Bigg Boss 11 26th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 26th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Sapna is evicted only on

Elimination special
Salman comes on stage, he welcomes everyone. He says lets see what happened later yesterday.

In house, Hina says to Priyank that you have to control your anger, I dont curse or say bad words when I am angry, you do many nice things and one wrong thing then that will be pointed out. Priyank says to Hina that when Puneesh said stuff, you reacted and threw out fit but when I said bad words then you didnt react, so it was pointed out. Hina says all went wrong. Priyank says why they are all behind me? Hina says I have seen seasons, I dont know what happened inside, this is a fact, that they are must, I can say it to Salman but they are making good people into bad, I know we are not good always but you can point out mistakes of others too.
Arshi asks Vikas if their

friendship ended? Vikas says Shilpa asked you to leave Aakash and you didnt so I supported you, now you are asking me to leave Shilpa, Puneesh and Bandagi, this is not right. Arshi says then we will play alone, why cant Shilpa think that I can be captain too, Vikas says dont talk about Shilpa’s matter to me, Arshi says you go behind Shilpa, she will against you soon. Hina says we should give friends room. Arshi says Puneesh and Bandagi are more important for Vikas than me. Vikas comes to Shilpa and Puneesh, he asks if they think he will kick Arshi for them? Shilpa says not possible. Vikas says please make Arshi understand. Bandagi says Aakash is provoking her, Arshi just wants to show him that she is playing alone.

Priyank says to Arshi that I want to clear things, I used to flirt, we know Ben says things, I used to joke. Arshi says I just want to say that we say things here but when Arshi says them then its wrong but when others say it then its a joke. Priyank says I am wrong for many things, I understood things. Arshi says I am flip too, Priyank says we get angry, he loves you a lot, please hug him if you respect me. Priyank says he has done a lot for me but he thinks wrong about me. Arshi calls Vikas and says we want to clear somethings. Vikas says I dont want to get involved, I am done with all this, with him here or outside. aRshi says you are doing this for camera? Vikas says dont misbehave with me, I will not talk to you, I fought for you against him and now you are doing this. Vikas says to Shilpa that I am not your friend too. Arshi says I dont want to talk to your Priyank, he is not my friend.
Arshi says to Aakash that Vikas chose Shilpa over me, I will show him what I am. Vikas says Arshi you are my friend not Shilpa, I dont like the tone you are using with me. Hiten says its her call, let her do what she wants. Arshi says you dont get involved and now you are? its my thing with him, she says to Vikas that I was with you when you were crying, now you will cry, its Karma, it will happen with you again and you cry then I will laugh at you, you play games with you, you make relations to stop people from seeing things. Vikas says you are taunting Shilpa using me, Shilpa glares at Arshi. Arshi says I wont disrespect Shilpa like Aakash did.

Arshi says to Sapna that I always talked about rights, Aakash is my friend, how can I leave him hungry? Shilpa asks him to not ask for foods, Arshi cries. Sapna says you are really nice, Arshi says I called her Maa and she ended relation in a minute.
Vikas says to Shilpa that you did wrong with Arshi, it was not your call to ask Arshi to not talk to Aakash, she fought for you a lot. Shilpa says I didnt ask them to fight for me, she is second Aakash.
Arshi says to Sapna that I never insulted Shilpa, I begged people to not insult her but still she doesnt give me attention.
Shilpa says to Vikas that I didnt ask her to take stand for me. Vikas says she loved you most. Shilpa says I am not a dhol that anyone can beat me. Vikas says Arshi is not like that, Aakash can insult me, Arshi can insult me and I just sit there.
Arshi says to Priyank that I tried to talk to Shilpa but she said relation ended.
Vikas says to Shilpa that Priyank used to say I hate Arshi Khan and now with her? Puneesh says Arshi went to him and says I will forgive you.
Arshi says to Vikas that I respect you a lot. Vikas makes he sit and says I made only friend here, Arshi says I never disrespected you, I am very hurt, Priyank called me, I didnt went to him, I didnt forgive him, I just said that Vikas loves you a lot, talk to him. Vikas says I dont want to talk to him. Vikas says he keeps saying I hate Arshi then comes to you? Arshi says I didnt forgive him, Vikas says I fought with Hina for you, Priyank asked me to leave you but I didnt, I will stand when you need me, Shilpa hurt you but you are taunting me. Arshi says she always break relations. Vikas says I made one friend, dont insult me, why you are misbehaving with me? I wont leave you, I have very less friends. Arshi says I wont insult you.

On stage, Salman connects call to house. Salman asks Arshi why her eyes are swollen? she says nothing, Salman says tell. Arshi says I called Shilpa mother but she got angry. Salman says mothers got angry, Shilpa says they dont give respect. Salman says it happens at home too, mothers get angry. Arshi says she get too much angry. Salman says mother and bigg boss have most thankless jobs, all laugh. Salman says its time for cold treatment, Salman says you will be divided in pairs, it will be girl-boy pair, when girl say yes to question then boy will feel chill of cold water. Devil brings ice water buckets with funnel and tub. Vikas says why it happens with boys only? Aakash says I want to say sorry Salman, Arshi made me explain, sorry sir. Salman says no need for apology. Salman says first will be Shilpa and Puneesh. Shilpa says mother will take on me, Shilpa says they put me in trouble after calling me mother. Puneesh stand in tub. Devil puts funnel in pocket of Puneesh. Salman says first statement is Bandagi dominates Puneesh? Shilpa says yes. Devil pours water in funnel, Puneesh gets chilled in pocket. Salman says next is Puneesh and Bandagi’s love is true? Shilpa says yes, devil pours more water in pocket. Salman says Shilpa is entertaining inmate? Shilpa says yes, devil pours more water, Salman says Luv is without mind? Shilpa says yes, devil pours more water. Salman says next is Aakash and Bandagi. Aakash stands in tub, he is wearing shorts. Devil puts funnel in his pocket, Aakash says devil is laughing. Salman asks Bandagi if this bigg boss season 11? she laughs and says yes. Devil pours water in his pocket, Salman says this is November? Bandagi says yes, devil pours more water, Salman says Aakash is from Dadlani family, Bandagi says yes, Devil pours more water in his shorts, Aakash says its touching there, all laugh. Salman says next is Vikas and Hina. Devil puts funnel in his pants. Salman says Hina is always with truth? Hina says yes, devil puts water in funnel, Salman says is more better player? Hina says yes, more water for Vikas, Salman says Vikas targets Hina? hina says yes, devil pours more water, Salman says Shilpa’s love spoiled Aakash? Hina says yes, devil pours more water in his pants. Salman says Hiten is elder so respect and no water for him, devil leaves.

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Salman connects call to caller of week Priyanka, Priyanka says I want to ask Luv that in court task, you said you were not there when Hina was talking about Arshi’s lingerie, but you were there and you also that she wore same lingerie but different colors, you commented on it. Arshi cheers for her. Luv is stunned. Arshi says thank you. Priyanka says Luv why you lied? Luv says it was old thing, Hina and Ben were talking about Arshi, I dont remember it, Arshi called me. Priyanka says you lied, Luv says I dont remember my words. Shilpa says Luv you lie. Caller ends call. Salman ends call. Luv says its not my fault. Hina says when you said that Luv? Sapna says you said that.
Vikas says to Arshi that they lie on face, all are liars. Shilpa says these cheap people always comment.
Luv says I dont remember that conversation. Bandagi says you said that to me. Priyank says Luv said it when we were all there.
Vikas says it was a lie. Hina says Luv didnt say it infront of me, I dont remember him commenting about Arshi’s lingerie.

On stage, Salman Race 3 actors went in house, lets see what happened.

In house, Remo and Jacqueline comes in house. Everyone meets them. Aakash says Remo my good friend. They all sit in living room. Jacqueline says we are doing Race 3, Arshi says Sarkar give us work. Jacqueline says Salman is lead actors, we had to meet you all as we are big fans. Jacqueline says we will play a game, dice will roll and one word will come up, you will dedicate that word to any inmate and dance with them. Shilpa rolls dice first and got word ‘healthy poking'(nok jhok). Shilpa dedicates it to Hiten. Shilpa says come son in law. Shilpa says Arshi is my daughter, she flirts with him and I request him to become my son in law but he doesnt agree. Remo says we will play a song for you. Shilpa slaps on hiten’s bum,they dance together, all enjoy and cheer for them. Arshi starts dancing too. Jacqueline claps for them. Remo rolls dice for Puneesh and he gets word ‘forgiveness’, Puneesh says I want a hug from Aakash, if he wants. Remo says please Aakash, Aakash hugs Puneesh, they dance on I am sorry song. Jacqueline rolls dice for Sapna,its ‘dance spice’, Remo says its for Sapna and Priyank dances nicely, Priyank says I used to dance with Remo. Sapna and Priyank dance beat song, all cheer for them. Aakash says Sapna is best dancer, Remo says we will work together soon, Sapna says its dream of mine. Remo rolls dice, Vikas gets word ‘fight’, he says Hina is behind me, Hina says he is behind me,they dance together karke singhar.. they funnily dance. Next is Aakash, Remo says Aakash will sing and I will give it a step. They sing Aakash’s bigg boss song and makes everyone do steps. All clap. Jacqueline says we will take a selfie. Aakash says Arshi is my girlfriend, he kisses her cheek, Arshi says no. They take selfie together, Jacqueline and Remo leaves.

All stars of film comes to stage, Bobby Deol, Daisy and Ramesh comes there too. Salman says Bobby’s dad is biggest is star, Bobby never works out with his father and brother,now he has started exercising. Salman says Saqaib is always in gym, Salman says Jacqueline and Daisy are more fit than us. Salman says we saw Jacqueline’s kicking. Salman says lets dance. They start dancing to fast beating song then slow beating, Bobby is shy, they start dancing to mujhe toh teri lat lag gayi. Cast leave after greeting Salman.

Salman connects call to house. Salman says to inmates that you are all in garden, today’s elimination will be different, he says Hina, Sapna and Priyank will sit on stage that has three chairs in triangle, stage will revolve and one will be gone. Vikas hugs them and says enough fighting, Sapna says love you all. The three of them sit on their designated chairs. Stage starts revolving. All are tensed. Hina says goodluck all, dont fight much, Arshi says fight will be less if you leave. They see Priyank gone but he comes back on his seat. Sapna is gone. Salman says SAPNA GOT ELIMINATED. Salman says strong contestant is gone, he ends call. Luv, Hina and Priyank cries. Priyank kisses Hina’s head.
Vikas says to Arshi that we will get less sabzi now, it hurts.
Bandagi says in camera that Sapna made me cry last night in jail, I am a little happy that she left.

Priyank says to Vikas that I love you. Vikas says to Priyank that you insulted me so much, you dont love me, you have no idea what you are doing in this house, Priyank says you insulted me too, you never listen to me, you take Shilpa’s side, Arshi comments on you too. Vikas says your group thinks you are doing right, I will stand with Arshi, you were hero and now you have no idea what you are doing, I fought with Hina for you, Priyank says I fought with Arshi for you, Vikas says you always think you are wrong. Vikas says you insulted me so much. I dont want to see your face. Priyank says you say you wont talk to parents too. Vikas says you said that your father asks you if you are gay because I am your friend? because of me? you blamed me. Priyank says you knew things between us, Arshi created all this. Luv says you both love each other. Priyank says you taunted my family too. Vikas says you insulted my friendship too, Vikas says you are right, he leaves.
Vikas says to Arshi that I fought with Priyank, Arshi says now he will say sorry. Vikas says I said that I wont leave Arshi, Arshi says he said sorry to me, Vikas says he keeps saying sorry and keep repeating, he thinks its all game. Vikas says he does things for camera but its for all hours. Arshi says I am not talking to Shilpa, Salman will be angry? Vikas says no but just be civil with her, you are playing nice, Salman always praise you, Arshi says he said so nice words for me. Vikas says dont leave work, if you dont want to work in kitchen then I will work in kitchen with Shilpa. Arshi says you want Shilpa so you will want that. Vikas says you think that? Arshi says yes you want Shilpa.

PRECAP- Puneesh says to Aakash that you have crossed limits and now you will get beaten, you have seen my friendship and now you will my animosity and I will take it outside too. Aakash sits to eat egg but Puneesh throws it away and says I will throw all eggs of you, Puneesh takes off slipper and throws it at Aakash, Hina is shocked.
Tomorrow nominations will happen in confession room. Luv says he became violent. Shilpa says he doesnt deserve to be in house. Bandagi says he is dangerous for others.


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