Bigg Boss 11 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Aakash’s teams wins task only on

Day 24
Inmates wake up to song bore bore song. They all dance and enjoy.

Mehjabi says to inmates that Puneesh was instigating me, he was calling me mom and doesnt even have sense, he has got nice girl with him, he is useless.

Bigg boss says the team whose more members are in jungle and not in cave till the end of task, that team will win, referee Luv can put inmates in cave too.

Hiten says if Shilpa goes in cave then Vikas will go too. Arshi throws water at Shilpa, she says I will throw it. Arshi throws leaves at her too. Shilpa throws mud at Sapna, her mic is smeared with it. Bandagi says Luv is not accepting that Shilpa has wet Sapna’s mic.Luv comes to Hina and says I want your team to win but your team is giving them chances, she says I know.

says Luv has to send Shilpa to cave. Arshi brings anti insect spray and sprays on Shilpa’s face. Hina says she is breaking rules. Shilpa throws mud at Arshi. Arshi again sprays on her face. Hina says see this.

Vikas takes tree branch and is scaring Shilpa with it. Hina shows Luv that her mic is not working because they threw water on it. Arshi says mic is still working. Shilpa tries to throw water on Vikas, Vikas holds her hand, she says I want to put mud on you. Aakash says Hina’s mic is working, I am musician and I know its working, Hina says he is mental. Ben is dancing. Arshi says she has become chimpanzee. Hina says if anyone throws water on mic then he or she will be out of task from now. Arshi and Aakash says who are you to give verdict? Hina says I am just suggesting to Luv, Hina says where you people have come from? Bandagi says dont bring me in all this. Hina says you people call us that we are zero.Puneesh says you characterless woman talk about others families.

Arshi says to Puneesh that who is at her home? let me ask Hina how they are bearing her. Shilpa says Arshi’s family must have relocated. Arshi says Shilpa’s mother threw her out, her brothers threw her out. Hina says Arshi why dont you talk infront of Salman? you try to flirt with Salman, Arshi says I will ask Salman too, you cant keep bringing him in all this. Mehjabi says I will give it back what you all are saying. Aakash says we didnt say anything about you, Mehjabi says you people are small and I will put you all in place. Aakash says why you come in middle of everything? Sabya says why she cant come in middle? you say that she left her daughter and all that but she cant talk? Aakash says Shilpa talked about Mehjabi’s daughter, I didnt. Mehjabi says you people said that I left my kid, Arshi says Shilpa said it. Shilpa says they are lying. Aakash says Shilpa even said that Mehjabi doesnt talk about her kid. Hina says Puneesh called Mehjabi a black ghost. Shilpa says to Mehjabi that I said she has done sacrifice by leaving her baby behind, she is strong, they are taking it out of context. Mehjabi says what if I have dark complexion? I dont do makeup, I have black complexion so what? my husband is handsome and have light complexion, he is happy with me, I have left my 1.5years baby behind so I can do anything to win, my face has dark complexion but you people have dark hearts.

Buzzer plays. Cave’s door is opened. Luv says Shilpa threw water at Sapna’s mic, we cant wait for mic to get destroyed, Aakash threw water on Hina’s mic. I want to send Shilpa and Aakash in cave.All clap, Bandagi says fair decision. Arshi says to Mehjabi that Shilpa is Haramkhor(jerk). Mehjabi says I know everything. Luv puts Aakash and Shilpa in cave.They go in house. Shilpa says to Aakash that you people are so bad, Aakash says we are a team, I am not bad. Aakash says Hina put me down. Shilpa says I said to Mehjabi that I would never leave kid behind like she did and she is strong. Aakash says lets dance, she says no, I know you have good heart, I dont if you are doing this game. Aakash says just dance with me for 5 seconds. Shilpa says you might say later that I was flirting with you.

Bandagi says to Pooja that Puneesh just joked that there are two ghosts, black and white,one is Shilpa and other is Mehjabi. Hina hit me with pot but didnt say sorry, Bandagi says there are pairs here but celebrity pairs are not loyal.

Mehjabi says to Arshi that I havent come here for modeling, when I do makeup, nobody believes that its Mehjabi, I didnt have baby for 8 years so I know what I have been through, Puneesh says people talk so much behind back. Mehjabi says my husband loves me a lot, I asked him to remarry, if he wants kids and I cant give him then I am allowing him to marry another girl but he said that what I see in you, I dont see in another woman in world, he never took a look at another woman. Puneesh says you are pretty thats why you are in Bigg boss, cheap people dont come here.

Bandagi says to Pooja that Shilpa and Aakash will become friends in house, they must be taking shower and all. Buzzer plays, gates are opened. Mehjabi says to her team that dont exert yourself too much, just do as much as you want too. Mehjabi and Arshi comes in house through cave. Mehjabi asks Aakash if he destroyed her clothes? he says no.
Vikas says to Pooja that they will call you worst player and put you in jail, you have to bear all dirt and insects there, I have been there, its so filthy there, go in house, take rest and have energy, nobody is going to be there for you in jail, make friends here.

Bigg boss have sent pizza to lure inmates to leave task,if they want pizza then they have to leave jungle and come in cave. Aakash brings pizza out of store and shows it to everyone. Jyoti says dont be greedy. Aakash, Arshi, Shilpa and Mehjabi are enjoying pizza.
Buzzer plays, Cave’s door is opened. Bandagi asks Sabya to go inside and eat, he has cooking for days. Bandagi asks Pooja to go. Hina asks Pooja to not listen to Puneesh’s team and dont do in house. Pooja says you people would put me in jai. Hina says they are saying all that to you? Vikas says whom you will choose as worst performer? Hina says if thats the case then I will go in jail, Vikas says you want to sacrifice then Pooja stay here. Luv asks her to take her decision. Pooja says I cant sit here any longer, its not about jail, Hina says okay. Pooja goes in house. Aakash screams that Dhinchak is coming. Aakash and Arshi hugs him. Aakash asks her to have drink. Pooja gets teary eyed and says I cant talk, I have headache and they are asking me why I am going in cave? I couldnt sit there, I will get ill because of their game, I dont need to be captain. Shilpa hugs and consoles her. Shilpa says dont take it to heart. Pooja says I am not habituated to sit like that. Shilpa says dont take it personally.
Hina says to Luv that Pooja did wrong, she was scared of going in jail but couldnt perform in task to avoid it?
Pooja says to Shilpa that I get ill and I have to lie down when I am like that, Shilpa says dont feel bad, she is thinking about game.
Luv says I want to say Vikas is game changer.
Pooja says to Arshi and Aakash that I have done more than enough in task, I am not getting anything.
Luv says to Hina that Vikas brainwashed Pooja, Hina says he plays politics.
Aakash says to Pooja that you are very famous. Pooja says they called me so I came in house but not to bear all this.

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Bigg boss says khul ja sim sim task has ended. Blue team have more members in jungle than red team right now so Blue team have won task. Hina says you all played well. Arshi hugs Hina. Aakash says we won, we won. Puneesh and everyone hug each other. Vikas hugs Shilpa. Bandagi and Arshi hug each other, blue team have group hug.

Hina says to Jyoti that even if Arshi doesnt become captain even than she will be captain, I dont want Aakash to be captain, I will take Luv’s name. Sapna says i might leave but now I will make them pay, I will not spare anyone.

Pooja comes to Vikas and says you gave me right choice, when I told them you all will put me in jail then they said now they will put me in jail so why should I wear myself out? Vikas says if they think you are worst performer just because you were not throwing water and mud? nobody went in house because of mud and water.

Aakash is lying his head on Pooja’s lap. Arshi says why you are lying on her? you like her. Aakash says not like that. Arshi asks if she has boyfriend? she says I am not interested in all this, Aakash can be my friend. Aakash says I am not doing anything. Pooja asks Aakash to move away, there is problem in my house with this, Aakash doesnt move so Pooja moves away. Arshi says my family is like that. Puneesh says my papa will not allow me in house.

Hiten says to Aakash that you and Arshi can be contender for captaincy, Luv has done nice work too.
Puneesh says to Bandagi that I took him on, Aakash said that Bandagi didnt do anything, she is out of question so I said that she took on Hina, she is not out, Bandagi says he went in house not me in task. Puneesh says he is asking for votes to become captain.Bandagi says Aakash will not become captain, he is not loyal Puneesh so dont be so nice to him.
Hiten says to Aakash that I dont want to promise my vote to you, what if majority is not giving you votes? then my vote will go waste too, you will get chances more too.

Aakash comes to Puneesh and Bandagi and says I started work in task first, Bandagi says Bigg boss will tell that. Aakash says Hiten said that he will vote for me and Luv, Puneesh says he will not, Aakash says take a chill, he is going to vote for me. Puneesh says dont show ego to me, you didnt get anything when you worked in Vikas’s captaincy but in the end he nominated you, they are not on our side, Bandagi says voting for you will be wasted as they will not give you votes, Aakash says okay and leaves.

Hina comes in garden,she is weeping. Hina cries and says they said so much bad stuff for two days, I am losing my strength, Puneesh called me characterless (badzath), I cant even cry over this, they call me cry baby cry baby if I cry over this, I never cursed anyone here and they calling me characterless? it has such bad meaning, I gave my full efforts in task, I am sorry mamma, she breakdowns and cries. Sabya comes there and sees her crying, he asks what happened? she says nothing and tries wipe her tears, he asks what happened? she says nothing, he puts hand over her shoulder, she says no dont do this, they will think I am doing drama, I am not able to observe all this, what Puneesh called me, I didnt even know its meaning, I have to listen all these words. Sabya says you sit alone for sometime, I will comeback, he leaves. Hina cries and says I miss you mom, I really miss you.

Aakash and Arshi are singing beliya infront of Salman’s poster, Aakash hugs his poster and says sorry. Arshi kisses his poster. Puneesh and Bandagi laughs. Puneesh says behave you both.

PRECAP- Hina’s team gives Pooja’s name and says we lost task because of Pooja. Bigg boss says Pooja will go in jail.
Later all allege Hina when stands in witness box. Puneesh says Hina you are wrong, and Sapna is taking your side. Sapna screams at him.


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