Bigg Boss 11 22nd November 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 22nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Hina’s team wins another round in court task only on

Day 51 (continued)
Priyank says I am done with this woman.
Vikas says to Hiten that Sabya told Arshi that Priyank said he has set put his bed near Arshi for convenience. Arshi says they are going personal.
Luv says to Priyank that Sabya’s talks were different, he is gone now. Vikas comes there, Priyank asks him to not defend Arshi.
Hina cries and says to Sapna that I am trying to not let this happen, Arshi is lying, Sapna hugs her. Arshi comes there and says to inmates I want to clear. Arshi says I said.. Priyank says I wont talk to her. Hina shouts that because of her, this is telecasted on national TV, you heard wrong, I never said bad about you. Arshi says leave it. She says why I have to make people understand? Vikas says Arshi was insulted too.Hina

says so she will do same thing? she is lying and now saying she heard wrong? Hina cries. Puneesh asks Arshi and Hina to talk and end it. Vikas says its TV Arshi. Arshi says they talked about me too, Vikas says if you lied then clear it. Hina says its a scientific thing, you cant bring about that (pressure thing) like bad thing. Arshi says you talked about me flirting with everyone. Hina says its part of task. Arshi says you blame me then its a task but when I talk about you then its personal? have some shame. Hiten says we just said that she flirted. Vikas says they dont have to joke about it. Hina asks Vikas to ask her to stop it. Priyank comes there and takes Hina away, he asks Arshi to leave. Arshi shouts at Priyank that if you say those things for me then I will disrespect you in such a way that you wont be able to handle on national TV, women will spit on your face for disrespecting women. This is not your show, I will tear my clothes if I want, your dad didnt buy them for me, let me say what you did. Priyank says say what I did, stay away from me. Vikas asks him to not do this. Priyank says you said I did things, tell me what I did? Vikas asks Arshi that this is not needed, let them say rubbish, you dont have to. Priyank asks what I did? Arshi says I will beat you and kick you. Priyank says you want me to respect this woman? Sapna says we are not here to please Arshi.
Arshi says Priyank have to say sorry then I will start task. She lies in her bed. Aakash comes to her and says dont be miffed with me, come here. Arshi cries and hides her face in bed. Aakash wipes her tears. Arshi says I wont talk to anyone, that guy says anything for camera. Aakash says I saved your kiss on tissue for goodluck, you are strong. Arshi says that Priyank talks about woman’s respect and see how he talks.

Shilpa says to Arshi that Sapna said she never slapped on bums, she was simply saying that we both are characterless.
Bigg boss says announces that today’s time for task has ended.
Arshi says to Shilpa that let Priyank misbehave with me and I will beat him. Priyank says now you will talk personal, your audience is seeing. Arshi says you are no one to tell me what to do. Priyank says I am nothing, you are big Arshi. Priyank says yes you are, he lies on floor and says beat me. Arshi says dont show me eyes, show to camera, you said sorry to me infront of camera, it was a lie, you asked me to not tell people that you asked forgiveness, mental women must like you, women will spit that you dont respect girls. Priyank says you talked about sisters. Arshi says I said I dont get clothes from you tear, you roam without clothes in house, arent we get ashamed? our brothers dont roam in shorts? you used to roam behind me to flirt. Vikas asks Priyank to leave, why you are sitting infront of her? Priyank says I cant have food? Arshi says you say sorry but cant follow it, change your character. Hina takes Priyank from there. Bandagi says to Shilpa that Priyank says things about women, I will say it. Hina says when? Bandagi says he did, Puneesh says Salman stopped him. Hina says I am talking to Bandagi, why you are involving in it? Priyank takes Hina from there.

Bandagi says to Puneesh and Arshi that Hina talked about when Arshi leaves house and clips will be shown. Arshi says to Bandagi that I wont spare Hina now.
Vikas comes to Priyank and tries to talk., Priyank says I dont want to talk to you for two days, leave, Vikas says I wont talk to you now, Priyank leaves.
Luv asks Priyank if he never disrespected women? Priyank says never, Luv says good then.
Vikas says to Shilpa that Priyank is not listening but when he gets eliminated and comes to me crying then I wont save him.

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Day 52
Inmates wake up to song kambakht ishq, they all dance.

Hina says to Priyank that Puneesh misbehaves a lot, Aakash doesnt talk like him.
Vikas says to Puneesh and Bandagi that they are from nicer group but they talk bad. Puneesh says they taunt, they are like oldies.
Hina says to Sapna that they show their class, how Puneesh talks, like how he degraded Sapna calling her shows cheap. Sapna says now I will answer Puneesh. Priyank says all must be laughing at Vikas for being with Arshi and Shilpa. Hina says even I get embarrassed seeing Arshi’s dances, moves and she rips her clothes off, thats not fine.

Shilpa asks Hina if you wanted breakfast then you must have told me, Hina says you could have told me, I would have made my breakfast, you just wanted to argue, she leaves. Sapna says I am not servant to keep cooking whole day. Hina says making eggs are you duty, its just egg. Shilpa says I am not your servant to make eggs for you whole day whenever you want.
Hina cries and says to Priyank that I was waiting for egg, I even asked her but she didnt make my egg, she stooped low. They are snatching food, who takes it out on food? they keep taunting about my body, age, looks, everything, she cries.
Shilpa says to Aakash that she thinks I am their servant and curse me behind my back.

Bigg boss asks inmates to start preparing for case, court session will be starting soon.
Arshi jokes with Shilpa and asks mom where were you last night? Shilpa says I was hungover, you ate your father in childhood and want me to not enjoy too? I made my son Puneesh playboy, I just want to end this Hiten Khan thing, just end it, make him Tejwani again. They laugh. Puneesh says when my mom get married, she used to slap his bums too. Vikas says we can talk about Hina. Arshi says she put kerosene in fire.
Hina talks to her team, Aakash says just keep them both under radar, Hina says I hope I dont get emotional, Arshi said so much to me.

Hina says to Vikas that you talked about Arshi tearing her clothes. Vikas says we had thought about it, that she doesnt get clothes. Hina says you know her truth. Vikas says its her clothes, she can tear them if she wants. Hina says others get embarrassed seeing all that. Vikas says even boys roam in underwear here. Hina says I dont have problem with that, she just comes and opens her dress, she can show cleavage if she wants but she cant tear clothes. Vikas says Priyank roams in his underwear too. Priyank says I dont roam in underwear. Hina says Arshi can roam here in bikini but tearing her shalwar suit is different. Vikas says she can do what she wants. Hina says that different. Vikas says if she wants to hide or show, its her will. Priyank says dont comment then, stop rubbish and leave, you are saying that I roam in underwear on TV.

Court hearing starts. Vikas says to judges Bandagi and Sapna that my allegation is on Hina, Hina is biggest vamp, she destroyed this relation. Hina says my allegation is how Arshi tortured her sister in law thats me. Bandagi says Hina will say samething about Arshi, lets hear what Vikas wants to say. Sapna asks Vikas to proceed. Vikas says in start when Zubair used to misbehave, Hina asked girls to boycott him and all, she took stand but then she became support system for Zubair against Arshi, Hina provoked Zubair, point is she provokes people, she makes things big. Hina says Zubair said something about Arshi’s mother, I asked people around and they said they didnt hear Zubair saying anything wrong so I didnt take stand, I asked Zubair many times to not misbehave. Vikas says but when he insulted Arshi, you were clapping for Zubair. Hina says I clapped on funny things. Vikas say now you are calling it funny? this is double standard, you could have boycotted him but you supported him at one end and saying this now? Arshi says I just want to say when Zubair cursed me, Hina asked him to curse more. Vikas says what kind of stand is that? after Zubair, she provoked Priyank, took buckets of shit to unload on Arshi. Hina says Vikas you tried to ranaway from house. Vika says I never threw shit on woman’s face or farted on their face. Hina cries and says I have to say it.. Arshi says she called me Zubair’s ****, now he is talking about potty thing.. Hina cries. Shilpa says she is copying me. Hina says Shilpa you are making fun of me? Hina says Shilpa Shinde when they say this about you then I will see. Arshi says when Zubair called my mother *******, you didnt stop him, no one said anything to him. Hina says what I could do? Arshi says you provoked him. Vikas says my next question is when Arshi wore a blouse, Hina pointed at her and talked to Luv and Priyank about her blouse, and when Arshi and Priyank had fights, Priyank commented on her clothes and she making dirty picture and all but Hina never stopped him and kept giving him points to use against Arshi, she provokes people. Hina says Arshi was wearing different lingerie so I asked Ben what she is wearing so Ben said she is wearing double lingerie. Arshi says when you wore bikini, it was very shameless. Hina says should I tell about your shameless things? I always took stand for right thing. Luv comes in witness box, he says Hina was talking to girls about her clothes, Arshi asked me if I was looking at her (chest) so I said that girls were talking not us. Arshi says he is lying, he never said that girls were talking. Bandagi says if girls were talking then how you know about it? Hina says I talked to him later. Arshi says but when I called Luv to talk, he already knew about lingerie talk Hina did. Hina says I promise Luv and Priyank didnt look at her lingerie. Luv says dont take our silence forgranted. Vikas says Hina never stopped things when she could have done it, she stops things as per convenience. Arshi comes in witness box, Arshi says she cries on everything. Hina says dont talk about my tears, I am not emotionless like you. Arshi says when Priyank was showing spitting action towards me, Hina hugged him and said keep it up. Arshi says when I was wearing lingerie, Hina was talking to Luv and Priyank and they turned to look at me, when I went to jail, Hina pointed towards my chest and showed it to boys. Bandagi says who was in jail with Hina? Hina says Hiten and Ben. Sapna says Hiten was there too. Vikas says she keeps changing topics. Hina says Arshi have done these things too. Vikas says so you did it too? Hina says I didnt do it. Aakash says Hiten didnt see Hina pointing towards Arshi. Hina says Arshi is liar. Sapna says to Bandagi that I saw Arshi and Shilpa saying to Hina to talk to their (bums).. Arshi says Hina pointed towards me and commented too. Bandagi says we are leaving that point. Bandagi says me and Sapna have decided, Vikas brought witnesses who are not present here anymore, so Hina wins this session. Hina says to Arshi that I didnt do any hinting. Priyank hugs her. Shilpa says this girl is a liar.
Hina cries and says I am breaking now, I cant bear it. Luv says dont worry, we are with you. Hina says I am worried that when you people leave, what will happen to me then.

PRECAP- Hiten reads captaincy task that there are photos of contenders placed in garden, inmates will get black spray to paint their photos, the contender whose photo remains unpainted till the end will win captaincy. Aakash says I will paint Hiten’s photo and will become captain. Aakash asks Puneesh to do it but Puneesh denies. Aakash says that Puneesh is not my brother anymore, you people are cheap. Aakash shouts and goes hysteric, Shilpa tries to calm him by holding his hands but Aakash pushes her away and screams that A-cash is dead in this show, dead!


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