Bigg Boss 11 23rd December 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 23rd December 2017 Written Episode Update: Arshi gets eliminated, Vikas going to semi finale only on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman comes on stage, he welcomes everyone to show. Salman says except Hina, all are nominated and nominated inmates see red danger on weekend, they get scared of me that I will take them out of house. Salman says Priyank, Vikas, Shilpa, Arshi, Puneesh, Aakash and Luv. Salman says they all tried to be extra smart and plotted nominations which is not allowed in house. Salman says we will know today who is going to leave. Salman says India will be connected live with inmates today, they will save one inmate today live from next nominations and send that inmate directly to semi finale. Salman says inmates celebrated Christmas in house.

In house,
Inmates wake up to marry christmas. They come in garden and see it decorated with Christmas buntings. Vikas hugs Arshi,
Puneesh. They get gifts from each other. Shilpa says to Puneesh that I didnt know what to gift you and Aakash, dont know if anyone else gifted you, Puneesh says no worried.
Hina gets gift egg with ‘I love you’ written on it. Arshi gets dress from Shilpa, Shilpa says I got it from home yesterday, Arshi hugs her. Hina gifts chocolate protein jar to Puneesh, he hugs her.
Arshi says Shilpa proved that she loved me.
Luv says to Hina that Puneesh didnt get gift but he is fine. Hina says Arshi got two gifts, from Vikas and Shilpa both. Luv says Vikas didnt give gift to Priyank.
Priyank is sitting sadly for not getting a gift.

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On stage, Salman asks people to download the app and be a part of live voting.

Salman connects call to house. He greets inmates. Inmates congratulate him. Salman says you are in mood of celebrations. Puneesh says I didnt get gifts in start. Arshi says I got most gifts. Puneesh asks how was movie launch? Salman says its doing well. Salman says Hina you got emotional seeing gift. Hina says Aakash gave me gift egg. Salman asks Puneesh whom you expected to give you gift? Puneesh says its Shilpa. Shilpa says I am a girl, Puneesh says girls give gifts. Shilpa says if I gave gift to Puneesh then Aakash would have asked for it, I didnt have any gift for boys, I got a dress so I gave it to Arshi. Arshi says I felt really nice that Shilpa gave me gift, all fights are finished. Salman says it wont continue for long, all laugh. Salman says it was nice to see you all celebrating. Salman says start of the week was outstanding, you ate crab, brain fry, went to Shimla, Hongkong. All laugh. Salman says you people didnt get Hongkong visa. Salman says ladyfinger, crab, brain fry, snake, planner Luv, Shimla.. in short leaving Hongkong, all are nominated. Salman asks who started planning nominations? Arshi says Luv. Luv says I didnt start it, Vikas started it. Vikas says Puneesh told me to eat crab in Hongkong, I said I will eat crab. Puneesh says they all give my name for anything bad. Salman says you people are so clever that you think we are fools, you knew you cameras and mics are on, you knew it will come out but we wont get caught because we wouldnt understand the terms, thank you for thinking that Bigg boss team, Endemol team and Salman all are fools. Salman asks Hina how she got saved? Hina says nobody asks me who I will nominate and I wont tell them who is my choice. Salman asks how you felt? hina says I felt bad that all are nominated but happy too. Salman says what if you are left alone in house and you alone become finalist then will you be first or second? all laugh. Hina says I would be first. Salman asks Hina to go to store room. Hina brings files and briefcase. Salman says you are looking nice Hina, Hina says you really mean it? he says yes. Salman says you have briefcase now. Aakash says now you remember? file, briefcase and looking nice. Hina oh I got it, all laugh. Hina says it was a joke, Puneesh says this is a joke too. Salman asks Vikas to take the briefcase and files, he takes it. Salman says you people know how to press the paining point of others. Salman says to Vikas that they were complimenting you on your dressing that day, you showed too much difference in this week, Hina what went wrong in his plans? Hina says after Hiten left, Vikas feels a little alone, Priyank and him are now best friends, Priyank says he is depressed and feels alone. Salman says thank you for boring us Hina, all laugh. Hina says why did you ask me then. Salman asks Puneesh. Puneesh says till last week Vikas had control of game and in this week, Aakash threw his egg in water and his fate drowned in water, his old enemy Priyank is now his best friend, game has changed. Shilpa says Luv is here and Hiten left so Vikas is feeling a little more pain. Salman says maybe Vikas wanted this too. Puneesh says maybe Vikas is going too so he is screaming before leaving, all laugh. Vikas says I am same but Hiten used to keep the sanity, he would talk and let others take out whats happening in mind, I didnt anticipate that he would leave. Salman says Hiten was shocked too, we want to know why he left? Salman asks Luv that you got Vikas’s chit. Luv says it was written on it ‘I planned it, I let him go and saved you, I chose you’. Vikas says next chit was ‘I am sorry, I didnt save you’. Salman says I had written those notes for Hiten, but I didnt send it and flushed it but Luv got one note. Lv says I thought he wrote that note for Priyank, like saying that he planned to send Hiten home and chose Priyank. Vikas says I had nothing in my hands when voting happened, game changer was not Aakash but Shilpa, if she voted for Hiten then he would have been saved. Salman says you discussed it with her? Vikas says she said that Hiten was a strong player so she played her game when she got a chance, she was fair, she is clear on what she chose, it was her decision. Salman says Vikas you used to decide who will go to jail and now you went to jail yourself? Vikas says in task, I did a mistake, I jumped on Shilpa and Hina mistakenly, I thought I will frighten them and they wont comeback. Hina says it happened, me and Shilpa didnt get involved in task again, he jumped so bad and we got scared, he said that if we came again then he would jump again. Salman says it worked for time being but then.. Puneesh says Aakash took the egg like electricity. Salman says the one who is going to leave today.. can be Arshi, Vikas, Shilpa, Puneesh, Aakash, Priyank and Luv. Salman says SHILPA, AAKASH and VIKAS are safe.

Salman connects call to caller of the week, caller says I want to ask Luv that you didnt save Shilpa in captaincy task, your first choice was Priyank but you gave it to Hina why? Luv says I thought Priyank might give favor to Vikas. Caller says you have to trust your friend that he will favor you over Vikas. Luv says I thought about future and making Hina captain was safest choice, caller ends. Salman says Priyank what you think of Luv’s reason? Priyank says Vikas told me that too, I know there are insecurities in friendship, Luv tells things to Hina but dont tell me that, there are cracks in friendship. Salman says what about Shilpa devi.. sacrificing goat. Shilpa says I knew they are three friends, we wouldnt have any captain if I took the stand, Bigg boss asked us to choose in two hours so I gave up. Hina says I was trying to convince Luv to take Shilpa’s name, Shilpa says I knew they wouldnt choose me. Priyank says Luv was ready to give my name so Hina said that why Priyank then we took Hina’s name even then she was like why taking my name? when she knew that she wanted to be captain. Salman asks Shilpa that dont you think it was unfair for Puneesh and Aakash when you give up so easily? why will anyone support you later if you give up in the end? Shilpa says I am not in the show for Puneesh and Aakash, if I became captain.. I tried to be captain and if I got the chance to save anyone.. I dont know what would happen, I cant change Puneesh or Aakash’s fate. Vikas says Shilpa doesnt want to choose between Aakash and Puneesh, as a person she is giving, she doesnt want to choose thats why she gives up, she beautifully plays, she is like I am sorted, you all fight and die, I dont care. Salman asks Hina what you wanted in captaincy task? you didnt want Shilpa to lose, you didnt want to choose Priyank, you wanted to be captain but when you became captain, you didnt want it then? Hina says I wanted to be captain but when Shilpa gave Priyank’s name saying he should get a chance once, then I thought that Shilpa should get that chance too, I was ready for Priyank to be captain too, Salman says but you didnt make him captain. Priyank says she asked Shilpa to not take Priyank’s name and dont give up. Hina says but in the end, I was ready to make Priyank captain. Priyank says but in last, Hina asked Shilpa to not vote for Priyank, Hina wanted to be captain. Hina says ofcourse I wanted to be captain, why playing around. Hina says I was ready to make you captain, yes I wanted to be captain. Salman asks Vikas. Vikas says three were ready to make Priyank captain but Hina told Shilpa to not vote for Priyank and get down from her chance, Hina says no.. Vikas says dont be so angry Hina.. Hina says what are you saying Vikas.. they all laugh. Vikas says Hina wanted to be great and captain both, Shilpa is already great so Hina became captain. Salman says so great captain is not allowed, Vikas says no. Salman says Hina is now captain, she is safe next week.

Salman says to inmates that tell me who you think must have gotten the least votes and will go out? Arshi says I think Puneesh might go because his game is less after Bandagi left. Vikas says I am confused between Puneesh and Arshi, Arshi is entertaining but when she fights, people see her tongue and not heart so people might not go out of the way to vote her. Shilpa says it might be Arshi because I dont think people like her talking style. Puneesh says i have a bad feeling that I might leave. Aakash says Arshi might leave. Priyank says I think Puneesh might leave. Luv says I think Arshi might leave. Hina says Arshi or Puneesh.. Puneesh might leave. Salman says you people think Puneesh or Arshi might leave. Salman says you people are 50% right. Salman says PRIYANK, LUV you are safe. Salman says ARSHI IS ELIMINATED. All are shocked. Arshi hugs everyone, she hugs Hina, Priyank, Shilpa and Vikas. Arshi says I had a feeling. Arshi hugs Shilpa again and says I love you, Shilpa is in tears. Salman disconnects call. Aakash hugs Puneesh. Hina hugs Arshi again. Priyank consoles Vikas. Vikas hugs Arshi again and says you are my best friend, you are strongest. Arshi says I wont cry. Arshi greets everyone, Hina says we love you Arshi, Arshi is in tears. She hugs Shilpa again and cries. Arshi waves and leaves house.

Puneesh says to Shilpa that I might leave too.
Vikas says to Priyank that I wont cry infront of all, Priyank says this is testing time, Vikas says these last days will take my life.
Hina says to Shilpa that Vikas’s loyal are leaving. Shilpa says Vikas wont care, Arshi was using Vikas. Hina says Vikas was not using Arshi? Shilpa says I have no idea what people think in house.
Vikas cries, Priyank says its just two weeks.
Puneesh says to Hina that this is the fall of Vikas Gupta. Hina hugs him and says I told you, Puneesh says this day has arrived.
Vikas comes to Shilpa and says she used to love you a lot. Shilpa says this is not love, I know what kind of a person I am but there is a limit, nobody said so much filth for me than her, I used to feel sorry for her, she is childish. Vikas says we all do crazy things but..

Arshi comes stage, Salman connects call to house, Salman says Arshi have the chance to take two names who will be safe next week and will go to semi finale. Arshi says I want to save Vikas, Shilpa will be saved by people, she wants to save Priyank as she knows that Vikas will feel alone after I leave, I request Priyank to take care of Vikas and if Hina insults her then take care of him. Vikas cries, Arshi says dont cry, take care, Vikas says shut up snake. Arshi saves Vikas and Priyank. Salman says there is a twist, Arshi took two names but it doesnt mean they are safe from nominations, audience will decide their future, we will go live soon and India will choose live in voting about who will be safe and will be sent to semi finale week. Salman asks Vikas and Priyank that you have to tell how you are better than other to go ahead in show. Arshi says bye to everyone, Hina says we will miss you, call ends. Salman says to Arshi that let us show your journey. Arshi’s clip is shown, her dances, her flirting with Hiten, her friendship with Shilpa, her friendship with Vikas, how she gave up her nighties for Vikas, her fights with Shilpa, Arshi’s bad words to Shilpa, Arshi breaking down in show, clip ends. Arshi smiles. Salman says you gave nice entertainment, Arshi says then why send me out, Salman says audience did it. Arshi says we live in house, cut out from outside, mind stops working, I would say something bad to Shilpa whom we called as mother, I used to feel bad too, my biggest mistake was calling Shilpa cheap, I wont do it as I have to think about my future too. Salman wishes her luck. Arshi leaves.

On stage, Salman says we will go live in house, join us for voting. Salman connects call to house, he says we are live now, India will decide using live voting about who they want to send to semi finale week. Salman says Vikas and Priyank will tell their case infront of people about why they are better than other one. Salman says Priyank is first. Salman says lets see Priyank’s journey. Clip plays, Pruiyank coming in house and getting out for violence, then coming back in house, his fights with Vikas, Hina, Luv, his good work in tasks, getting saved too. Clip ends. Salman says voting Priyank has started. Voting bar is shown for Priyank. Priyank says I cameback in house because of people, my graph is interesting, I went into depressed state, I came out of it because of my friends, I did mistakes but I am sorry with ladies, I am not like that, I have always been with my friends, I fought with them, for them too, I have done everything with consistency, people have given me love, I survived because of you people, I didnt give up when I was feeling low, I request people to vote for me, I hope to not disappoint you, happy new year.. his voting percent is 67%. Salman says you got 67% votes.
Salman says to inmates that now we will see if Vikas will get more votes. We will see it soon, he ends call.

On stage, Salman says its time for Vikas’s live voting. Salman connects call to house. Salman says Priyank gave his word, now its time for Vikas. Vikas stands up and says I am nervous. Salman says you have to tell why you are better than Priyank, and why you should be saved. Salman says lets see Vikas’s journey. Clip plays, Vikas monopoly and friendship is shown in clip. Salman says live voting for Vikas is on. Vikas says my grandmother used to say that you can have desires but what God does it best, I always used to be behind camera but I came here, had fights with Shilpa, I didnt know how to play the game but I learned it soon, I gave in full efforts, I entertained people, I made friends, we all have changed, I tried everytime to play with good heart, I got sad when my friends left but this game is played alone, I want to go till the end, I have given my full effort and I will keep doing it. Salman says voting is closed and India have given you 71% votes. All clap for him. Salman says this happened because of that black shirt and pant, all laugh. Salman says I am sorry Priyank. Salman says VIKAS IS SAFE IN NEXT NOMINATIONS AND IS GOING TO SEMI FINALE. Salman signs off from the show.



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