Bigg Boss 11 22nd December 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 22nd December 2017 Written Episode Update: Hina becomes captain only on

Day 81
Puneesh says to Aakash in jail that you should cut Bandagi’s name written in jail. Aakash says Vikas please cry a little, Arshi and Vikas are most fake in house. Arshi says yes. Aakash says you are jealous of Shilpa.
Luv says to Shilpa that Vikas is irritated of Aakash.
Aakash says to Vikas that you are donkey.
Hina says Vikas can raise hand on Aakash. Shilpa says Vikas will never do it.
Aakash goes in washroom, Vikas says to Priyank that let him do what he wants then I will do it.

Priyank comes to Hina and holds her hand, he says I want to talk to you, she jerks her hand away and says please dont touch me. Hina says I am done, I am over Priyank Sharma. Priyank says I just want to apologize. Luv says I will talk to her. Hina says dont even dare apologizing, its done, she leaves. Priyank says tell her that I am sorry for shouting on her and finish it if she wants, he leaves.

Luv says to Hina that Priyank is sorry for shouting on you. Hina says dont talk to me about Priyank, this happened because of Vikas, my friend made me look bad, he did mistake, he is not my friend. Puneesh says to Hina that your prediction is coming true that one day person will be sitting in corner alone. Shilpa says I told everyone that soon all will know what kind of person Vikas is and he will be alone. Hina says he has done so much with people using majority and now he is in jail because of majority. Luv laughs. Shilpa says I am like stone, I dont feel anything. Puneesh says he is fine with you till you support him but if you take different stand then he becomes your enemy. Hina says he is a cry baby of third standard, he never wants to look bad infront of everyone, he wants to look good for all, he takes names for nominations which his friends wont feel bad about. Puneesh says true. Hina says when you and Bandagi had to go to jail, he took Hiten’s name so not to look bad infront of you, he wants everyone to bow to him, sorry I cant do it.

Aakash says that you boys are nothing infront of Aakash Dadlani, all are cheaters here. Luv says I will break you so much that you wont be rejoined again. Aakash says break me so much to send me to my father. Vikas gets angry, he takes Aakash’s jacket and throws in washroom and says you have many of them? Aakash goes in washroom to get the jacket, Vikas locks him in washroom. All laugh and hoot for Vikas. Aakash bangs on door and comes out. Aakash says my jacket was not flushed, he brings it out. Vikas says I knew that you ****** thats why I didnt throw it in flush, all laugh. Vikas says I have seen your acts, you are nothing infront of me. Aakash comes near, Vikas charges at him. Vikas pins him to wall and brings his lips near Aakash’s face, Aakash goes hysteric and tries to push him off. Vikas brings his mouth near Aakash’s face and says smell my breath. Aakash keeps pushing him back. Vikas says dont push me away, Aakash tries to push him away but Vikas throws him, Aakash falls down on floor but gets up again. Arshi tries to stop them. Puneesh, Luv and Priyank asks Vikas to stop it. Aakash pushes him with hus head, Vikas keeps bringing his face near Aakash without using his hands. Aakash says what will you do donkey? cry baby. Vikas says I wont do anything. Vikas says you pushed me first, Aakash says you pushed me first. Luv says Aakash got his footage. Aakash says stop it.
Hina and Shilpa are working in kitchen and hearing Vikas and Aakash’s fight. Aakash says this is mad house.
Vikas says to inmates that Aakash is so desperate to be in show that he does anything, curse Shilpa, say cheap things, keeps embarrassing his family.

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Bigg boss calls Aakash and Vikas in confession room and asks what they were doing? Aakash says he is attacking me so I gave reaction and pushed him away. Vikas says he kept taunting me so I made him smell my mouth, I was just showing him that if he can talk then I will make him smell, its his strategy to provoke others and make them angry so they raise hands. Bigg boss says this is not allowed in house, violence is strictly not allowed, this is your last chance, this shouldnt happen again. Vikas says I am sorry, it was reaction, this wont happen, Aakash says hear this donkey. Bigg boss ask them to go back to jail.
Vikas and Aakash comes to jail. Vikas says to Shilpa that you were right about not giving them attention.
Luv says to Hina that I was angry on Aakash so think about Vikas, he must be angry, Hina says he should just ignore him.
Vikas says we both did wrong, Vikas says Aakash is a nice guy, he is doing all this because he is missing his mom,you want love and attention thats why you are doing it, Arshi says yes he wants love. Aakash asks her to stop it. Aakash says Vikas you are donkey. Vikas says you got what you wanted? I am sorry, I didnt want to throw you on floor, I just wanted to irritate you. Aakash says I irritated you, Vikas says yes you passed, I got irritated, happy now. Aakash says I will do more.

Day 82
Inmates wake up to song jo soche jo chahen wo karke dekha den. They all dance. Arshi chants for Vikas. Aakash chants against him. Aakash says I will do what I say.

Hina says to Luv that Shilpa apologized to me when she made fun of me when I cried when Rocky came, I told her that I felt bad when she joked about it, so she said that I know I shouldnt have done it, I am elder and I shouldnt be making fun of your emotions, I dont have problem with Shilpa. Luv says you both dont like Vikas too. Hina says we both are cool about things, she is not scared of nominations, she strategise with people which I cant, we do have things in common, I told her that I am sorry if I did something which made her feel bad but she initiated apologizing and we hugged it out.

Bigg boss says time for jail for Vikas, Aakash and Arshi has ended. Vikas runs to Aakash and hugs him tightly, Shilpa says dont bite him. Arshi laughs. Vikas says things changes in jail. Arshi thanks Shilpa for breakfast, she says welcome. They leave. Shilpa sees mess in jail and says see what Arshi did, Puneesh says Arshi leaves filth behind.

Arshi asks Priyank if he talked to Hina? Priyank says I wont talk to her now, I tried to hold her hand and said that lets talk but she jerked her hand and said dont touch me, that was it, I am scared of these kind of girls, I have respect too, girls should stay in limits too, she thinks that I want to touch her? she has to change herself. Vikas says she just keeps sayigng it.

Hina reads captaincy task, Luv, Priyank, Hina and Shilpa will be part of there. There are photo frames in garden, all contenders will stand in photo frames and they have to convince other contenders to get down from photo frame, the one who steps down from photo frame will be out of captaincy, the one standing in photo frame till end will become captain. Other inmates will try to show their support to contenders by making others leave photo frame too. Vikas will be referee of task. Puneesh says red spice can be used.

Hina, Shilpa, Priyank and Luv stands in photo frame. Priyank says Shilpa and me didnt become captain once. Hina says I was captain in very start, I have done my best in every task, I dont want to lose this chance. Priyank says everyone have given their best in tasks. Arshi says no one will be convinced right now so just keep standing. Luv says anyone will get down for washroom only.

Vikas says to captaincy contenders that I really dont want to probe you people, I just want to see endurance, you all have done something bad so I just want you people to keep standing there. Puneesh says you people can bear spices too, we have seen that. Puneesh whispers something to Aakash and they leave. Shilpa says they have gotten an idea. Vikas says we can put oil near your feet so you slip off photo frame. Puneesh bring oil and pours around Luv, Priyank and Hina’s feet so they slip, Vikas says I knew it, dont waste oil, Puneesh says we are doing task. Arshi brings oil and pours around Hina’s feet. vikas asks Arshi to clean oil around Priyank’s feet. Arshi cleans oil from Priyank and Shilpa’s feet. Aakash says she wants to look good, you beggar, Arshi says ask your beggar who is charity kid.

Puneesh pours powder near contenders’ feet. Vikas cleans from around Priyank’s feet and says I will keep cleaning it, Puneesh says I will keep pouring more powder, Vikas says dont make me do work. Puneesh says I will do my work, why you are stopping me. Puneesh pours conditioner near Priyank’s feet, Vikas says you cant use it, Hina says he can, they are using it on me, Puneesh says but God forbid, we cant use it on Vikas’s contender.

Hina asks Luv to get down, Shilpa sings make me captain, make me captain. Puneesh asks Luv if he wants coffee? he says after I become captain, Hina jokes that get lost.

Hina and Shilpa are dancing in photo frame. Bigg boss says we are giving chance to inmates to choose their captain but we are not seeing interest from contenders or inmates, they are not doing anything in this task, seems like no one is interested in this task, seems like you people dont want to be captain so.. you have only two hours to decide and do whatever you want and choose your captain, otherwise this task will be discarded and there will be no captain this week too. Vikas says you people have earned this position so settle down between you four. Hina says I have earned this position so its not about who was captain before or not, I became captain because I worked for it. Luv says I wont leave my chance, Hina says I wont leave my contendership for captaincy. Priyank says me and Shilpa are ready to sacrifice but Hina and Luv are not.

Priyank says my vote is for Shilpa because she was never captain. Shilpa says I am not being sacrificing goat but we have to fine a conclusion so I am leaving task and you three can decide, Hina says no dont give up. Priyank says I am ready to choose. Vikas says choose one more contender except yourself. Shilpa says I vote for Priyank, Hina says I vote for Shilpa, Priyank says I vote for Shilpa. Luv says I vote for Priyank. Puneesh says Luv said Priyank’s name to tie it. Arshi asks Vikas to not be nice and let them become captain. Hina asks Luv that you support Shilpa for captaincy then why not voting for her? Luv says Priyank is my friend so I am voting for him. Arshi says Hina became captain before too. Hina says I earned my captaincy before too, and I have earned right now too.Hina asks Luv to vote for Shilpa, Luv says you can vote for Priyank too. Hina says Shilpa didnt become captain, and last week you made a scene to make Shilpa captain, Luv says but Priyank was not in list. Shilpa says now its Priyank as contender so he will choose him, choose Priyank, hina take his name, I am fine. Hina says I am fine, I can choose. Luv says let me think. Vikas says you said that you are ready to choose. Hina says let Luv think. Vikas says you are playing so much. Priyank says to Luv that I know we will lose important chance. Luv says game is on point where its crucial to have captaincy power. Luv says we can choose Hina as captain too. Hina says how my name came up? Vikas says he doesnt want to lose captaincy power from his group. Hina says let me talk. Hina asks Shilpa if she is giving up her captaincy? Shilpa says you three are friends and have majority. Hina says dont base it on friendship. Vikas says they are all playing. Aakash asks Shilpa to take stand, why you always give up? Vikas says I am sure no one will become captain because they are all playing. Aakash says you cant even take stand. Puneesh says you are weak Shilpa. Shilpa says yes I am weak, its just we people here so we have to make compromise. Arshi says task will be discarded this time too. Luv asks Shilpa if she agrees with Hina’s name? Puneesh asks Shilpa to not get off. Shilpa says okay I am fine with Hina to be captain. Aakash asks Shilpa to wait, not give up. Luv says if we are choosing Hina then we will get down from photo frame together. Luv asks Shilpa to hold hand and get down together. Shilpa says you dont trust me? I am saying I will get down. Luv and Priyank gets down from photo frame, Shilpa gets down from photo frame too. Hina becomes captain. Hina asks Shilpa if she is okay? Shilpa says yes, Hina hugs her. Vikas says this is the first time they all agreed. Bigg boss says congrats Hina for becoming captain.

Hina says to Arshi that I dont feel good, why they took my name in end?
Shilpa says captaincy doesnt matter too much, Priyank thanks her for taking his name.
Aakash says to Puneesh that I threw so many eggs, made Shilpa contender and now everything is finished, Puneesh says all work gone. Aakash says I hate Shilpa.

Hina asks Luv that you took Priyank’s first for captaincy then why you took my name? when we three agreed to make Priyank captain then why you took my name? Luv says why you are trying to be so mahan,, we need captaincy, you got it,its important so dont be thankless. Hina says I am just asking why we didnt choose Priyank? Luv says Priyank took your name too, Hina says fine I wont ask question.

Luv says to Priyank that Hina wanted to be captain but when we made her captain then she is thankless, and saying why we didnt choose Priyank, why she is like this, I dont like it. Priyank says she will always be my friend but she is like that, thank you for taking my name, I just wanted Puneesh to not come in captaincy, I dont have problem with Shilpa, she easily gave up but what Hina was trying to do? when we took her name, she was like why taking my name? why she was acting so fool? Luv says she doesnt have brains. Priyank says she actually have mind problem, she just talks more, I judged her late.

Hina comes to Priyank and says thanks, and tomorrow you do bedroom with Luv.

Aakash writes ‘Luv zero’ in jail. Puneesh laughs and says he make us zero, Aakash says yes opposite is happening.

PRECAP- India will live vote for inmates and send one inmate to semi finale. Salman says we will be going live for voting.


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