Bigg Boss 11 28th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 28th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Shilpa and Arshi against each other only on

day 58
Inmates wake up to song bare miyyan.. chote miyya, all dance. Bandagi says to Vikas that there will be task.
Shilpa asks Hiten you in kitchen? Shilpa says Vikas’s one eye is closed.

Arshi says to Hiten that I have made food why she is making more food? Bandagi says I just put beans and potato in dish. Arshi says if they are making separately then I will make separate food too. Shilpa says Arshi makes her food separately, everyone have seen it. Arshi says I dont eat 10 times. Shilpa says I dont eat from your pocket, eats from Bigg boss’s given, Arshi says then dont comment about my food. Shilpa says you started commented about others’ parathas. Aakash hoots. Arshi says to Shilpa that you have threw many food too, Shilpa glares at her, Arshi says

you are nothing, they will spit on you for changing kids.

Arshi says to Vikas that if I ask for food, Shilpa says I am not special, Luv’s plate was empty too but she gave Bandagi four parathas when others are hungry?
Vikas comes to Hiten and says you leave kitchen Shilpa. Shilpa says Hina and others handled it and it was destroyed, Bandagi says give it to them, Shilpa says fine.
Vikas says to Arshi that now you and Hina will handle kitchen.

Vikas says to Hiten that they think I am good friends with Shilpa so they want support from Hina’s side.

Arshi says she does all this deliberately. Aakash says she came inbetween my friendship then she said sorry.
Hiten says to Shilpa that you were making snakes drink milk.
Arshi says she wants to become devi, Aakash says Hina is devi. Arshi says no not devi, I cant take that much side of her.

Vikas comes in confession room, Bigg boss gives him black glasses for his eyes’s illness. Vikas comes in bedroom and says sometimes we have to do this in life. Hina laughs. Vikas says I am ill andyou are making fun of me, all laugh.

Hiten reads task, its between hobbits and humans. Hiten, Shilpa, Bandagi and Puneesh will be humans and have more height so hobbits will walk on their knees only. Hina, Arshi, Aakash and Luv will be hobbits, hobbits dont like humans, Vikas and Priyank will be referee of task, hobbits will kidnap humans and tie them to planks,they have to make humans leave plank before buzzer is played, if human cannot bear the antics of hobbits then they can ring bell. Then hobbits will decide who they want to kidnap next, if caged human remains lying on plank till buzzer plays. Hobbits would want humans to runaway from plank by ringing bell and humans will try to bear antics of hobbits and remain on plank till buzzer plays, in the meantime two other humans will keep paddling boat.

Aakash and Arshi comes there with their team. Hina says we have to win, we have to win without cheapness like Vikas do.

Hina’s team hides things that can be used in task, Aakash and Arshi brings spices and other jars and hides them.
Task starts, hobbits call Bandagi and tie her to plank. Puneesh and Hiten starts task by sitting and paddling boat. Arshi asks if they can cut hair? Puneesh says if you touch hair then I will cut hair of everyone.Arshi says its a task. Buzzer plays and task starts. Hina brings spices.Bandagi says dont throw in my eyes. Hina says close your eyes. Arshi applies spice on on her face, Bandagi says dont put in my mouth. Hina asks her to close eyes and applies spice on her face. Bandagi screams that its coming my eyes, Priyank says then get down from plank. Hina asks to bring to water, I will make paste of spice, she makes spice and applies on her face. Bandagi says its going in my eyes. Vikas says Arshi I am on your side but dont throw spice in her eyes. Priyank says you cant apply under her eyes. Hina says I am cutting her hair. Hina cuts Bandagi’s hair a little. Arshi says I will cut too.Puneesh says they are doing drama. Bandagi holds her hair. Arshi takes scissor. Hina silently cuts her strand and shows it Bandagi and says I am warning you, Bandagi says be in limits. Hina brings trimmer to trim her eyebrows. Bandagi tries to shove her hand away. Hina mistakenly touches Bandagi’s eyes with spicy hands. Bandagi cries. Hina says it was a mistake. Vikas says this is wrong, he says I am taking her, this is not humane. Bandagi cries. Vikas brings water, Hina says you cant do this. Vikas washes her face. Luv says we didnt put in her eyes, Puneesh says it went in her eyes. Hina says she got up from plank. Vikas makes Bandagi sit on plank. Luv says is out, she sat up. vikas takes Bandagi, Bandagi cries and says this is wrong, she leaves plank and hobbits win first.

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Shilpa is strapped to plank. Vikas says this is a game Arshi, there is difference in being inhumane. Shilpa says Vikas dont do it. Arshi tries to apply spice, Vikas snatches spice box from Luv. Hina gets spice in her eyes. Arshi shouts that you threw in Hina’s eyes. Hina cries in pain. Priyank runs to her with water. Hina says I am not playing this game. Priyank says I understand. Hina says he put spice in my eye. Hiten says she is out, she got up from her knees. Hina wakes away and takes out her pads. Priyank makes her wear again, Hina says to Vikas what they did with me in other task? Vikas says you were playing nicely but then you started blowing spices in her face, Hina says its on camera. Luv says we asked Shilpa to close her eyes. Hina comes to task again, Hina tickles Shilpa, Arshi tickles her ears.
Vikas comes to kitchen and puts all spice boxes in shower.
Bandagi comes to garden and cries, Puneesh asks if she better? Bandagi says its burning a lot, she weeps.

Aakash comes to kitchen and tries to find spices.

Bandagi says to Puneesh that spare their things and them now.
Aakash brings lipstick and puts in Shilpa’s face, Hina says what is this? Aakash says doing fun, making her monkey. Bandagi says they painted my face with spices. Aakash applies lipstick on all around shilpa’s face. Arshi says to Shilpa that we didnt put spice on your face and didnt do 1% of what happened with Bandagi, Shilpa says I am not crying and screaming but I know you people tortured her a lot. Buzzer plays, Hiten says we reached destination.

Bandagi says to Shilpa that I am burning up. Shilpa says they put powder in my nose too.
Arshi says to Priyank that Vikas have done setting with Vikas, we all know what Shilpa did with you and now you are loyalist? she made you cry. Vikas says I dont like that woman, she did bad but I wont let wrong happen here, Arshi says what wrong? Hina says spices got in her eyes. Bandagi says you blew spices in my eyes, you will be proven wrong again on Saturday, Hina says I dont want to talk to you. Puneesh lies on plank. Shilpa and Hiten starts paddling boat. Luv brings waxing strips. Aakash brings razor and comes near Puneesh’s head, Puneesh puts hand on his hair. Priyank says I have taken trimmer from them. Luv brings shaving machine, Bandagi says if they hurt his eyelashes then I wont spare anyone. Puneesh closes his eyes, Luv starts trimmer, Puneesh struggles. Puneesh asks Aakash to move away, what are you saying? Aakash says I didnt touch his hair, Aakash shouts that I will make him bald now. Luv shaves Puneesh’s face, Vikas says I am bringing water, Arshi says Vikas is a servant for them,Vikas says you can call me anything. Aakash comes to Puneesh and says I only loved you, Bandagi is using you, he takes trimmer and attacks his head. Puneesh gets spice in his eyes, he cries in pain and gets down from plank, Bandagi wipes his eyes with water.

Arshi says you are all taking Shilpa Shinde’s side. Priyank says I am doing my work. Hiten lies on plank. Luv brings waxing strip, Arshi says I wont do it. Luv ties Hiten on plank, Hiten says please dont do this.
Puneesh says to Aakash what you did with my hair? Aakash says looking nice, sorry, Puneesh hugs him.
Arshi asks Hiten to ring bell, Hiten says please dont pluck my hair. Hina applies wax on his leg, Hiten cries in pain.
Puneesh asks Aakash to not say bad things for Bandagi, Aakash says Bandagi is using you, I hate her.
Hina applies wax on Hiten’s leg, Aakash pulls strips back, Hiten cries in pain. Aakash waxes his knee. Hina says you are not doing rightly, hold strip nicely. Bandagi and Shilpa are paddling boat. Bandagi says now Hina is acting in end that how she can done task nicely, Shilpa says she is really mean. Aakash waxes Hiten’s leg. Aakash applies lipstick on Hiten’s face and says kiss me. Hina says this is useless Aakash.
Puneesh and Bandagi paddles boat, Puneesh says Aakash said sorry to me, Arshi did task decently, Bandagi says she did things in my time, I will go to jail if they want. Aakash waxes Hiten’s leg more.

Puneesh says to inmates that you people had personal grudge with me? you trimmed my hair. Hina says you just paddle boat. Puneesh says I wont spare them. Bandagi says Luv, Arshi, Hina wont be spared now. Puneesh says Aakash said sorry to me, I am not worried about my hair, I had to trim them, Punesh says they blew spices in your eyes.
Hiten asks Aakash whate are you doing? should I take off my short so you can wax more? Aakash waxes hsi thighs. Shilpa says this task will run whole night, they wont get food. Puneesh says its last contender remaining. Hina says if they go beyond limit then I will quit, I cant do all this. Buzzer plays, Hiten gets down from plank, Hiten comes in washroom and says what will happen tomorrow? Aakash says I will do it.

PRECAP- Luv is strapped to plank, Puneesh brings trimmer and says I will shave your head. Luv moves away and shoos him, Puneesh shouts that I will do it.
Later Aakash is strapped to plank, Shilpa forces him to eat chilies, they apply paste on his face too. Arshi says they have destroyed your whole face Aakash, Aakash says I dont care, I am a rockstar, I wont get down.


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