Bigg Boss 11 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Dhinchak Pooja’s song creates uproar in house Watch only on

Day 26
Inmates wake up to song I am the best.. I am the best. All dance around and enjoy. Hiten gives hi-five to Ben.

Puneesh says to Arshi that I asked Ben if she packed her bags? Arshi says Luv deserves to go. Puneesh says he doesnt have anything to give. Arshi says he just runs behind Hina, Hina wants him to become captain? if he becomes captain then I wont work, we were not fools to work in task and he became referee and now captain? Puneesh says he was nothing good, he didnt even ask people to save mics. Arshi says Hina’s foolish strategy was to misuse mic. Puneesh says she did mistake by coming here, Arshi says she has been crying in show for 8 years.

Priyank comes to confession room. Bigg boss welcomes him and says you have been out and knows

what people are talking about but you cant give any outside information to any inmate and if you do then you will get punishment again. Priyank says I am sure.
Priyank comes in house. All run to him. Hina hugs him and squeal. Ben runs to him and hugs him, she cries and murmurs something about crying. Vikas is looking from far. Priyank hugs Ben tightly. Priyank hugs Sapna and Hiten. Hiten says I shaved beard today.
Puneesh comes to Arshi and says now Vikas’s heart wishes are fulfilled. Priyank meets Arshi and Aakash. Priyank runs to Vikas and hugs him tightly, Vikas says dont be rubbish. Priyank hugs Bandagi. Ben runs to Vikas and hugs him. Vikas says I wont hug you, you said so much bad for me. Ben says come on give me a hug.

Arshi asks Priyank if she goes to pool, how hot will it be? Priyank says you will put water on fire. Arshi says I have left Hiten now. Ben says should I tell him? Arshi says no… yes.. no.

Aakash starts rapping about jail. Bigg boss says Arshi, Pooja and Aakash’s time in jail have ended, Hina bring them out. Arshi thanks Bigg boss.

Hiten asks Vikas what happened? Vikas is weeping and says I want to go back home, I thought I am in game but I want to go home.Hiten says you have taken up something then give your 100%. Vikas says this house’s changes people, if I was at my home, I would have slapped Ben so hard, Hiten says she is a kid. Vikas says I cant forget what she have done, I kept my emotions in check but Priyank have come at very wrong time for me, I have reacted negatively.

Vikas says to Priyank that when you left, I had breakdown two times here but I made myself strong, there are no friends here, people must be happy for you coming back but there are people like Hina who was hugging Arshi 5 minuted after you left. Priyank says I saw everything, everyone hugged Arshi.

Hiten reads task that Pooja will shoot video of her song, she can take help of Shilpa and Vikas in making video. Pooja can make any inmate part of her video, she can ask anyone.

Sapna says to Hina that I wont be part of her song. Hina says she should have written nice words. Sapna asks Pooja what she wrote about her? Pooja says I wrote “Sapna has illness of sleeping all day”. Sapna says I wont be part of it.
Pooja starts her song, Vikas starts shooting with phone. Puneesh says to Bandagi she wrote that I worship you. Shilpa says Aakash dont interrupt video, Vikas is a big director, he doesnt need your suggestion. Vikas asks Shilpa to not interfere, if you want shoot then do it, he gives her phone and says I wont do it. Vikas says to inmates that I was shooting but she is taunting me. Hiten asks him to complete it. Vikas comes to Shilpa and takes phone. Arshi says let Vikas shoot.

Pooja shoots with Aakash.
Hina says to Sapna that Pooja took help of two dumb people. Sapna says Arshi is behind Pooja’s destruction.
Pooja tells Hiten that his line is “Hiten and Arshi’s love is seen all the time”. Aakash says there is no time, Pooja keep shooting, Hiten says you have called Aakash superstar so he wont have problem with lines but are you happy saying these lines about me? Pooja says no.Shilpa says they are taking personal jab. Aakash says its about luxury budget.
Hina and Sapna says that they wont be part of video. Sapna says her songs can give cancer. Priyank and Luv comes there, Priyank says my mother said that I dont want a son like Puneesh, Luv says I know they used me. Jyoti comes there and says Pooja used line for Sapna that she sleeps all day. Sapna says Bigg boss I want to talk, she cant use my illness and take gab on it? I will put her lyrics behind her back. Hina says I dont care about her video, she is illmannered, I can do her video as an actresses, she could even write that I am way more good in tasks. Hiten says but she have made such nice song, Hina laughs and says its not even on beat, Hiten says dont say like this, they laugh. Vikas comes there and says she wrote about Hina “Hina has ego problem”, Vikas says you dont want to do it? Hina says I will do it, she can say that I am Khatron ke khiladi.

In bedroom, Arshi says Hina wants her line to be that she is Khatron ki khiladi. Hina comes there and says you can say I am khatron ki khiladi. Pooja says okay I will do it, Hina acts in video and Pooja sings that Hina is Khatron ke khiladi. Hina makes face at her singing style. Hina says you can write about Sapna that she is a great dancer, Pooja says she doesnt want to be part of it? Hina says I will call her.
Hina comes to Sapna and says Pooja is ready to change lines and will say that you are great dancer, Sapna says I wont do it, Hina says now you are overreacting, Sapna says but she didnt write these words before, Hina says she was influenced by aakash and Arshi, she is ready to change words. Sapna says okay. Sapna comes in bedroom, all are there. Pooja says do you want me to change lines for you? Sapna says no you listen to others, Pooja says I was asked to write those words about your sleeping, I didnt know, I will change now. Sapna says this Aakash must have given that suggestion to use my illness in this. Aakash shouts that he didnt do anything. Sapna says shut up you both, Aakash says I didnt write anything. Sapna says you wrote rubbish. Sapna says to Pooja that if you dont know about me then dont write what others are saying. Hina says she will say you are great dancer. Music plays, Pooja says Sapna is our dancing queen. All praise Sapna. Arshi asks Sapna to not do drama, not blame us. Sapna says you snake, I will put you in place. Hiten says task has ended. Arshi asks why he blaming her only? Aakash was part of it too. Sapna says I will crush them both.

Priyank says to Sapna that just call Arshi “Pune and Goa”, she will react.
Arshi says to Mehjabi that she is blaming me only. Hiten says if you wrote it then accept it. Sapna comes there and asks Arshi to remain away. Arshi says you cant talk to me like that, I didnt use wrong words for you, Sapna says should I talk about “Pune and Goa”? should I tell your cheap acts? Arshi says what are you saying? Bigg boss call me in confession room. Sapna says I can go personal too.
Arshi comes to Priyank and says why Sapna is talking about Pune and Goa? why she is talking about my acts? that is so big, my parents will kill me. Priyank says I dont know anything, I didnt tell her anything about it, Arshi says my parents.. it was fake act.

Priyank comes to Sapna and says Arshi was so shocked and scared that her parents will know.

Arshi says to Vikas that I can talk about Sapna’s cheap acts in Haryana too, Vikas says people provoke here.

Vikas comes to Sapna and says Arshi had police case in Pune and Goa, she is going crazy that you are talking about it on national Tv, Sapna says why she talked about my illness? Vikas says she is saying that she will talk about your acts in Haryana too? Sapna gets angry and comes to Arshi, she asks what acts you are talking about in Haryana? Arshi says I will talk when time comes. Sapna says you dont have mind but garbage, Arshi says you are a gutter, Sapna screams at her. Arshi says you are filth. Sapna says you are a filth. Hina asks Sapna to not lose her class. Arshi says you know where you have come from, She takes Sapna away, Sapna cries.

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Arshi cries, Ben consoles her. Arshi says why did Priyank do this? call him here. Ben goes to Priyank and says she is crying. Vikas says Priyank is excited because he has seen a lot outside, Hina says two three days he will remain excited, then we will tell him that it happens here.
Priyank comes to Arshi. Arshi cries and says I dont get personal ever, my parents wont accept me now.
Priyank comes to Vikas and says I wont spare anyone now, they knew about us because we were celebrity, they used it against but now I have done investigation and will use information now.
Bandagi says to Arshi that Priyanka made Sapna say all this to you.

Arshi says to Puneesh that now game will be difficult.

Priyank says to Bandagi that the one who is outside, he loves you a lot. Bandagi says you dont know him, he is the worst person I have ever met. Arshi comes there and says thank you Priyank for opening things, but I didnt want to go against, I know personal stuff of everyone, Priyank says I didnt tell anything, Arshi hugs him and leaves. Bandagi asks Priyank what he was saying? Priyank says if her relation with Puneesh is just friendship or love or something along the lines? Bandagi says I just know that its respectful, its not fake and loyal.Priyank says Puneesh have a kid outside, Bandagi says no she doesnt have a kid, Priyank says I know everything, I have done my work, he has a kid, he doesnt live with his dad as they have strained ties, you can ask him about his kid.

Bandagi comes to Puneesh and says can you tell me truth? do you have a kid? Puneesh says I have already told you that I dont have a kid, Priyank is lying, I swear on grandma and God that I dont have a kid and if you dont trust then.. Bandagi says I wont ask anything then.

Hina comes to Pooja who is lying in her bed, Hina asks if she will help in kitchen? she says I wont, Arshi laughs. Hina says you have to work, if you are in house then work, and you cant sleep before lights are out, Pooja doesnt answer her, Hina says I dont know what her behavior is, Bandagi asks Pooja to atleast answer, Pooja laughs.

Bigg boss shows Pooja’s song to inmates on Tv. Song starts with Pooja singing about Salman being star of Bigg boss. Pooja and arshi’s scene in video comes next, Pooja sings that Arshi wears s*xy nighties and brings hotness, then about Aakash being superstar, Jyoti bihari, Sapna great dancer, Vikas eat all sweets, Hina khatron ke khiladi, Shilpa is a flip, Mehjabi indian, and Sabya kitchen king, song ends. Arshi, Aakash, Puneesh praise Pooja and says it was so nice, Aakash says she has guts. Hina says she is great rapper that she was given chance but not other rapper. Arshi hugs Pooja and says my baby. Puneesh says great work. Vikas says tell if she had directed then what would have come out? Hina says can someone ask her to not sing ever again? Hina says Pooja was saying that she will choose and order luxury budget, not only winning team but all will get it, I will talk to Bigg boss, Vikas laughs and says like she is relative of bigg boss.

PRECAP- Gauhar Khan comes in house on weekend ka waar. Gauhar says in task, you will tell why you are better than others. Arshi says I compete with everyone alone. Bandagi says I provide entertainment too? Gauhar says really entertainment?
Salman says this is not hum sath sath hain, its hum waat waat(taking on others) hain.


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