Bigg Boss 11 26th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 26th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Families of Inmates as Neighbors only on

Day 86
Inmates wake up to the song koi faraq nai.. they all dance.
Puneesh is wearing a shirt with Bandagi’s name on it.

Priyank is sleeping, alarm plays. Shilpa says is Priyank confirmed to leave? Vikas is scared too. Luv says I can leave too. Puneesh says you are real, he is fake, you are handsome, Priyank is nothing infront of you,you didnt insult any girl, no girl is coming to blame you here.

Priyank says to Vikas that I can leave, Vikas says people do mistakes. Priyank says I shouldnt have trusted people here, God forbid Luv.

Puneesh says to Luv that your name will win.

Vikas says all were caring for me before they left. Priyank says I gave everything to my friends, I supported them, I was standing against you for them, they forgot everything, I forgave Hina and Luv so many times but they didnt apologize me once. Vikas says the one cheating others can cheat you too thats why I felt others are better than them, Aakash is better than Hina and Luv, he is not fake.

Puneesh says to Vikas that I want to tell Bandagi that I am missing her, I should write on my shirt. Puneesh says I am writing Buns on my shirt, I am missing her. Shilpa says she should be missing you too to see your message, Puneesh says what? Vikas hugs him. Shilpa says she must be celebrating new year. Puneesh says its my birthday today. Shilpa says before boys used to be jerks but now girls.. Puneesh says you think she must have forgotten me? Shilpa says yes.. I am joking, she must be missing you.

Inmates watch TV, there is a house shown. Luv says its neighbor’s house. Bandagi enters neighbor’s house, Puneesh says I was missing her today. All cheer for her. Bandagi enters house. Shilpa’s elder brother is already there. Bandagi greets him, they see biscuits. Rocky enters neighbor’s house. Hina screams seeing him, Vikas hugs her. Hina screams for Ro.. Rocky greets Bandagi. Vikas says they will stay there. Luv’s mother comes in house. Luv gets emotional seeing her on TV. Luv’s mom says house is beautiful. Hina says aunty is cute. Vikas says this is exciting. Hina cries. Luv says what will my mom say in a show. Shilpa says they will bring out our secrets. Aakash’s mom enters neighbors’ house, Aakash gets excited seeing her. Aakash says my mom snores a lot. Aakash sees his mom with Luv’s mom, Vikas says they look sisters. Vikas says they sent family members and sent Bandagi from Puneesh’s side so its official, Roka is done, Puneesh says you say anything. Vikas’s mother comes in house, Vikas gets excited seeing her, Hina hugs Vikas. Vikas hugs Shilpa, Shilpa says thank you Bigg boss. Priyank’s mother comes in neighbor’s house, Priyank cries seeing her, he breakdowns, Hina hugs him, Priyank cries. All moms meet each other. TV is switched off. Puneesh says Priyank you can break the wall. Hina comes to garden and shouts for Rocky. Rocky hears it from other side and says there is one wall between us baby. Bandagi says they are screaming for us but we cant react. Aakash says to Luv that what Vikas’s mother will say to my mother.
Shilpa says to Puneesh that you were missing Bandagi so much that she came here, Puneesh says really.

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Shilpa says to inmates that they will fight now. Aakash says my mom can scold anyone, what if Luv’s mom, Vikas’s mom fights with my mom. Hina says they are sensible and know they are on TV.
Moms are talking in other house and says all are playing nicely.
Luv says to inmates that if they ask to leave captaincy for meeting with mom then I will leave captaincy. Aakash says its just 15 days in show so I wont spare captaincy. Shilpa says I can meet brother in 15 days. Puneesh says Bandagi must be in bigg boss zone again.
Bandagi says to guests that Shilpa always talk about survival. Rocky says Shilpa is clever and smart, Luv’s mother says she is friends with Hina now, Rocky says haters are sending good messages now.

Vikas reads task, he reads instructions that inmates family and friends will live with them. Inmates will get challenges and judges will neighbors, they will get score for every challenge, this task will affect luxury budget but inmates’ score will define who is going to meet their family members. Neighbors hear instructions too. Vikas says first challenge is cooking competition, they have to cook and they all are against each other and only one will be winner, winner will get 60 points, they have to cook individually. All inmates get ingredients from store room.

Inmates start cooking. Hina says I dont even know how to cook it. Neighbors are watching it on TV. Rocky says Bandagi must not want to meet Punees, Bandagi says you just met Hina so I want to meet Puneesh. Shilpa’s brother says Priyank is running like he cooked the most in house.
All inmates are cooking in kitchen, Hina asks Shilpa to help, she asks Shilpa if she has to cover rice cooking? Shilpa says no. Shilpa helps Luv and shows him to crush. Rocky says Shilpa is giving tips to Hina so Hina will win, Bandagi says Shilpa’s points should be doubled. Aakash asks for Shilpa’s help too. Shilpa asks Puneesh that your pasta is cooked. Puneesh dishes it out. Vikas’s mother says his wife will be happy if he learns to cook.

Puneesh and Aakash brings their food in store. Rocky says they have all cooked pakore. Hina says I cooked sweetdish for you Ro, I love you. Rocky smiles. Bandagi asks Rocky if he is blushing, Rocky laughs. Luv is making some drink. Bandagi says he is crazy. Bigg boss says to inmates that only 5 minutes are remaining in cooking competition. Aakash asks Luv to work fast. Shilpa says Bandagi you will have to eat crazy food.

Call is connected to neighbors’ house. Inmates are watching them on TV. Bigg boss says to guests that you have to taste everyone’s dish and decide mutually who cooked the best. Guests all taste Priyank’s hlawa and says its very nice. Bandagi tastes Shilpa’s dish and says thank you Shilpa, I know you made it for me, thank you. Luv’s mom tastes Luv’s halwa, they taste Puneesh’s pasta. Bandagi says its perfectly boiled. Puneesh says you are looking perfect too, come inside. They taste Vikas’s dish. vikas’s mother says it has less sugar. Rocky tastes Hina’s dish and says its best. Vikas says Hina has got the best guy. Rocky says we should not vote for the inmates we are supporting,you have to give vote to two other inmates. Inmates say that they are all playing. Rocky votes for Shilpa and Vikas. Bandagi votes for Shilpa and Aakash. They all vote for Vikas and Shilpa. Bandagi says now choose one between them. They all vote for Shilpa. Bigg boss says they liked Shilpa’s dish most so Shilpa won the task, he asks Hina to add 60 points on Shilpa’s scoreboard. Shilpa thanks everyone. Hina puts 600 points instead of 60 points on Shilpa’s board, Bigg boss asks her if she doesnt know 60? Hina corrects it sheepishly.

Vikas says next challenge is about comedy, all inmates will mimic each other and make others laugh, the one whose comedy is liked by guests the most will win points in this challenge. Vikas says Shilpa is comedya queen.

Neighbors are watching inmates through Tv. Vikas starts his comedy. Vikas says Aakash our most beautiful inmate, his strategy is to just beat him. Vikas says Luv is bouncer, mind-less but he has left everyone behind. Shilpa says you are boring Vikas. Aakash comes next, Aakash mimics Hina and says talk to my hands, he acts rough like Luv, he says Shilpa doesnt listen to anyone, didnt become captain nor let me become captain. Aakash says Bandagi is pretty, I liked her too. Puneesh says i will beat you. Bandagi laughs. Hina comes next, she mimics Luv and mimics how he puffs his chest out in fights. Hina says I remember once in fight, Puneesh said its not MTV, its Puneesh TV, Hina says Aakash’s mother deserves meddle for raising, he is mental, his farting is very bad, he farts a lot, he was farting when were eating pizza, all laugh. Hina says he is amazing. Hina says Shilpa is always cooking then she just glares. Hina says next is Vikas goochepoo, I love you Vikas’s mom, Vikas is a cry baby, his belly dance is funny, all laugh. Puneesh comes next, he puffs out his chest and mimics Luv, he says Luv is fake, all laugh. Puneesh says next one is the sacrificing goat, she keeps asking Aakash to give up things, Shilpa will take our lives, people get trapped as she looks good. Puneesh says Priyank becomes brother of every girl, he laughs. Puneesh acts like crying and says Hiten left.. Arshi left.. in future he will cry for Priyank, all laugh. Puneesh says Hina’s math is so bad, she had different class, all laugh.
Priyank comes next, he says I dont influence anyone but I keep giving them orders, its Vikas Gupta. Priyank says next is Hina, Hina you know how to count 5? all laugh.
Luv is next, he says brothers and Priyank’s sisters, he mimics’ Priyank’s sudden break dance. Luv says Vikas mops in his own style.
Next is Shilpa, She mimics Hina’s crying over Ro.. Ro take me away.. I dont want to stay.. Shilpa says one inmate just do only one step on all the songs. Shilpa says its funny.

Neighbors say Puneesh was nice, Shilpa’s brother says Puneesh made us guess who is mimicking. Rocky says Hina was nice too, they all choose Hina’s name. Bigg boss says to inmates that Hina won this challenge, he asks her to add 60 points on her score board.

Priyank says to Vikas that its upsetting to hear all that from them, it was not comedy, it was below the belt, my mom wouldnt like to hear about fun of my dancing, my mom would be hurt to hear that my classes didnt work.
Luv says to inmates that Priyank is angry for making fun of his dance. Hina says my crying was part of fun too but Rocky took it sportingly. Shilpa says he talked about my weight too.

In neighbors’ house, Bandagi says Vikas trying to leave house was shown on TV? Rocky says all his breakdowns were shown. Vikas’s mom says to Shilpa’s brother that Vikas didnt know about Shilpa outside of house, Shilpa never came to him, then suddenly she comes in house and goes against Vikas, Vikas never does injustice with people but I am with Shilpa, I am in her favor, I want the best for her. Shilpa’s brother says I hope your prayers work out. Vikas’s mother says I am in her favor, she is like my daughter.

Rocky says to Shilpa’s brother that what about Vikas? brother says dont tell too much on TV. Rocky says Vikas’s mother is telling same story whole time.

Aakash’s mother says to Rocky that Vishal’s dad and Aakash’s dad are like best buddies and cousins, when Aakash took Vishal’s name, Aakash approached Vishal but he didnt give too much response, Vishal asked Aakash to gain experience, but when Aakash entered Bigg boss and took Vishal’s name, Vishal tweeted that Aakash is my relative but at a distance, I have proofs that Vishal’s family was closer to him, I will prove it.

Puneesh says to Shilpa and Luv that me and Bandagi gave name to Priyank. Shilpa says he just follows one step. Luv says when song plays, he starts weird breakdance. Luv says he used to wear one expression all the time, Luv mimics Priyank in SRK style. Shilpa laughs.

PRECAP- Bandagi says Aakash gives up in tasks easily. Aakash’s mother says all are doing wrong with Aakash, please dont talk about Aakash, please dont talk about my son, heis closest to me, the one who talks about my son is my enemy. Bandagi is stunned as Aakash’s mother wipes her tears.
Vikas says to Priyank that have you seen my mom’s face, Priyank says you are underestimating her, Vikas says dont talk about my mother. Priyank says congrats for your mother.


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