Bigg Boss 11 23rd November 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 23rd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Shilpa, Aakash and Hiten in captaincy task only on

Day 52 (continued)
Priyank hugs Hina and says you are too much emotional. Hina says I am breaking now, I am not able to bear anymore. Luv says we are with you, Hina says what will happen to me when you leave.
Vikas says to Bandagi that why Hina was talking about undergarments with boys? Bandagi says Arshi is right about that, if Arshi talks about Hina’s undergarment with me then Puneesh can be there too, she looks at Sapna. Sapna says dont look at me like I will agree. Vikas says you have already decided your side, this is not group task, this is your individual task, you have to do best, Sapna says dont tell me, I dont want to hear you, you get what you give. Arshi says Sapna is going personal, she says she will give what she got, this is personal. Sapna says I will

talk about house’s matters, you will get what you did. Vikas says Luv said Arshi wore something special in her undergarment, that was not right, Sapna is not seeing anything. Sapna says you see yourself, let world decide, dont tell me what do. Arshi says she got power from group.

Shilpa says to Puneesh that Sapna is more illiterate then us, she asks Arshi to not fight with Sapna, she wont understand.
Hina says mom, dad I am sorry, you have to hear all that.
Shilpa says to Vikas that you did nice, I said you are doing task, Arshi says he is doing a lot more, woman is insulting woman and man is taking care of woman’s respect.
Bandagi says to Puneesh that Sapna doesnt understand case, she is going personal, she says she have seen many cases but she doesnt understand this.

Sapna talks to Hina and says I am talking less. Hina says we have to win this session, Sapna says I will ask you to give your points first, Hina says if I go weak then interrupt. Hina says we have to win this session.

Bigg boss says to inmates that court task have ended, judges have to decide who was responsible for divorce. Sapna says to Bandagi that who was responsible more? Arshi’s family was more. Bandagi says why? Sapna says their blames were more solid, Hina’s team won more sessions, Arshi’s family does things. Bandagi says Vikas’s family gives response too. Sapna says they blamed Luv but it was wrong too. Bandagi says Priyank said wrong things too, they have done things in response too. Sapna says bring more points, Hiten doesnt like their behavior, Bandagi says Salman said it was not nothing big to hit on back. Sapna says its not about Salman right now, Bandagi says you dismissed Zubair’s point saying Salman cleared it. Sapna says Hiten asked them to not hit on his bum but they did, Arshi said wrong words to Hina too. Bandagi says she is equally involved too, she did bucket thing too. Sapna says Puneesh says wrong things about inmates. Puneesh says I never say anything to you. Sapna says I am not talking to you, I am not scared of you. Puneesh says I am scared. Sapna says Hina did mistake but Puneesh said Hina is old age girl with Priyank, Bandagi says you started it, Sapna says you people said that they will take me away if I dont have security? Puneesh says you started it, Sapna says shut up, Puneesh says you shut up, they start shouting at each other, Vikas asks Puneesh to calm down. Sapna asks who are you? Puneesh says you are illiterate, Sapna says I have more manners than your face, Puneesh says you are egoistic, Sapna says you handle your manners, it shows on your face. Vikas makes Puneesh sit down. Bandagi says we have to talk about tasks, Sapna dont bring things on yourself. Sapna says if you point at me then I will point at you, Bandagi says we have to talk about Hiten and Arshi. Bigg boss ask them to sit down, Bigg boss says judges heard everything but they couldnt decide anything so judges failed in this task and this court was adjourned without any result, this case ends now. Bandagi says are you happy now Sapna? I kept asking you to not discuss personal thing. Sapna says to Priyank that I took side of my team if she was doing that for her team, she went personal. Bandagi says I was discussing everything, she didnt do anything in any session. Sapna says I will do what I want. Bandagi says we lost because of you.

Hina says to Priyank that Vikas’s anger shows. Hina says I asked him to not touch me.
Bandagi says to Luv that I asked Sapna to discuss with me but she didnt. Sapna asks Luv to leave. Bandagi says take your followers. Sapna says all can see who have made followers.
Shilpa says to Arshi that how can they fight everytime?
Sapna says I will scrub his face to clean him, Hina says Puneesh is illmannered.

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Vikas says to Arshi that Hina said I try to find ways to touch her, she makes fake stories. Aakash says divorce didnt happen, Arshi says Hiten is still my friend. Bandagi says Hina keeps talking about luxury budget but starts her drama, Sapna doesnt even know what she is spitting.
Bandagi says to Arshi that Hina was full on acting while crying today.

Sapna says to Hina and Aakash that Puneesh misbehaved with me so I misbehaved with him too, I will slap him so much, Hina laughs.

Vikas and others sit in lounge. Vikas says I will call Hiten in witness box, he asks Hiten why you want to divorce my sister Arshi? they said she flirts with your brothers, Priyank clearly flirted with her and said I will give more response than Hiten, Hiten says yes he did, Vikas says Hina insulted her. Hiten says so dont let divorce happen, Aakash says I wanted that, Vikas says court is adjourned now.

Day 53
Inmates wake up to song toh kich meri photo. Inmates wake up. Puneesh hugs Bandagi. All inmates dance.

Bandagi says to Vikas that Sapna made everyone lose, we will have majority for captaincy task. Aakash says Luv are you with us? Luv says yes. Puneesh says to Vikas that Aakash cant be trusted, Bandagi says I cant count on him.

Hina says to Luv that if it comes to captaincy, and Aakash says anything.. we told Aakash that if we won then we will give him contendership for captaincy, Luv says he keeps breaking promises, I wont make him captain. Hina says Hiten, Bandagi, Puneesh and Vikas are on my nomination list now.

Vikas says to Hiten that you can be captain. Aakash says to Hiten that you should say that I should be captain. Hiten says what else should I do? Shilpa says you were sleeping in middle of task. Aakash says Hiten slept too. Bigg boss asks Aakash to wear mic, Aakash doesnt wear it. Hiten says how can we make him captain if you dont listen to Bigg boss? Bigg boss asks him twice again, Aakash leaves. Vikas says he will go mad if he doesnt become captain.

Aakash comes to Hina and says give my name for captaincy now. Hina says why you are talking to me about it? Aakash says what Hiten did? I want to be captain. Hina says I gave you word that if we win then we will give your name for captaincy, I can give your name but everyone will have their choices.

Puneesh says to Vikas and Hiten that Aakash changed sides, Hiten says it will be fun if Aakash remains mad.
Aakash asks Luv and Priyank to vote for him for captaincy, they says we will see.

Bigg boss says to inmates thats its time to choose captain, judges Sapna and Bandagi were unsuccessful in task so they cant be captain, all inmates will choose 5 inmates who were best performers in task. Shilpa says it was Arshi, Hiten, Aakash. Priyank says Aakash from my side too. Puneesh says all agree with Aakash’s name? they say yes. Priyank asks who is ready for Hina? Aakash, Vikas, Hiten, Luv, me, Sapna voting for Hina. Vikas says Hina and Shilpa have 6 votes. Hina says I became captain so give it to Shilpa. Hina says I am stepping back because Shilpa didnt become captain, I performed well but its tie between me and Shilpa so I am stepping back. Vikas says others are Arshi, Hiten.

Priyank says to Hina that they gave Shilpa’s name out of nowhere, you can take a call for it, we are not in captaincy task, Shilpa didnt do anything. Hina says Shilpa said Hina was nonsense. Luv says you shouldnt have let it go easily Hina.
Vikas says to his team that we will give Aakash, Arshi, Shilpa’s names, we have majority of votes.
Priyank says to Hina that I played for Hiten, I shaved my head for him.
Arshi says Shilpa’s name should be there. Aakash says we can give one name of Priyank, Arshi says why? you want majority.

Vikas says to inmates that lets revote, all have problems. Vikas gives Hiten, Arshi, Vikas, Aakash and Arshi’s name. Priyank says Hina was contender too. aakash says I am voting for Shilpa too. Hina says you changed too? Hina says you did. Hina gets 5 votes. Bigg boss ask names. Bandagi says they have chosen Hiten, Vikas, Arshi, Shilpa and Aakash to be contenders for captaincy. Bigg boss says there will be task between these 5 contenders later.

Hina says to Priyank and Luv that Aakash took his vote from me and we promised him to be captain. Priyank says they voted for Shilpa? she cant even run, they are like cows, they have so much weight, cant even move, Luv says dont say like this.
Shilpa jokes how many men? Shilpa says Hina gave me chance with respect but took it back.
Priyank says to Luv and others that we can make Hiten captain. Hina says Hiten voted for Shilpa. Priyank says what Shilpa did? Hiten is bimbo, he doesnt have mind. Hina says dont do this, I know I performed well, my heart is happy.

Hiten reads captaincy task that there are photos of contenders placed in garden, inmates will get black spray to paint their photos, the contender whose photo remains unpainted till the end will win captaincy. Buzzers will play after sometime and when buzzer plays, you have to spray on inmate’s photo, the one who will run and stand on stage, that person will be able to take spray and can paint any contender’s face to take him or her out of task.

Hina says to Arshi that I promised Aakash that I will make him captain but he took my vote. Aakash says they would have taken majority from me, if I voted for you then they kwould have taken majority from you. Vikas says to Luv that dont touch Hiten’s photo.
Puneesh says to Aakash that I will jump in end and will attack Hiten too.

Puneesh talks to Shilpa and Aakash, Shilpa says I dont have problem with Hiten, Arshi says Hiten listens to us. Puneesh says our majority is not against Hiten, Aakash you have to know that.

First buzzer plays, Luv runs and takes spray, he says Vikas cheated me dinosaur task, he sprays on Vikas’s face.

Arshi says to Priyank that you want to get insulted, one mane always behind woman. Priyank dances and jokes, he says this is talent, you are not artist. Arshi says respect people. Priyank says Arshi you dont look good talking about respect. Arshi says God is seeing everything.
Buzzer plays, Priyank runs to stage and takes spray. He says in pin.. he points at Arshi and says she should learn to respect people, she taunted about personal life, gay, talking about beating, he sprays on her face with each point he says she did. Priyank says I hate you Arshi Khan. Arshi glares at him. Priyank keeps kblack spraying on her face and says I never hated woman like that, Arshi says thank you for this respect, whole world and God will see it, you will get it back. Puneesh says he dug his grave. Vikas says who behaves like that? he is wrong.
Sapna says to Priyank that Arshi deserves that hate.

Puneesh says to Aakash whom should I spray? Aakash says spray on Hiten’s face, Puneesh says they will all go against us, Shilpa will get mad too. Aakash says you wont do it for me? Aakash says I will save you, we will live for a week nicely.
Sapna says to Hina that we are done with task, now Puneesh can do what he wants.
Shilpa says to Puneesh that they said, they are done and Puneesh can do anything. Aakash says why this happens with me everytime? Shilpa says Hiten will think we didnt make him captain. Aakash says Puneesh you have to make me captain. Shilpa comes to Hiten and says Hina’s group left and said Puneesh can decide now. Aakash says they want to make captain. Shilpa says Aakash is going overboard now. Puneesh says I will not go on stage. Aakash says I want to be captain, I did a lot. Puneesh says I am not choosing anyone. Aakash says Puneesh have chance to make me captain, I want to live here, I am scared to go home. Bandagi says why you are going mad? they dont want to make Hiten captain and they left so we take Hiten out. Aakash says I got bald to remain here, if Puneesh takes Hiten out then I will be safe. Bandagi says Puneesh will become villain infront of all, Aakash says Hiten is not that big man, I am talking about friendship, I saved head for friendship.

Buzzer plays. Aakash asks Puneesh to come out and stand on stage. Puneesh says I am not going anywhere, I am not spraying anyone’s photo.

PRECAP- Puneesh says I wont spray and take Hiten out of captaincy task. Aakash says what a game, Sharma you played nicely. Puneesh you didnt do it. Shilpa says dont blame Puneesh, he didnt do anything. Aakash says Puneesh couldnt be friend, he is dead for me, Shilpa says no Puneesh didnt do anything. Aakash says our friendship is dead. Aakash says that Puneesh is not my brother anymore, you people are cheap. Aakash shouts and goes hysteric, Shilpa tries to calm him by holding his hands but Aakash pushes her away and screams that A-cash is dead in this show, dead!
Shilpa comes to Puneesh and says tell Aakash I asked you to not take Hiten out, I denied you from making Aakash captain, you want save your friendship then take my name. Puneesh is sad and says I dont know.


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