Bigg Boss 11 27th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 27th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Bandagi, Puneesh and Luv nominated only on

Day 56
Bandagi asks Aakash to wash his dish, Aakash says who have dishes duty will was, Bandagi says everyone have to wash their plates, Aakash asks Arshi to wash it. Shilpa says dont understand their thinking. Arshi says they will keep crying over backbiting, Shilpa says do backbiting, Arshi says you just can do b*t*hing only. Aakash says she does it. Bandagi says to Shilpa that are playing game but they will understand soon, Shilpa says they will make me mad. Arshi says some people dont understand anything, they just keep faking, Aakash says fake love stories.

Shilpa asks Arshi why you are doing this? I just asked you to ignore Aakash after the way he behaved with Salman, Shilpa hugs her and says if you bring him on track then good, Arshi says I will bring on

track, Shilpa says no one is here for another, Shilpa kisses her cheek, Arshi says you react on every weekend with raised brows, Shilpa says my brows are raised, they hug each other, Hiten says I wanted to see this.

Priyank writes sorry and respect women on bench with foam. Vikas says to Arshi that this is kdrama for camera. Priyank and Luv folds hands and says we are sorry, Priyank says sorry to all women, Luv says if we did any mistake so sorry.

Shilpa comes to Bandagi and Puneesh and says I want to steak something. They see Hina in garden, Shilpa brings bag and steals corn flakes, she takes box with her and hides under her bed. Shilpa says they will blame Vikas.

Day 57
Inmates wake up to song kahan teri nazar hai, they all dance. Puneesh caresses Bandagi’s hair.

Hiten brings food in house. Hina takes some things from there. She hides milk box.

Vikas says Shilpa is natural, Arshi says Hina is more good. Vikas says Shilpa looks from Mexico. Hina says dont bring me in all this, in two weeks, Vikas will see everything, Aakash says Vikas will cry in two weeks.

Hina says to Shilpa that I told you I will eat one paratha, you made more, Shilpa says the person who hides things, that cant be talked. Hina says there were two parathas, I took them but ate one. Shilpa says you could have brought second one back, Hina says I am not answerable to you, you work. Shilpa says you are illmannered, Hina says I have two parathas, dont be my mother, I can take two parathas and eat one, its my will to waste or eat them, Shilpa says you can do that, I didnt eat anything, Hina says it was my paratha, I can waste it, I took two parathas for one day and you will show me value of food? Shilpa says yes, Hina says check your conscious and then talk, she leaves. Aakash cheers for Hina.
Hina comes in garden and puts other paratha for birds.

Arshi says to Hiten that Shilpa didnt give us breakfast as Puneesh and Bandagi are more important to her. Shilpa says if I am not saying anything then you can say anything? Arshi says you do things, Sapna was atleast nice, she didnt insult her friends infront of others. Bandagi says to Vikas that I wish Sapna comes back and they see. Arshi says you dont have to tell Vikas things, I dont care, I can spit on them, you have used Vikas, he wont save you from nominations. Shilpa says she have insulted mother word. Arshi asks Aakash to say that they took Hiten too. Aakash says Arshi used to joke with Hiten but they took him too.

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Arshi says to aakash that they cant even dance, Sapna is a dancer, Bandagi dances and leaves. Puneesh comes there. Arshi says Hiten was dancing with Shilpa, she snatches others possessions. Arshi says Aakash they keep asking you things. Bandagi says I didnt say anything. Aakash says kyou all can go to hell, Puneesh says you can go to hell, mental case, mad man, you are useless, you are clingy and nothing, take your egg and leave, he throws Aakash’s egg, they start shouting at each other, Puneesh says you are mental, inmates try to separate them, Puneesh throws slipper on Aakash. Priyank takes Puneesh away, Bandagi asks him to control. Puineesh says he have crossed limit. Hiten says you threw his food. Aakash you are mental. Bandagi says he misbehaved with Salman so you are nothing. Puneesh curses Aakash and says I will beat you on head. Shilpa says to Puneesh that he doesnt deserve all this, dont do it, Puneesh says there is limit to everything. Aakash comes there, Puneesh says I will take animosity outside too, I wont spare you. Hiten asks Aakash to leave. Puneesh says he is misbehaving with Bandagi. Arshi says Bandagi is playing a game. Shilpa cleans egg Puneesh threw. Aakash comes there. Arshi says he threw his food, Puneesh says you are useless rapper, I will tear your clothes, you will beg on roads, Aakash says come beat me.

Puneesh says to Priyank that I will crack his head, I cant bear his rubbish.

Arshi says to Hina that Puneesh have such foul language.

Hina says to Priyank that how is Bandagi seeing all this? I wont talk to person who cursed so much, I cant support wrong, he wasted food.
Puneesh says to Bandagi that this was just trailer. Bandagi says dont raise slipper.
Hina says to Priyank that he shouldnt spoil food.
Shilpa asks Puneesh to be careful, Puneesh says I am sorry for egg.

Bigg boss says to inmates that its time for nominations, Hiten is safe as he is captain. He calls Hina in confession room.

Hina: She comes to confession room, he asks her to nominate two inmates. She nominates Puneesh for foul language, she nominates Bandagi and says she doesnt stop Puneesh.

Aakash: He nominates Puneesh and Bandagi for misbehavior.

Priyank: He nominates Puneesh and Bandagi for their misbehavior.

Luv: He nominates Puneesh and Bandagi for misbehavior.

Bandagi: She nominates Luv and says he doesnt seem like he wants to stay. She nominates Aakash for being too much angry and dangerous.

Shilpa: She nominates Priyank and Luv as she doesnt like their behavior.

Puneesh: He nominates Luv for not using mind. He nominates Aakash for crossing limit, the way he misbehaved with Bandagi in jail.

Arshi: She nominates Puneesh for going against her, she nominates Bandagi for encouraging him.

Vikas: He nominates Luv for fighting for others. He nominates Hina for fighting uselessly.

Hiten: He nominates Aakash for not listening. He nominates Puneesh for not controlling his anger.

Bigg boss says to inmates that nominates inmates are LUV, BANDAGI and PUNEESH. Arshi sings acha chalta hun. Aakash says wow.

Bandagi says to Viksa that it was expected. Shilpa says I gave Luv and Priyank’s name.
Priyank says to Arshi that I have promised to not nominate you, Arshi says I nominated Puneesh and Bandagi. Hina says Luv will leave.

Aakash, Piryank and Luv sings and raps.
Bandagi asks what they are doing? Shilpa says you show love for camera so they have do something, Priyank looks not nice. Bandagi says he destroyed his image.

Shilpa says should I make slim rotis? everyone will take two roties, Hiten says make 20 roties for 10 people. Shilpa is working in kitchen, Hina says bless person who is cooking. Shilpa says eater should have mind too, Hina says cook should have mind too, Shilpa says eaters should have manners, Hina says cook should have manners too. Arshi says to Shilpa that Maa I made food too. Shilpa says dont call me mother when you curse me, you are cursing your mother when you call me mother, dont call me mother if you want to curse.

Shilpa says to Arshi says that you have to make your paratha, Arshi says we cant give 4-4 parathas(pointing at Shilpa giving parathas to Vikas), Aakash takes another paratha, Arshi says now you eat as much you want as Shilpa is giving more than two parathas to others. Hiten asks Aakash how many he took? he says 3, Arshi says I will make aloo paratha too, Hiten says dont do this in house.

hiten says to Hina that they are all eating more than 2 parathas, Hina says why Shilpa is making more parathas? Hiten says Aakash took 3 parathas so all are eating as much as they want, I am not stopping them. Hina says you have to stern, Hiten says how much? he leaves. Luv says poor him, Hina says I am saying it deliberately.

Puneesh says to Shilpa and Bandagi that I wont let Arshi become captain, Bandagi says Arshi used Shilpa’s name.
Hiten asks Arshi to talk to Shilpa, Arshi says she keep changing relations.
Bandagi says to Shilpa that I will make her jealous, Shilpa says she doesnt know me.
Arshi says to Hiten that Shilpa made Puneesh as her son now, people will laugh at her. Hiten says you wanted her to make Puneesh son, what she with you? Arshi says after dino park task, Puneesh asked me to not talk to Priyank, he wanted to cut Priyank’s throat, I said people like Priyank are many in world so Bandagi went and backbited about it to Priyank. Hiten says you didnt know that they take talks from here and there? Arshi says I didnt know. Hiten says you knew they take talks from here and there but you didnt know that they would that with you too.
Shilpa says to Bandagi that Arshi is loud, you can slap your kids. Bandagi says you are not mother of anyone, you are not that age, Shilpa says even then I accepted it, Aakash said I will get mother and bhabhi’s roles after that.

Arshi comes to Shilpa and asks why you are so angry with me? I just said I wont be with Puneesh and Bandagi, Shilpa says no one needs anyone here. Arshi says I didnt insult you. Shilpa says you think that. Arshi says what you said to me? Shilpa says you dont know what you say, I might be wrong. Arshi says you always want to be with Puneesh and Bandagi, it cant happen. Shilpa says you are playing game then play it, Arshi says I have problem with Puneesh and Bandagi, Shilpa says why insulting me then? Shilpa says you people can come anytime you want and curse when you want, you can do anything you want. Arshi says you kept me away. Shilpa says I dont these relations, I cant fight.

PRECAP- In task, Banadgi is strapped to plank. Hiten and Puneesh are paddling a boat. All inmates have to make inmate lying on plank leave it. Hina and others irritate Bandagi to she leave plank, Hina says I will cut her hair. Hina applies spice on Bandagi’s face, she cries and says it got in my eyes, Hina says then you can leave, she doesnt let Vikas give her water. Later Luv tries to apply spice on Shilpa’s face but Vikas snatches it from him and throws it away, Hina gets it in her eyes. Arshi says what the hell Vikas, you got it in Hina’s eyes to save Shilpa? Later Hiten is strapped to plank, Aakash waxes his leg, Hiten cries in pain.


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