Bigg Boss 11 25th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 25th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Luv and Priyank nominated before Semi-Finale only on

Day 85
Inmates wake up to song party abhi baki hai.. they all dance.

Puneesh says to Aakash that Vikas is in depression, Aakash says he is a cry baby.
Vikas says to Priyank that I cant believe Arshi left.
Puneesh, Shilpa and Aakash sins tu kal chalejeaga.. Vikas smiles. Vikas says to Priyank that their days start on me and end on me.
Luv says Shilpa said to Salman that she has come for herself too. Puneesh says we were breaking heads. Shilpa says I have told that I will not own others too.

Shilpa asks Puneesh and Priyank if they want to discuss nominations? Priyank says who likes prawns? Shilpa says Bigg boss can catch you on that.

Hina reads nominations task ’42 minutes’. Hina says in the next nominations
task, its about calculating time. Inmates will sit in a closed dome one by one. The inmate sitting in the dome have to estimate 42 minutes right and after 42 minutes they will play the buzzer and leave dome, if he or she estimates the time rightly then he/she will be safe from nomination. Other inmates can try to irritate the inmate sitting in a dome so he or she gives up the task or lose the time of track. Vikas and Hina are safe from nominations so they wont go in dome but they can show support to inmates.

Vikas asks Priyank to keep tapping on shoulder to count time, people will be using water on inmates, Priyank says who? Vikas says me too.
Luv says its difficult task, Puneesh says its last weeks. Hina says people will distract but you have to try your best. Aakash asks Hina to support him, Hina says just give your best.

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Luv shows how he will count seconds to Hina, Hina asks him to keep gap in mind.
Priyank says to Puneesh that estimating exact 42 minutes is difficult, we can go closer but not exact. Bigg boss says Puneesh will go to dome first. As soon as buzzer plays, task will start.

Puneesh goes in dome and lies down, buzzer plays and time starts. Priyank asks Puneesh if he is counting? Luv starts counting loudly to distract him. Puneesh smiles. Hina shouts at him.
Shilpa says to Aakash that count till 20 then 40 then 42.
Hina, Priyank and Luv are shouting near Puneesh. Hina asks what was the best moment with Bandagi? Puneesh face palms. Vikas says when they used to sit on couch an he used to joke. Puneesh laughs.

Luv cuts papaya and says Puneesh hates it. He brings it in garden and hides. Luv brings it near Puneesh, Puneesh throws it away. All laugh. Hina says we will use papaya, they bring close to his face, Puneesh shakes his head.
Aakash says to Shilpa that I will count for you, Shilpa says I will try, Aakash says confirm me. Shilpa says okay I will count for you.
Hina says to Puneesh that you are exceeding the time, 42 minutes are up. Puneesh plays buzzer and comes out of dome. He says I didnt try to break my concentration. Hina says I was counting too, you were close.
Hina comes to washroom and says 100% Puneesh didnt spend 42 minutes.

Vikas says to Priyank that Shilpa, Aakash and Puneesh are a stop team, they didnt distract Puneesh. Priyank says we kept distracting him in limited way, Vikas says we dont have to have bring them out of dome but to make them lose concentration.

Hina whispers to herself that I can count for others, they will be distracting Priyank but I can count for him, I didnt count for Puneesh, I just told him that I was counting and his 42 minutes were up so he trust me and play the buzzer, I have to do this for winning task and nominate others.

Bigg boss asks Priyank to go in dome. Priyank goes in dome and starts counting. Puneesh distracts him, Shilpa tries to talk and distracts him too. Hina keeps tapping on dome. Luv says how are you counting? Aakash saysshoulw I fart in dome? he sits near hole of dome and farts inside. Priyank keeps his head down. All are disgusted.
Luv says to Puneesh that we will take task to next level. Puneesh brings frozen bag and keeps it on Priyank’s back.

Inmates are counting numbers in Priyank’s ears.
Aakash says to Shilpa that keep counting for me, I dont have concentration, Shilpa says I have it but I cant say anything.
Hina says to Priyank that your time is up, you are exceeding the time. Priyank keeps counting and plays buzzer. He comes out. Hina says you exceeded 40seconds, thats what I think.

Aakash sits in dome. Hina asks him to not trust her counting. Priyank keeps talking to him and asks if he is counting? Aakash says I will just guess the time in end. Aakash is dancing in dome. Priyank asks how will you guess time? Aakash sings song in dome and says I cant count time. Priyank says he is chill in dome. Luv says I know Puneesh is counting for Aakash, why you are counting? you are counting on finger. Aakash says I will keep guessing. Shilpa is walking away from inmates and counting time for Aakash. Vikas says we should distract Shilpa, he starts dancing with her and hugs her. Aakash says counting is happening for me so I dont have to count. Hina says its like you are not doing the task. Puneesh asks Shilpa how much minutes she counted? she shows him on finger. Vikas and Luv starts talking to Shilpa. Vikas holds Shilpa’s hands and says if you help Aakash then we will lose luxury budget, he has to do his task, Shilpa says I wont help him. Priyank and Luv shouts in Puneesh’s ear to distract him.

Shilpa says to Luv that Aakash is not counting at all so if we misplace time then he will be gone.
Aakash says I trust you Hina, Hina says dont trust me but I think 38minutes passed. Aakash says I am not overconfident. Priyank says dont trust Hina, its her gameplan. Aakash says I dont have another option but to trust her, Priyank laughs.

Aakash asks Shilpa if she is counting? I am scared. Aakash asks Hina about time, Hina says dont trust me but I think your time is up. Priyank says trust Hina, she wont lie deliberately. Puneesh says I think 40 minutes passed. Priyank asks him to play buzzer. Aakash plays buzzer. Shilpa says you are nominated. Hina says it can go opposite too. Puneesh says he didnt count at all, Hina says you never know his guess.

Shilpa says to Aakash that you will be saved this week too, Puneesh says yes even if you get nominated. Shilpa says you had to concentrate on your task too. Puneesh says people were shouting in our ears. Aakash says Vikas was hugging Shilpa a lot. Shilpa says thats why I left it.

Luv sits in dome. Priyank starts counting and distracting him. Priyank jokes that think about how you used to stare at girls. Shilpa is shouting in his ear too. Hina is counting for Luv. Vikas tries to talk to her and distract her, Vikas says microwave is broken, Hina you are the captain so you have to check. Shilpa says I will take her to kitchen, she lifts Hina and brings her in house. Hina says I was distracting Luv. Vikas says I will do it.
Aakash is spraying on Luv to distract him. Hina is locked in lounge but she pushes door open and comes out in garden. Vikas puts ice cubes in Luv’s back.

Hina says to Luv that you are exceeding 42 minutes, Puneesh says you are in nominations. Vikas says he is not close? Hina says he exceeded a lot, Luv you are very late, trust me you exceeded. Luv rings buzzer and comes out of dome. Vikas asks what was your logic? Luv says I was counting seconds. Vikas says you counted wrongly. Hina says I think you exceeded.

Bigg boss says its time for Shilpa to sit in dome. Puneesh jokes if she can fit in dome? Shilpa says jerk. She sits in dome, buzzer plays, she starts counting. Priyank says Shilpa what if A-cash comes to you and says mummy I have done potty, wash me up, all laugh. Aakash is silently counting for Shilpa too.

Aakash says to Shilpa that 20 minutes passed. Priyank says Luv’s counting was totally out. Shilpa is trying to concentrate, all are talking around her, she asks Priyank to remain silent. Hina asks how many time passed? Shilpa says half an hour. Hina says its more than that. Luv asks Shilpa to count herself. Hina whispers to Luv that why you are giving tips to Shilpa? let us distract her. Puneesh says to Shilpa that your time is done. Shilpa plays buzzer and comes out of dome. Shilpa says my time was messed up and mother, sister happened with it when you all were shouting.

Luv says to Hina that Priyank was saying that I used to stare at girls? he is a kid, what was he is saying? if I say something wrong so he will make me understand but if some other person is saying wrong to me then he will only smiles. Luv says to Hina that Priyank goes very dirty, he doesnt realize where he is going. Hina says he is like 25 years old child. Luv says to hell with friendship now, I feel bad vibes now.

Bigg boss says to inmates that nominations task is done, your own work will decide if you go ahead or not thats why friendships, politics, planning, plotting was not a part of this task, this task was to see your own intellect, you had to keep track of time and no inmate was 100% successful in the task, and the two inmates that were farthest from 42 minutes and will be nominated are Luv who sat 9:55minutes after 42 minutes and Priyank came out 10:57minutes before 42 minutes so LUV AND PRIYANK ARE NOMINATED. Aakash puts Puneesh on shoulders and dances around, he says we are safe, they hus and roll around cheering to be saved. Puneesh hugs Hina too.
Luv comes to garden and says how this happened, shit.. Priyank says I didnt estimate it right, all the best, Luv wishes him too.

Aakash says to Shilpa that I didnt count one second, it was all the guess. Hina says what is Aakash? Shilpa says he is blessed.
Aakash says to Shilpa that Hina was cheating, when she said that my 42 minutes are up so I sat there for 10 minutes more and then pressed buzzer.
Vikas hugs Luv and Priyank and think one will have new year at home.

Shilpa, Puneesh and Aakash dances.
Vikas says to Shilpa that we are semi finalist, sorry I am hugging you, she says its okay, he hugs her. Aakash says Hina was counting wrongly, I knew when she said that 42 minutes are up so I sat there for 10 minutes.
Hina says to Luv that you didnt listen to me, I confess that I distracted everyone but I was telling you that you are getting late but you didnt listen.

Hina comes out of confession room with a file. Hina says to inmates that lets get started, I cant say a word about task. Aakash says seems like more nominations are remaining, Vikas says no Aakash you are in semi finals, he hugs him. Aakash asks to leave him. Vikas says it must be something else. Hina reads task, she says for Christmas Bigg boss have arranged a domino’s pizzr party, all scream in happiness and run to get pizzas from store room. Aakash takes pizza boxes and runs. Shilpa says we are so hungry for it. Aakash says merry Christmas, they all start eating. Shilpa says Aakash is getting emotional. Shilpa says we should get Appy Fizz too. Hina gives Appy fizz to everyone. All cheer and celebrates Christmas.

PRECAP- For the first time in Bigg boss, inmates’ family and friends will come to live with them. They will be given a separate house and inmates will be able to see them through Tv. Inmates see their families on Tv. Priyank, Luv and Aakash’s moms comes in different house. All inmates scream seeing their loved ones on Tv. Bandagi comes in guest house. Puneesh says I was talking about her today only. Rocky comes in guest house, Hina is elated to see him and says I am jumping the wall to go there. Rocky says there is only one wall between us love. Shilpa and Vikas hug each other in happiness seeing their families on TV.
Inmates have to mimic each other while their families will watch them through TV. Shilpa mimics Hina and makes menacing faces while talking like Hina. Rocky is not happy to see it. Vikas talks about Luv and says Luv has no mind and brains, he just follows one person in house. Luv’s mother is hearing all that. Aakash talks about Shilpa and says Shilpa doesnt listen to anyone and then say no one listens to her. Hina talks about Aakash and says we should give a trophy to Aakash’s mom as I cant imagine how she raised a person like him, this man is mental, Aakash’s mother hears it and looks down.


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