says Bandagi should be on bull, Salman says now you are Puneesh’s target, all laugh. Puneesh says all are targeting me, people are beating me too, Salman says yes because you are so nice, all laugh at his taunt. Salman says Hina, Sapna, Puneesh, Aakash and Luv are nominated. Salman asks Puneesh who should be nominated instead of him? Puneesh says Vikas, he beat me. Aakash says Vikas said that if I work then I wont be nominated, I worked 4 times but he nominated me, I did work a lot, Vikas says I had my reasons, Vikas says he does crazy things, thats why I nominated him. Salman says he went off limits when he got carried away, he made joke of himself, it looked like performance and if he is really like that then he is crazy. Salman says I used dog and Nalla(useless) just to give idea and now you people have made these words daily routine in house, I had different context but you dont get to use them. Salman says to Sapna that you said Vikas promised something? Sapna says it was not promise, it was cheap tactic of making us work, if he wanted us to work then he would have requested to work, he said that if we dont work then he will nominate me, thats why Aakash worked. Salman says would Aakash do work in any other condition? all laugh. Sapna says Vikas could have made him understand. Salman says you are unhappy with nominations? Sapna says he thinks that I call everyone brother, he thinks I take Puneesh’s side, I call Vikas and Puneesh both brothers. Sapna says he was wrong so I couldnt support him, if Puneesh is wrong then I will call that out, they are not my aunt’s sons for real, all laugh. Jyoti says Sapna said that Puneesh is her brother and she will support him even if he is wrong, Sabya was there too. Salman says even if Sapna said it, she can change her words. Salman says to Shilpa that Vikas threatened Jyoti and Ben for nominations but he didnt, why? Shilpa says he make groups, he has trapped Jyoti, he is brother for her now, Jyoti can see his antics but still support him. Jyoti says you taunted me to sit in Vikas’s lap. Vikas says Jyoti said that she will sit with me so Shilpa taunted that she can sit in my lap. Salman says people say that as idiom so its not wrong. Shilpa says everyone said that Vikas was wrong but still Jyoti was consoling him. Salman asks Hina what Vikas did in captaincy, threatened people to nominate them if they dont work, it was right? Aakash says it was not threat, he just said that he would nominate if they dont work. Salman says it was nice strategy. Hina says I am not talking to Arshi, she spit on my face, Salman says it didnt fall on her face, Arshi says it was in air, Salman says Hina went closer to her and asked her to spit, why? Hina says I wanted to see how much she can stoop. Arshi says Salman was talking about Vikas. Hina says I can talk about matter, Arshi says one arm distance.. Salman says Hina you are not talking to Arshi but arguing with her? all laugh.

Salman connects to Caller of week. Caller says I want to ask Hiten that Gauri sent you a message, what was message and hint behind it? Hiten says she says that always, she always ask me to be the leader. Caller says to Arshi that the way you tease Hiten and flirt with him, we like that a lot, Hiten says you are giving her green signal, caller says you dont deny her. Hiten says I ask her many times to remain away, I even asked people to tell her to remain away from me. Salman says Hiten has kids so Arshi might be grandma.. Salman says joke can become serious, Hiten and Arshi.. do dil mil rahe hain.. Hiten says stop it, Salman says keep it going on, all laugh. Salman says to caller that we are talking personal things, you can end call, all laugh, caller ends call.

Salman says to inmates that we will give you chance to take out frustration in Sultani ring, Arshi and Hina will get chance to rip their earrings off, pull on hair and everything, all laugh. Salman asks them to come in Sultani ring.

Hina and Arshi comes in Sultani wrestling. Salman says first round will be verbal fight and next two rounds will be physical fight. Salman says in first round, you have to tell why other inmate doesnt deserve to be in house. hina says her attitude and cursing is not good, Arshi says I have to curse because of my behavior, Hina says she cant curse just because of others, she gangs up and wants to target me. Arshi says she can learn to behave first. Hina says everyone know how much I behave. Arshi says audience see everyone that she wanted to me spit, Hina says if you slap me on one cheek then I will present other cheek, Arshi says I will spit if you present me cheeks, you were nominated by 8 inmates. Hina says they nominated me because I am strong contender. Arshi says she is in industry for 8 years but doesnt behave, Hina says you dont accept what you do. Round one ends. Salman asks inmates to vote for Arshi, only Aakash votes. All others vote for Hina expect Ben, Vikas and Aakash. Arshi says audience can see everything. Salman says they are audience too, I am trying to make you understand that you are wrong, Arshi says if you say that I am wrong then I will be scared of Hina and wont answer her. Salman says in round two, you can do here what you cant in house, you have to bring flags of other inmate to your side and other inmate will protect their flags then other inmate will get chance to try to get your flags, at the end of round, whoever have most flags on their side will win. Round tarts, Hina tries to get Arshi’s flags, Arshi will defend, Hina tries to attack but Arshi grabs her collar and strangles her neck, Salman says what, why going wild? Arshi jumps on Hina and pins her to ground, she strangles her beneath her. Salman says you cant strangle her, Hina says Arshi stop you are hurting me, Arshi says no. Hina gets up, she tries to take Arshi’s flags, Hina gets her flags but Arshi grabs her hand and pulls her away, Hina throws flags at her, she attacks Arshi with flags and says what are you doing? Hina says its just a game. you won. Salman says you both got violent. Salman says time up time up. Salman says to Arshi that you didnt do this before here, this is sport, Salman says you both were wrong, this was not sport. Salman says this game is disqualified. Arshi says i wont fight now, I wont curse.Hina says she will start fighting and wont do task. Arshi says I wont do tasks for Shilpa.

Hina and Arshi comes in house. Hina says to Shilpa that she was taking out her personal vengeance. Hina comes to Arshi and says slow clap for you, Salman insulted you, you promised him to not curse anymore. Arshi says I said that because then you will know you are a psycho, I said that so you will be insulted and will know you are wrong. Hina says you are a loser, Arshi says it was so much fun, I beat her so much. Hina says I am wrong. Arshi says so much drama, I beat her so much, Arshi says you are psycho hina, see what has happened with you, you jerk see what I did with you in seconds. Shilpa asks Arshi to control herself.

Ben comes to Hina and asks if she wants help? Hina says I dont need anything. Ben says I didnt vote for you because I didnt have whistle for you, Hina says you proved it, it doesnt matter to me that you support Arshi but now I know who is with wrong. Ben says I didnt have whistle, I came to say sorry, you were right, Shilpa says Ben is younger, Hina let it go. Ben gets teary eyed and says I came to say sorry, I didnt have whistle so I didnt vote for you in round one, Shilpa says she is younger, let is go.
Hiten says to Sapna that Arshi always accept her mistake, she always say that she wont flirt with me and we are friends but then she goes back and start flirting again, I dont like it. Sapna says dont talk to her at all and she will leave it after all, Hiten says I have decided that.

On stage, Salman says this house is ring too. Hina, Sapna, Puneesh, Luv and Aakash are nominated, one will be eliminated tomorrow. Salman says tomorrow we will have colors stars here, he signs off from show.

PRECAP- Colors’ stars come in house, they. mimic inmates. Jasmin Bhasin (Teni from Dil se Dil Tak) mimics Arshi and flirts with Arjun Bijlani (Deep from Tere Ishq mein mar jawan) as he mimics Hiten. Rashami Desai (Shorvori from dil se dil tak) mimics Hina and keeps chanting ‘talk to the walls, talk to the walls’. All inmates enjoy their show.
Dhinchik Pooja comes on stage, she is wild card entry of season, Pooja sings her song and Salman tries to sing but he cant, Salman says this song was successful? what kind of songs are working, all laugh. Salman says you got this idea years back, how? Pooja laughs.
Salman asks Sapna if Bandagi is using Puneesh? Sapna says yes, she is using him.
Bandagi says to Puneesh that she keeps calling you brother and all that,I never talked about her character.


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