Bigg Boss 11 24th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 24th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Hiten gets hyped up against Aakash only on

Day 22 (continued)
At night, Mehjabi is sitting on her bed and staring in space, she is lost and constantly stare in blank space. Arshi sees her staring intensely in air and says what has happened to her? did ghost come on her? she throws some cloth on Mehjabi but Mehjabi keeps staring in same space without blinking much. Aakash says she is staring. Arshi says everything is joke to your people? she has ghost in her, she wakes Hiten. Arshi says look at her, she is staring. Puneesh comes to her and says there is notthing, she is just sitting there. All gather around her, Hina blows pious words on her, Hina asks if she wants water? she sits in bed with her and makes her lie on bed, she asks her everyone back to bed, Aakash says no why back to bed. Aakash and Arshi sits on bed. Mehjabi starts shouting

that ghosts are seeing everyone. Puneesh laughs, Arshi asks him to not laugh. Hina asks them to stop it, sleep. Aakash says she is talking abotu ghosts, I cant sleep. Arshi says Bigg boss you have to send protection. Aakash says aunty has become ghost. Vikas says to Sabya that usually ghosts come out after nominations. aakash comes to Mehjabi and says Mehjabi aunty are you fine? I am scared. Hina says she is fine and sleeping, dont disturb her, Aakash says what if anything happens at night? Hiten asks him to sleep, Aakash asks if he will hold her hand? Aakash comes to Mehjabi and asks if she is fine? I am scared, she says come near me if you are scared. Hiten and Vikas laughs. Aakash says aunty is fine.

Day 23
Inmates wake up to song chehre pe chehra, all dance spookily. Luv scared Bandagi. Sapna, Arshi and Pooja dances.

Arshi says to Puneesh that she is coming. Aakash asks Mehjabi what happened to her last night? you became ghost, she says I must have done it in sleep. Aakash says you were staring, Hina hugged you then.
Vikas says to Sabya that they are all mental.
Hina asks Mehjabi what happened to you? you were shivering. Mehjabi says it happens with me since childhood, I dont hurt anyone. Hina says it happens and then you sleep? Mehjabi says it happens that I go in state and then I sleep, Hina asks if she ever went to priests? Mehjabi says I took treatment. Hina says dotn break down.

Hina asks Pooja if she ash sibblings? she says no, I am one kid, she asks if her parents wanted her to come here? Pooja says no, they didnt want to come here, Sabya asks if she has fans? she says there are fans but they cant follow because there are negative and positive fans, she leaves. Hina says she knows that her style of singing is being watched but people dont like it.

Hiten reads luxury budget task “khul ja sim sim”. There will be blue and red teams, when buzzer plays then then door will be opened and some people can go in cave to have peace, the team who remain in severe conditions of jungle for more time will win the task, teams can make more difficult situations to live in jungle for other team. Luv will be referee of task, he can show support to his favorite team, his performance will affect his chance in captaincy.

Hina, Ben, Shilpa, Hiten, Pooja, Mehjabi will be in red team. Aakash, Puneesh, Vikas, Jyoti, Bandagi, and Arshi will be in blue team.

Hiten asks Pooja to sit with Arshi in task, she is opposite team but sit with her and start scratching your head, she will runaway.

Teams come in garden, Luv says teams will separately cook, Hina says its not written to cook separately, inmates asks Sabya to cook food for everyone.

Sapna is cooking food on natural food. Aakash says to Arshi that we dont sleep with blankets so its easier for us.
Hiten asks Luv who is his favorite team? Luv says let me see, Hiten says kwe have good people here, Luv says dont brainwash me.
Shilpa is cooking, Puneesh and Arshi says you are burning food, Shilpa says I am seeing it. Arshi says I will shout so much Shilpa, you wont say a word, Shilpa says you only know to scream. Arshi says I will make their lives hell.

Hina says to Arshi that I am thinking what to do in cave, I wont attack personal things, Arshi says this task is not about physical things. Hina says we can destroy clothes but its not worth it, clothes come here with much difficulty, Hina says if anyone touches personal things of others then I will use scissor to tear all clothes, Bandagi says I will cut hair.

Luv says to Sabya that I will show support in end. Aakash comes and throws water on Shilpa and Sabya. Luv says they were wearing mics. Let them take off mics. Aakash throws water onf Hina, Hina says Bigg boss he threw water on mics. Luv says dont hit mics. Aakash throws water on blankets and says lets have fun. Arshi says dont throw water on mattresses, throw at water. Arshi throws water on Shilpa, Hina asks her to hold her mic infront of them. Aakash throws leaves on Ben, Ben says if you touch and hurt my bed then I wont spare. Shilpa says we can attack mattresses too, Hina says we will do double time what they are doing, they are monkeys, they can only do all this. Aakash says slow claps, you are still in TV. Hina says you are flop star.

Aakash says they dont have guts to do anything. Hina says we are zero, you are handsome only. Arshi says sorry, he is not handsome. Hina says they say Puneesh and Aakash are handsome and we are ugly. Puneesh says your heart is made of cow dung and mud. Hina says you both are super stars, Shilpa we are zero. Puneesh says its not Shilpa or Hiten, you are shit. Hina says you were talking about Shilpa too, this is your standard Puneesh, have cheap thinking. Puneesh says now she will start crying, you are servant from Kashmir. Buzzer plays and cave’s gate is opened, Luv asks who wants go there, Hiten asks Jyoti to go and take rest, Jyoti says your complexion is going bad, you go and rest. Aakash asks Ben to go, you need that. Ben says dont mess with me, I can say too much filth too, Aakash says you are a monkey.

Ben asks Hiten if she really looks like monkey? Hiten says not at all. Ben says Vikas scared of them, he doesnt mess with them. Aakash says to Sabya and Mehjabi that I am doing everything here, Sabya says you are making everything right there, Aakash asks them to go in cave.

Hina says to Luv that you have to ask Bigg boss when you can start task and have to declare your favor or not,. Luv says I dont have to declare, it will be seen whom I am supporting, Luv says use washroom, I will lock up washroom for them. Hina says but we will need to use washroom too.

Aakash brings water bucket. Arshi washes Shilpa’s feet, all laugh, Shilpa doesnt react. Arshi laughs. Sabya says she is lying like mermaid. Shilpa mixes mud in bucket and throws at Jyoti. Jyoti says now I will tell her. Jyoti brings mud water and throws at Pooja, Luv asks her to keep mic away. Puneesh puts mud on her too. Shilpa tries to throw mud on Vikas but he grabs her, Arshi and Puneesh throws muddy water on Shilpa. Aakash tries to steal bucket, he takes bucket, Hina says he pushed us away, Aakash I dodged you. Jyoti puts mud on Pooja. Mehjabi throws sand on Puneesh. Arshi tries to throw mud on Shilpa but Shilpa throws pot at her, Vikas says Shilpa hit her with pot, she is going mad.

Aakash says to Hina that I have started all this, you want cow dung, come here. Hina comes infront of her and says hit me, he throws mud at her. Hina says you are star, she lies in feet, Aakash and Puneesh throws muddy water on her, Hina says he threw on my mic. Hina brings water and throws at Bandagi, Aakash says she hit her with pot, Hina keeps throwing water at Bandagi, Aakash keeps throwing at Hina, Puneesh says how dare she hit Bandagi? Hina says to Bandagi what a group. Bandagi says you were doing physical violence. Bigg boss says to Luv that if anyone breaks any rule then you have right to throw them out of task when cave’s gates are opened. Luv tells about it to everyone and shows her gift. Hina says she is strong, she wotn go. Puneesh says this is just a task, take gift. Luv says if I send someone to cave then she wont get gift, Mehjabi have to send one person in cave. Arshi says to Mehjabi that you and me will go in cave, I want that gift now. Sabya says to Mehjabi that you are strong, you will get this gift later, Mehjabi says I left it earlier too, Shilpa says let it be, you will get it in the end. Bandagi says to Arshi that make her understand. Arshi says I have told her to go in cave. Hiten and Sabya to Mehjabi that dont listen to Arshi, she is a snake. Mehjabi thinks about it, Aakash says you are already safe Mehjabi. Hiten asks everyone to let her decide, its her call, Mehjabi thinks.

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Mehjabi says to Ben that Arshi is asking me to go with her cave, Shilpa says she is scared, you tell her that what happened last night was real then she wont go with you. Arshi says Mehjabi is coming with me to cave, Puneesh says they are selfish for mot letting her get gift. Hina says Arshi if you love her so much then bring her gift.

Cave’s door is opened. Hina says to Mehjabi that this is time for you. Arshi asks Mehjabi if she is going with her to cave? Mehjabi says no. Jyoti says Arshi is ready to go with you, Sabya says to Mehjabi that you are nice, Mehjabi cries but doesnt go in cave, Hina hugs her. Luv shows her gift and picture of her daughter one last time and takes gift away. She gives up on gift.

Aakash says to Pooja that they make fun of you and you are sitting with them? Pooja says thats different, its team task and I have to be with them, Aakash asks her to go in cave with Arshi. Arshi says take stand and go with me to cave, Aakash says it will be rapper’s stand. Bandagi says they will take your name as worst performer, Aakash says Arshi is strong but we are ready to send her to save, Arshi to Pooja that you will get footage there.

Aakash comes to Hiten and hugs him while he is lying on floor, Hiten laughs.

PRECAP- Pooja says to her teammates that I cant sit anymore here in garden. Hina says dont listen to them Dhinchak, Vikas says you can go alone. Pooja says I am going. Pooja uses gate and goes in cave which has access to house too. Pooja gets teary eyed and says I cant talk, I have headache and they are asking me why I am going in cave? I couldnt sit there, I will get ill because of their game, I dont need to be captain. Shilpa hugs and consoles her.


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