Bigg Boss 11 28th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 11 28th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vikas, Shilpa, Aakash and Sapna safe only on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman comes to stage, he welcomes everyone to show. Salman says so much happened in house. Flashback of week shows inmates going against Pooja as soon as she entered house, how she went to jail then how Hina had to face blames then how Priyank entered in house, clip ends. Salman says there was flame firing last night, see what happened last night.

Clip from last night is shown, Shilpa is working in kitchen, Vikas says you have nice smile. Shilpa says everyone knows your reality, Ben says he wants to live peacefully. Shilpa says me and he himself knows how clever he is. Ben says if you think he is nice then why you irritate him? Shilpa says he gets irritated so I will keep doing that. Vikas says to Shilpa that everyone knows that what antics you do shows filth, woman

shouldnt show filthy things like that, everyone can see why you are alone in life. Shilpa says gandi baat.. gandi baat. Shilpa asks Puneesh if he knows Parth? (parth samthaan was Vikas’s alleged boyfriend) Puneesh says no, who is he? Vikas glares at Shilpa. Shilpa says you will know him soon.
Hiten comes to Shilpa and asks her to not say things otherwise things will be said against her too. Vikas asks her to not go personal, Shilpa says I didnt say anything personal. Vikas comes to her and says dont talk about Parth and casting couch. Shilpa says what personal thing? Vikas says I can ask about Romit Raj too. Shilpa says dont react to me, why you keep going behind me? Vikas says if you go personal then I will go personal too, you marriage broke and its my fault? who will marry her in this age?
Vikas says to Arshi that if she talks about my personal then I will go personal too, clip ends.

Salman says they are going too much personal, disgusting. Salman says lets go in house, he takes deep breath and video calls house. Salman greets inmates and asks Aakash to sing bang bang.. Aakash starts rapping. Salman says we only understand bang bang and no other lines. Hiten mimics his lines and all laugh. Salman asks Aakash what he sings? Aakash says I bringing cool stuff from America, Aakash says lines are “I got a gun, I am a thug, I went to jail and dont need a bail”, Salman says you are great. Salman asks who find himself very lonely in house? inmates Vikas Gupta. Salman says no bull is alone, we have to decide who will sit on it.Salman says worst performer of the week? Arshi says Priyank because he was not in house. Mehjabi, Ben says Pooja, Aakash says it was Ben, Hiten and Hina gives Pooja’s name, Priyank says it was Aakash. Salman says majority votes are for Pooja. Salman asks her to sit on bull. Puneesh says dilon ka bull like Pooja, Salman asks if she should be there? she says I am new so I dont know much people here. Salman asks to divide red and blue teams as per the task of this week, they all do. Salman asks Vikas what was to do in this task? Vikas says we had to make other team leave jungle, they used to mud and cow dung for it. Salman says only Shilpa only understood task, what was your strategy? Shilpa says I wanted to irritate Vikas so he could leave. Vikas says but she threw water on Sapna and was sent in house, Shilpa says he acts like he has been born now only. Salman says there was no strategy or team work, some people didnt do anything in task. Salman says to Sapna that you are not active in tasks, why you are doing them? Sapna says I am not talking to some people so I just survived in task, some intelligent people are here to play the game. Salman says why you are not using intelligence? Sapna says only half is left, Salman asks who is intelligent here? Sapna says its Vikas. Vikas says she asked to separate her from team, she didnt want to play with her team so Arshi asked her if she is playing from different team? it was mistake. Sapna says some people’s faces anger me like Vikas’s face, all laugh, he is egoistic. Salman says all show self respect, you commented on his face but he didnt say anything, you taunted Arshi that she is not getting guy to marry so she called you dancer, I am not getting girl to marry too, if you say something then say sorry. Sapna says I asked Arshi if she wants to marry? she said I wont do that sin, its her thinking. Salman says Sapna you taunted her with personal comment, it happens that you want to say something and ends up saying something else, if you understand your mistake then say sorry. Sapna says I will say sorry now, she says sorry to Arshi. Shilpa says when other side says so much filth in return? Arshi uses language that is so cheap that we dont want to say sorry. Salman says public is seeing everything, dont go to her level then, take is gracefully, all agree. Salman says Ben, Sapna and even Mehjabi didnt do much in task then why Pooja is sitting on bull? Shilpa says Pooja gave up on task and went in house too, Vikas says Shilpa went in house because of her mistake. Salman says Mehjabi went in house too, Hina says she was ill, Aakash says Pooja was ill too, Hina says let us answer, it is about our team. Salman asks Vikas how he knew they will put Pooja in jail? Vikas says it was team bonding? Pooja was not throwing mud and water and they were not talking to Pooja either so i knew. Salman asks isnt there something creative to do than mud and water? Hina says Pooja didnt tell me about her health or anything, she just said that you people will send me to jail so I am giving up in task. Vikas laughs and says I already told Pooja that when she tells Hina that she is going in house then Hina would say that she can go to jail instead of Pooja, and Hina did that. hina says going to jail is not something big, we have all gone there. Hina says dont try to act mastermind Vikas. Salman says he was mastermind in task, his team won because of his strategy? Salman asks Pooja to say something? he starts singing like her, all laugh. Pooja says I didnt know that jungle task would be part of show and would be difficult, Arshi asked me to leave task but I said I would be loyal to my team but I couldnt sit because of my health so I left. Salman says every season have different tasks, there is no crash course of bigg boss tasks. Salman says Blue team’s strategy worked. Salman says Luv was given important duty, he asks how was Luv as referee? Arshi and Aakash says not fair. Ben says he was nice. Arshi says he was not fear/fair.. all laugh and says she said fear.. Arshi says I said not fair, Luv was bonding with Hina’s team only, he just kept warning us, Shilpa says because of your antics. Vikas says he tried but couldnt take much stands. Salman says Luv your work was to punish people who were breaking task and house rules btoh, he could have thrown people in cave for people talking in english. Luv says I was supporting red team but still I sent Shilpa in cave, Hina put her mic infront so I did mistake by not punishing her. Hina says Luv could have helped us to win but he couldnt do much. Luv says I thought to lock washroom but then I thought it was not much useful, my mistake was to openly support red team. Salman says if you keep telling you did mistakes then how it will work out for you? Luv says I know. Salman says you had duty but you did it properly, it was your option to openly support or not but you didnt do anything, you were given big chance then you had to avail it, this is chance to get votes. Salman asks if Pooja was worst performer after all this? think about it, he ends call.

Salman says for me worst performer of task was Luv. Salman says Gauhar Khan went in house, she had special that whoever impressed her most would be benefited, lets see.

Clip plays, Gauhar comes in house. She meets everyone, she hugs Shilpa and Hina. Gauhar says its nice to see you all here. Gauhar says I have come with brief case, there is something very important thing inside and only one inmate will get but for that you all have to convince why you deserve to remain house and why you deserve this power, you can use this power later and how, it is very powerful.

Gauhar talks to Arshi and says I need power most, all inmates are against me and I fight alone, they are not individual, all have support, Gauhar says all need support. Arshi says I dont need group but power, I want to show them that I have power but still can be down to earth. Gauhar says you can be down to earth but you have leave me me.. Arshi says I am khan like you, I cant help it, Gauhar says dont say this, you are entertainer but you have convinced me, bring something new for me.

Gauhar sits with Bandagi, Puneesh and Arshi. Gauhar says why Arshi is sitting with love birds? Puneesh says we spend time alone at night only. Gauhar says you both dont have point of view other than you both, Puneesh seems to follow Bandagi and her thinking alone, Bandagi says its just shown like that, Gauhar says I see everything, Arshi says you like my nighties? Gauhar laughs.

Gauhar says to Sabya and Mehjabi that you got big chance as neighbors but what happened when you came in house? Luv comes there, Gauhar says Sabya was so nice in neighbors house but didnt do much here, Luv’s voice is not heard, Mehjabi says I am power house, Gauhar says I cant see it, Mehjabi says I dont know what quality I have, Gauhar says you cant impress me like that.

Gauhar talks to Hina and asks if she is happy here? Hina says there are different people here. Gauhar says dont bring families in action and other talks, its not good. Hina says I agree with you but what if they start pointing at our families? Gauhar says my ideas are different in life, dont bring dad, mom here, Hina says I agree but they force you too,. nobody is flawless here. Gauhar says I am just advising you.
Bandagi says to Puneesh that Gauhar asked Hina to not use families here, thank God.

Vikas talks to Gauhar, Vikas says I dont deserve power, I am not strong here, people dont know me much. Gauhar says leave all this, just tell me why you deserve to be here? Vikas says I was tortured from first day, Shilpa tortures me so much but I till show love and she have calmed down now, I cant be captain anymore so I just want to tell that I will win this game, Gauhar hugs him.

Aakash says to Gauhar that I am very entertaining, I dont need power and all. Gauhar says you dont want go ahead in this game? Aakash says Vikas did wrong with me, Hina provoked me but I did my thing. Gauhar says you are not doing that well in tasks, when you say that you work so much then you act like crazy? control that craziness.

Bigg boss asks Gauhar to tell three names who can deserve this power brief case. Gauhar says for me that can deserve this power is Aakash because he is entertainer, but he has to be on ground. She says second deserving can be Vikas and third will Arshi, she is entertaining. Bigg boss asks Gauhar that tell one name whom she wants to give power too? Gauhar says I want to give this power to Aakash because when I asked him why he stood in end in ranking task, he innocently said that he wanted to give others chance too, which was genuine and I liked it so he gets the power briefcase. She opens brief case and he has got shield “nomination’s protector”, he can save himself from nomination when he wants to, its upto him how he uses this, this power can be used wisely. Gauhar leaves house.

Hina says to her group that Vikas and Arshi’s name was fine but Aakash?
Puneesh says to Aakash that when you get stuck between celebrities then use it.

On stage, Salman connects call to house. Salman says Gauhar came in house and aakash got nomination protecting shield. Salman says who thinks Aakash deserved to win that? he asks Hina. Hina says I thought she could have taken different name from Aakash, I am not talking about myself. Salman says seriously? Shilpa is Hina upset that she didnt get it? Shilpa says she is upset that Aakash got it. Hina says Aakash didnt deserve it. Salman says SHILPA IS SAFE, you have be with Vikas for some more days, Vikas facepalms. Salamn says VIKAS IS SAFE, Vikas says its strong bond, Shilpa says you are mastermind. Salman says its all planned, Vikas made this strategy from outside, he knows that if this fight with Shilpa ends then it wont be much for him, Vikas laughs. Salman says AAKASH IS SAFE TOO. Salman ends call.

Salman says Vikas, Shilpa and Aakash are safe. Music plays, Golmaal team comes there. Tabu, Ajay, Rohit, Parineeti comes there. Salman says you all seem happy here. Ajay says our film was hit, we have come here to thank everyone, he gives sweets to Salman. Salman says first Golmaal and third Golmaal have same profit, all laugh. Salman connects call to house, Golmaal teams on screen. All inmates greet them. Salman says their film was big hit, all congratulate. Rohit says we have brought sweets for you all. Puneesh brings sweets from store room. Salman says now inmates will mutually decide who three contestants are superhit. You have to give an idea about ranking who is blockbuster, superhit and hit outside house. They all mutually discuss. They gives Aakash Blockbuster title, Arshi superhit title and Pooja hit title. Salman and Golmaal team sees ranking. Salman says to Pooja that Pari is fan of your voice, sing one song, Pari says sing dilon ka shooter, Salman says Rohit will buy that song, Rohit laughs. Pooja starts singing, Aakash and Arshi supports, all laugh. Tabu looks away and laughs. Salman says Pooja is sporting. Salman says now I will tell you current rating as per audience. Salman says Aakash has hit rank right now, Shilpa is on superhit position and Vikas… Hina is on blockbuster position. Hina thanks him. Rohit says Hina I have trained you three months, she says its helping here. Pari says you are all entertaining. Rohit asks Shilpa to maintain this position, she says I will end. Golmaal team thanks them and ends call. Salman greets team, Golmaal team leaves.

Salman says now we will see what happens in Sultani wrestling ring. He connects call to house, Salman says there is still frustration in house, I will take two names who will fight in Sultani rings, its Pooja Vs. Sapna. Sapna is shocked. Salman ask them to change and come in ring.

Sapna says to Vikas that I cant raise my hand on her? Vikas says just defend and fight nicely.
Puneesh tells Pooja that she is very illmannered, not active too, tell all this, Pooja says okay

Sapna and Pooja comes in wrestling ring. Salman says to Pooja that dont beat Sapna too much, you are stronger. Inmates are watching it on TV. Salman says there will be three rounds, first round is verbal fight, you have to tell why other person is not entertaining than you. Salman sees Shilpa chewing on Tv and asks what she is eating? she says nothing. First round starts, Sapna says I have come here to be myself. Pooja says I entertain people. Sapna says Pooja’s talking style is not good, Salman says hers too? all laugh as he taunts Sapna’s style. Pooja says I dont know if she understands me, I am more active than her with Aakash and Arshi. Sapna says if this is entertainment then I rather not sing without rhythm and beat. Pooja says its my style, everyone has different creative style. Salman says Sapna dances and Pooja sings, it can be good combo. Sapna says she can ask Arshi to dance with her. Salman asks inmates who won first round. Arshi says I think this competition is not good. Salman says are you done? are you ready? you can finish your comment section, Arshi says I am sorry, it wont happen again. Salman asks support for Pooja, Aakash, Arshi and Vikas and other vote for her. Hina and some votes for Sapna so Pooja wins first round. Second round is tug of war, you have to pull other person ahead of line using rope. Pooja and Sapna holds ends of rope, they start tugging, Bandagi asks Pooja to tug with force. Sapna easily pulls Pooja to her side and wins round. Salman says in round three you can choose help from one inmate. Sapna chooses Hiten and Pooja choose Luv. Salman says Luv have done every task with efoots, all laugh. In last round, Hiten ties rope to his waist on Sapna’s side and Luv ties Pooja’s side of rope to his waist. Round three starts, they all starts tuggging, Hiten-Sapna tugs Luv to their side and win task. Sapna wins task and gets meddle. Salman says SAPNA IS SAFE TOO. Hiten hugs her, Salman says we are expecting more from you. Salman asks Pooja to sing again, she sings dilon ka shooter. Salman says amazing, India loves everyone and everything. They all leave ring.

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They come in house, Shilpa hugs Sapna.

Salman comes on stage and says it was fun. Salman says now nominated inmates are Ben Luv, and Jyoti. Tomorrow we will know who is going to leave, he sins off from show.

PRECAP- Bigg boss asks inmates to choose inmates who you want to choose as contender for captaincy. Hina says I dont see Aakash as captain, atleast not right, I wont vote for him. Aakash says why not, Vikas and Shilpa give to chance to Aakash, Hina says its my vote and I wont give it to him.
Tomorrow one will leave from Jyoti, Ben and Luv.


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