Bigg Boss 11 27th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 27th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Vikas and Aakash’s mom get hyper only on

Day 87
Inmates and relatives wake up to song Amma ji, they all dance.

Aakash says to Priyank that we were laughing at your dance, Luv mimicked you. Priyank says I am a teacher too, dont disrespect a teacher. Aakash says you didnt give us lesson, are you angry with Luv? its only two days, live with love. Priyank says there is no love here, Priyank leaves. Luv says Priyank is teacher now.
Priyank says to Vikas that I made Luv learn steps, I am like his teacher, he doesnt even respect that.
Shilpa mimics Priyank’s dance, all laugh.
Priyank hugs Vikas and says all are talking about my dance, dont know what will happen to you if I leave, Vikas says we will see.

Shilpa says to Aakash that Aakash’s mom should have shut up everyone
there. Aakash says the way Bandagi was telling my mom to choose the bed, my mom would say who the hell are you to tell me what to choose? Hina laughs and says I dont want to see them fight.

Hina reads next challenge, neighbors are watching too. In next challenge, inmates have to ignore Hina completely, the one who ignores her best and is chosen by neighbors for ignoring her completely will win. Hina will try to grab inmates’ attention but they have to ignore her.
Hina starts her task, neighbors are watching them on TV. Hina runs behind Aakash, Punesh says we have to ignore Hongkong. Hina asks Aakash to hold bucket for her, he tries to ignore her. Hina comes to Luv and says remember your jokes, Luv laughs. Rocky says its a reactions. Aakash goes to washroom, Hina asks what he is doing? he says taking bath. Hina says you cant answer me. Hina comes to kitchen and falls down infront of Vikas, she cries in pain but everyone ignores her, Vikas completely ignores her. Hina comes to Aakash and says I fell down. Aakash looks at her, Rocky says thats reaction. Vikas’s mother says Hina is looking awesome. Rocky says I agree. Hina comes to Priyank and hugs him tightly, she says forget everything. Priyank laughs. Rocky says he gave reaction. Buzzer plays, task ends. Hina says I seriously fell down Luv says you cant hug people, Hina says it was genuine hug. Hina says I seriously fell down and you people didnt care? Puneesh says you get more scratches in task than this, you are doing this emotional acting, Shilpa asks her to work on her acting more, Luv says you are still acting, Hina says task ended Luv.
Neighbors talk about Hina taking out reactions from inmates, Bandagi says we wont count physical contact in task, Hina got 7 points.

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Bigg boss says now inmates will ignore Priyank. Priyank comes to Aakash and asks him to eat chips, Aakash doesnt ignore him and eats it, Aakash talks to him too. Neighbors says Aakash is mad, he is laughing and talking too. Vikas’s mom says Aakash is breaking all rules. Bandagi asks Aakash’s mom what she wants to eat like Aakash? In house, Priyank is running behind Aakash and talking to him. Shilpa’s brother says Priyank is targeting Aakash only. In house, Vikas is washing hands, Priyank comes with handwash but Vikas ignores him. Aakash laughs. Aakash’s mother says Aakash cant control his laughter. Priyank takes out bin and empty it near Hina’s feet. Bandagi says Hina is leaving, that is reaction too. Buzzer plays, Priyank’s time ends. Priyank collects all the mess he created. Rocky says Aakash is giving reaction to everyone.
Shilpa’s brother talks to Bandagi and Rocky, Rocky says Aakash’s mom is not accepting his reactions, but I cant call out to these moms, Aakash is destroying the task.

In house, Inmates have to ignore Shilpa now. Shilpa brings roti for Puneesh and says you want to eat it? Shilpa sits infront of Vikas and says you must be angry on me. Bandagi says Shilpa has natural comedy.
Shilpa comes to washroom, she gives underwear to Luv to wear. Luv wears it and laughs. Shilpa says I got a reaction. Shilpa says Puneesh you lie, she stands beside Vikas and laughs. Buzzer plays. Aakash says nobody gave you reaction, Shilpa says I got it. Vikas smiles. Neighbors say Shilpa got zero reactions. Bandagi says Aakash have done the deal, he is giving them reactions deliberately. Aakash’s mother says Puneesh wont give reactions to Aakash, Priyank have earned points. Vikas’s mother says thats the game, Priyank is winning.
Hina says to inmates that Aakash gave me so many reactions, he is doing the deals directly now. Aakash smiles.

Bigg boss says now inmates have to ignore Luv and time starts now. Luv comes to Aakash and says how are you? Aakash says deal is on? Luv says yes, Aakash says okay I have done deal with you. Luv’s mom says Luv got one point. Luv wears oranges in his shirt and comes out. Luv comes to Puneesh and shows him his chest, Puneesh laughs a little. Luv comes to Shilpa, Shilpa tries to ignore but smiles too. Luv’s mom is smiling too. Luv comes to Shilpa again and makes her luagh by wearing shawl and making her take a peak at his chest, Shilpa cant stop smiling. Luv brings Aakash’s socks, Aakash says dont take it. Vikas’s mom says Luv is doing nice. Hina laughs seeing Luv’s chest too. Aakash gives more reactions. Rocky says he got 13 reactions. Buzzer plays. Shilpa’s brother says it was nicely done.Vikas’s mom says Vikas didnt give a single reaction.

Bigg boss says now they have to ignore Puneesh. Puneesh says Aakash I want to talk, Aakash goes to talk to him, Aakash says you will give reactions to me too? Puneesh says yes I will give you as many reactions you want. Vikas’s mom says we will count one reaction for one inmate, Aakash’s reactions wont be counted separately. Puneesh brings trimmer and applies it Luv’s hair but Luv doesnt give him reaction. Puneesh messes hina’s hair too but she doesnt give reaction. Puneesh comes to Shilpa and says shake my hand, understand that Bandagi would be burdened between moms, give me reaction. Bandagi smiles seeing it. Bandagi says Shilpa can ignore strongly. Puneesh tries to take out reaction from Shilpa but she sit still.Bandagi says Aakash gave 7 reactions, Vikas’s mother says he has given many reactions. In house, Vikas says Bandagi was the most pretty girl in house. Puneesh says you are pretty too, Vikas ignores him. Puneesh’s time ends.

Inmates have to ignore Aakash now. Aakash comes to Puneesh and asks if he wont give him reactions as per the deal? you took 10-15 reactions from me. Puneesh shakes his head and ignores him. Aakash asks Shilpa to give reaction but she doesn doesnt answer him. Neighbors says they are cheating Aakash now, it had to happen. Aakash’s mother is hurt seeing it and says my Aakash trust people easily. Aakash tries to take out reaction from Shilpa and Puneesh but they completely ignore him and breaks the deal. Bandagi says I knew this would happen. Rocky says poor Aakash falls for it everytime. Aakash’s mother says my son gets angry when someone touches his hair, his teachers used to say that he doesnt listen, he always loved hair and would get my hair and take it to school. Priyank comes to Aakash and says you can do really nice in task. Aakash says I wont do the task, I dont want to do it.Bandagi says he gives up everytime, Vikas’s mom says all are doing wrong with him. Shilpa’s brother says its task for him to take out reactions not do deals. Aakash’s mom says dont talk bad about my son else I will start crying, my Aakash is closest to my heart, she gets in tears, Vikas’s mom consoles her.Aakash’s mom says I have taken care of him alone, he is my son, I cant hear about him.
Priyank says to Aakash and says its not about captaincy but doing task, dont give up. Aakash says dont give reaction. Buzzer plays, Aakash’s time ends.

Aakash says to inmates that I will break hell now, I will make sure that moms fight now. Vikas says dont do this with others moms. Puneesh asks Aakash what are you going to do? Aakash says I am going to say that Vikas is most bad in house, he use everyone in house, his friends because of him, I tried to save you not Vikas. Puneesh says why you want to do it? Aakash says just my mind is saying it. Puneesh says they will fight.

Aakash’s mother cries,. Bandagi says I have seen Aakash rising. Rocky asks her to not cry, Aakash doesnt have filter too.Bandagi consoles her and says Salman loves Aakash too. Aakash’s mother says that if I am wrong and I start crying then Aakash always console.

Vikas says to Priyank that if Aakash tries something then I have to revert back as my mom is here.
Bigg boss says now inmates have to ignore Vikas.Vikas comes to washroom, he puts haldi in a pad and says its turmeric. Rocky says he will say its potty. Vikas brings pad to Shilpa and brings it closer to her face but she ignores him. Vikas brings pad near Puneesh’s face but he ignores him too. Shilpa’s brother says it will flop. Vikas comes to Aakash, Aakash says you are bad and donkey. Vikas says you are calling my donkey when my mom is here? Bandagi says Aakash is deliberately giving reactions, we will count it one. Vikas brings Aakash’s luggage and throws in pool. Aakash says you are a donkey. Vikas’s mom says dont fights kids. Aakash brings out luggage from pool. Vikas says to Aakash that you are a donkey, it was not your luggage but my suitcase and you gave reaction. Vikas’s mom says Aakash gave 3 reactions. Rocky says no only 2 reactions, situation is same. Shilpa looks at Vikas’s photo, Vikas says its Gupta ji. Vikas provokes Aakash, Aakash says you are a donkey, Vikas says yes Dadlani. Vikas’ mom says its five reactions from Aakash, Aakash’s mom says its 4 reactions, we are watching too. Vikas’s mom says we are watching too. Buzzer plays, Vikas’s time ends. Vikas’s mom says Vikas got 2 points from Puneesh too. Rocky says we will listen to you dont worry, Vikas’s mom says I am just telling. Bandagi says Luv got most reactions, he won this task. Rocky says thats mutual decision. Rocky says to Vikas’s mom that no mom should think that unfair decision is taken. Inmates watch moms on T.Vikas’s mom says I am telling Vikas’s points. Vikas says my mom fought with them. Luv’s mom says that dont worry they will make all inmates meet their moms, Bigg boss is someone’s son too, all laugh. Neighbors declare Luv as winner of the challenge. Bigg boss asks Hina to add 60 points on Luv’s board, Hina adds it.

Puneesh says to Hina that three young people are stuck in neighbors house with moms. Aakash says my mom’s face was shrunk. Vikas says what rubbish are you saying that your mom’s shrunk and all. Aakash says I didnt say anything.
Shilpa talks to Aakash, she says its embarrassing how Vikas is reacting.

Vikas says to Priyank that my mom wouldnt understand all this, Priyank says your mom is strong. Vikas says are you seeing my mom’s face? Priyank says all moms are tensed. Vikas says I dont want my mom tensed, why you are commenting on it? have you gone mad, he walks away.

Hina talks to Vikas, Vikas to Hina that woman never got out of house so my papa will see it and will get a chance to taunt her, my mom doesnt know what to do.
Shilpa says to Puneesh that moms dont have work too, they are just sitting and talking. Puneesh says they are just laying back and trying to put points across.

Hina says Aakash’s mom wont listen to anyone. Puneesh says yes she wont listen and Vikas’s mom is strong too. Puneesh says its second Vikas Gupta there. Luv says this is difficult. Hina says just pray that task has ended and relatives are coming in house. Puneesh says think if moms fight. Aakash says my mom wouldnt spare anyone. Hina says your mom has started fear in house. All laugh.

PRECAP- Moms come in house. Aakash’s mom comes in house, Aakash jumps and hugs her. Luv’s mom comes in next, Luv cries like a baby and hugs her. Priyank’s mom comes next, his mother hugs him as he cries heavily. Puneesh hugs Bandagi when she comes in house, they both are happy to see each other. Shilpa’s brother comes in house, Shilpa says I still cant believe I am showing you BB house, he hugs her and says I am proud. When Rocky comes in house, Hina hugs him and asks if she can win the show? Rocky says you will win the show. Hina gets happy and hugs him.


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