Bigg Boss 11 24th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 24th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Luv and Priyank wrestles it out only on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman comes on stage and welcomes everyone to show. Salman says Arshi got eliminated and see what happened in house after that.

In house, Hina says to Luv that I am done with Priyank here, I will talk to him after the show but not here. Luv says if he wants to be with Vikas then what can we do. Luv says but you should be a little considerate too, Hina says he didnt even thank me. Luv says I had to play and I played safe, he would have chosen Vikas if he got a chance as a captain. Hina says to Luv that you did the smart thing, Priyank is with Vikas in this show, I will talk to him after the show.
Priyank says to Vikas that Hina didnt say sorry once. Vikas says she is not the right person to say sorry, I dont care. Priyank says see Luv, he has destroyed friendship.
says to Luv and Hina that they dont have a game, Priyank and Vikas are together, they planned that they cant fight with others as they will not spare them so they planned to fight with each other and now when they are alone then Priyank has become Hiten for vikas, supporting him till the end and then leave, he is Vikas’s hen. Clip ends.

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On stage, Salman connects call to house. Salman asks inmates if they decorated house? Hina says everything was done? Salman says let me give you something. He asks Priyank, Luv and Puneesh to bring things from store room, they bring chairs. Salman asks Aakash to sit on a chair, Shilpa will help you. Luv will sit on a chair and Hina will help him, Priyank will sit on a chair and Vikas will help him. Salman says they have to blow air in balloons. The inmates sitting on chair will jump on chairs and through pipe balloons will be filled. Salman says the one who fills most balloons will win. Puneesh will be referee. Puneesh says how will I judge this. All laugh. Priyank, Luv and Aakash starts jumping on chair to fill air in balloon, Aakash says my butt is hurt, all laugh. Salman asks Puneesh to keep a track. Puneesh says Priyank seems to be the expert, all laugh. Salman asks them to stop. Puneesh says Luv has strongest bum, he blew 6 balloons, Aakash’s balloons are small. Puneesh says Priyank is expert, he was handling the jumping up and down(pun intended) professionally. Priyank asks him to stop it, this is rubbish. Salman says we got to know you have that talent too, you will get a job after leaving house. All laugh. Salman ends call.

On stage, Salman says people sing when they are happy. Salman says Mika Singh is here. Mika enters stage, he sings Jumme ki raat.. Salman joins him, they both dance and sing Ajj ki party meri taraf se.. Salman welcomes Mika. Mika says I have released a new song Ali.. Ali. He sings it. Salman praises it. Salman says lets race around the stage, they both run around and laugh. Mika says lets some songs, he mimics Anu Malik, Salman laughs. Mika says Salman has huge hand in making me successful and my songs gave him a little success too. Salman says lets bring hands, devil brings some fake hands, Salman says they are Thakur’s hands. Salman gives him gifts like glasses, christmas hat, beard, Santa Clause costume. Salman says now you have to go to house and entertain them. Mika leaves from there.

In house, inmates hear music. They start dancing. Mika enters house in Santa’s costume. He hides his face behind gifts, Vikas recognizes him. Mika hugs everyone, Aakash is excited to see him. Mika says I have brought gifts for you all as its Christmas. He says first gift is for Vikas, he says you cry a lot so this is for you, Vikas opens gift and its tissue box, all laugh. Mika says keep crying like a baby. Mika says next gift is for Hina, you forget your own words so these are almonds to memorize nicely, Hina laughs. Mika says next is for Aakash, Aakash opens gift and its baby’s sucker, all laugh. Mika says we will do a task now. Mika says I will take a name and you will tell whom you want to dedicate that song. Mika sings koi hero yahan.. mei kaun hoon.. I am the best.. they dedicate it to Luv. Mika asks Luv who he will dedicate this song too? Luv says I think I will dedicate it to Vikas, he plans very nicely. Mika says he is a good actor, all laugh. Mika sings mei khiladi tu anari.. Mika asks Shilpa who she will dedicate it to? Shilpa says its for Puneesh and Aakash, Shilpa says Aakash is khiladi and Puneesh is anari. Mika asks Aakash to sing, he sings Bigg boss song. Mika asks him to not talk much as audience will get him naked then, all laugh. Mika sings laila teri le legi, he asks Puneesh who will dedicate it to? Puneesh says my girlfriend left.. Mika says I will send her this message, Puneesh says not too much, you go as far as kissing with message too, Mika says I have gone far than that, all laugh. Puneesh says I dedicate it to Shilpa, she is will throw us all out. Mika says next song is dost dost na raha.. he asks Vikas who he will dedicate it to? Vikas says I want to dedicate it to Hina, she didnt fulfill her friendship with Priyank, Hina says I didnt fulfill it. Vikas asks Priyank to tell.Priyank says I want to dedicate it to Luv, I cant give it to Hina. Hina says see this Vikas. Priyank says Luv doesnt trust me like I blindly trust him. Mika says Luv looks like baby Salman. He asks Luv to mimic Salman, Luv says Salman’s line. Mika sings gandi baat.. they all sing it and dance.. Mika asks Hina who will she dedicate it to? Hina says Aakash is most dirty so I will dedicate it to her, Mika asks Aakash to say what gandi baat he does? Puneesh says I cant tell what Aakash talks to me. Aakash says I say that hina is hot, why she is not my girlfriend. Mika asks who is the best rapper? Aakash says Yoyo Honey Singh. Mika says I hate badshah, yoyo honey.. my favorite is Dhinkchak Pooja, they sing selfie meine lelia. Mika wishes them all new year and Christmas, he hugs Aakash and leaves house.

On stage, Salman connects call to house. Salman says Mika Singh came in house, Luv you mimicked me? let me see too. Luv gets shy and says I said your dialogue, he repeats it and says sorry. Salman says you are saying it like Rahul Roy, all laugh. Salman asks hina to Sun sahiba.. Hina sings Sun Sahiba Sun.. Salman says I will make you hear war statement that others inmates said about you, you have to guess who it was then and spray on their faces. Salman says first statement is that someone said about Vikas and Priyank that where their fights went? I used say what this is? love? no its what Aakash got when Mouni came in house and gave him a tag, she gave a hint. Vikas says Hina must have said it. Hina says I didnt say it, Salman says Hina is lying. Vikas sprays on Hina’s face. Salman says Vikas you are wrong, Hina didnt say it. Salman says next statement is that Vikas and Priyank never leave each other, they are always together, lovely couple. Vikas says it must be Puneesh. He sprays on Puneesh’s face. Salman says Vikas says you are right this time. Salman says next statement is that someone said about Shilpa that she is getting irritated for not going in kitchen, if she doesnt go in kitchen then its like she is not there. Shilpa says Hina must have said it, she sprays on Hina’s face. Salman says Shilpa is right. Hina says scowling face. Salman says someone said about Shilpa that she wanted us to throw her egg so she will act victim, she likes to play victim. Shilpa sprays on Vikas’s face. Salman says Shilpa you are right, Shilpa laughs. Priyank says it happened infront of me. Salman says someone said about Shilpa that till when she will act nice? her reality has come out, Hina and her have started b*t*hing. Shilpa sprays on Vikas’s face. Vikas says I didnt say it. Salman says Shilpa correct guess, all laugh. Salman says someone said about Priyank that Priyank looks like a girl, have you seen his belly dance? and when he wore a bikini, he looked like a girl, there are 6 girls in house. Priyank sprays on Puneesh and Aakash’s faces. Salman says correct answer. Aakash says Vikas, Priyank and Luv are the three girls, all laugh. Salman says someone said about Puneesh that save Puneesh more, Puneesh was never loyal to anyone. Puneesh sprays on Priyank’s face. Salman says correct guess. Salman says someone said about Hina that I heard about her a lot.. Salman says oh choice of word is weird on Tv. Salman says statement was Hina Khan is very smart, chaalo(shrewd) person. Hina sprays on Vikas’s face. Shilpa laughs. Hina says sorry Vikas. Hina sprays on Shilpa’s face, Salman says this time you are correct. Salman says someone said about Hina that whats the difference between Aakash and Hina? Hina sprays on Priyank’s whole face. Priyank says she shouldnt be doing those antics. Hina says its better you keep your mouth shut. Salman says I see many differences between Aakash and Hina. Salman says someone said about that when we took Hina’s name, she was like why taking her name? she doesnt have mind, I am sorry. Hina sprays on Luv’s whole face, Hina says only Luv says I am sorry.. Salman says Hina wrong answer. Hina sprays on Priyank’s face, Priyank says I know you love me. Hina says I hate you.
Salman says to inmates that inmates will fight for final position and friendship will be compromised, all will play for themselves. Salman says today’s sultani wrestling is dedicated to friendship so Luv and Priyank will fight, they start fighting for themselves.

Salman, Priyank and Luv comes to Sultani ring. Salman says in first round you have to tell why you are better than other to win. Luv says I deserve more because I fulfill my friendship unlike Priyank have many priorities. Priyank says Luv got stuck in choosing friends, I have made it clear that Hina and Luv are my friends, they dont trust me, I dont cheat, I trust but they talk behind the back. Luv says he was fighting with Vikas but suddenly he stopped making fun of Vikas but now when we joke about Viaks then he has problem now. Priyank says he has done mistake too, we forget mistakes and hug it out, I did same with Vikas. Luv says he plays double game, he saved Arshi instead of his friends. Priyank says I promised her and told them beforehand about my promise. Salman asks inmates for votes, Vikas and Hina votes for Priyank. Shilpa, Aakash and Puneesh votes for Luv. Salman says Luv won this round. Salman says round two is boxing match, you have to throw other one on the back. Luv and Priyank start pushing each other. They grab each other, Priyank pushes Luv on ground and wins first point, they start again and try to push each other, they try to punch each other but Priyank pushes Luv to ground again and wins second round. Salman says Priyank won this wrestling, he gives him a meddle. Priyank says sorry to Luv and says I didnt want to fight you.

On stage, Salman says Luv always got beaten in ring. Salman connects call to house and asks Luv how you feel to be here after so many nominations? all laugh. Salman says Hina Luv might go to finale and take trophy infront of you. Hina smiles. Salman says just preparing you. Salman says I want to mention Aakash too, you are getting good votes, you do good when you play like sportsman, you are playing nicely. Hina says now our week is gone. Salman asks Aakash to give his best shot because we dont see what I said earlier, I didnt mean it at all, all laugh. Salman asks them to play for themselves. Puneesh says will we get some drink for party? Salman says you can check flush, all laugh. Salman ends call.

Salman wishes Christmas. Comedian Balraj from Aj ki raat comes there and says your opening started nicely, congrats. One kid comedian mimics Salman, he reads script and says I will throw sandal at you.. ops I am reading Arshi’s script. Salman laughs. Malishka and other comedian comes there too. Salman says Malishka’s journey is great from radio to Tv. Salman signs off from the show.

PRECAP- Hina says in the next nominations task, its about calculating time. Inmates will sit in a closed dome one by one. The inmate sitting in the dome have to estimate 42 minutes right, if he or she estimates the time rightly then he/she will be safe from nomination. Other inmates can try to irritate the inmate sitting in a dome so he or she gives up the task. Aakash sits in dome, Priyank brings garlic, Vikas says dont use it on his face, he has allergy. Aakash says Hinais counting time for me. Hina says dont trust me, I can mess it up, count yourself.


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