Bigg Boss 11 25th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 25th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Salman scolds Priyank for body shaming only on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman comes on stage, he welcomes everyone. Salman says we think that living in house is easy but its not, there are many cameras there. Salman says Shilpa, Sapna, Priyank and Hina is nominated this week. Salman says see what happened last night.

In house
Aakash, Bandagi and Sapna are in jail. Aakash says to Arshi that Hiten and Arshi’s fake love story trended and Puneesh and Bandagi’s love story failed. Arshi says to Sapna that I want to come to your shows, Sapna says its for cheap people. Sapna asks Hiten to say monkey is in jail, Hiten says it (Sapna hinting at Bandagi who has blanket on her face). Sapna says dont tell this to Puneesh, he has become devdas. Sapna says they keep saying I dont talk, now I will.

Day 55
says to Arshi that you against with Bandagi and Puneesh? then you will go against Hina? Then again against Bandagi? what is all this? Arshi says I didnt have any fight with Sapna, Shilpa says why you are insulting someone else with Sapna? I am sorry I talked. Arshi says then dont talk. Shilpa says you keep changing sides, get lost. Arshi says you get lost too, I will go with anyone I want. Arshi says to Vikas that cant I talk or laugh with anyone?

Arshi says to Vikas that if Shilpa backbites about me with Bandagi and Puneesh then I will leave her, Vikas says she is flip, Arshi says I will flip too.

Shilpa talks to Bandagi and Puneesh. Bandagi says Arshi is trying to clear herself, she wants to be with Shilpa and Hina both, you cant trust her.
Viaks says to Arshi that Arshi saves people while laughing with them, your heart is clean.

On stage, Salman connects video call to house. Salman greets everyone. Salman says to Aakash that you might have come from America but you are India, Aakash sits properly. Salman says dont be monkey. Salman Shilpa, Hina, Priyank and Sapna are nominated. Salman says its not clear who will leave but I am clear who was villain of house this week but I want to see if my thinking matches with you all. He asks Hiten. Hiten says villain was Puneesh. Vikas says it was Priyank, Bandagi says Aakash, Puneesh says Priyank, Luv says Puneesh, Priyank says Puneesh, Hina says its Vikas, Sapna says its Puneesh, Shilpa says its Sapna because she makes issues, Aakash says its Puneesh, Arshi says its Priyank, he is biggest villain and I am sure. Salman says yes you are right. Salman asks Puneesh to stand in witness box because he got many votes. Salman asks Sapna. Sapna says he talked about my shows and said they are cheap shows. Salman says I am mass hero too, I dont understand about class, money doesnt bring class. Sapna says I understand audience’s class doesnt matter. Sapna says Puneesh also said that people who watch my shows, can take me away so I have to keep bodyguards. Salman says we keep bodyguards for same reason. Sapna says his meaning was different. Puneesh says I said Sapna does shows for many people, people from every class comes to her shows, I just said she needs security for that, I didnt say anything wrong. Salman says he said exactly like that, Puneesh says Sapna tortured me all the time, Sapna says I want to see clip. Salman says I am lying? he said exactly like that, he didnt degrade you. Hina says no, I said I want to see Sapna’s show, Puneesh said that you cant go there, your shows are classy but her shows are cheap. Puneesh says I said your shows are for families but Sapna does shows in political rallies, there are men, I have seen those rallies. Hina says I said Sapna does shows for politicians, so Puneesh said that she does shows for drunkards, I said what Puneesh said. Salman says it was just a small talk, Hina says yes and I answered him. Salman says but you talked about it so much, you said to Priyank and Sapna. Puneesh says Hina started fire. Hina says no, I had to tell Sapna because Sapna heard it. Puneesh says Hina talks friendly but she makes issue later, they tortured me a lot, I didnt answer them, she said I wont keep dog like Puneesh. Hina says you called us zero. Puneesh says they called me oldie with young Bandagi, Hina says you called me oldie too, Bandagi says Hina taunted me too, you are no one, you taunted him about Salman too. Salman says I am 52 years old too. Sapna says I said it. Salman says when people talk against you, it hurts you but when you talk then its good? what logic is that? Puneesh says when she will stop talking about community. Sapna says I dont want to talk, he is right, end this. Salman says why you people think about races and castes? why you dont say that you are India? what rubbish is going on in house? even kids dont talk like that, you are country’s literate people. Sapna says we are not literate, you did mistake by bringing us here, Puneesh says see there attitude. Salman says I wont answer her, I am just advising her, when Hina talked to Sapna about Puneesh talking about her then Sapna should have gone to Puneesh and cleared it, there was no mistake of Puneesh. Salman asks Aakash why Puneesh is villain for him? Aakash says he said we will become good friends, he got chance but he made Hiten captain. Puneesh says I tried, he would have saved me but only three people remained in last and I got chance to paint, he wanted me to pain Hiten’s face but next someone else would have gone and painted his photo. Salman says why you changed your mind? Puneesh says Aakash couldnt become captain. Aakash says there was possibility. Puneesh shouts to not scream, Aakash asks him to not shout. Salman says to Aakash that you should be ashamed of trying to become captain on someone’s debt? Aakash says he has been with me since day one, I am done. Salman asks Puneesh that you knew hiten was a contender but you promised to make Aakash win, Aakash is right because he got hurt in friendship but game wise Puneesh is right, you have to clear if you are playing game or friendship, if you are breaking promise then dont expect loyalty from others. Puneesh says I am guilty but I will prove Aakash is my friend. Salman asks Puneesh to get down from witness box. Aakash says fake people. Salman says life is small to hate, Aakash says its just 3 months, Salman says you make enemies, but when you dont get work because of this attitude then you will know, Aakash says what I did? Salman says less enemies, more good, whole country is watching, Aakash says I wont talk now. Salman says thank you. Aakash says sorry. Salman says I want to call Priyank in witness box, Priyank is villain for me. He asks Arshi, Arshi says you said that you did wrong with Arshi, he said sorry and I forgave me but he keeps taunting me about clothes. Priyank says I didnt say it, she talked about tearing clothes. Salman asks who is in your house Priyank? Priyank says mom and sister, Salman asks whats weight of your mother? Priyank says I dont know. Vikas says thank you sir. Salman says what? Priyank says yes I said it, Salman says I am asking your mother’s weight, Priyank says she is heavy. Salman says my mother lost weight, can your mother run? Priyank says no, whats her age? Priyank says 46. Salman asks Shilpa and Arshi their ages, Arshi says I am 27 years old, Shilpa says I am 40 years old. Salman says tell me who works in house? Priyank says my mom does it, Salman asks who works in this house? Priyank says Shilpa, Salman asks whats the point of weight in being captain? reaching authoritative position needs good weight or good heart and mind? Priyank says good mind and heart. Salman says then? Priyank is tensed. Salman says only Hina knows what Priyank said, Luv was there, like Hina conveyed Puneesh’s talk to Sapna, what Priyank said, Hina didnt convey it to anyone. Salman asks Priyank to tell what he said and exactly in which tone he said it. Salman says Hina you were listening, Hina says when it happened? Salman says Priyank understood. Priyank says I said that Shilpa is heavy, she cant run and cant be captain. Salman says what tone was that? say in that tone, Priyank says I cant, I am guilty. Salman says why you keep saying sorry? I keep correcting you, this is the way you want to play, now I will say what you said, you said Shilpa Shinde? She cant even run, that woman cant even run, Arshi and Shilpa are like cows, they have gained so much weight.. they are 70-80kilos eating so much here. All are stunned. Salman says Hina was there and didnt say anything. Hina says yes I was there, Vikas says Priyank keeps saying things because he gets encouragement. Salman asks Sapna how you liked that? Sapna asys its not good, Salman says now what Puneesh said? shockingly Luv is very innocent, he stopped Priyank, only he stopped him. Hina says one person stopped him and he stopped so talk ended, Salman says he didnt stop. Salman says when Luv stopped you,did you stop Priyank? Priyank says no I didnt stop. Hina says I have no problem in Shilpa becoming captain. Salman says you might have problems with Shilpa and Arshi but they are women, men say things in anger but you had to stop him. Hina says I stopped and scolded them when gym thing happened, Salman says this is a typical women behavior, we are not talking about your relationship, we are talking about current topic, you cant talk about past, talk about present topic. Hina says they were asking me to not give up captaincy, I was in pressure. Salman says you are missing point or deliberately doesnt want to get, one person was body shaming, Luv stopped him but you didnt say a word, Hina says Luv stopped him. Salman says you have given power to Luv to stop everything? all laugh. Hina says its not fair, I didnt do any mistake, I cant stop tongues here, Salman says you heard it, Hina says what I can do it? I can stop him to a limit, Salman says you could have said to Priyank to have some sense. Priyank says Hina tries to make me understand. Salman says you dont even listen to your family friend Vikas, he ends call.

In house, Aakash says I was right. Shilpa says to hell with you. Hina says I ask them to not talk about bodies, dont talk to me, I stop them always. Shilpa says they will talk about our bodies. Vikas says you support Priyank, Hina says why you are involving? Vikas says he doesnt have manners. Shilpa says to Hiten and Vikas that Hina taunts so much, Hina is frustrated. Hina says to Priyank that I ask you to have manners, I have not taken duty to teach manners, Priyank says shit.. I shouldnt have done that. Hina shouts that I asked you to insult Arshi. Priyank says I didnt do anything that time. Hina silently says that I am saying it for them, its clear that they want to hear good for them, you saw what they want.

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On stage, Salman connects cal. Salman says Hina you were saying something? Hina says what? I was just scolding Priyank. Salman says you are thinking that we are taking sides? Hina says you are just seeing one mistake of mine. Salman says you are in TV show, if you do one mistake then it will be taken up, Hina says why its expected from me to stop all things? Salman says dont be in delusion that show is about you. Salman says everything is expected from you? if Luv didnt have stopped him then I would have asked him why he didnt stop him but you were there and didnt stop Priyank, Hina says I agree that I should have intervened. Salman says be careful but whats not okay to be shown on TV is not okay, no one will talk about religion, s*xual orientation, caste and now body shaming. Salman says Arshi your saree is very nice, Salman says we used to wear saree with blouse like that, all laugh. Arshi says I want to ask Priyank why I am not respected? Priyank says I said sorry to her. Salman says what you did when you painted her photo? when you leave then see that clip, this much anger? Priyank says I am angry, Salman says join MMA then. Priyank says she talked about me and Sabya, I got angry. Hina says I liked to clear that Priyank didnt hear whole thing, I didnt favor him. Salman says when they were talking about Sabya, they were talking about Arshi too. Priyank says she called me gay in first week, Vikas says it should be repeated too much. Salman says they said that about Vikas too. Vikas says no one repeated about gay thing after Priyank returned, Priyank brought this conversation, he says that he hates Arshi then goes to talk to her? I dont understand why you talk with person you hate? in that court task, they were saying so much bad for Arshi, I am shocked to hear what Priyank said to Arshi, Priyank said to her in first to week to fall on his bed, flirt with him for camera, leave Hiten, he is oldie and flirt with him.. then he says to me to be away from Arshi. Priyank says Ben said all that. Salman ends call. Priyank says I didnt say all that, you dont know anything. Vikas says to Hina that Ben said to Arshi that Priyank will give her response, he asked her to fall on his bed. Priyank says dont say rubbish, Arshi used to flirt with me. Vikas says Arshi never talked about my s*xuality because I said no.

On stage, Salman says nominations done this week was different, safe zone task clip is shown. Salman connects call to house. Shilpa runs and sits at her place, Salman says you ran nicely, you should run daily so they know you can run and make others run, Vikas says she made me run. Salman says four people are nominated. Priyank hints that let me go, I am done. Salman in nomination task, he asks Hina that you were in safe zone,. what were you expecting? Hina says I wanted them to switch, I wanted to go in end but Vikas was not switching but wanted Priyank to enter safe zone, Vikas says Priyank always play opposite. Priyank says Vikas came to me and asked me to come to safe zone. Vikas says Priyank wanted to save Sapna, I cracked that they want to save Luv, Hiten is very nice and said to trust him and let them do what they want, me and Arshi respect Hiten and we let Hina and co do what they want and Luv got saved. Salman asks Hina will she listen now? she says sure. Salman says you wanted to save Luv, why you people thought he needs to be saved and he doesnt? so much love for Luv? you want to leave for him? its like you reach to finals and you make Luv win. Hina says I can give him one nomination, we knew one will leave. Vikas says someone has so much overconfidence that all inmates have votes one side and my votes will be one side. Priyank says I said that for Vikas. Vikas says he said that 80% will be for Priyank. Salman says I will tell you who is getting more votes, votes are very near to each other, big actors are getting votes for same margins, you will be shocked with Ben’s votes margin, Salman says Vikas said that if Luv gets saved then deserving inmate will go, you can save him or her but eventually they have to leave. Hina says it was pure friendship. Salman says Luv is so favorite that everyone wants to save him but Luv doesnt want to save himself, he was a neighbour, all left and Luv is getting saved because of others. Salman says to Hina that you put other stronger inmate in danger to try to save Luv. Hina says no.Salman says you tried to save Luv and now one of you will go. Salman says SHILPA IS SAFE. Salman asks Hina what if you leave? Hina says it was my decision. Salman says you people are not realizing that you are in 8th week, how stupid it is? anyone can be winner of game, you have to play for yourself, no one is going to remember this sacrifice, you cant regret this later.Hina says I wont regret going, I wont do it again if I remain here. Salman says you know how much work you get after this show.
Salman says to inmates that its time for Puneesh to go to Sultani ring with Bandagi, all laugh, Salman says Bandagi can beat Puneesh down. All laugh. Salman says its between Aakash and Puneesh, they go to ring. Salman ends call.
Hina says to Vikas and Hiten that how Ben’s talks are coming now? Priyank says they are bringing it, Vikas says I dont want to see your face, Priyank says I am leaving. Hina asks Bandagi that you were talking about leaving Puneesh? Vikas says I swear on my mother that Priyank said Bandagi will leave Puneesh and come to him in two days. Priyank says Sapna told me first Bandagi and Puneesh faked relation for show. Bandagi says if you give me 1 crore but I wont fake.

Shilpa says to Puneesh that Priyank should keep his mouth shut.

In Sultani ring, Aakash and Puneesh comes there. Salman is there and says Aakash you can cry? Puneesh says I love you dude. Salman says first round will be verbal and you have to prove that you are more deserving on your own. Salman says Aakash I will repeat for you, Aakash says I heard you, this is how I am, I forgot it. Salman says I am not Aakash. Salman starts first round, Puneesh says I should go ahead because I have hair. Aakash says he is right, I wont say anything, Puneesh says have spirit, Salman says Puneesh is making big issue. Puneesh says I have mind and I use it. Aakash says I am a fool but I am done anyway. Puneesh says I talk nicely. Aakash says I am selfish. Puneesh says I want to hug him, it was small thing, Aakash says I didnt nominate you,it was just captaincy, I will do something big. Aakash says I dont do anything, I am gonna leave. Salman says I am thinking how to handle this, I will need time for that. Salman says to Aakash that it this happened before? Aakash says it happened but I focus on mother and work. Salman says when your mom sees it, its right what you are doing? Aakash says I am not talking, I am done anyways. Salman says you had this much spark? Aakash says yes. Salman says people who quit are losers. Salman says Puneesh won this round. Salman says 2nd round is physical. Salman says who touch back on floor will lose. Aakash doesnt move. Puneesh throws and Aakash falls down. In next round, Salman asks Puneesh to finish fast, Puneesh throws Aakash, Aakash easily falls off. Salman is upset and says Aakash really lost, he leaves. Bandagi says Salman is very upset. Arshi says Salman was angry, really angry.

PRECAP- Jacqueline and Remo comes to house. They play game with inmates, they will get a word by rolling dice, they have to dedicate word to any inmate and dance with them. Vikas gets word ‘fight’, Vikas says I have fight with Hina. Vikas and Hina funnily dances.
Salman says to inmates that elimination will be different this time. He makes Priyank, Sapna and Hina sits on different sides of moving door, after some rounds, one of them is gone.


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