Bigg Boss 11 24th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 24th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Hiten becomes captain only on

Day 53 (continued)
Bandagi says to Aakash that we dont have to spray on Hiten’s photo, you can become captain, they dont want to make Hiten captain. Vikas says Puneesh have to participate in task too but its Puneesh’s chance to become nice infront of all. Puneesh says to Bandagi that I am stuck. Vikas comes to Puneesh that spray on Shilpa’s face, dont touch Aakash and Hiten’s photo. Bandagi says what if they spray on aakash’h photo then? Hiten will become captain and Aakash will go mad. Aakash asks Puneesh to spray on Hiten’s face, I want captaincy Hiten, you are celebrity and Puneesh is my friend. Bandagi asks him to talk calmly to Hiten, he is elder.
Shilpa says to Vikas that you make Aakash understand, Puneesh says he is not listening,

I am not going. Vikas says its your chance to show you are right. Puneesh says I cant cheat Aakash, Aakash has always been there with me, I wont make Hiten win.
Buzzer plays, Aakash runs to Puneesh and calls him out. Shilpa takes Puneesh and asks him to spray on my face. Arshi asks Puneesh to spray on Shilpa’s face. Puneesh says I am not going on stage, I am not taking spray. Shilpa asks Puneesh to spray on my face, I give you promise. Puneesh says I am not going. Aakash says you wont do it? Puneesh asks Priyank to go. Aakash takes Puneesh away and says I am your friend. Shilpa asks Puneesh to spray on his face. Hina says I am going. Hina goes on stage and says I want to spray on Aakash’s photo as he did wrong, he said his friends will not give him majority if he votes for me but they cheat you so how you expect from us to make you captain? I didnt like it, she sprays on Aakash’s face and says I just wanted to see if you keep your word. Aakash says Puneesh you are happy now.
Aakash comes to washroom and says no one is best friend here.

Hina says why Puneesh didnt spray on Hiten’s face? Aakash is his friend right? everyone wants to be nice, every good. Sapna says yes. Hina says I waited for this, Puneesh didnt take his friend’s side.
Aakash screams and says I dont want to talk to you, I dont want your friendship, you did what you wanted. Aakash screams and says I dont want friendship, he could have saved me. Hina says he could have sprayed on Hiten’s face. Hiten comes to Aakash and says listen me. Aakash says dont touch me, I am done. He screams.
Puneesh says to Vikas that you have destroyed my friendship. Bandagi says I dont talk in this friendship matter, they wanted this and this happened.
Aakash says I am done with this show. Shilpa tries to calm Aakash down but he jerks away. Bnadagi asks Vikas to go, Aakash can hurt Shilpa.Shilpa says Puneesh didnt do anything, I stopped Puneesh from spraying Hiten’s photo, he was ready to spray on Hiten’s but I stopped him. Hina tries to talk to Aakash. Shilpa says Puneesh is your fried.
Bandagi says to Puneesh that you should have proven your friendship, Hiten is not that important for you, you should have done that for your friendship. Puneesh says what about others? Bandagi says he did that for you too, he is your friend. Shilpa comes to Puneesh and says tell Aakash that I asked you to not spray on Hiten’s face, I stopped you, God is seeing everything, you were ready to spray on Hiten’s photo but I stopped you and asked you to spray on mine. Sapna says Puneesh went back on his friend.
Aakash says to Shilpa that A-cash is dead in show. Hiten asks him to not talk bad. Sapna says to Hina and Priyank that see majority. Aakash says I am dead, Puneesh had chance, I wont talk to Puneesh, all are selfish. Shilpa says it can be seen.
Hina says Aakash can go home. Aakash says dont take my name. Hina says we promised to make you captain, you would have been captain but his friend cheated.
Aakash says to Hiten that I fought with everyone in house for Puneesh and his group and I couldnt even become captain? its not fine with me.
Hiten tries to Aakash but Aakash says this was my breaking point.
Sapna says atleast he got to know that they are using Aakash. Hina says he will go back to them, I am loving this.

Hiten says to Aakash that this was done with you deliberately. Aakash says I am broken now, I am not able to handle it, Hina was right, I am a fool.

Hina is bleaching Aakash’s head and says what to say. Aakash says my heart is broken,
Arshi says to Shilpa that Aakash is very selfish. Shilpa says Aakash deserves when Salman insults him.
Aakash says to Priyank that I am a fool but Puneesh came out as wrong.
Vikas says to Shilpa that Aakash didnt make Puneesh contender and asking for him to become villain?

Bandagi says to Puneesh that you became villain of whole game. Puneesh calls everyone. Buzzer plays. Hina says now he will spray on Hiten’s photo? Puneesh goes on stage and sits there, he says I wont spray on anyone’s photo. Hiten says that is not allowed. Puneesh says I will keep sitting there. Hina says there is no point of this now.
Arshi says to Aakash that you want Puneesh to spray on Hiten’s photo? Aakash says no he can spray on Shilpa’s photo. Arshi says I want that too. Aakash comes to garden and says to Puneesh that I am here, lets see what you do. Puneesh says I am sitting here for you Aakash, if I had sprayed on Hiten’s photo then they would have sprayed on your photo and Shilpa would have become captain. Hina says you shouldnt talk about us. Puneesh asks Aakash what he wants? Aakash says I want Hiten to be captain. Puneesh sprays on Shilpa’s photo and makes Hiten captain. Hina says slow claps, Arshi says very good Puneesh, they dont know anything other than slow claps. Priyank says friendship broke. Puneesh says they will do this now. Aakash says I am not worried about anything now. Shilpa says we stopped Puneesh. Luv hugs Hiten and wishes him.
Shilpa says to Aakash that I stopped Puneesh. Arshi says you will beat me? he slaps himself.
Bandagi wipes her tears and says to Vikas that Hina is drama queen, they wanted Puneesh to spray on Hiten’s face. Bigg boss congratulates Hiten.
Arshi says Hina knows what she is doing, Aakash is a mental person and he will start shouting.

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Puneesh says to Hiten that my friendship broke because of you, its in my heart not. Bandagi is in tears. Vikas says dont cry, Aakash will understand in two three days that its a game, they will attack. Bandagi says I dont care about them but Aakash’s reaction. Vikas says he is not understanding. Puneesh is sad. Bandagi says Puneesh had Aakash infront of him and Hiten never gave up his captaincy like that, I dont care about Hina and Sapna, I am just worried about Puneesh and Aakash, Puneesh got stuck.
Hina says to Luv that I am genuinely hurt for Aakash, Priyank says I wanted to say things but I didnt. Hina says Puneesh did this for Vikas, mastermind gave him tips.

Luv says Sapna that I tried to save many people but Puneesh couldnt save his brother, Puneesh when you will understand? Luv makes Puneesh pillow, Priyank kicks pillow, they laugh.

Aakash says to Shilpa that you people took everything from me, Puneesh is dead to me. Aakash says I wont talk to Puneesh anymore, I swear on my late father, I got bald for Puneesh’s happiness. Arshi says I am with you Aakash. Shilpa says thats why he wanted to make you captain but he can have choice too. Arshi says to Shilpa that you shouldnt have come between them Shilpa. Shilpa says he doesnt have to make Aakash captain. Aakash says I got bald for Puneesh’s happiness. Aakash says to Shilpa that you broke my friendship, get lost from here, I dont want to see your face.

Arshi says to Bandagi that I will go against you three infront of Aakash, I will make him understand, I will fight with you people then he will say to leave fighting. Bandagi says they played game.
Hiten says to Aakash that you have new friends? Aakash says no. Hiten says just live your life. Aakash says I wont do work so you will nominate me.
Arshi talks to Shilpa and others. Aakash comes there. Arshi says Shilpa wanted Ben to be captain too. Aakash says Arshi knows truth and truth hurts, they are all selfish, wow win this show Bandagi, Arshi leaves with Aakash. Arshi says Shilpa doesnt want me and Aakash to be captain, they are not entertaining, Aakash says not at all.
Bandagi says to Puneesh why Arshi is doing this drama? Puneesh says to handle him.
Arshi says Puneesh doesnt need captaincy, he is enough. Arshi says to Aakash that Shilpa is a mother so she should be with Aakash. Shilpa says enough drama Arshi, dont talk now. Arshi says to Shilpa why you stopped Puneesh? Aakash says nobody understands me like Arshi, they are equal, all are fake. Puneesh asks Aakash to calm down, Aakash dont.. he leaves from there. Hina laughs.
Arshi says to Shilpa why you do this? Arshi whispers to Shilpa that I am doing acting. Hina and Sapna laughs at them. Hina asks Arshi are you with Aakash? Arshi laughs. Hina says Aakash is important for her, Arshi laughs and leaves. Hina says she plays for herself.

Aakash raps to never trust friends.

Day 54
Inmates wake up to kare kare naina.. They all dance and enjoy. Vikas sits beside Shilpa and moves to her, she moves away, they dance like that.

Alarm plays. Hiten comes to Aakash and says its playing for you, wake up please. Aakash lies in his bed and doesnt move. Aakash says dont touch me. Hiten says I have to wake you, Aakash says what can you do? Hiten asks Bigg boss to call Aakash, he is not listening, he leaves.

Sapna says to Arshi that Puneesh says rubbish, I have proofs, he said that I do shows with drunkards and all that, Hina didnt tell me anything, I saw Puneesh pointing towards me. Arshi says they say things whom they are fighting with here. Sapna says my heart is clean, I dont make fake stories. Vikas says if you heard Puneesh saying all those so I cant talk. Sapna says they are fooling everyone. Hina says people are smart. Arshi says to Sapna that they say bad things for you, talking about your character, Sapna says we will check outside. Hina says I heard all those, they dont know what must be happening outside.

Sapna is sad and cries. Priyank hugs her. Sapna says Puneesh is very bad. Priyank says he doesnt have any respect. Sapna wipes her tears. Priyank says dont cry anymore.
Shilpa says to Vikas that Sapna’s article came out, why she is reacting? Sapna comes there. Shilpa says this issue happened. Sapna says Puneesh said I am ******
Bandagi says to Punesh that you didnt say all that for Sapna, why she is saying it? Puneesh says I dont know.
Sapna says to Shilpa that you should be making Puneesh understand. Shilpa says why you are shouting at me? I dont know anything. Arshi says I just said that I heard it. Puneesh comes there, stares at Sapna and leaves. Sapna says wolf.

Puneesh says to Hiten that if said those things for Sapna then Salman can throw me out of house, if I said it then cameras can show, if it was my mistake then I would say sorry, Hiten its before show. Puneesh says they dont need proof, cameras are here, I didnt say it, this is just way to get votes.

Vikas comes to Hina and says I am sorry for using that for you, during chocolate task I joked but you felt bad, I am sorry for that, and you did best in this task, I voted but took vote back because I wanted to save my friends, I am sorry for all those. Hina says you misbehave too. Vikas says you do things too. Hina says I dont misbehave, I dont accept apologies. Vikas says I did my work.

Arshi says to Hina that you must be happy that Vikas said sorry. Hina says he should say sorry for all things, he is saying sorry for things which can come up on saturday. Arshi laughs and says he is clever, he is mastermind. Hina says he is a fool.

Puneesh and Bandagi are on couch, Puneesh says what Aakash is doing? I will slap and kick him. Aakash is sleeping on bed.
Shilpa says to Arshi that you wont give attention to Aakash.
Puneesh says to Bandagi that I am an emotional fool, Bandagi says yes they use you.
Arshi says to Shilpa that what if you start talking to Aakash? Shilpa says he keeps misbehaving, I have self respect too, he will know who is right. Arshi says Puneesh and Bandagi did wrong, I have no problem in not giving him attention.

PRECAP- Salman asks Priyank whats the weight of your mother? Priyank says she is fat. Salman says you said about Shilpa that she is cow, she cant run, her body is like cow. All are shocked to hear it. Priyank is disappointed. Shilpa is sad. Vikas says Priyank is misbehaving constantly, he is getting encouragement. Salman says one person is body shamming and Hina and Sapna are literate but didnt say a word? sapna says you shouldnt have brought illiterate people in house. Salman says what rubbish is going on in house?
In Sultani ring, Aakash and Puneesh are against each other. Puneesh says I want to hug him. Aakash says dont.
Salman says you wont move on? Aakash says I am done anyway. Salman says Aakash really lost. He opens door for Aakash. All inmates are shocked to see Salman walk away.


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