Bigg Boss 11 22nd October 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 22nd October 2017 Written Episode Update: No Eviction Today only on

Elimination Day
Salman comes on stage, he welcomes everyone to show. Salman says its festive season, all are enjoying, lets see whats happening in house. He connects call to house and says we will tell who is going to eliminate. Salman asks Sapna to go to confession room and then go. Sapna goes to confession room. Salman says to Inmates that we will do a task with Sapna, I will give statement to Sapna and she have to decide if she agrees or not and you inmates will decide if Sapna is saying truth or not. Sapna is in confession room, All see her on TV, Salman says you have put on weight, she says I know. Salman says first comment is that your fight with Arshi was drama, Sapna says it was true, all say she is saying truth. Salman asks Sapna if Bandagi is using Puneesh? Sapna says sometimes I

think she is using him but when I see her loyalty with him then I realize that she is not using but sometimes I think she is using him but no she isnt, all say no. Salman asks Vikas’s friendship with Hina is plan? she says yes, some say yes and some say no. Salman asks Ben to come in confession room now. Salman asks Ben if she doesnt have stand in house? Ben says I dont take stand for others, all say yes. Salman says to Ben that you are only Vikas’s support here, Ben says not at all, I didnt have role before, all say yes except Shilpa. Shilpa says I was sent to jail by Vikas and no one argued with him but Ben said that she didnt think much. Hina says Ben supports Vikas without thinking. Salman asks Ben if she enjoys fights in house? Ben laugh, all say yes. Ben says I do enjoy. Ben says now I will take so much stand, all laugh. Puneesh comes in confession room next. Salman says your gameplan ends before starting, Puneesh says no, majority say yes. ARshi says he plans with Aakash who doesnt know anything. Salman says Puneesh your focus is more on Bandagi than game? Puneesh says no, I focus on game, all say yes he focuses on Bandagi. Salman ends call.

Salman says that after tasks, fights happen, lets see.

In house, Bandagi says to Puneesh that Sapna is a big time player, she is not fair, I dont talk to others about you, I dont use you. Puneesh says dont cry, Bandagi says she said shit, I dont talk about her making relations, you didnt say anything to her, Puneesh says dont do drama, I will talk to her personally.

On stage, Salman says nobody is calm in house. Salman says some stars of Colors have entered show and they are mimicking inmates.

In house, Rubina/Saumia is Hina, Rashmi/Shorvory as Shilpa, Jasmine/Teni as Arshi, Arjun/Deep as Hiten, Avika/Anushka as Sapna. Suamia sings like Hina and says all are jealous because I sang one song 200 times on one channel. Teni comes to Deep and acts like Arshi flirting with Hiten, and says I can dance. Anushka as Sapna says she called me dancer, she starts roaming behind Teni mimicking Arshi. Teni fights with Saumia, Saumia acts like Hina and says talk to the walls, Shorvory as Shilpa says she is not our class.. Salman laughs seeing it.

Salman says we will take their class as inmates now. Salman connects call to house and colors stars are sitting there as inmates, Salman says one will leave. Teni as Arshi says I wont leave and wont let Hiten leave. Saumia as Hina says Shilpa ate all sweets, Shorvory as Shilpa says she is calling me thief, they start fighting. Salman says breath breath.. Salman says Hina who is leaving? Saumia as Hina and says I should leave, I cant live here, I am not diplomatic. Salman says you guys are outstanding, you acted so nicely. He asks them to go in garden area, inmates will perform for you, he ends call.

In garden, all colors stars come in garden. Everyone wishes them diwali. Arjun hugs Hiten. All settle down. Shilpa says we will play an act, Hiten will be monkey owner and Vicky will be monkey. The start play, vikas says we have guests here and says people spit here too, Vikas says they throw slippers too. Hiten says we have rockstars, he raps like Aakash and says I know no one understood it, all laugh. Vikas and Hiten act like Shilpa. they end performance, all clap for them. Shilpa says they showed what all have seen. Shilpa says no Aakash and Jyoti will perform. Aakash and Jyoti starts singing bang bang, Jyoti starts singing in her Bihari, they make fun of inmates and raps like how Arshi is behind Hiten and all that, Vikas hugs Jyoti for performance. Shilpa says next is Hina and Sapna. They starts dance performance. They dance on aag lagawe, all enjoy their electric dance. All hoot for them. All colors stars come on stage and says we will gift the one who performed best, he says Hina and Sapna won this task. Hina and Sapna takes gift. All stars greet them and leaves.

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On stage, Salman says colors stars are coming here. All stars come there. Salman asks how they liked Bigg boss house? Teni says they dont leave each other. Salman asks Saumia to mimic Hina, she says talk to the walls. All laugh. Salman asks about their favorite contestants. Shorvory says Arshi, Saumia says Hina, Teni says Hiten, Anushka says Jyoti and Ben. Salman says Anushka was Anandi then Roli then Anushka, she has been on colors more than me, Anushka tells about her new show Laado. Salman says Amma ji will be part of show. Amma ji comes there. Amma ji gives sweets to Salman. Salman says Amma ji govern whole area. Amma ji says where system is failing, Amma ji will work, I will change everyone. Salman says this show is starting and will work for 3 to 4 years, all laugh. Salman says now Amma and Anushka will make laddos. They start making laddos. Salman makes small ladoo, Salman says now Deep and Saumia will use roller to make jalebi, they try to use it. Salman says to Deep that sometimes your wife is snake and now your wife is serial killer? Deep says my wife is killer and I wipe proofs after her. Salman greets everyone, they leave.

Salman connects call to house, Salman says Luv, Sapna, Puneesh, Aakash and Hina are nominated. Salman asks Jyoti who will leave? she says Luv, Vikas says Luv might leave but maybe there will be no eviction because of diwali. Salman asks Sapna to hug everyone, SAPNA AND PUNEESH ARE SAFE and ALL ARE SAFE, NO EVICTION TODAY. Salman ends call. All inmates hug each other. Sapna and Hina starts dancing and hug each other.

Jyoti says Vikas that you were giving her respect but cant expect respect in return. Sapna comes there and says to Vikas that just tell me what you want and I will do it as per you, I dont like seeing you tensed. Vikas is miffed about Sapna’s answer when she is in confession room. Vikas says dont talk about me like that, I am not friends with Hina. Sapna says I will say things like they are.

Puneesh is miffed and says to Sapna that you broke my heart, Sapna says I said what was in my mind, Puneesh says I cant even fight with you, I love you a lot, I would have fought with someone else. Sapna says I could have lied but I wouldnt be happy, I did say she is loyal with you but I dont like when she talks to others, Puneesh says she can talk to anyone she wants, I am not close minded, I will live with her outside house. Puneesh leaves. Bandagi comes there, Sapna says Beinteha? she says my name is Bandagi, call me that if we ever talk. Bandagi comes to Puneesh and asks him to eat, dont make drama of ourselves. Puneesh says we will eat together.

Salman says now we will call talented host. He calls Aditya Narayan. Aditya hugs him. Salman says I did movie with him, Adtiya says I am following your show, Salman asks what you like? Aditya says I like Sultani ring, Aditya says I am doing show and it has one round drop the mic, we will rhyme and take on each other verbally. They come in ring. Aditya raps about Salman, Salman promotes his show, Aditya leaves.

Salman says lets drop a bomb, she is a favorite artist, she became inter sensation, see first wild card entry. Dhinchak Pooja’s song is shown. Salman laughs and says welcome Pooja. She comes there, Salman asks how is Mr. Dhinchak? all laugh. Salman asks how do you sing like that? Pooja says its my unique style. Salman says when you developed it? she says I sang my first song swag wali topi, my song selfie meine le lia is famous. Salman says how you go this idea? Pooja says I used to sing in childhood, my friend asked me to make a video so I wrote this song, I made beat and tune. Salman says which song performed best? she says selfie le lia was hit because everyone takes selfie, I am inspired from you, Salman says my wish is to sing with you. Pooja says I will sing then you can follow. Pooja sings selfie meine le lie.. Salman tries to follow her and says I cant do it, I cant sing infront of her, he asks Pooja to sing another, she sings scooter song, Salman says this song was hit? is this joke? it should be superhit, this is actual music, all laugh. Pooja says we make it like to keep it memorized in mind. Salman says you will many people in house, Aakash Dadlani is in house, he might have complex all laugh. Salman asks about inmates, Pooja says Hiten is strong. Salman asks her to be careful, Pooja goes in house. Salman says lets see what happens in house.

In house,there is scooter in house. Inmates sit on it. Scooter song starts playing. Bandagi says Dhinchak Pooja is coming. Sapna says Dhinchak Pooja is coming. Pooja comes in house, everyone greets her. Pooja looks around house. Arshi says I will show you house. Vikas asks if she is wild card entry? she says yes. Arshi brings her in house, Aakash meets her, Arshi says you both can have mix rap. Aakash says Pooja is cool. Shilpa says to Mehjabi that she became internet sensation. In luggage area, Hina laughs and says Dhinchak Pooja? what is this Bigg boss?
In house, Pooja sings Selfie meine le lia, Aakash sings bang bang. In kitchen, Shilpa and Hina makes fun of her song, Shilpa says Arshi swooped her away, Hina laughs that Dhinchak Pooja came in house. Puneesh and Bandagi comes to Shilpa. Shilpa says Dhinchak Pooja is very clever, she is father of Arshi in this case, Bandagi says she has different style.

Late night, Arshi says to Aakash and Puneesh that we are stronger than these people but I like Hiten. Puneesh says I dont like Hiten. Aakash says you keep chanting about Hiten, he doesnt respect you. Puneesh says he says ill words about you, Aakash says dont give him footage, block him, Arshi says I wont give him attention from now on.

PRECAP- Aakash and Pooja starts rapping. Pooja sings Selfie meine le lia.Shilpa sings kapre meine dho dia. Later Hina mimics Pooja and laughs. In nominations, friendships will be tested. Puneesh says to Aakas hell with friendship. Shilpa says I havent come to make friends here, I want to become bigg boss winner. Arshi says I will never save her, I am telling that I will leave her hand in nominations.


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